Dear World

Have we all heard these 3 words – NO BIG DEAL?

Have we used NO BIG DEAL when we Talk?

Have we considered life as NO BIG DEAL?

How would our life be if nothing was a big deal?

How would those around us be if we made life no big deal?

How would our work life be if there was no big deal ever?

Do we pretend things are NO BIG DEAL when our body inside gets this shuddering because we are Lying?

Do we need constant stimulation to make everything a big deal when it does not need to be?

Do we enjoy circulating the non-stop nonsense that our Social Media feeds us and make it a big deal?

Do we post anonymously Online to vent our hurts and harm others in the process, because we make things a big deal?

Do we like creating dramas and issues instead of making it NO BIG DEAL?

Do we constantly create Complications in our life when it could be Simple and NO BIG DEAL?

Do we put Focus into making things a big deal when they are absolutely NO BIG DEAL?

Do we find ourselves making things bigger than they are and creating Stress when we know it is NO BIG DEAL?

Do we find ourselves wasting endless moments getting caught up in puffing up stuff that is so not a big deal?

Do we have a habit of putting emphasis on un-necessary daily events that really are NO BIG DEAL?

Do we have our ‘go to’ Family and friends that listen to our chitta chatta when we make things a big deal?

Do we want life to revolve around us and constantly feed us the illusion that we are the centre of the universe instead of Waking Up and realising nothing is actually a big deal?

Are we aware that deep inside us we do know a NO BIG DEAL way of living would bring zero recognition and identification?
In other words, the I, me, myself bit of us would not get the adulation and pumped up-ness that we so desperately seek.

Are we into making everything that is useless and un-necessary in our life a big deal, as it helps us to not admit it is really and truly NO BIG DEAL?

Are we aware that we waste so much time on our nonsense when it is NO BIG DEAL if we just get off our butts and take Action where needed?

What on earth would happen to us (the I, me, myself part) if we started to make every issue in life NO BIG DEAL?


Our NO BIG DEAL new way of living means we are free from the constant bombardment of negative nellie thoughts that feed us that we are this and that?

We changed our daily Focus to things that matter and support us in life like Back to Basics – read more on this website which is full of practical ways to live.

We make BACK TO BASICS NO BIG DEAL because it needs to be our standard, our normal, so that we can move in life with a body that can support us in every way to evolve?

We made life from today as if absolutely nothing is a big deal?

We ask an elder or someone at the last stages of life for some words of wisdom to our dilemma, issues, hurts or dramas and they would all say the same – it will pass?

While we are in it, we may feel we cannot move past whatever it is but as we are constantly moving, even if we say we are Stuck it will pass and it does?

We do not waste a nano second making things a big deal and honking our horn or withdrawing from life (both the same really) as none of those behaviours offer us evolution?

We are ALL EQUALLY here to evolve, so let us be reminded of this immutable fact.

It is time to just GET ON WITH IT and make life NO BIG DEAL.

For more inspiration – read our spectacular blog GET ON WITH IT.





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