Emails – Housekeeping Guide

Dear World

This blog is presenting the value and purpose of taking action with ALL of our emails.

We all seem to have emails going on and there is currently even more to deal with for some of us.

Others have plenty of time indoors right now, looking at the screen doing whatever we choose to and for however long we want.

Some of us are experiencing that there seems to be no end in sight to our inbox full of both work and personal emails of all kinds.

Where do we start and what is the purpose of taking action with our emails once and for all?

Let us expand on the above sentence –

The start bit will be easy as the process is clearly being given below

The key will be to apply the 4 foundational points and not get distracted

The purpose is to Let Go, bring order and have a flow to emails which will then have an impact on other areas of life too.

Once and for ALL
If you simply GET ON WITH IT (read our blog if you need to have it spelled out)

There is no need to repeat this task so therefore it is ONCE

For ALL is because what you do matters as everything is everything
Every single thing we do affects the ALL and that means ALL of us and every thing.

The following step-by-step guide is presented in a Simple and easy way to make this task very real and practical so that the benefits can be felt and change is possible.

These 4 foundational points are to be a reminder at all times:

     1. Make this job a Priority

     2. FOCUS – need some support, read our blog

     3. Get Real and get Honest about your emails   

     4. Stay on track by taking action every day

  • Make a note of how many inboxes you have
  • Double check so you have not forgotten any
  • Add personal ones you use under the radar
  • Check the old ones you keep ‘Just Incase’



Deal with work only emails

If you have more than one work email inbox – start with the one that has the least number of emails.

If you have only one email address for everything, then this would be the perfect time to open a personal new email address and MOVE everything that is not work related into that mailbox.

Once you have placed ALL personal into a new or existing mailbox, leave the task until you get to ACTION 2 below.


Work Emails

First – deal with Dodgy Emails
Read our blog for tips and guidance
Stop ignoring hoping they will go away

Check your spam junk box – what is currently in there
How old and is anything that you need slipped in there
Take ACTION and if it is all rubbish – DELETE

Then go to TRASH and empty immediately

Next –

Start a FILING system
create new folders where the titles apply to what email needs to go there, same as you would have a filing cabinet in your office.

If you already have lots of existing folders as you are always filing emails, then make sure EACH folder is visited, reviewed and only keep what is needed. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • Commit to going through each folder you are holding
  • Where are they being held and is that really needed
  • Have you got simple access to what you need easily
  • Do your folders require new titles so they make sense
  • Do some of the folders need to go as they are years old
  • Make this a daily task so it’s not going to be overwhelm

If you notice you are suffering with the ‘Just Incase Syndrome’ then it is well worth taking a stop and pause moment to read our blog.

TRUE Actions speak louder than Empty Words – another blog well worth reading.

There is no point making out you are carrying out something when it is just Hot Talk and no movement to speak of that is taking place.

If you find yourself distracted – go back to the Foundation 4 points


Next –

Start using FLAGS to colour code


All green flags         use to highlight a certain job or project

All red flags               for high priority, urgent attention action

All blue flags             for emails that require you to just read

Next –

Check how old the emails date back

Get Real and Honest – are emails dating 6 years really needed? 

In fact, how many are you Holding onto and how does it make you feel?

Worth asking here what your attitude and approach is to work emails?
Do not just skip this Question – worth reflecting on your behaviour

So are you the one in the driving seat barking orders and telling others what to do and not do, but you are not really being Honest and looking at the areas in your life where little or zero attention or action is taken?

Are we busy finding ways where and how we can excel in our job as we need the pay rise that goes with the next position, but we lose sight of the overwhelming inbox that is flooded and continues because we don’t take much notice of it?

Are we always ranting about how many emails we have to deal with, but never actually Focus long enough to shut up and Get On with It?

Are we wasting time moving emails from one place to another but never actually take the steps to action them?

Are we avoiding at all costs sitting down and spending some valuable time just going through all work emails with some order?

Do we spend so much time in our head, calculating how we will do this and that email, instead of just getting on with it?

In other words, responding to what is needed in that given moment?

Do we find ourselves caught up in work politics, playing nice or doing the superior “better than thou art” nonsense, instead of being a real role model and getting on with replying to our emails?

