Dear World

What do we get when we read this one word DEMAND?

What are we demanding in life?
Where are we demanding in life?

What does our collective demand give us?
In other words, when the majority of us want (demand) the same thing, how is this then supplied to us by our world?

What are our desires (demands) that we have and expect from others, our work and our world?

What are we insistent about when it comes to what we want (demand) and make it our right to get it, no matter what?

What demands do we have entitlement about in our life?
In other words, we want (demand) because we feel entitled.

The following is a straightforward simple presentation for us to consider how supply comes AFTER demand and not the other way around.

In other words, we – the people, the Citizens of this world, the general public and that means all of us – humanity, regardless of our status on this planet we reside on, make a call and that call is a DEMAND. Once we make the call and more and More (the masses) collectively demand (want) something, then it is supplied.

Let us look at some important and quite obvious examples in our current modern day world of demand –



We have a multi-billion dollar industry for Sleeping Aids.

In other words, we (the masses, the people) have made a call to say, “We want Solutions to fix our Sleep problems” and bingo suppliers come up with the next and the next to “Fix the Sleep problems” BUT NEVER do we Question HOW and WHY we got a Sleep issue in the first place.

We go on long haul flights and instead of using that time and space wisely, we indulge with foods we don’t need and watch anything on the Screen to fight our natural state, asking to just shut Eye and Sleep.

We hate Jet Lag and yet over and over again, we end up with it and never ask ourselves, “Is there a way to prepare our body so we no longer have to have Jet Lag?”

We demand that our vacation gives us the rest and Sleep we need but our distractions on Holiday bring us back home even more restless and Tired and all we want is another Holiday.

For those that are ready for Real Change – go to our Sleep category, which is taken from our Sleep book called The Real Truth about Sleep. Written by this author who does not have any Sleep related issue or problem.



In the past, it was a small business and we have the images of street peddlers and those with nothing taking Drugs.

Today the illicit Drugs industry is around $400 billion (1)  

Most of us do not want to know the Reality that many people working and holding down important jobs take illicit Drugs, as do the Youth of today and this means we have created a Drug crisis worldwide that is at epic levels.

For those that require more detail, facts and stats – go to our category on Drugs/Alcohol and you will be left in no doubt that what we have demanded has been supplied and to the point that we have mind altering substances, we can call them toxic poisons, infiltrating throughout our society everywhere. Yes, it is time to wake up and realise that our DEMAND for such poisons is WHY the Alcohol1 and Drug industries are growing exponentially.

Let us not Blame those that supply as they are responding to the call we are making – we demand and then they supply.

Quite Simple really – if we stopped feeding the demand, then the suppliers would go out of Business and have to find profit another way.

On the topic of Drugs, a reminder that most who take illicit Drugs would hate to know, that this industry involves people Trafficking, including children, abuse at levels most of us do not want to know about and murders.



WHY are we making the demand for more and More foods that are literally killing us?

How is it that we are supposedly the most Intelligent species on Earth but yet we have not worked out that the foods we say we want (demand) are the most harmfull for our human body?

Have we considered how come no animal residing on this planet over eats or Eats foods to dull, numb or stimulate their body?

WHY are the food suppliers making the perfect combo of salt, sugar and fat (the bad fats) that get us hooked (addicted) to them and they have no nutritional value whatsoever worthy of a mention?

For those that require a number – the global Fast Food market is valued at $980,000,000,000 and it is on the rise with forecasts for 2032 at $1,584,000,000,000 (2)

Those that supply the foods that we crave (demand) are in Business as that means profit.

Those candy shops that sell nothing but copious amounts of sugar are not going out of Business because we want our sweets, Chocolate and candy. Simple really.

Has anyone clocked our kids’ behaviour always seems to Change when they demand their Junk Food or sugary treats we give them as a reward or to celebrate their Birthdays?

Have we forgotten how many young children are having their Teeth rot from gum disease – ask the dentists and they will not hold back in sharing the raw reality of what is truly going on?

