Dear World

Are we into the tick box way of living our life?

Is our tick box living telling us we are doing ok?

Has the tick box exercise everyday done much?

Who are we trying to impress with our tick box?

What do we want at the end of our tick box day?

Have we a sense that ticking the boxes is a Lie?

Do we convince ourselves that tick box works?

Can we admit that this tick box stuff is not working?

When are we struggling to keep up the tick box?

How are we ticking the boxes to look Perfect?

For those who have never even considered what tick box is, check out the following as it may make sense –

We want to follow a ‘formula’ we heard other people are doing because we want what they have in their life.

We copy others and what we have heard out there that they are doing and somehow apply it to our daily living.

We fake it in the hope that we will make it, but forget it simply moves us even further away from our true essence.

We live with a constant comparison of looking outside of ourselves and use our tick box to be like others.

We develop self-fury when we see others living a self- connecting life that don’t seem to have the tick box going on.

We live everyday convincing and justifying that we are different as we tick the boxes and look like a role model.

We start to use words and sound like we are living like those that we sense are real role models of how to live human life.

We tick boxes because we are desperate for recognition and want others to confirm us that we are the real deal.

We live in the illusion that tick box will one day work and give us the rewards we seek in life.

We put effort into ticking the boxes and we want some kind of reward for doing so, but it never seems to come through.

We struggle to keep up with those who seem to naturally live without the need to tick any box.

We convince ourselves that if we go to bed early when it suits us, we will end up with vitality levels of those that actually Commit to an early bedtime routine every day.

We wear layers to keep warm as we clocked others who inspire us do so, but we forget this is merely a tick box.

We start to dis-connect from our body and instead Focus on ticking the boxes like it is going to magically work for us.

We forget that this form of dis-connection leaves a void – a gap, which then allows for more ill movements.

We continue to live a Lie by ticking those boxes and trying to tell ourselves that we are getting it right.

We start to Change our way of operating in life as ticking the boxes seems to look like we have nailed it to others.

We like the routine of ticking the boxes, ‘done this, done that’ but we don’t feel anything really changing inside of us.

We wake up with tension as we know the tick box thing runs the show, even though we see signs of it not working.

We seem to work hard at keeping up this tick box business and forget it creates even more tension in our body.

We know that our anxiety is rising because the tick box list is getting us nowhere in Truth.

We are choosing to not pay attention to the fact we feel so tired and exhausted of living this tick box life.

We know we are back peddling and never on the front foot with the daily grind of ticking those boxes.

Dear World

Any form of tick box will never work simply because we are not naturally designed to follow or copy or emulate another.

Deep inside us we have the answers and all that we need every day is to Stop and Connect to that inner most – the core of our being and bingo we know what our next move is.

Ignoring this Connection is what leads to looking outside of ourselves for the quick Solutions and quick fix method, hoping we can simply Get Away with It.

Without taking the necessary steps needed for our own evolution, there is no tick box exercise out there that will ever work. 

Time to end the tick box game in life. It does not work. FACT.






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  1. Thank you for this excellent blog.

    The other day, after reading this blog for the first time, I asked myself if it applied to me. Have I ever just been ticking boxes?

    As I sat with the question, I saw that there have been times when I’ve just been ticking a box and had no real intention of making any kind of change or seeing through to completion the thing in question.

    Also, in pondering this question, I realized that I could feel the difference in my body between the times in my life when I told myself I wanted to do something but was actually ticking a box and the times that I really intended to do something.

    I realised the more I considered the difference between how it feels in my body when I am merely ticking a box and how it feels when I actually want to do something, felt different in my body, the more obvious the difference became. I found this to be somewhat of a revelation – my body knows when I mean to do something and it knows when I am just ticking a box.

    That evening, after reading this blog for the first time, I went to bed early. And going to bed early had been something that I had treated as a box ticking exercise for a very long time.

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