Mind Your Own Business

Dear World

Do we all know what it actually means when we say “mind your own business?”

For those who like to know more – a quick Internet search would tell us that this is a common English saying telling others to respect privacy, refrain from interfering as it does not concern them. Get it?

This is a very simple and practical website so there will be no play with words – just a presentation on what it means to “mind your own business”.

We will use the analogy of a garden.

Your business is to look after the garden and that means:

FOCUS only on your garden. NEVER ever look outside.
That means you only mind your own business – ALWAYS.

Do not allow those useless thoughts to tell you to change your Focus.

Do not allow those fleeting distractions to take you off in the daisy fields – that means la la fantasy world.

Do not spend any time worrying about other people’s gardens.

Do not get overwhelmed if your garden has a lot of weeds.
This is a process and step by step you Let Go.

Letting go will bring more light and space into your garden.
You can then make clearer decisions of what is next to do.

Concentrate on one area and get that moving in the way that it needs to and Stay Consistent.

Consistency is key as this confirms you are taking Responsibility.

Effort is not required. Just a willingness every day to attend to what is needed in the garden.

Plant seeds that are like new imprints in your life.
Prepare the space before you add the new seeds.

The seeds are your new movements – your new behaviour.

No Push and no rushing needed. Small steps will build the Foundation in your garden.

The key is to always mind your own business and the garden is the only business that requires your emphasis.

Remove everything that no longer serves the garden and keep reviewing and refining as you go through the years.

Know that each and everything has a Cycle so there will be a beginning and an end.

One day the garden will be at the end of its Cycle and that is WHY you are working on it every day as YOUR business.

  • You can leave your garden at the end knowing you have given it your absolute best attention daily and it inspires others to do the same.

  • You never invested in what others were doing as you were minding your business only.

  • You made sure that you never went outside your garden to poke your nose out like a nosey neighbour.

  • You learned from your Mistakes and the corrections were necessary lessons, so it was easy to adjust.

  • You did not want to ever be a Jealous Judas so you made sure that sister Comparison was never in your garden.

The way to ensure Comparison never visits is to mind your own business by having Conscious Presence.

This means your mind is with you when performing the practical task with your body. You never deviate or digress from that precise Focus in any moment.

Never allow others to dictate or impose their ideas and beliefs of how you are to attend to your garden.

Know that your garden has no fences or walls but you have claimed this space, so others just know it is yours.

Know that you have been given this garden and it is your job – there is work to be done so just Get on with it!

Know that only you have the answers of what is needed next to action in your own garden.

Know that you cannot ever have the answers for other gardens as it is not your business.

Know that to mind your own business you have to stop another if you feel they are taking you off track.

Know that you do not have to answer to others or play Nice if you can feel it is not true.

Know that to mind your own business you have to speak up and Say It As It Is.

Know that overdoing it in your garden to impress another or seek recognition will backfire and so it’s not worth it.

Know that you are a role model for generations to come, so how will you look after your garden?

Know that by having a Gentle and deeply caring approach to everything you attend to in your garden will bring Joy.

Know that your garden has your Gentle footsteps daily, which means there is a purpose.

Know that everything you will need to keep your garden flowing will be given to you.

Know that anything you genuinely need for your garden to evolve, will get taken care of.

Mind your own business is simply that.

Stick to your own garden and observe and allow others to do what they want in the knowing that you are Getting on With It and they may just get inspired one day because of how you live in your garden and take care of the detail.

Do not offer to tend to any other garden as that would never work, because you are only equipped to deal with your garden.

Do not do stupid things as that will have consequences and create un-necessary work to delay your garden business.







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