OBESITY is off the scale now worldwide, so high time we got a dose of Honesty as to how we have got ourselves into this place with our DEMAND for foods that do not support our natural state of being. Our body cannot digest what we desire and seek but we have this ‘over-ride’ switch that negates that internal Communication and we just ingest what we want, when we want and how we want.

Pandemic lockdowns made sure we got comfortable at home and food seemed to be something we focussed on more than anything. Work less, forget the workout or walking as food and Screen Time were top of the agenda.

Is it really any surprise that post pandemic we have nations with Obesity and ‘movement restricted musculoskeletal problems’ on the rise, like never before?

For those that need evidence or are genuinely interested in reading more – search the following articles on this website

Fast Food – Junk Foods
We Are What We Eat



We have demanded that we don’t like going to work and we want to work less but get paid the same or more.

We seek a promotion as control and power is what we desire (demand) and we make that our only Focus and forget that this affects those that we view as being less or more than us.

We demand jobs that we are simply not equipped to deal with as it involves interactions with a team of people and building and developing Relationships, but we lack even a basic 101 relationship with our self.

We demand our employees do what we say, but we are not a living real role model as we do not Walk the Talk, just spout Empty words and wonder why we have so many staff issues.

We demand that those employers of ours do what we want and for many that means ‘Getting Away with It’ – minimum time spent on the actual job and having no concern about the bigger picture.

In other words, we are not even considering that our new lazy comfort style movement (behaviour) is having an impact on the economy as a whole.

We demand the right to insist we are right, even if we are not, because we see and hear others ‘Getting Away with It’ and so we go along with this, instead of taking a Stop moment and asking “How does my behaviour affect this workplace?”.

We demand that we have rights and we want policies changed now in our workplaces so it works in our favour and we don’t care if we are in the services industries and our service users will miss out as a result of our new demands.

We demand that we work from home as we don’t want to commute as it means face to face and travelling, be it Car or public transport and we would rather not leave the comfort of our home.

We spend our entire time at work complaining about our job and looking at how we can take time off for more vacations, as our demand for longer Holidays is ensuring the suppliers come up with more and More destinations to escape to.

How big is our demand that those suppliers –
our worldwide travel and tourism industry is now worth around $2.29 trillion? (3)


Is this just a number or can we grasp the enormity of what this amount of money actually is?

A confirmation of our demand for leisure and it’s not going down.



We demand the medics give us relief from our pain and we do not want to ever consider where does the pain originate from?

We seek (demand) more and More medication to deal with pain that is now persistent and we never give it a thought that we may have caused it in the first place?

We say we are an evolved species, but are we really if we are using the medical world to fix us up when things keep going wrong with our body, because we are refusing to take deep Care of it by listening and responding to what it needs?

Just to be absolutely clear here – the author is pro-medical and pro-medicine. Always seek proper professional advice from your doctor or clinical health practitioner, but at the same time start asking sensible Questions1

This website is dedicated to bringing awareness by asking sensible Questions2 that could open the door to Another Way of living that does not have to be with pain.

We have an Opioids epidemic that is not going away. Overdose deaths are rising because more and More people are using some form of medication to deal with pain and by not getting to the root cause the body develops a tolerance. That means we need more medication and the natural pain relief we get from our body shuts down. It cannot do its job as something from the outside that we demand (pain medication) enters the body and takes over but as with all pain relief drugs, they come with side effects and the possibility of addiction.

Can we admit we are nowhere on the front foot when it comes to dealing with our pain, because our demand for all forms of pain relief seems to have taken over our common sense questioning?

We like to Blame the pharmaceuticals profiting and yet we gave them the job in the first place.

In other words, our demand for drugs to fix us and get rid of the pain is all we want and by not asking for more or questioning anything, they supply and keep on supplying.

For those interested in numbers – the global pharmaceutical industry has had significant growth over the past 2 decades and worldwide revenues totalled $1.48 TRILLION U.S. dollars last year – 2022. (4)


Can we get a sense of how HUGE this is in monetary terms and it comes from our demand?

