Feet Care

Dear World

When it comes to our feet – are we just ready to move on as it is not something we like to think about?

Our feet carry us from A to B every day and most of us have little or no time to take deep care of them.

How do our feet feel and look after years of ignoring them?

Have we taken a STOP moment and had a good look at our feet and asked a few Simple Questions

Are they happy feet?
Are they feeling clean?
Are they smelling fresh?
Are the heels cracked?
Are they hard and dry?
Are they soft and tender?
Are they feeling delicate?
Are the nails needing a cut?

Are your feet getting the attention they deserve?

Are your feet being appreciated with your care?

Have we ever considered that our feet work for us day in and day out?

Have we thought what a grand job our feet do holding and supporting our body as we move around?

Have we taken great care of our precious feet and the results are there when we care for them every day?

Have we been busy ignoring our feet for decades and we can now see the harm it has done?

Have we bothered to pay attention to the detail when it comes to feet care?

Have we made sure our beauty salon pedicure trips are regular and consistent?

Have we only ever taken note of our feet just before Holiday time and then we are prepared to do something?

Have we made Hand Care more important as most of the time our feet are covered up?

Have we wanted a DIY Manual – a simple practical guide on how to take care of our feet?

Well here it is – taken from the Simple Living Global Back to Basics Program.

Feet Care

Start with small steps as presented below

The key is to remain Consistent every day and see the changes unfold.

 Keep it Simple

If your tired feet need a treatment before bed –
Use a bucket of hot water and add bath soak
Check the water temperature first
Let go and relax your feet and legs

The best way to start our Feet Care is during a bath or shower as the water will soften our feet and prepare them.

Make sure your body is stable and in a safe position

Apply soap or shower gel to the palm of one hand

Anti-clockwise movements on the sole of the foot

Lather up and get in between and under the toes

Use fingers inside toes with the scissor motion

Wash under the arch – the middle part of the foot

Grasp the heel and massage around and under

Use the palm anti-clockwise at the top of the foot

Rinse thoroughly and then repeat on other foot

Pat dry with a towel and go in between every toe

There must be no water left under or around the toes

Sit down and apply cream and massage all over

Using your fingertips, massage the nail area gently

Use extra cream for the heel and area around it

Take a moment and cup your hand over the heel

Go to Achilles area above the heel at the back

Massage cream using your fingertips into the skin

Get into the tiny folds where skin is usually dry

Then rub with the palm and heel of your hands

Cup the area with your leg stretched outwards

Use this time to Slow Down and Focus on the task

Enjoy the process of taking real care of your feet

Remember to thank your feet for their grand job.



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It makes sense to take Responsibility for our feet care in this way. The interesting thing is we will not get Bored.

This is because when we do something that is truly supporting our body, we simply do not feel the need to want more, as it is not coming from our mind, which is always seeking more of this and that.

Our body is then in service and as we take care of it deeply, we are rewarded every day with a well-being that supports us in daily life.

If we choose to keep repeating this Self Care task, it becomes our normal and when we live in this way, we do not need a prompt or reminder as we can feel from inside our body that it’s time for Feet Care.

Anything we repeat becomes our Foundation.
Imagine the value and benefits of adding this feet care ritual to our daily medicine list.

When we make the space available in our day to really take care of our body and appreciate how amazing it is, we naturally connect to that place inside us where we do not need anyone or anything, as our being feels settled. Nothing more is needed.

These regular connection moments can support us to sense things and feel what is going on and that means we can develop our awareness.

Paying attention to the detail helps us to Focus on the task in hand and not let our mind deviate, escape and wander off with distracting thoughts.

It makes total sense to take care of our body and offer it another level of care and if we are already doing so, then this becomes an opportunity to deepen that care.

For those interested in Feet and Footwear – read our detailed blog on this website.







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  1. I have realised how so many of us give zero attention or spend very little time on our feet care.

    We have the summer season in full and we all want to wear minimum covering our feet but we do not want to pay attention or look into the detail of what happens when we wear those summer sandals or straps that have little to no support.

    At the podiatrist yesterday, I learned a lot about our feet and the practitioner saw my feet and said ‘we don’t like people like you as we can’t make any money’.
    Well that is the truth. I take deep care of my feet and have done so for a very long time.

    In my youth, my parents said they had no money for nice and proper shoes so I went without. One of my first jobs as a teenager was a shoe shop and I got addicted. Thankfully decades later, all that stopped and sensible footwear became the priority.

    Back to the podiatrist – I got to see the bookings diary and was stunned how such a local small practice on the outskirts of a city could be so full. The guy has been doing it 40 years and one lady could barely walk and she showed up in slippers shuffling and dragging her feet to move.

    What if we simply paid more attention to our feet everyday and not wait and see it as a low priority thing?

    What if we don’t wait for someone to point out that our feet need to visit a podiatrist because we are ignoring them?

    What if a fungal infection that can spread and take years to get rid of may not just be from a dirty tool at the local pedicure place but the way we are walking that damages for example the toe nail? Nothing to do with hygiene standards but the way we have been walking everyday.

    What if we took the time to look at our feet when we moisturise them daily and be honest about the state of them?

    What if we are too busy to look that far down and just rely on those nail salons to do the job for us and cover up with a shell of lacquer so it all looks pretty and perfect?

    What if ignoring our feet daily can lead to problems which cost us far more that we would ever want to spend on our feet?

    We forget these feet of ours are super delicate and it is worth reading our forensic blog on FEET and FOOTWEAR and what it is presenting to All of us.

    Look after them with the deep care that they deserve and chances are there will never be a podiatrist to visit at any time.

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