Do we have a habit of putting that auto sign on to tell others we are out of the office and not responding to emails, when we know full well we are reading them and selecting who we engage with as that suits us?

Next – it would be worth considering the following Questions:  

Do you try and act all calm and composed, but inside you are like an angry raging bull when you respond to some work emails?

Do you go and jump in with your counter reaction and vent out knowing that was not the way to deal with it and click send?

Do you say what you want the other person to hear so they like you, but it avoids dealing with what really needs to be said?

Do you do all the chummy mate stuff on professional work emails, when policy and protocol in your work dictates otherwise?

Do you write work emails with a hidden agenda – then spend hours going through scenarios in your head because you know it was wrong?

Do you have a habit of Judging others and talking about stuff you know you should not be doing when it comes to work emails?

Do you feel certain vibes from others in an email and you tend to have a habit of ignoring those?

Do you sense a disturbance from certain work emails and find that your body becomes hard and tense?

Do you act like you are Perfect in your work mode when it comes to emails but if others could see your private emails they would be stunned?

Do you get distracted easily when dealing with work emails and the overwhelm of the numbers unread in your inbox makes you feel yuk?

Do you tend to deal with what looks like Priority or important and let the rest of the work emails just pile up for another day which never comes?

Do you feel a heaviness – like something draining your resources because you have thousands of work emails all over the place?

Are you one of those BIG bananas – a bigwig in our world – that always has 5000+ emails to read and never gets round to them?

Are you expecting your assistant to handle your overwhelming work emails’ inbox but in truth you don’t trust anyone, so you go checking it all?

Are you always banging on about your thousands of unread emails and instead of talking you never stop and take the action to even open them?

Are you one of those who thinks the way to deal with lots of work emails is to set the auto button which deletes anything more than a week old?

Are you always on top of work emails but somehow all your private and personal emails are entwined and they just get left in cyber land?

Are you the work colleague who has nailed the work emails and could help others but never bothers to speak up and share?

Taking Full Responsibility by taking action with each and every email that lands in our inboxes is the way to go – NO EXCUSES.

Back to the guide

USE the flags to the max and review the flagged items regularly

  • Go to the unread pile and then put the oldest date on top
  • Get a reality check and be honest – what is needed right now
  • ONLY action what is needed and FOCUS so you get it done
  • DELETE anything that is gone well past its sell by date

In other words, do not waste a nano second on old stuff

Use the A – Z sorting From or To as this can help

Example – if you use A – Z for From emails, this means you know who they have come from.

There may be some that never need a response and were just information emails – then you can collate in one go and press DELETE.

Others could be regarding something you have already completed, so you can swiftly DELETE the emails associated with that topic.

That way nothing is hanging around in the background

Use the date and get them in order with the oldest at the top

Work through them one by one and the key is to UP THE FOCUS

No deviating, digressing or having nonsense thoughts entertaining you.

Just Get On with It and see the numbers dropping – let that inspire you.

If time is your big issue, set aside one hour every single day, even if it means unpaid and just GET ON WITH IT.

If you need some wisdom and inspiration – read the following blogs:




Personal Emails 

  1. Make this private job a Priority

  2. FOCUS on what is being asked

  3. Get Real and get Honest

  4. No procrastination please

  •  How many email accounts have you set up
  •  Which email addresses are now not used
  •  Check old ones which were never closed
  •  What private email address is the current one
  •  Make a note of ALL the addresses you hold
  •  ADD the secret ones that nobody knows about
  •  ADD the ones you have in anonymous names

 Time to get very Real and super Honest

Are you making out as if your personal life is a real business?

Are you not working and so you pretend you are busy busy with your emails and in truth it is just a load of nonsense taking up space?

Are you acting like some bigwig undercover with the amount of emails you have flooding your personal email addresses?

Are you always wanting to Tidy Up your plethora of personal email address boxes, but never seem to have the time?

Are you one of those who is addicted to Online Shopping and the retailers just bombard you with emails as they have your address?

Are you one who has found a Solution to excess emails – you simply open up a new email address and ignore the old one?

Are you someone who has numerous personal email addresses as you never close anything and that is how you operate?

