Alcohol Awareness

Dear World

We have Alcohol Awareness Week

This article is to bring awareness about Alcohol (1)

Note – the initial stats are what we would say are a bit old

As we know Alcohol use continues to increase, so the real figures today would be much higher, if we are to be honest.

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49 die in Siberia after drinking bath essence – used as a cheap substitute for Alcohol

Alcohol is a major problem in Russia – 1 in 4 men die before age 55

12 million impoverished, regularly consume surrogate Alcohol – perfume, window cleaner and surgical spirit. (2)


40% of NHS workload related to Excessive Alcohol consumption, smoking and lack of exercise, says the Chief Executive of NHS England. (3)


Over half of adults in Wales have been harmed by someone else drinking Alcohol (4)


80% of weekend arrests are Alcohol related

50% of violent crime is committed under the influence of Alcohol

53% of police workload is Alcohol related

Alcohol is found to be involved in 1 – 30% of all fires
50% result in casualties – cost 5 times more on average (5)




£24,000,000,000 spent on Alcohol in pubs, bars and restaurants

£400,000,000 higher than previous year – 2015 (7)


Higher rate of injury reported when mixing Alcohol and Caffeine
Spirits being mixed with caffeine-based energy drinks

Studies show increase in falls, car accidents and incidences of suicidal behaviour and violence increased (8)


1 in 7 divorces linked to heavy drinking by wives

Alcohol abuse in a marriage due to the behaviour of the wife has tripled since 1980 (9)


The physical health risks of drinking Alcohol are well known. Less discussed are the mental health consequences.

94% increase over 10 years of age 15 – 59 being admitted to hospital with Alcohol related behavioural disorders.

150% increase for people age 60+ (10)


Binge drinking sessions were enough to cause symptoms of early stage liver disease

Study published online in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research (11)


29 million age 16 + drank Alcohol

7.8 million binged on Alcohol
Office of National Statistics bulletin – Great Britain 2005 – 2016 (12)


Moderate drinking results in structural changes to the brain, leading to ‘brain atrophy’ or ‘right sided hippocampal atrophy’.
British Medical Journal – June 2017 (13)


5 major organs being destroyed by Alcohol consumption

  • Heart
  • Brain
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Kidneys (14)


High Blood Pressure is also a health risk of Binge Drinking

Study found blood pressure of adults aged 20 – 24 were 2 to 4 mmHg higher than those that did not binge drink. (15)


World Health Organization data shows Europeans drink more Alcohol than any other continent


63,000 will die in England over the next 5 years from liver problems linked to heavy drinking, doctors warn.


Research shows that industry sponsored research almost invariably favours the interests of the industry sponsor, even when investigators believe they are immune from such influence.


Scotland – new health guidelines

NHS staff told to warn that even light drinking poses a risk to the heart (19)


50% rise in number of air passengers arrested for drunken mis-behaviour on flights and in airports. (20)


Alcohol drinkers caused more emergency 999 callouts than Christmas partygoers.
London Ambulance Service (21)


Alcohol Epidemic in USA – National Survey | 79,000 people

1 in 8 Americans are now Alcoholics

49% increase in Alcoholism in U.S. over 11 years (22)


Urgent action needed to tackle Alcohol and drug misuse among baby boomers, experts warn. Growing body of data from around the world – substance misuse increasing among those mid-50s and older.

Over half a million adults, aged 55 to 74 admitted to hospitals in England, with Alcohol related injuries, diseases or conditions. More than any other age group. (23)


Cancers linked to Alcohol consumption:

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Mouth Cancer
  • Throat Cancer
  • Oesophageal Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer (24)


Alaska town trying to address hard drinking that is deeply entrenched there

Law proposed prohibiting intoxication in public places, like the city’s main street, where people can be seen stumbling along or passed out near tourist shops.

Locals say law would unfairly target residents who are struggling with alcoholism, while failing to address root causes. (25)


Chief Medical Officer – Dame Sally Davies warns pregnant women against drinking any Alcohol, on the grounds that there is no safe level.


Research Study analysed information relating to cancer on the websites of 30 Alcohol industry organisations between September and December 2016.  Findings show “some sort of distortion and mis-representation” of evidence.

