Playing Nice

Dear World

How many of us do the nice thing most days?

How many of us like playing nice all the time?

How many of us hate playing nice but still do it?

How many of us love the pleasant-ness about nice?

How many of us are big into all this nicey nice stuff?

How many of us play nice in the pleasing department?

How many of us think it is good to be nicer than others?

How many of us want to know how to be nice all the time?

How many of us go out of our way to be noticed being nice?

How many of us seek recognition that comes with OTT nice?
For the record – OTT means Over the Top behaviour.

How many of us are so caught up in the nice stuff that we forget we are even doing it?

How many of us have become masters at making sure we are nice, regardless of what is going on for us in our own life?

How many of us have passed on our ‘nice’ traits to our kids and we can see it is really creating problems?

How many of us want nice above anything else, even though we know Something Is Not Right?

How many of us see nice as a kind of trophy that we champion throughout our lifetime?

How many of us are doing nice just to remain popular and look like we know a lot of people?

How many of us would rather do nice than have the thought that we may be upsetting or hurting someone if we don’t?

How many of us think that being nice means we will all end up living in a Happy world?

How many of us have looked back and worked out that being nice was not the answer?

How many of us wish we could stop the nicey voice we put on as it is not like that behind closed doors?

How many of us will get to the last stage of our life and then realise that being nice all our life came with a cost?

How many of us only hang out with others who equally do the nice and pleasant – the so-called kind and good natured?

How many of us are big into making sure everything is ‘nice’ with others at work, as we fear losing our job?

How many of us spend time Gossiping about others who do nice, but forget we do it all the time?

How many of us want to stop being nice but think it is somehow rude to not be nice?

How many of us sense a feeling of un-comfortable-ness inside us when we force ourselves to be nice to certain people?

How many of us buy into the nice business and subscribe to it consistently, even though we know it does not feel true?

How many of us would rather do nice than lose the friendship or relationship, even though it does feel wrong on some level?

How many of us are sick of being nice to people because we are not getting nice back at the receiving end?

How many of us want the status quo in life, so we opt for the nice behaviour as it keeps things ticking, even if it feels wrong?

What if …

What if nice is not going to get us on the road to Truth?

What if being nice is hiding what we really feel at the time?

What if having our nice hat on every day is wearing us down?

What if we are talking on auto-pilot when we do the nice thing?

What if our nice behaviour gets us no-where because we are not being Honest and that in itself says it all?

What if we catch ourselves doing nice, wish we could stop but just leave it at that and carry on, which means no change?

What if we cannot attempt to placate situations with our nice costume on, as it simply does not work and we do know that?

What if we are afraid of how things might turn out if we stopped being nice to everyone from today?

What if we want nice every day, as it covers up everything and keeps the false sense of life going without any bumps?

What if we want to be nice as we dread the thought of any form of confrontation whatsoever?

What if we dislike people who are not nice and don’t wear their nice outfit every day and it really irritates us?

What if we were told from very young that we must learn to pacify situations and not create problems by Speaking Up?

What if we go around warning others to be nice to certain people as we fear things may just explode around us?

What if we operate on nice mode outside to certain people but behave totally opposite at other times?

What if our nice world is simply covering up the cracks in our life and we know it’s not working but struggle to Change?

What if we find ourselves unable to Sleep at night as we are having to work out how we are going to be nice the next day?

What if we can feel an element of control or manipulating behaviour going on for us when we do the nice thing?

What if we just don’t know how to stop the nicey nice face we put on for the world but sense there is agony and misery inside us?

What if nice is simply not a truth-full way of living, as it stops us expressing how we truly feel in any given moment?

What if we started with being just Honest in our Expression instead of being nice?

What would happen to us, the other person(s) and the world?

And Finally – could we ALL agree that there are really no benefits to being nice but most of us like to pretend, as it somehow feels easier and more acceptable in our world?

What if we all just get Honest and start to Say things just as it is?

What if we swap our nice outfit for the Honest one and observe if anything changes?





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