Dear World

Most of us have Tension of some kind going on in our life.
Most of us are reluctant to admit when we have Tension.
Most of us just keep going and over-ride the Tension we feel.
Most of us live with a lot of Tension in our everyday life.
Most of us cannot imagine life without any Tension.

WHY do we create Tension and is there a way to not have it?

Where does our Tension start and how can we deal with it?

What is it about our behaviours that gives rise to Tension?

How do we get Tension and how do we function thereafter?

Before moving on – the above mini presentation with some valuable Questions1 are worth reflecting on.

By wanting or needing to Push through and just get to finish reading this article – this can and will create more Tension.

What if any form of Tension is totally UN-NECESSARY?

Have we ever considered this before we create our next bit of Stress or Drama Llama situation?

Many of us are not even aware how our body reacts to even the slightest Tension that comes from our behaviours.

Many of us go about our day with the impacted Tension in our body and we never bother to ask why we crave certain drinks or foods.

Many of us seek to look outside – call it comparison and then Tension grabs us, as we suddenly don’t like how we are living and moving in life.

Many of us use Holidays to convince ourselves that it can release the Tension we hold in our body, but it never seems to work, so we book the next Holiday and the next.

Many of us go into over-exercising to release those chemicals that reward us and make us forget about the constant daily Tension we have.

Many of us ingest Alcohol and Drugs as a way to keep the Tension at bay and we advocate and seek those that will endorse, foster and support this way of living.

Many of us are into Smoking or Vaping as a way to deal with the Tension we feel numerous times in a single day.

Many of us eat copious amounts of sugar and Junk Foods as we need the hit that numbs us so we don’t feel any Tension but it never lasts, so we want More – always.

Many of us go for relief to our consistent Online1 shopping – self-medication to not have to feel the Tension we live with daily.

Many of us have Tension just going to the Supermarket so we opt for the modern day version of Online2 clicking and home delivery.

Many of us have Tension at the very thought of preparing or cooking a meal so we always opt for take away and delivery.

Many of us have Tension just dressing up or down for the school run, as we think we need to be something we are not.

Many of us have Tension that we create, as it gives us some kind of stimulation and we get to groan, moan and complain.


If we go with the simple dictionary definition – Tension is a feeling of worry and Anxiety, which makes it difficult to relax. (1)

Let’s just stop here – have we not been told that the majority of our world now has some kind of Anxiety?

Does the Anxiety cause the Tension, or does the Tension come first and then we get Anxiety?

What on earth are we worrying about when we can make the Changes and take the small steps that lead to living a life every day that is not fuelled by Tension?

If this sounds way off, whacky and from some airy fairy land – take a look at the categories on this website and the content within those actual topics.

Absolutely everything we could possibly need to start living Another Way that would support us in daily living has been presented and we have enough anecdotal evidence now that it works.

Whilst researchers and the evidence-based scientists may not be in agreement as anecdotal means it is really about what people say and they ain’t been tested and hypothesised in labs – that’s ok. The author will not go to prison for presenting tablets of Truth through 300 articles which simply bring awareness to those that are ready to Question2 human life.

As a living science (which we all are), the author of this website can be studied. They claim to live a life that has zero Tension and this website presents the way they move and live in daily life. No Hidden Agenda and no stupidity when it comes to matters of Health and Well-Being. Simple Living.

We ought to wake up and not wait for the next research study to tell us what common sense knows and what we could be doing and not doing. Being and not Being.

Reminder – we are human beings and not human doings.

First, we need to admit that Something Is Not Right and then go from there. If we are in the denial that we don’t have Tension or it is just a small amount or any other nonsense we subscribe to that is feeding our mind, we may allow our tension-ometer to go up without clocking it because it becomes our normal.

On the normal note – we use our first hit to not admit that we feel Tension and that is Caffeine, followed by copious Screen Time to support our checking out status. For others it may be sugar, a Cigarette, Vape, energy drink, gym or anything to get going and tell that damn Tension to back off.

What we want is to be steady and settled. Relaxation we know does not work as our mind races at the 100 mile per hour plus and never seems to slow down. If we fall asleep as we are so Exhausted, it matters not, as our waking up seems to have some kind of Tension in our body as the thoughts come flooding back.

We know that this Tension business affects our Sleep time and as much as we try out those Solutions, nothing seems to cut it as the next day we convince ourselves there is Change but in truth no change really.

If it did work – why have we got a multi-billion dollar sleeping aids industry still growing?

Can we join the dots or do we need it spelling out –
D E M A N D.

Yes, there is a strong DEMAND from us – the whole world when it comes to “I want my Sleep and it’s not happening – what can I buy to make it happen?”

“I don’t want to Change anything about my lifestyle, what I do and not do and WHY I like worrying about anything and everything and stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with me”.

Are we getting it and is this making any sense?

Next –


How much Tension goes on in our workplaces and how many of us bring it home and then to Sleep time and wonder why we have Sleep issues?

How many of us are full of Tension and can feel it before we even start work?

How many of us feel that Tension Headache or Migraine coming on just at the very start of our working week?

How many of us are faking it at work and winging it and living with a constant internal Tension we cannot shake off?

How many of us bitch and bully others at work and have noticeable Tension as our body feels hard and rigid?

How many of us are feeling Tension when we Gossip and Judge others in our workplaces?

How many of us have this fake face at work and lead a kind of Double Life, creating lots of Tension but it’s just how it is?

How many of us blatantly Lie at work and even though it brings about enormous Tension, we still keep doing it?

