Dear World

Our world is changing fast and we have created a NEW NORMAL that is widely accepted.

This small presentation of  REAL LIFE examples are to bring awareness, so before we go Blaming, criticising, Judging or pointing fingers – let us be reminded that this kind of stuff goes on simply because we have normalised it and so we accept it as just normal – the NEW NORMAL.

Some of us may relate to this NEW NORMAL list and others may laugh or dismiss it. Regardless, what we ought to take note of is what goes on in our world today and it is far from what the TRUE NORMAL IS.

Checking the phone continuously during a business meeting, classroom, conversation at a dinner table, in a restaurant or on that virtual Zoom meeting.

Seeking out the next Sleeping aid as a Solution to our ongoing Sleep issues but never ever asking WHY we have a problem.

Playing Video Games on public transport to keep going when we could have an Eye shut rest moment instead.

Going along with everything out there that we read in the Media.

Eating what we want, when we want, however we want, with who we want and whatever time we want and never is this to be challenged or questioned thank you.

Eating take-aways most days with our numerous apps so we get a variety of foods delivered to our door and never check the money paid.

Eating crap, feeling crap and eating more and then doing it all over again and again every day.

Chewing gum or a candy sweet lollipop all day and every day.

Always getting Colds and Blaming the weather, the people on the train or the cool air at work.

Never preparing for work and always in a rush and Forgetting this, that and important stuff.

Never leaving the home and getting the delivery on tap for groceries and every other thing we can click and buy Online.

Never planning or preparing for surgery or a minor medical procedure – just go in and expect it all to be done.

Preaching to the kids, the partner, the neighbours, the siblings, colleagues at work and anyone else that crosses our path, but forgetting we don’t live an ounce of what we spout.

Allowing our kids to behave like wild animals in public places and expecting others to compromise and accept the waywardness we know is running the show.

Kids on their Screens refusing to engage in any face to face Real Talk.

Kids up doing what they want and we just leave them to it.

Children demanding sugar from the moment they wake up.

Buying our children what we know will make their behaviour worse – latest violent Video Game or designer gear just because they demand it.

Dressing our kids and making them do things that we expect, as they need to live what we want them to be and do.

Buying designer clothes for our pet dogs.
Giving human treats to our pets to show them we care.
Going fine dining where pets are catered for in the restaurant.

Staying stuck in the systemised systemisation of systems even though we know none of it actually makes any sense.

Never think ‘outside the box’ because we call it “our jobs worth” so we work by the invisible rule book and never Question anything or apply common sense – not our job.

Using the school budget not to employ much needed valuable staff but to keep the grass cut all year round on the playing field – not used all year.

Spending more money than our budget on distractions, entertainment, Holidays and Coffee shops every day.

Booking the next Holiday which must top the one we just had, soon as we land back home.

Living way beyond our Lemonade income with our Champagne Lifestyle choices.

Following our dreams even though we know this is not the way to go, but the Reality check marker is not around, so we just go ahead and do what we want.

Living in a ‘checking out’ mode that means we don’t engage in Real life responsibilities.

Eating addictive Junk Foods as everyone else is doing it and ignoring the lethargy we feel and our weight issues.

Overdoing the fizzy sugary drinks, cakes, biscuits, sweets, Chocolates and everything that we know our body would benefit from if we did not eat it.

Eating Ultra-Processed foods like there is going to be a shortage.

Jumping on the latest weight loss drugs trend without doing our research or asking how and why we got the excess weight.

Popping a pill to bring Fast results and never checking if there are side effects or other consequences.

Complaining, making un-necessary noise, Gossiping, Lying and circulating utter crap about others because we don’t like how they are living.

Putting Marijuana into the Vape as a teenager because we need something stronger to numb us away from life.

Drinking Alcohol1 and Vaping on public transport with the signs everywhere saying NO smoking and NO Alcohol2

Working from home and drinking Alcohol1 in work time as it’s the NEW NORMAL as so many are doing it, so it’s ok.

Headphones on the train and everywhere we go with the noise cancelling, so no chance of catching if there was a 911 going on and someone was alerting us.

Creating a ‘Dating Debt’ which comes from wanting to be Nice, recognised, liked and accepted, but in Truth we simply cannot pay for expensive gifts and meals.

Never Tidying Up or dealing with the mail and other Paperwork at home as we notice most don’t bother either.

Living irresponsibly when it comes to our Lifestyle Choices but doing nothing as we just accept it as the NEW NORMAL.

Dear World

The above is a mini snap-shot of Real life examples of what our NEW NORMAL is today.

Not that long ago – good old fashion common sense was the order of the day, every day, but with modern day living it seems to be less and less applied or accepted.

We prefer and Demand Complications, wayward living, drama, Stress and IRRESPONSIBILITY.

High time we wake up and receive this 911 presentation – calling us ALL to take note that our NEW NORMAL may be the abnormal and just because the masses are doing it, this does not make it normal.

What we ought to be asking is WHY we have widely accepted the NEW NORMAL behaviours that clearly do not serve us, have no true purpose and most certainly are not designed to evolve us as a species?






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