Activities have parallels with those of the Tobacco industry

Alcohol consumption is an established risk factor for a range of cancers including oral cavity, liver, breast and colorectal cancers. (27)


Illegal traders selling contaminated Alcohol
880 gallons seized | 16 people died (28)


£2.7 billion a year is the cost to the National Health Service for treating Alcohol Abuse

£1 billion a year on Ambulances and A & E services to look after drunks

25% increase in Alcohol related hospital admissions in last decade (29)


Scientists have spent 3 years studying the flow of liquid across wine bottle lips, using slow motion video. This is so that they can design wine bottles that do not drip.


Over 100 brands of Gin now available on the UK market like Christmas gin with frankincense and myrrh.


Parents giving children Alcohol too young and ordering takeaways too often.
Researchers warn. (32)


70% of emergency department attendances at weekends are due to Alcohol consumption. (33)


Data examined on millions of adults in France 2008 – 2013


Drinking Alcohol linked to early dementia

57% diagnosed with dementia before age 65 were heavy drinkers (34)


88,000 people die from excess drinking of Alcohol each year in America

More than half are related to binge drinking

37 million adults reported binge drinking

Study found there were 17.5 billion binge drinks consumed per year (35)


New statistics state that people in their 50s and 60s, Alcohol is now the 6th most common cause of disability, with Alcohol-related dementia of particular concern.

75% of serious air rage incidents involved Alcohol – 2016 on British flights (37)


Largest ever study of its kind concluded –

2 glasses of wine per night takes 2 years off our lives

30 year study | 600,000 people who drink Alcohol | 19 countries

During the time period – 40,000 died and 39,000 suffered heart problems (38)


Crete bans young people from the UK to “reclaim” the Greek island from the hedonistic, Alcohol fuelled reputation it has, because British tourists pour into its bars and clubs every summer.

95% of the town’s 137 hotels are scrapping the notorious 18 – 30 holiday group package deals, seen as a right of passage for thousands of young people in the UK. (39)


Airline pilots are allowed to drink Alcohol

There is a legal limit of 20 mg of Alcohol per 200 ml of blood that pilots can have in their body. (40)


Major study into the health effects of Alcohol had to be stopped
Much of the money came from the Alcohol industry


8,000 babies born every year with health problems caused by their mothers drinking. (42)



Researchers covered 195 countries between 1990 and 2016 and amassed data from hundreds of other studies, which makes it the largest collected evidence base to date.

One drink a day increases the risk of developing an Alcohol-related disease, which includes Cancer, Diabetes and Tuberculosis. This increased by 37% for those who had 5 drinks. (43)


British women are one of the heaviest drinkers in the world

UK, South Korea and Gambia – females drink as much as males

Denmark has the highest number of Alcohol consumers
95% women | 97% men

Research involved 592 studies and over 28 million participants (44)


The most expensive draft beer – coffee flavoured beer costing £22.50 a pint


UK drink driving limit set in 1967
80mg of Alcohol per 100 ml of blood

2001 European Commission suggested it be lowered to 50mg but UK did not change. (46)


Coroner ruled – student died from the “toxic effects” of drinking excessive Alcohol on an “initiation-style” bar crawl.
20 year old student on a bar crawl where 100 triple vodkas were ordered (47)


Cold weather and long nights make people drink more Alcohol and increase the risk of binge drinking and liver failure. The study found people who live in countries with less sunlight and lower temperatures drink more Alcohol than those in warmer regions.




Hundreds of thousands of Alcohol related deaths every year
Alcohol addiction and Alcohol related crime is so high
Episode 2 –  (50)


Doctors warn – adults who drink 3 or 4 pints after work may need a liver transplant.

Experts at the Royal Free Hospital in London said that it was a “common mis-conception” that only hardened drinkers were in danger of damaging their liver.

People who have developed a habitual unhealthy excessive drinking pattern, like 3 to 4 pints after work, was far more representative of the people that undergo a transplant. (51)


2.6 million children in the UK living with an Alcohol dependent parent

Children of alcoholics are –

6 times as likely to witness domestic violence
3 times as likely to consider suicide
Twice as likely to experience problems at school (52)


Airlines UK – the trade body for UK registered airline companies said airport bars were fuelling a rise in bad behaviour in the air and the routine sale of doubles in mixers and cocktails was ‘worrying and irresponsible.’

Airports saying airlines heavily market Alcohol offers on board and want to curb drinking at airports to boost their own sales. Their concerns over drinking Alcohol at airports are driven by commercial interests rather than a genuine concern about excessive Alcohol consumption or disruptive behaviour, says a senior airport source. (53)


80 people die every day of Alcohol related causes in the UK and over 1 million Alcohol related hospital admissions every year.

