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Dear World

This website is full of Questions and now some more…

We have a post on this website called Questions, so WHY on earth do we need more 🤔

Most of us prefer not to be confronted or have Questions posed thank you very much.

Our World is in a crisis on all levels and not just because the Media are telling us.

For those that disagree or want more ‘evidence’ go to our Global News 2022 and read 300+ news headlines of what is actually going on in our world.

Then if that is not enough to wake up, go ahead and read Global News 2021 and 2020.

For the record – Simple Living Global have been reporting Global News since 2018 and there is absolutely nothing thus far that confirms we are evolving as a species and doing great.

Time we got the low down and a raw real Reality Check that we all need right now.

Time to wake up and admit how we are living is having HUGE consequences for ALL of us and our planet.

Anyone wanting to challenge this – read the statistics and facts on the following articles.

Heart Disease
Kidney Disease
Chronic Fatigue
Oral Health
Eating Disorders
Social Media
Mental Health
Children’s Mental Health
Video Games
Screen Time

Let’s start with some sensible Questions that relate to most of us…

Are we playing games when it comes to our body and its natural state of being?

Are we bludgeoning our body with copious amounts of foods and drinks that alter our natural state?

Are we using Drugs – illicit and prescribed medication to get rid of pain that seems to be debilitating us?

Are we sick and tired of listening to the next best thing that is just not working for us?

Are we exhausted Listening to the problems and issues of others around us and they just don’t Change or listen?

Are we done with others banging on about what we should do and not do?

Are we self-talking daily to ourselves with narratives that feel like our head is being fed these crap thoughts?

Are we constantly focusing on staying small and insignificant, as that seems to keep us out of the headlights?

Are we at the point where we Stress about anything and everything even if it has nothing to do with us?

Are we up in arms about even the small stuff because we have become so ultra-sensitive but would never admit that?

Are we at our end with trying and putting effort into simply Focusing on one task at a time?

Are we driving our vehicle and totally unaware, as we use driving to check out and go off elsewhere with our minds?

Are we on the go and racy to the point where we sit down and our head is buzzing and pounding with the next list of things?

Are we Blaming partners for not doing their bit when it comes to kids’ behaviours and forget we also have our part to play?

Are we screaming at the kids and just want them to go away and shut up so we can have a break?

Are we constantly looking for others to take the kids but we forget to discern where they end up for that sleepover?

Are we working just to pay the bills and get these kids grown up so we can move on with our dreams and all the things we feel entitled to have?

On that note, are we consistently plotting and planning the next Getaway to help us distract away from life?

Are we one of those that just live with images pouring through us and we follow those pictures, even if they are way beyond our real life budget?

Are we known for starting something new but it becomes Boring and we Give Up, so nothing has been Consistent?

Are our bodies feeling tension and we use the gym or excess Sport of some kind to make us feel better but it never seems to last in the long-term?

Are we the ones that now heavily rely on those apps that deliver whatever we want to eat, when we want, even if it is way past our Sleep time – just Because We Can?

Are we into our Screens so much that we seem to get little done and the time passes and our Sleep is all over the place?

Are we subscribing to the global sleeping aids industry or insomnia market because of our sedentary lifestyle?

Are we a statistic for some kind of illness or disease that we are told comes from Lifestyle Choices?

Are we the ones that always want to save the Planet but never take note of the detail we live that maybe contributing?

Are we the ones that have gone for the latest Social Media trends that seem off but hey ho, we just get swept in with the tides and never do we bother to discern?

Are we on the bandwagon with Social Media influencers and follow their ways but forget we are simply not equipped?

Are we going with the latest celeb and think it’s ok and normal to have anxiety or become creative taking illicit Drugs?

Are we disturbed reading the News, watching TV reality shows (not Real life at all but hyped up for maximising viewings) and soap operas that stimulate us and addict us to wanting More and so on…?

Are we watching what goes on in the Neighbourhood and in our streets and communities but Give Up as we just say ‘What’s the point’?

Are we wasting air time talking about others, slagging off the neighbours, those gits we don’t like at work and so on…?

Are we stressed in the workplace because of unrealistic targets and everything has to be done now, now now?

Are we the ones that go to work just to vent and let out steam, honk our horn and get very little of the job done?

Are we known for our up and down moods or angry demeanour that we cover up with our bullish outgoing so-called great persona?

Are we the ones now subscribing to longer and longer annual leave as the truth is we hate work, don’t want to work and can’t be bothered to work?

Are we using force to push through and make money as we want retirement decades before the national age says so?

Are we in positions of authority at work and yet we secretly live this Double Life which gives us the jitters inside our body?

Are we holding a position in society where others rely on us and yet we live privately in such a mess that the fear keeps growing that one day they may find out the Truth?

Are we feeling resentful as we are doing more and others are not getting on with it and this is now affecting our health and well-being because we simply will not speak up?

Are we enabling situations at work to continue because we turn a blind eye or are simply too afraid to lose our job?

Are we busy focussing on I, me and myself and forgetting there are another 8 billion out there and connection to humanity is needed and does have purpose?

Are we still harping on about that childhood hurt or what the ex did 2 decades ago that we just can’t seem to get over?

Are we busy reminiscing about the past, scrolling old photos and wondering why our life feels so stuck?

Are we feeling super angry at being told it’s over when we saw the expiry date of that relationship many years ago?

Are we Nice on the outside and seething on the inside with our self-fury at others getting on with life and making different choices?

Are we roaming around like a loose cannon, not taking any Real responsibility in life and never questioning why things are the way they are?

Are we so busy comparing ourselves to others that we forget to face the sun, which is look forward and get on with our own life and that means Mind Your Own Business?

Are we ever going to stop the downward trajectory we are on and feel the way we have been heading could possibly be harming us in more ways than we have considered?

Without more Questions, we are left circling around going nowhere but in the illusion that we are moving forward but What If we are not?

AND Finally – back to the first sentence of this article

This website is full of Questions and now some more…







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  1. I was in a store and the woman was complaining to her friend that we really have some crazy items and suppliers are forcing us to buy what they want us to have. I was literally in the middle of them and we got talking.

    I told her I did not agree as the demand comes from us, the consumers, the public and then comes the supplier. She was stopped dead in her tracks and paused for a moment and was about to justify and with conviction give her view point, when I said “WHY are we not willing to consider that drugs, let’s say cocaine is in great demand and that is why we have the suppliers and that it is not the other way around, like we want to think it is?” Yep it shut her up and she was silent.

    Whether anyone wants to argue or dispute what I have said matters not. The point is we need to start to question things and look at things from another angle as we may not have fully grasped if there is more to our frustration when we go out shopping seeking something we want (in this case a bag) and because it was not in store, we blame the suppliers.

    The crap we say that is around is because this is what we want. The masses, most of us want that. Let us not dismiss, ignore of forget this important factor in all areas of buying and supplying. We want, we demand, we get it and suppliers are always ready.

    If it is illegal, no problemo, those suppliers are on the front foot and will find a way to deliver those illicit packages to the doorstep if needed and no pandemic lockdown gets in their way. Just make sure you got the money and business continues.

    Wake up Dear World – this is how we operate on this planet and we call ourselves the most intelligent species.

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