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What is Paperwork?

Routine work involving written documents such as reports or letters
Written documents


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How is our paperwork going?

Do we avoid it like the plague?

Are we hoping it will go away?

Do we have a routine when it comes to our paperwork?

Do we have a fancy desk but it’s covered with paperwork?

Do we dread coming home to face more paper in the post?

Do we wish for the day to be organised with our paperwork?

Do we lose that bit of paper we need and then Stress about it?

Do we expect others to do our paperwork as it’s too Boring?

Do we tell others we are just not cut out to do paperwork?

Do we have sleep-less nights because we have dis-order with our paperwork and never seem to get around to any Real Action?

Do we always panic as we are useless at keeping our paperwork in a designated space in our home?

Do we have a habit of putting paperwork to deal with in a safe place and find it just gets moved around?

Do we hide our paperwork when we have visitors as it seems to be all around our home and the dog has even chewed some of it?

Do we argue and become defensive when our partner questions where the paperwork is that is now needed and is important?

Do we dread the next time we need our paperwork as it just is not where we think we left it and this happens consistently?

Do we employ others to take care of our paperwork and end up paying money to Tidy Up the mess we created?

Do we rely on others as we are simply unable to deal with our paper piling up everywhere?

Do we pretend all is super organised and flowing with our paperwork when from day dot it has always been chaos?

Do we get the latest app to help us organise our life and go paperless where we can?

Do we go for the digital option with our paperwork but forget some paperwork still needs to be completed the old way?

Do we hate the paperwork created with our work rules that seem to hold us back doing the actual job?

Do we resent doing paperwork as we don’t like the rules and regulations that we have to follow as that is part of our life?

Do we find there is an incredible amount of paperwork to go through for some jobs or other legal matters?

Do we tell the world and its brothers that self-employment has a down side and that is the paperwork as we don’t like doing it?

Do we hate the end of Tax year as that means we have to force ourselves to Focus on the paperwork we avoided all year?

Do we sense our anxiety levels going up around end of the financial Tax year end as our paperwork is all over the place?

Do we find the end of June deadline in our country for filing our Tax paperwork an issue, as we would rather be on Holiday at that time?

Do we find End of Year Celebrations take Priority over our financial year end paperwork?

Do we procrastinate when it comes to paperwork and then find ourselves getting frustrated because things are not going our way?

Do we get angry around paperwork as we know we have been irresponsible because we avoided doing what we needed to?

Do we have no routine when it involves any kind of paperwork as we simply do not like reading and taking Action?

Do we avoid our paperwork as there are way too many distractions for us on Social Media and other Screen Time viewing?

Do we prefer to eat out or sit in front of the TV with a take away feast of Junk Food than deal with our paperwork?

Do we find paperwork comes with hassle, Complications, more clutter and we don’t know how to organise it all?

Do we get bored with our own voice droning on about the state of our paperwork but never ever make the movements to Change?

Do we know that keeping records requires some paperwork and our way of operating in life is to avoid this at all costs?

Do we suffer with paperwork misery as it just never gets easy as there seems to be way too much?

Do we not like to be told that it is necessary to keep some paperwork for certain things as we would rather not?

Do we want all paperwork to just go away and dis-appear as it creates more of the same and we are not willing to deal with it?

Are we in FOLI (Fear of Losing It) mode but it changes nothing as we still lose important paperwork that requires our attention?

Here are a few practical tips when it comes to paperwork:

Find ALL paperwork lying around and put it all in one place.

Buy stationery to organise and file papers going forward.

Have categories to separate different types of paperwork.

Organise with the topic labelled – for example Household.

Inside the file or folder create sub-categories for Household.

Do this with all areas and be ok with creating a Miscellaneous file.

Use filing trays for current action and pending items.

Print Emails that could be needed for the future that are important.

Be sensible and regularly set a date to review and refine all paperwork. Holding On to paperwork without any real purpose is un-necessary so Let Go and keep things moving…

Make sure an annual review is done without any Excuses when it comes to dealing with paperwork.

Start filing receipts and invoices that are needed for Tax purposes every week so there is no delay when it comes to book keeping.

Do not leave paperwork to the last minute, that needs attention and then find Excuses why it was not done in the time given.

We all need to take full responsibility for our paperwork, so that we are not leaving it to others to get on with.




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