Would it be a wise move to at least consider how our demand creates an industry of epic proportions and whilst we all need to take some kind of drugs when our body calls for this, there is much we can deal with by changing our Lifestyle Choices and not go heading down that pill popping road that leads to serious consequences?

AND Finally –

What is it about us that simply does not want to listen when 195 countries tell us that there is not a drop of Alcohol1 that is of benefit for human consumption and study after study confirms to us that Alcohol2 is a scientific proven poison but yet we still demand (seek) it?

It is well worth reading evidence on our article titled Alcohol Awareness

For the record – revenue from alcoholic drinks worldwide – $1.609 TRILLION U.S. dollars in 2023 (5)


Nothing is making sense if we have the so-called evidence and yet we continue going down the road of demand and then Blame suppliers for giving us what we call for.

Let us be reminded once and for all –

We make the call and that means we DEMAND and thereafter our suppliers give us what we asked for.



(1) (n.d). Spending on Illegal Drugs This Year. Worldometer. Retrieved September 12, 2023 from

(2) (2023, June 1). Global Fast Food Market Size to Grow USD 1584.09 Billion by 2032 | CAGR of 6.56%. GlobeNewswire. Retrieved September 12, 2023 from

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  1. BAAPS | British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons – 28 March 2023

    BAAPS National Audit reveals
    102% RISE in cosmetic procedure during 2022

    Figures were expected to rise post pandemic due to pent up demand, however the numbers are higher than they were pre pandemic.

    2022 saw the highest annual rise in procedures since the audit began in 2004.
    First ever triple digit rise ever recorded.

    93% of all cosmetic procedures were women.

    The 5 most popular procedures for women:

    • 66% rise in Breast augmentation from last year
    • 120% rise in Breast reduction
    • 130% rise in Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
    • 134% rise in Liposuction
    • 70% rise in Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

    The 5 most popular procedures for men:

    45% rise in Rhinoplasty
    158% rise in Chest Reduction
    105% rise in Blepharoplasty
    150% rise in Liposuction and Otoplasty
    72% rise in Ear Correction

    The audit shows that DEMAND for cosmetic surgery has more than bounced back post pandemic.
    Economic uncertainty and a decrease in overall consumer spending does not seem to be deterring patients from having cosmetic surgery.

    Looking internationally, this increase in cosmetic procedures is replicated across the world and appears to be sustained even in economic uncertainty.

  2. The Guardian – 1 July 2023

    Demand for lip fillers and Botox is now a boost for UK dentists.

    Patients are now visiting dentists for cosmetic procedures that require injections as the demand continues to grow.

    7 of the big dental chains now offer cosmetic procedures like Botox or other facial treatments, including anti-wrinkle treatment.

    6,639 Botox treatments were performed by members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPs) in 2022.

    124% increase on the previous year.

    Experts say the boom is due to these procedures becoming more socially acceptable as a growing number opt for injectables and are happy with the results.

    £2.75 BILLION – value of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the UK.

    “The interest in aesthetics was particularly prevalent among “younger dentists who want to do it as it’s a bit more exciting and glamorous. It is not as invasive and complicated as dentistry. It is probably more part of the future of dentistry and a thing people ask for and want more.
    A lot of young people in their 20s are now getting Botox and using it for wrinkles and crow’s feet – they are not old but have it for skin contouring. People get it done for a range of reasons so it is becoming more acceptable.”
    Len D’Cruz – Head of Indemnity – British Dental Association

    Dentists already use Botox to treat teeth grinding.

    DEMAND for Cosmetic services has increased since the pandemic and the number of “rogue practitioners” has also risen as a result.

    On that note – this fast growing industry is because of DEMAND.
    What is evident is we now have the younger generations making the call and that means the suppliers will be there but as this article states – there has to be DEMAND first.

    Will future research studies give us how these people who have these supposedly non invasive treatments going to end up looking or are they only interested in all this whilst they are young and not giving any consideration to the consequences that will unfold in time?

