Supermarket Shopping

Dear World

Most of us go to the supermarket to shop for our food and some call it grocery shopping. Same thing.

Supermarkets are the ‘one stop’ because they sell more than food and so we get to pick up household items like cleaning products.

With our modern world we have expanded supermarkets to homeware, clothes, household goods and so much more.

Some supermarkets offer services like car washing, shoe repair, dry cleaning and key cutting to name a few.

This article is simply to bring more awareness to our approach when we go Supermarket Shopping.

Let’s start…

The following are examples of how some of us are living, when it comes to Supermarket Shopping.

Shopping on a budget?
Sod the budget – its

Using the background jingle music to buy stuff that we don’t need.

Kids nagging and wanting this, that and everything that is a Waste.

All things Christmas2 – be it the one off throwaway stuff just to make it look good on the day or foods that we would not normally eat but we do once a year, as that is what Christmas3 is all about – Indulgence.

Tired, so quick and easy dinner – shove in the microwave and eat from container provided, feel hungry soon after but ignore that for now.

Buying empty type foods that have little or no real nutritional value but our attitude is hey ho, too busy to cook from scratch.

Shop to impress others as we invite and cook only when we have guests. Otherwise it’s that app stuff and doorstep delivery for anything that we can consume, whilst not leaving our home.

Shopping for treats that bludgeon our body even further but we just can’t stop the habit.

Loading the trolley with snacks and more snacks, as it’s just what we do and why bother to Change now.

Munchies to chomp on, as we like something to eat when we feel Tired or lethargic during the day.

Aisles stacked out with even more cereal choices to munch first thing in the morning or last thing at night, as that’s what we do.

Filling up a stock of jumbo size snacks – salty, savoury, sugary and crunchy. We behave like the production of these snacks is stopping.

Just Incase syndrome kicks in and we overfill our Supermarket Shopping trolley with absolutely un-necessary items due to panic.

Special diets where we never care-fully check the ingredients.
A classic example – label states ‘Gluten free’ but never recognising that the first ingredient and other major ingredients contain sugar.

Seasonal treats like Halloween candy and cakes, designed without consideration of our kids’ Teeth.

Ignoring the obvious that a lot of special offers tend to be those unhealthy type foods.

Are we aware that the checkouts are full of seasonal delights from Easter, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Halloween and Christmas?

Drinks – load up the special offers when it comes to Alcohol. We cannot imagine life without the soda and sugary drinks, so that is a standard on our shopping list always. Why Change a habit is our attitude?

We all need to eat and the planning is super important.

First basic 101 is NOT to go Supermarket Shopping when we are hungry, frustrated, stressed out, busy, rushing around or see it as a chore and a bore.

What we buy will offer the following:

  • Support our body
  • Nurture our body
  • Deeply nourish
  • Re-build our body
  • Bring vitality and alive-ness
  • Have a deep quality of Sleep


  • Make you feel Tired
  • Pile on excess weight
  • Keep you on the couch
  • Support you with TV watching
  • Drain you instantly
  • Exhaust you further
  • More empty filler foods
  • Put damp into your body
  • Add to the raciness in your body
  • Give you a quick energy fix
  • Give you a false pick me up
  • Add to the High Blood Pressure
  • Not help your Diabetes diagnosis
  • Bloat you even more
  • Feel worse than before
  • Create mood swings
  • Numb you so you can’t feel
  • Deplete your energy levels
  • Stop you doing your work
  • Lose your Focus and clarity

The above list tells us that Supermarket Shopping is to be taken seriously. No messing about – this is about our body.

What if we start to see our body as a vehicle and that means we use it to move us?

We start by giving it the best vitality so we need to ensure that the type of fuel (what we ingest in foods and beverages) is absolutely super important. No rubbish goes into the vehicle because if it does we could end up with an ill engine or flat tyres (no vitality, just Exhausted).

What if tea and bread could be replaced with alternatives because it may just support our body (the vehicle)?

Have we ever considered that if the wrong fuel was put into Our Car, it simply would not drive but yet we shove anything we want into our mouth (because we can Get Away with It), with no regard and zero awareness for the actual body and what it has to do to process what we ingested? Everything we Eat matters, even if we like to ignore this small immutable fact.

This means that HOW we choose to go – our approach will have an effect on what we actually end up buying at the Supermarket.

Rule 101 – NEVER EVER go Supermarket Shopping when hungry.

If money is an issue, this can affect the way we shop. This is WHY planning works and going with a shopping list is not a bad thing.

What also helps is to stay “open”. That means not to be fixed on getting any item as they may not have it and then we end up in reaction or frustration or not a happy bunny as we can’t cook or eat what we wanted. In other words, we had a picture fed into our head that this is what we want and boom it was not there and so we are disappointed as our expectation was not fulfilled. Stupid really.

