Holding Back

Dear World

How many of us are living a life of Holding Back?

WHY are many of us Holding Back and not Speaking Up?

WHY are we using Holding Back to stop us moving on in life?

WHY are we Holding Back and unable to Express Our Hurts?

WHY are we busy working things out in our head with this Holding Back business?

WHY are our Conversations not great when we do that Holding Back thing?

WHY are we exploding with irrational behaviours when we know it is because we keep Holding Back?

WHY are we constantly worrying about another’s reaction so we just do the Holding Back thing?

WHY do we find ourselves calculating what another might think or say so we just do our usual Holding Back?

WHY do we subscribe time and again to Holding Back?

WHY do we feel uncomfortable with the Tell ‘em Straight?

WHY do we Feel Empty Inside when Holding Back?

WHY do we Hide what we truly feel with our Holding Back?

WHY do we feel Tension in our head when we know we are Holding Back on saying or doing something?

WHY do we feel Tension in the back of our jaw when we are Holding Back?

WHY do we feel some kind of pain when we are Holding Back the very thing that person needs to Hear because we don’t want to upset them?

WHY do we sense Something is not Right when we are Holding Back and we damn well know it?

WHY do we play games with others with our Holding Back style of operating in life?

WHY do we find it easier to Listen to Other People but Hold Back when it is our turn to talk?

WHY do we Consistently hold back what we know is the Truth but we somehow cannot say it?

WHY is Holding Back just accepted by us as if it is ok?

WHY is Playing Nice not ever going to work as we know we are simply Holding Back from Saying It as it Is?

WHY has Real Talking gone off the menu and been replaced with Fake and Phoney chit chat?

WHY has Holding Back what we feel become so normal?

What if Holding Back makes us more stubborn and inflexible?

What if Holding back affects our teeth and general Oral Health?

What if we simply JUST TALK and read the blog on this website that presents the benefits to all of us?

What if Holding Back stops the evolution of another as we happen to hold the answer but are staying mute?

What if Holding Back is like we are locked inside our own prison and bolting the door to our innate Expression?

What if never Holding Back what we feel – bit like what young children do, is the way to go because our world gets the Real Deal and that helps ALL of us?

What if our Heart is a communicator for what is Truth and what is not and it is constantly corresponding with us, even if we choose to Ignore it?


Memo: From Heart Department ❤️


Did you clock what happened when you done your usual Holding Back today at home and then again at work?

Did you notice when the guy on the street said “Good Morning” and you went into Holding Back mode and just said nothing?

You hardened up with Tension and immediately affected the whole of our Heart Department. You then do everything you can to ensure you do not listen to our correspondence.

You might want to Question why you keep getting that ringing in your ears that you have a label for.

We are ringing loud and clear so you do Hear us, but your behaviours are doing what it takes to not Hear but Ignore the calls we are making daily.

Yes – it is every day because you keep holding back on your true Expression.

Did you know the world actually needs you to Speak Up and say what you feel in any given moment as that will help each and everyone to expand and evolve?

Have you got any sense of what you are doing inside this Body of yours when you do this Holding Back stuff?

You shut down some of the valves in our department and other areas have to step in and work super hard to keep the Flow inside pumping and moving.

Other organ departments are sending us memos as they are under un-natural Stress and not working in rhythm.

Kidney department is saying their life force is compromised as the Sleep has no true quality and with copious amounts of stimulation it is having to cope with un-necessary amounts of Stress.

Liver department is on overtime processing everything you ingest and it’s exploding as you are now dumping that anger which you are not dealing with.

Gall bladder is full on working hard to just keep things ticking with all that frustration, bitterness and rage that you hush and push down every time it comes up to be addressed.

Have you considered these Headaches are most likely linked with those undealt with frustrations and most are from your Holding Back?

Things inside here are not operating at the optimum Flow that it ought to be and Holding Back is adding to the Complications that will inevitably be displayed as symptoms of what you call illness and disease.

You have still not bothered to nail the Sleep stuff and instead opt for all these so-called magical Solutions that are going to do what you could simply attend to and that is Early Nights, every day of the week.

We, your Heart department, do not know what a Holiday is as it’s ‘business as usual’ here and that is our duty and our job.

We do not deviate or even consider dropping the ball to relax, indulge in a comfort break, take time out or have a stop moment – if we did you would be a 911 emergency.

We take our job very seriously as it is a life matter.

On that note – how much do you really value your Body?
Please consider all that this correspondence is presenting.

It is time for a re-set – take your precious Body that you occupy seriously – now is the time.  Delay is not an option.

Realise that any Holding Back whatsoever is deeply harmful not only to your Body and all the organ departments but also to everyone, as we are all inter-connected even if we would like to think we are an individual.





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