  3. The Guardian – 29 September 2023

    This comment could be posted on our Drug News article but it serves well to offer an opportunity to consider another way to ‘read’ what is going on in our world.

    Recently, we have heard about a shortage of ADHD drugs in the U.S.

    Doctors in England have been told not to prescribe ADHD drugs to new patients because of a national shortage.

    The Department of Health and Social Care said the shortages were down to a combination of manufacturing issues and increased global demand.

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is described by the NHS as a condition that can make it hard to concentrate and may mean people act on impulse.

    Prescriptions for ADHD have been rising in recent years.

    2.2 million people in England are thought to have ADHD and experts say the condition is under-diagnosed and under-treated.

    Are we going to see this happen with more drugs? Blaming the NHS or any other organisation is not going to change anything.

    Have we considered WHY there is a rise in demand for medication for this particular type of condition?
    What is going on in a person’s life that brings on some form of attention deficit or hyperactivity that stops them being able to focus and concentrate?

    While the devastation and concern continues, is it time we started taking a real look at WHY and HOW we have got ourselves to this point where our “excessive demand” is not being met fast enough by suppliers?

    While we wait for stocks to increase and become available – which is what we are used to when it comes to prescription drugs, could we use this time and space to consider – what can we do collectively and individually and how we fare when it comes to our attention and concentration on daily aspects of living and our attention to focus on the task in hand and not be distracted?

    Our health systems are in deficit and our demands are not going to be met.
    This is not a judgement but a reality and we do all know this, but not many of us would admit it.

    This is WHY we need to re-examine, re-evaluate and re-consider absolutely everything we can about how we are choosing to live. Our lifestyle choices may be the very thing that is harming us and affecting our ability to concentrate consistently.

  4. BBC News – 15 November 2023

    Weight Loss injection hype fuels online black market.

    A BBC investigation found unregulated sellers offering a popular weight loss injection as a medicine, without prescription, online. They also found the drug being offered in beauty salons in Manchester and Liverpool.

    Doctors say drugs bought from unregulated sources are dangerous and could contain potentially toxic ingredients.

    Demand for the injection, originally prescribed for Type 2 Diabetes, spiralled last year after it hit the headlines for being Hollywood’s secret weight loss drug – nicknamed the ‘skinny jab’.

    Those looking for a quick fix found it instantly on a popular social media platform. The new drug suppresses appetite and it works by lowering blood-sugar levels and slowing down food leaving the stomach.

    Its soaring popularity led to a rise in off-label prescriptions for weight loss, which triggered global supply issues and created a shortage for Diabetes patients in the UK.

    As pharmacies across the UK struggled to access the medication, an illicit black market selling ‘diet kits’ began to flourish online.

    Delivered by post, these usually contain needles and 2 vials – one containing a white powder and the other a liquid, which have to be mixed together before the drug can be injected.

    The BBC bought unlicensed injections through social media from various sellers and had them tested in a lab.
    The results showed inconsistencies in what was in each sample. Vials from different sellers had none of the active ingredient and nearly all of them, did not contain the full dose that had been paid for.

    Under UK law, it is illegal to sell this drug as a medicine without a prescription.

    The BBC discovered sellers that are closed down one day, usually return the next day under a new name.

    “Mixing and injecting weight loss drugs at home comes with ‘huge risks’.
    The vast majority of the population are not qualified or trained to administer injectable drugs themselves” said Dr. Simon Cork – Senior Lecturer in Physiology at Anglia Ruskin University.

    The vials sold illegally online do not have the safeguards the official medication comes with to prevent patients from overdosing.

    An example of a 22 year old young woman who received the injection in the post without instructions was told by the company to join a social media group.

    Dear World

    The popularity has soared literally overnight for the magic weight loss drugs and of course the DEMAND is going to mean suppliers are on the ready to deliver and have no regard or concern other than making profit.

    Let us not blame those doing dodgy business because each of us can take the responsibility by not going online and finding any medication that we do know is not really for sale legally but it suits us.