1 in 10 people in hospital beds in the UK are Alcohol dependent

Hospitals in the UK struggling to cope with numbers of people whose heavy drinking lands them in A & E or Mental Health Units. (54)


64% rise in Alcohol related hospital admissions in 2017 (55)


Older people, particularly the middle classes, are not associated with excessive drinking, few of them realise that they have a problem.

Doctor working on a liver unit, in a large inner-city hospital said he was shocked to see Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors and Teachers with liver failure. They could not believe drinking Alcohol was the cause of their health problems, until it was too late. (56)


New parents worrying about their baby’s health every hour and turning to Alcohol for comfort – new research study. (57)


2030 – half of all adults worldwide will drink Alcohol and 25% will binge drink at least once a month, according to projections covering 189 countries.

The world is not on track to achieve global targets to reduce harmful Alcohol use.


Alcohol intake per head has increased 70% in the country since 1990 (58)


A major report shows the average Briton is now drinking 108 bottles of wine a year – far more than the rest of the Western world.

The study of 36 nations show that the UK’s Alcohol consumption is now among the highest in developed countries.

Over 65s beginning NHS treatment for Alcohol problems has doubled in the past decade.

Trends among older drinkers were alarming. The impact of this long term is seen in liver disease, Alcohol related brain damage, dementia, cancer, blood pressure, strokes and a whole range of health problems.
Addictions Faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (59)


The number of Alcohol deaths per year, in the United States has doubled since 1999.

America is in the middle of an alcohol epidemic as alcohol causes more deaths than all drug overdoses combined – even at the height of America’s opioid epidemic. (60)


35 million bottles of rum sold in UK worth £1 billion

Rare collection created – only 500 bottles of Rum costing £3,000 (61)


Inventive ways to socialise with Alcohol during lockdown:

  • Video conferencing and holding nightly parties online with Alcohol
  • Weekly newspaper quiz on Zoom with extra top up of Alcohol if you get it right
  • Poker parties
  • Bridge parties
  • Communal cooking
  • Book reading groups (62)


589,000 people dependent on Alcohol in the UK

Hospital beds needed for coronavirus victims being blocked by Alcoholics depending on the NHS. (63)


728 people died after ingesting toxic methanol thinking it could cure the new virus.

10 fold increase in Alcohol poisoning in the past year

5,011 people poisoned from methanol Alcohol (64)


2nd largest consumer of liquor in the world

India consumes more whiskey than any other country in the world

Study in 189 countries between 1990 and 2017 – Alcohol consumption had grown by 38% in India. (65)


Alcohol consumption is emerging as a major public health problem in India
It has been strongly linked to domestic violence (66)


$10 billion – part of the Alcohol industry is Travel Retail
Sales during flights, on cruises and duty free shops

$21 billion – part of the Alcohol industry is E-commerce with sales increasing
People are developing a new habit of getting Alcohol delivered to their homes. (67)


UK government fast track approval for any venue with Alcohol licence to sell drinks for take away, in a bid to encourage people to drink Alcohol outside.

Police concerned the move could lead to a rise in disorder (68)


1 in 5 adults get so drunk they feel out of control at least once a month

61,043 adults from 21 countries

85% felt the effects of Alcohol at least once a month
66% became as drunk as they wanted to (69)


22% adults admit drinking more Alcohol in lockdown and this was stronger among teenagers under age 18 and young people in their 20s.

DrinkAware have warned drinking Alcohol could become a habit that is “ingrained and hard to break.” (70)


UK government endorses Alcohol
Distilleries have won £10 million funding to help them harness energy sources. (71)


Average drinker at home pours 50% more wine than standard measure

1 in 5 put at least third of a bottle of wine in each glass

Drinking Spirits
150% bigger than a single measure
1 in 4 pour themselves a triple shot

5 million people in past 6 months, driving knowing they are over the drink drive limit. (72)


The number of people now drinking Alcohol at high risk levels that threaten their health has doubled to 8.5 million since February 2020. (73)


9,719 youth –
this is the largest study to investigate the impacts of low level Alcohol use during pregnancy.

It is also associated with greater psychological and behavioural problems in youth, which includes:

  • Anxiety
  • Being withdrawn
  • Depression
  • Poor Attention
  • Being Impulsive (74)


UK doctors have warned super cheap high strength cider is causing ‘colossal’ harm to the nation. A week’s worth of Alcohol can be purchased for the price of a takeaway coffee.

