Boring Jobs

Dear World

If any of this makes sense, then it is worth having a go and if these jobs are for our cleaner, partner, mother or a total waste of time, then please click the x

What comes to our mind about boring jobs?

What do we think about those “boring jobs”?

Who gave the title ‘Boring’ to jobs we don’t like?

Why do most of us really not like the boring jobs?

Why do our kids hate the boring jobs we give them?


Do we wish for a fairy to come in and do the jobs invisibly?

Do we actually have a partner or a parent come in and take care of these boring jobs that never seem to end?

Do we employ others to do our boring jobs as we are far too busy to spend time on anything like that?

Do we run for the hills when it is our turn to face some important tasks that we call boring jobs?

Do we procrastinate when it comes to actually doing the boring jobs and Getting on with it?

Do we find Excuses all the time to make sure we put off as long as we can those everyday boring jobs?

Do we put off anything and everything when it comes to those boring jobs that require our attention?

Do we call in favours to get those boring jobs done as it’s way too much Stress to do it alone?

Do we like delegating all the boring jobs in the house and making sure we do the least work?

Do we dream of Artificial Intelligence to come up with a robot to do all the boring jobs we hate to do?

Do we simply accept that we have to do all the boring jobs and if we don’t it just won’t get done?

Do we resent the fact we end up doing most of the daily boring jobs and it seems wrong but we keep going at it?

Do we want things to change but the boring jobs seem to be a nagging thing going on in our head?

Do we pile up the boring jobs list and plan to action on our Day Off but that never happens?

Can we agree that boring jobs are the mundane tasks we want to avoid at all costs?

We all know that boring means it is not interesting and chances are we will not choose to pay attention to Boring Jobs if we can find a way to avoid them.

This is where we would rather veg out in front of the TV or flick the screens on Social Media, go out and socialise or do anything, but not the everyday jobs that need doing to keep life ticking and moving in the right direction.

For most of us we would associate the word Boring with Mundane.

So what is mr google and the dictionary telling us about this word Mundane?



Lacking interest or excitement; dull (1)

Cambridge Dictionary

Ordinary and not interesting in any way (2)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Of, relating to, or characteristic of the world

Characterized by the practical and ordinary (3)

Collins Dictionary

Everyday, ordinary or banal 

Relating to the world or worldly matters (4)

Note – the word Banal means so lacking in originality

So this word Mundane is telling us it is about the everyday practical and ordinary stuff – in other words the dull and boring jobs that require our attention and are part of daily living.

So how many of us would be excited or interested in carrying out a job that is not interesting in any way and has zero excitement factor?

The Honest answer would be None as we are not aware or educated to see those daily so called Boring Jobs as something important and valuable.

We have created a classification of what is boring and what is not and most of us would avoid at all costs getting round to carrying out those boring jobs with joy, when our world is so full of distractions in every area of our life.

It would be wise to read and re-read this blog, as the author is presenting the possibility of Another Way. A way of living that deeply appreciates what the world would generally call ‘Boring Jobs’.

What if1 boring jobs are a part of our life and very much needed, if we are to operate at maximum capacity?

What if2 we start to Appreciate and Value these everyday tasks and not see them as Boring?

What if3 our first step is to just Commit and not let that head of ours feed us thoughts, which tell us the job we are doing is simply boring?

What if our Commitment means we will feel the purpose and get into gear, so we are not distracted when it comes to action time for these jobs we have been calling boring?

What if being Consistent with these daily jobs leads us to expand on other areas where tasks are needed?

What if more things get done with ease and we have the space to be more of who we truly are with less tension?

What if we could come to realise one day how much these so-called Boring jobs actually support us in daily life?

What if these boring tasks offer us a moment that holds us steady and this helps us to deal with other areas of life?

What if our regular movements to get our butt into gear and activate the boring jobs list changes our behaviour and we get to feel the benefits every day?

Hello World

How about a little reminder of some of those boring jobs to kick start us into some real action?

Here is a list of some everyday tasks that we would call ‘Boring Jobs’ –

Washing up after eating
Drying up and putting it away
Cleaning our Pots and Pans

Giving the sink a good clean
Cleaning the cooker properly

Cleaning the table after eating

Emptying the trash – read the blog

Putting the bins out for collection

Cleaning the Toilet1 after use if needed
Making sure the Toilet2 is always clean

Cleaning our work desk and keyboard
Giving the laptop or big screen a wipe

Cleaning the bathroom sink
Cleaning the bath after use

Making our bed every single day
Changing the bed sheets often

Folding our laundry and put it away
Washing our towels on a hot wash
Changing tea towels in the kitchen

Reviewing the fridge and keeping it clean
Checking the freezer food before next shop
Making a food shopping list before going

Hoover up weekly or more often, if needed

Tidying up after we make a mess

Cleaning our shoes and other footwear
Wiping the soles of our shoes if needed

Cutting our hand and toenails regularly

How about getting our kids involved and training them up on to these daily tasks to help out?

Going forward – why not raise our kids with purpose, so they understand that these jobs are not boring but have a bigger meaning?

In other words, they can learn to respect and value even the small stuff and it means there is not any one person doing it for them.

What if this then brings in equality and a knowing that we each have a responsibility for all these everyday jobs and they are equally important as the so-called “fun – not boring jobs”.

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  1. Thank you for this totally marvellous blog.

    For most of my life, I have been a terrible one for procrastinating when it comes to doing the “boring” but necessary jobs in life. Especially when I was younger, when I would seek distraction and entertainment over almost anything, if I could and would leave the mundane jobs until they absolutely had to be done and there was no choice in the matter.

    My attitude to boring jobs has changed in recent years because I live less in my head than I used to and so I feel things more.

    I tend to ask myself how things feel now. And so when, for example, I ask how the floor feels to me, or how the bin or windows feel, there’s no debate, I will know immediately if the floor feels like it needs to be cleaned or the bin needs to be emptied or windows need washing.

    Then, if a job, however dull, mundane or even uninteresting needs to be done, that knowing that job is necessary feeling remains until the task is completed. So I procrastinate less now because the feeling that a job has to be done is a disharmonious one that remains until the job is done and I don’t like carrying around disharmonious feelings.

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