Dear World

What exactly does the word TIRED mean to us?

What has the dictionary got to say about this word?

What is Google telling us when we do our search?


1. In need of sleep or rest; weary

2. Bored or impatient with (1)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

1. drained of strength and energy: fatigue often to the point of exhaustion

2. obviously worn by hard use: RUN-DOWN (2)

Cambridge Dictionary

1. in need of rest and sleep

2. used to describe people, ideas or subjects that are not interesting because they are very familiar.

3. be tired of something/someone

4. to be bored with an activity or person (3)

Lexico (Oxford English Dictionaries)

1. in need of sleep or rest; weary

1.1. (of a thing) no longer fresh or in good condition

2. (tired of) Bored or impatient with (4)


“exhausted, fatigued, weary” – early 15th century (5)

Most of us like to Google as it seems to be convenient and no surprise, of course it is the most common one we go to.

So Google tells us it means we are in need of Sleep or Rest – so what do we do?

Ignore it and move on to something more interesting like Online Shopping, Video Gaming, Gambling, Porn or Social Media scrolling to name a few?

How many of us Stop and pay attention or do we find we have a kind of momentum that keeps us on the same track of searching and seeking but not making any actual Changes that could benefit our body and in this case Sleep or Rest?

Next –

Our go to dictionary Merriam-Webster tells us we are drained and that means our energy is depleted AND we have fatigue that is often to the point of Exhaustion. Another take would be we are ‘run down’.

Enough said, we read it and we cannot go back and erase or “un-read” those words. That means we have registered what we just read.

Then what happens? How do we normally operate?

  • Ignore it and carry on with that tub of ice-cream?
  • Phone a friend to whinge and whine about how tired you are?
  • Get irritable with those around who remind us how tired we are?
  • Reach for a glass of wine or those candy bars that have copious amounts of sugar to artificially lift us out of the tired state we are in?
  • Stick the TV on and dial up for a take-away and while we wait we raid the cupboards to see what we can munch to stay awake.

Next –

How about we check this out from the NHS

We have come up with an acronym – TATT

Why Am I Tired All The Time?

Feeling exhausted is so common that it has its own acronym – TATT which stands for ‘Tired All The Time”.

We all feel tired from time to time. The reasons are usually obvious and include:

  • too many Late Nights
  • long hours spent at work
  • a baby keeping you up at night

But tiredness or exhaustion that goes on for a long time is not normal.
It can affect your ability to get on and enjoy your life.

Unexplained tiredness is one of the most common reasons for people to see their GP. (6)

Let’s break this down and keep it Simple –

Exhaustion is so common and yet we know little about how we have it or how it is linked to that TATT feeling.

A wise move right now would be to read our article on this website about Exhaustion.

We could agree with the National Health Service that tiredness or exhaustion that goes on for a long time is not normal but somehow we have become a nation that has this as quite normal.

Why is this and why are we nowhere near doing anything about it?

WHY are we not seeking to know more about what it means to be tired and how it has got to the point where we use the word TATT to reduce the severity of this serious symptom – call it an ‘ill’ that has shown itself in our body?

If the obvious reasons are consistent Late Nights then why have we not nailed it yet?

If we are overworking due to excessive hours at work, are we really tired or are we exhausted and yet keep on going as the job security thing is all that matters to us?

If we are awake due to a baby, then is there anything we can do to change the routine and rhythm we are living in so we are in sync with baby?

WHY is “unexplained tiredness” one of the most common reasons to visit a doctor?

Is it unexplained because we are being dis-honest?

Is it unexplained as we have a blind spot and are unable to join the dots and be aware of the obvious and that is –

Late nights, most nights = more than tired

Are we living in a way that bludgeons our body because we are in such dis-regard or indulging in food and other stimulants that harm it?

Have we considered that our choices, call it our movements, call it our behaviours play a part in WHY we may have TATT?

TATT not addressed is going to have serious consequences – are we taking note or do we just keep going until we get diagnosed with Burnout?

Could it be possible that TATT is actually Exhaustion and IGNORE the signs and carry on ‘business as usual’ and we end up with Burnout?

Have we bothered to check in lately with how we are really feeling?

How long ago was it when we first got that tired feeling?

Do we look in the mirror and see our tired eyes?

Do we ever notice that our body may be copping the tired-ness that never got our attention?

What if we were tired back when we were small as we started to demand sugar and other stimulants?

What if we start with a dose of Honesty and ask how tired are we really?

Next –

Are we ‘sick and tired’ of consistently feeling un-settled because we just know we are tired and no amount of Sleep is cutting it?

Are we always wearing our FOMO costume and that means our ‘Fear of Missing Out’ over-rides all common sense and off we go, here there and everywhere and forget how tired we actually are?

Are we into Nice and pleasing others so our tired body never gets the choice of addressing the tired-ness?

Are we Waking Up every day with that same narrative in our head, telling us today is the day we will go to bed early but that has yet to happen?

Are we into those ‘Recreational Drugs’ that gives us the licence to do what we want, with no rest or Sleep and so the over-tired body never gets addressed?

Are we big into TV and other Screen Time constantly throughout the day and it gives us the illusion that our body is not tired?

Are we busy on Social Media seeking stimulation when we know we are way past tired but yet we never make the movement to Change?

Do we jump instantly on the bandwagon of our influencers and forget that we are actually tired when we make our choices to do what they are doing?

Do we have this habit of following our celebrities and wanting their lifestyle but forget ours is loaded with exhaustion, which is Tiredness x 1000?

Do we Fool ourselves by watching box sets and indulging in Late Night activities with copious amounts of sugar to make sure we stay awake?

Do we use Alcohol to keep going and so our tired body gets relegated to low Priority, which is our normal?

Do we use over exercise to get those feel good chemicals released in our brain, when our tired body would just ask for a Day Off to rest and Sleep?

Are we always looking to overwork as it is the area of our life where we do well and it makes us forget how tired we actually are?

Are we doing stupid things that simply ADD to our list or behaviours that make us tired?

Are we Ignoring good old fashion common sense when it comes to dealing with our everyday tired feeling?

Are we always coming up with Solutions to combat that tired, run-down, fatigued body we drag around?

Are we seeking out those adverts at the train stations, telling us we can drink the remedy, pop the pill and bingo our tiredness will disappear?

Dear World

We seem to have a modern day plague that is so normal that to be full of vitality every day is now Not Normal.

Do we ever bother to stop and Question how on earth are we living that gives rise to a body that is constantly tired and therefore ‘running on empty’?

That means we do not have the fuel needed to keep going and yet we seem to manage and carry on.

Have we considered at What Cost is it to the Human Body if we carry on with our behaviours and make no Real and true Changes to support our body – the vehicle we have that is there until our last breath?

A great first step would be to get Real and get Honest.




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  1. Women’s Health – 12 July 2024


    “Tanger” is the latest reason people are losing their tempers.

    When people are tired
    • 22% report they feel angry
    • 90% suffer from behaviour associated with being tired

    Signs of Tangriness (Tired and Angry)
    • 49% over-react to minor issues
    • 43% continually complain
    • 42% are impatient
    • 36% often throw their phones down
    • 35% struggle to concentrate at work
    • 40% show no interest in chatting

    Additional Tangriness symptoms
    • 30% upset and crying at the tiniest thing
    • 30% cursing about everything
    • 30% quarrelling with partners
    • 29% snapping at other people
    • 28% eating junk food to feel better

    General signs of being tired include having a slow reaction speed, muddling words and putting an item of clothing on inside out.

    Being easily irritated, forgetting why you walked into a room and getting the date or day of the week wrong also came out as some of the top reasons.

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