When we plan our Supermarket Shopping, we have some clarity of what is needed but being flexible and not rigid really helps. So what if they haven’t got what we went in for. No Big Deal as our blog says on this website.

There could be another option or a special offer and that may work in our favour and bingo it turns out even more supportive for our budget and our body.

Seasonal food or locally grown food and special offers can be useful to be aware of.

What if we live in a climate where we don’t need to have air freight bringing us strawberries in the winter months because our body cannot really take this cold sugary damp food at this time of the year? Worth considering when we demand something all year round without considering where it comes from and if it is truly needed.

What if we swapped the cheap pasta and chips for proper healthy foods that are grown on the land we live in and not coming via air freight?

The other thing is to not Listen to Others or Internet search and get carried away with everything we read. A classic example are so-called official websites telling us salmon is not good for our body and health. Experts say it is because of the richness in omega-3 fatty acids and high B vitamins and selenium. The list of benefits is quite huge and yet if we are seeking to find the opposite, then we will land on the site that says salmon is not good for our health.

Best to allow our body to be the science. Let it give us the feedback – the answers as to what works and what is rejected. However, this can only happen if we are willing to be super Honest and give it a go and not just for a week.

Stay open to Change means stick to the shopping list but have a look at what offers are around, even if you have an endless budget or limited amount of money to spend.

Stay open to Change when it comes to ingredients for a Recipe you have. Either Change the Recipe or try another ingredient and by not having that ‘fixed’ way, there will be no hissy fit reaction but a response to be flexible as to what could be possible. Sometimes a Recipe not followed with every ingredient brings in a new dimension and becomes bespoke (custom tailor made) just for your belly.

Next –

We do know that Supermarkets are a business and that means profits before people, as that is how business generally operates.

Currently we have an energy crisis and the staples are going up in price. What if that spike in inflation is a call for real Change?

Cheap vegetable oil for many is a must and its price is sky high now.

So how about we use the oils that are available and cut back on the frying foods?

What if we see all these things that happen and we don’t like as simply a sign for Change?

That means an opportunity – an offering for something different that may actually be of great benefit.

Next –

How items are placed in the supermarket trolley is EQUALLY important to what we buy. Not throwing or chucking it in with any force or lack of presence. That means – gently remove from the shelf or fridge or rack and place super Gently into the trolley and NEVER stacking heavy items onto light stuff. Also do not squash any delicate items of food with movements that disturb our trolley. Treat everything like soft leaves that can be crushed, by anything heavy or a force, when it is place inside the trolley.

This is well worth practicing until it is locked into our Foundation of life and becomes our new normal.

Bring order to the trolley as you move around the supermarket by placing household cleaning and heavy items in one section and this means the bags or box that is packed after payment is made, follows that order. When we unpack the other end, the items remain in that order to put away in our fridge, larder and cupboards.

YES – pay attention, this could be a new way of operating not just in our Supermarket Shopping but everywhere in life.

Taking ultra care with our shopping means a Gentle approach. The way we attend to it with our presence is important and that means our mind is with our body performing the task in hand. NOT on the smartphone or checked out in la la daisy fields.  Just On the job – present and alive.

When we stand in line be sensible – if someone has few items and you have a shopping trolley, let them go before you.

  • Get your bags ready and opened
  • If you are using boxes – have them ready
  • Do not stress out if the queue is long or things Change
  • Talk to others in the line instead of going straight on that phone.
  • Check the name tag on the checkout staff member
  • Greet them with their name and genuinely connect to them
  • In that moment, see them as the best friend you have out there.
  • When we are not fake and phony, chances are they respond
  • Hand over any vouchers or discount coupons you have to use
  • Thank them when you pay at the end if their service was great.
  • Let them know you liked how they handled your shopping items.
  • This small gesture of appreciation gets them to feel they matter.

If for any reason we can feel their anger or aggression, then tell them and never hold back. How else will they stop if we say nothing?

  • Pack items using a big dose of common sense
  • Fridge items together and the same with freezer foods
  • Household cleaning and miscellaneous items go together
  • Foods like meat and fish in separate bags to fresh produce
  • That way it will be easier when it is unpacked at home

Next –

Carrying the shopping to the car or going home by taxi or public transport. This is a process and it is not quite finished yet.

Continue with the Gentle approach and that means do not plonk them on the bus or the back of the car trunk.

Make sure there is space made available in the car boot/trunk and nothing is piled high if possible.

The food and other items are travelling and they are being looked after on their whole journey from the shelf to the kitchen fridge or cupboard. The foods we buy are receiving a quality that comes from how we are choosing to live. The food is not bruised or disturbed in any way, as we took care of the detail throughout its short journey from supermarket shelf to inside our kitchen.

Bringing deep love and care into the small details rewards us back in more ways than we could fathom. Treat the whole Supermarket Shopping experience the same as we would any other area of our life.





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