Are you leading a Double Life with all these different private email inboxes?

Are you hiding Secrets and your Vices with these under the radar email accounts in various names?

Are you one who designates a weird email address to ensure no one knows who you are on the world wide web?

Are you into stuff that is a No No and so you have adopted names and use them as your pseudo email addresses and you have got plenty now?

Is it time to be upfront, open, Honest and transparent?

In other words – is it worth doing a Take 2 and Living a See Through Life and that includes your email life?

Take a  Stop now and read the blog – Living a See Through Life

Next –

Start with old email mailboxes

Get Real and get Honest right nowis it needed

What is the purpose and how does it serve you

Can these email inboxes that have never been active in years be closed once and for All.

Work through the oldest to the latest email mailboxes

FOCUS and stay with it – no deviation or digression

Take ACTION to get to the end and bring closure before moving on to the next mailbox.

Use the following guidelines and stick with the plan –

Check the dates
DELETE  DELETE where you know it’s way past old

Put in  A – Z  order
Action anything that you know is not needed

DELETE the silly conversations you are just holding onto

DELETE all ‘Just Incase Syndrome’ emails that are like clutter

DELETE “I will keep this as it may be useful to others one day”

DELETE emails for the kids to read one day when they get old

DELETE anything that is not needed from past relationships

DELETE nonsense that you wanted to Gossip about to others

DELETE an old project that never ever got off the ground

DELETE duplicate emails that you keep as you think it will be lost

DELETE emails on items you purchased and they want your feedback

DELETE those shops that keep sending you new adverts
Go to the unsubscribe on the marketing emails and take action

Click the JUNK if you know that is where certain emails go

CHECK the junk before you press DELETE

Go to TRASH and DELETE the whole lot

If you have heaps, then a tip is to do it in batches or the computer may slow down whilst having to deal with large volumes in one go.

REPEAT REPEAT until every personal inbox has had your ACTION

Stick with it and streamline and refine what you are holding on to

Do a re-visit on another day when you feel fresh and have more clarity.

Check what is possible to Let Go of as a good night’s sleep may help you to see more sense when addressing those personal email mailboxes.

Use a FILING system where possible and FILE important emails that are private and may be needed for reference purposes in the future.

Start a PENDING folder and place emails that have been actioned but require some form of response.

Visit regularly the pending so things are not just left in there and forgotton.

Check what else you have left floating in the clouds in cyberspace and bring it back to earth which means = GET ON WITH IT.

When you are content with the task of dealing with ALL private and personal email mailboxes – APPRECIATE what has been done thus far.


Go to your other gadgets like tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktops.

Double check things are in sync so that everything you have deleted is happening elsewhere too.

This task requires attention at regular times – so keep it up Consistently.


Go to your address book

DELETE          DELETE          DELETE

Names you cannot recall or even know how they got there

Any organisation that is just bombarding you with rubbish

Anyone who is no longer in your life and never will be

Anyone that causes you great harm in any way whatsoever

Anyone that you can no longer feel you want in your inbox

Be sensible and that means use your COMMON SENSE at all times

Benefits of this email housekeeping can and will be felt if the intent in which it is carried out is genuine and sincere.






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  1. Something that I have now been adding to my email housekeeping is making sure I actually “un-subscribe” where I no longer what to be receiving un-necessary emails that seem to just keep coming.

    Today it was a train company and the unsubscribe is in tiny font at the very end and could easily be missed. Done it and then a screen appears and having to read through it all there is another note saying if you want to really leave then click this and again such small tiny print, it can be easily missed. The thing is the first unsubscribe that was initiated is not going to end it.

    How misleading is this and look at the tricks they come up with so you do not get your first request which is “no thanks, I do not want to subscribe to these adverts selling me something anymore”.

    I noticed that over a short period this unsubscribe business actually works because there is much less junk mail coming through now.

    I know of people who do a lot of Internet shopping and they hold on to every email.
    For me that would feel like sleepless nights as all that stuff would be draining me.

    No different to a kitchen cupboard or the fridge – it needs regular housekeeping AND clearing out to keep things moving and flowing.

    WHY on earth would we want to keep out of date stuff in our emails or in our cupboards?

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