    How about we take a look at why we want the quick fix road but do nothing about how we got into the shape we don’t like or want?

    We seem to treat our bodies with utter disregard, use social media that advertise all the products that are somehow going to fix us and make us look and feel what we seek and desire and aspire to, but we forget our body cops it all and there will of course be consequences. This is inevitable.

    DEMAND first Dear World and then Supply as this article presents.
    Worth pondering on before we become the victim or the enabler or the one that has sympathy.

    But the BBC has discovered sellers that are closed down one day usually return the next under a new name.
    Online sellers attempt to get around the law by placing “not fit for human consumption” or “for research purposes only” on their product.
    Gerard Hanratty, a public law expert, says: “You can put lots of different things on a label. It doesn’t mean to say that it is then legal and you are compliant with the regulations.”
    He says sellers would need to be able to prove they are supplying the product for research purposes and not for human use in order for the warnings to be valid.

  5. Europol – 13 February 2024

    52 organised crime groups investigated.
    1,284 individuals charged.

    €64 MILLION worth of fake medicines seized off EU markets.

    The trafficking of pharmaceuticals is a growing issue in the European Union and beyond.
    The investigations have highlighted a pattern of large scale trafficking which is highly lucrative for organised crime, which in turn incentivises more criminal groups to enter the trade.

    This crime area inflicts significant costs for the health and social care systems of EU Member States and has alarming effects on public health.

    Illegal vendors continue to advertise doping substances on social media, targeting non-professional athletes and members of restricted or private sports groups. Along with performance-enhancing products, medicines for erectile dysfunction are offered via dubious channels online and remain among the most seized counterfeits by law enforcement.

    Unregulated use of medicines and doping substances, especially of counterfeit products can cause serious and irreversible bodily harm.

    Dear World

    This is one of many many news stories coming to light about what we DEMAND.
    The suppliers are there BECAUSE we are making the DEMAND.

    92 websites would not exist and 4 underground labs working to produce what we DEMAND.

    Yes we are seeking, wanting and going out to get the fake stuff, but not realising we are fuelling an illicit industry that is growing so fast and no one is bothered about the consequences.

    What is it about us that needs doping substance to enhance our performance in any way?

    What is it that makes us impotent and then we find the solution for erectile dysfunction in dodgy pills that certainly harm our body?

    Why are we not taking care of the body we have until our last breath?

    It is high time we started asking some serious and sensible questions about the DEMAND we are making in all areas of our life?

  6. CNBC News – 17 February 2024

    According to the news, the best performing stock of the past 3 decades would be assumed as the Technology titans but this is not the case.

    The DEMAND we the masses are making is for Energy Drinks.

    The stock of a multi-national multi-billion dollar beverage company that manufactures and specialises in energy drinks continues to climb along with sales, which have grown CONSISTENTLY for 31 years straight.

    If a consumer invested £1,000 in 1994 – it would be worth $2 million today in 2024.

    We could go down the road of what analysts say – great leaders in consumer and retail management together with CEOs and all else that make the company as successful as it is today, but what if it all comes down to DEMAND?

    What if we invested in our health and well-being and asked sensible questions like WHY we need Energy drinks to prop us up everyday as something is clearly missing in our vitality levels?

    30 years is a long time and what this tells us is we started relying on Energy drinks to fuel us in daily life back then. No co-incidence then that we have seen an exponentially high growth rate in illness and disease in the last 3 decades to the point of breaking our health systems worldwide. We are told over and over again that lifestyle choices are causing many symptoms that lead to what is termed ‘lifestyle diseases’.

    We have completely normalised what is not normal and that is drinking energy drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine to keep us going as something inside us is missing.

    Could it be as simple as we have yet to master our sleep rhythm and adhere to the natural sleep wake cycle that we all have within us and then we will see a downward trend in illness and disease, more productivity in the workplace and energy drinks and caffeine manufacturers would profit less as we would sharpen up and not be relying, addicted or dependent on a drink that alters our natural state?

    Worth reading the forensic article CAFFEINE on the website.

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