The Alcohol Health Alliance UK – a coalition of more than 50 organisations, which include Royal Colleges and Health charities found cider being sold in 2.5 litre bottles containing almost 19 units of Alcohol. (75)


Millions drinking Alcohol more heavily due to pandemic – 22 November 2020

29% have been drinking Alcohol at increasing or high risk levels over past 6 months.

53% said they drank Alcohol for a mental health reason –

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Worry
  • Boredom
  • Sleep Issues
  • Feeling Sad or Low (76)


Benefits of not drinking Alcohol for one month – Dry January

70% report sleeping better

65% notice general improvement in health (77)


Research published in the British Medical Journal 2018 found short term abstinence from Alcohol had the following results:

  • Changes in Cardiovascular risk factors
  • Changes in Liver function tests
  • Blood Pressure lower
  • Reduces Diabetes risk
  • Cholesterol levels lower
  • Reduces levels of Cancer related proteins in blood (78)


Alcohol is the new cigarette in Canada
$3.7 billion national Alcohol deficit (79)


Global whisky exports from UK grew to £4.9 billion in 2019

130 distilleries operating in this region (80)


New TV show – 96% of the drinks on screen were alcoholic (81)


Teenager died after 4 hour binge drinking “initiation” for a university rugby club. (82)


Deaths from Alcohol misuse in England and Wales has hit a 20 year high in 2020.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) show the death rate starting to rise at the beginning of the first lockdown and increasing sharply each quarter.

7,423 Alcohol specific deaths in 2020
Highest annual death toll since records began (83)


A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled Trial of Intravenous Alcohol to assess changes in Atrial Electrophysiology.

The data demonstrates a direct mechanistic link between Alcohol, a common lifestyle exposure and immediate proarrhythmic effects in human atria.

Acute exposure to Alcohol reduces Atrial Effective Refractory Periods AERP, particularly in the pulmonary veins. (84)


Study published in Society for the Study of Addiction

Associations between Social Media usage and Alcohol among Youth and Young Adults.

4+ hours users more likely to binge drink 3 or 4 times a month

There is a strong correlation between heavier social media use and more frequent Alcohol consumption and that relationship exists across time. (85)



25,378 people – observational cohort study in the UK

Moderate consumption is associated with more widespread adverse effects on the brain than previously recognised. (86)


Global Drugs Survey 2020

Data based on 90,000 people who drink Alcohol:

  • 28 times, male respondents reported getting drunk in last 12 months
  • 30% of occasions, respondents reported regretting getting drunk
  • 64% regret drinking too much and too quickly
  • 39% regret mixing drinks
  • 75% – Bad Hangover

Top consequence of drinking Alcohol that led people to say they regretted getting drunk. (87)


LSE study over 8 years, shows domestic violence higher in the 12 hours after a football match.



Alcohol is a major player in the relationship between sport and abuse (89)


38% rise in domestic violence when England loses an important football match. (90)


741,300 cancer cases globally caused by Alcohol in 2020

16,800 cases of cancer in UK caused by drinking Alcohol in 2020

There is strong evidence that Alcohol consumption can cause various cancers

  • Breast Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Rectum Cancer
  • Oropharynx Cancer
  • Larynx Cancer
  • Oesophagus Cancer (91)


21% increase in Alcoholic liver deaths during year of the pandemic


12.6 million EXTRA litres of Alcohol sold in the financial year 2020 to 2021

58.6% increase of people reporting they are drinking Alcohol at increasing and higher risk levels when comparing March 2020 and March 2021.

Alcoholic liver disease accounted for over 80% of all deaths in 2020 (93)


95,000 Alcohol related death in USA each year and the number is rising

Despite mounting evidence of the harm Alcohol causes, the main reason it is legal in the US is the banning of Alcohol (prohibition) a century ago, failed. (94)


Alcohol is used in ready made pastry – the box in the supermarket fridge section.


A small town Greenland has banned Alcohol temporarily due to what they call were “spooky” incidents. These included domestic disturbances, suicides and incidents of violence. (95)



US $12,997 MILLION – Revenue in Gin Market

Most of the revenue is generated in the United Kingdom ($3,249 million) in 2021 (96)


Dear World

A reminder once again about Alcohol Awareness


195 countries | 25 year study | largest collected evidence base to date (43)

For those that would like more understanding about Alcohol and the harmfull effects to the human body, plus the facts and the stats – see links




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