How many of us are only into getting our next promotion and we don’t care if others suffer with Tension?

How many of us operate at work like we are nothing and insignificant and this in itself gives rise to so much Tension?

How many of us just react to anything and feel the Tension and our Solution is ‘find another job fast’?

How many of us fear losing our job because there is a task we can’t do and this causes enormous Tension because we will not Communicate this?

How many of us never Speak Up at work, when we clearly know it needs to be called out and this gives rise to so much Tension and we take it home?

How many of us have Tension in the workplace, are in a position to do something but would rather not as it means taking some Responsibility – so we say no thanks?

How many of us don’t care what Tension we have as long as we get what we want from the boss and others in charge?

How many of us are unwilling to deal with the Tension we feel because of our work situation and just take the hit day after day?

How many of us go to work with chronic Tension because we can smell and see the Lies and corruption but say nothing?

How many of us are watching our colleagues at work suffer with Tension due to work situations but we just pretend it’s not going on as job security is all we think about?

How many of us are seeing so much of what is not right in our workplaces and feel we’ve got nowhere to go with it, so we walk around with Tension all over our body?

How many of us feel Tension at work as we see what some are getting away with is unlawful but got nothing to Stop it?

How many of us play the game at work, causing us Tension, as that’s better than standing up and speaking the Truth?

How many of us forget to address our basic 101 Self Care and spend the rest of the day at work with excess Tension?

How many of us are caught in reactions at work every single day and that means Tension every single day?

How many of us dread the Day Off because the next day is going to be work and that means Tension day?

How many of us have Tension at work because we know our pay is well below what others receive for doing less?

How many of us are doing ‘other business’ during work time and we know it is causing Tension in our body?

How many of us work overtime even though we know our body communicates with hardness and Tension?

How many of us accommodate others as we think that’s what they want even if it means we live with constant Tension?

How many of us work only for the money and this in itself causes Tension as we forget what we are is the most important thing?

How many of us look for Excuses to not Focus and get on with our job and this is why we have Tension in the workplace?

How many of us like the working from home because it allows us to Get Away with a lot but we forget there is Tension there?

How many of us simply refuse to Communicate at work with colleagues and management and the fear locks us into Tension that never seems to go away?

How many of us are trying to pander and please senior management as we think that will get us where we want and forget this is causing Tension?


Have we stopped to consider how much Tension we hold in our body when it comes to anything Family related?

How does our Fake and Phony behaviours with family members affect our Tension levels?

Are we supposedly Tension free when it comes to family as we say what we want without ever holding back, as we have this licence to hurl abuse as it’s just accepted? 

Are we all Chocolates and roses under Tension teeth and clenching jaw because that’s what we are expected to do when it comes to family?

Are we blinded and forget what’s important when it comes to family matters and it always seems to bring in Tension?

Are we in the trend of making sure our partners never visit our family members as it is always a Tension time together?

Are we free of Anxiety and Stress when we visit or live with our family members?

Are we realising that those damn Tension Headaches come immediately after a family interaction of some kind?

Are we pretending so much and Lying to our family and we know this creates UN-NECESSARY Tension but it seems far easier than speaking our Truth?

Are we into Happy family as that’s the picture we give out to the world but inside the home it is far from that with mega Tension every day?

Are we honestly loving our family relationships and don’t understand how others could possibly have any Tension?

Are we noticing less or no Tension when we hang out with close friends than we are with family members?

Are we observing that even a conversation with one family member can leave us reeling or in a high Tension state?

Are we sensing a shudder or some kind of internal pounding or raciness when it comes to dealing with the family but we ignore and override this Tension?

Are we that dumb or do we actually know that back home when we arrive, the family members know we have been up to no good – the Tension in our body tells them?

Are we known for winging it when it comes to anything to do with our family and whilst we hate the Tension it brings, we just keep doing it?

Are we conveniently forgetting that when we have any form of Tension – our body takes the assault?

Do we realise that any assault on our body is Abuse?

Next –

A valuable Reminder for us All

The majority of our world suffer with Tension Headaches – that is our confirmation if we are far from admitting Tension exists even though we can take steps to eliminate this way of living. (2)

Next –
We are super sensitive and feel everything but we have found ways to ignore, dis-honour and move away from our innate sensitive nature.

What if that moving away from our natural state gives rise to an internal shudder that we have named “Anxiety” and we say it comes from a form of Tension inside us?

What if our Tension comes from us wanting things to be a certain way and unfolding events tell us otherwise?

What if the force we feel from any form of Tension in our body disrupts the internal Flow and we end up with a Heart rhythm that is not deeply settled?

What if Tension makes us hard inside our body and that means we shut down from the world as we don’t want more hurt, misery or pain as we Blame the outside for what’s going on inside for us?

What if we are to leave no stone unturned by asking Question1 after Question2 and nailing this Tension business as it takes a huge toll on our body and our life stays out of sync until we address it in full?

What if all Tension is totally and absolutely UN-NECESSARY and if we do find we have it – there is a way to eliminate it.

Take Action – no Empty words

Give it No Air Time means never waste a nano second on anything that has zero purpose and creates any form of Tension. That would be stupid. We don’t do stupid things.

If our body communicates Tension, it sure is telling us we have taken on something and its out/off and not welcome so we deal with it pronto.

What would life really be like without the UN-NECESSARY Tension that we create everyday in all aspects of life?



(1) (n.d). Collins Dictionary. Retrieved February 27, 2024 from

(2) Conrad Stöppler, M. (n.d). Definition of Headache. RxList. Retrieved February 27, 2024 from





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