Life Lessons 101

Dear World

This is blog 199 on this website.

Simple Living Global is expanding and evolving…

On that note – we are launching a new sister website called Life Lessons 101.

The following is an extract from the new home page –


Dear World

We all need to learn how to live human life in a true way.

We know that there is no real manual, handbook, introductory course or beginners guide for how to live human life on earth.

Our world is missing Simple life lessons that makes sense for ALL of us.

Life Lessons 101© will be the go to platform to get the lessons and then live them in daily life.

Real education so we get what is needed and what is not.

Simple Life Lessons that need to be applied to get results.

For those who are interested in reading more about true health and wellbeing, find your way to the categories on the Home Page of this website.

In the meantime, we will continue to deliver what is needed for this website, which is now a library, with volumes of relatable content for those who are ready to consider Another Way to Be and Live in this world.

If you want the whole list of blog titles – go to BLOG 200.





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