Fake and Phony

Dear World

How many of us can admit that we are Fake and Phony most of the time or now and then?

What does it mean to be Fake and Phony and WHY do we behave in this way?

What areas of our life do we suck at Fake and Phony?

Do we have a telephone voice that is Fake n Phony?

Do we have certain people we act Fake and Phony with?

Do we have Fake and Phony friendships that we really could do without?

Do we like the games we play with our Fake and Phony costume on?

Do we Wake Up every morning wanting to end our Fake and Phony lifestyle?

What is the dictionary telling us about these 2 words…?


  • Not true, real or genuine: COUNTERFEIT, SHAM

  • One that is not what it purports to be: such as a worthless imitation passed off as genuine.


  • To cause (something inferior or not genuine) to appear more valuable, desirable or real by fraud or pretence.

  • To make (something) seem real, satisfactory, etc., by any sort of deception or tampering.

  • To practice deception by pretending or simulating (something) (2)

  • Anything made to appear otherwise than it actually is (3)


  • Fraudulent; having a misleading appearance (4)

  • Not genuine or real
  • Arousing Suspicion: Probably Dishonest

  • FALSE, SHAM (5)

  • An insincere or pretentious person (6)

  • Counterfeit
  • False or deceiving
  • Not truthful
  • Insincere or deceitful (7)

So here we have the definitions for the words Fake and Phony.

What is it spelling out to us and informing us about?

WHY do we even have words like this existing in our language when Fake is about being an imposter or a charlatan? In other words, not true at all or genuine.

WHY do we bother with our insincere gestures and Hidden Agenda in the movements of “Getting Away with It” when we know it’s simply Fake and Phony?

WHY are we not ready to admit the False that we know exists in the very fabric of society and it’s everywhere and we know it.

We all hate fraud or any form of pretence but yet we seem to allow this kind of stuff to continue in society like it’s just normal.

No one in their right mind wants to experience deception but it sure goes on in our world and we never want to be at the receiving end of being Fooled by the Fake stuff but we are.

It would be true to say that our current world is full of Fake and Phony and it seems to be our new “normal”. We do not Question it and go along with it.

To be sincere and genuine Consistently in everyday life seems to be a challenge and dis-comfort for most of us.

What if this has an effect on our Sleep quality?

What if the Fake lifestyle leaves us with a constant un-settlement inside our body?

What if the Fake n Phony way changes our vibration – what we call “our vibe”?

What if our Fake and Phony way has so become our normal way of living that to make Changes now would mean being Real1 and that would leave us uncomfortable?

What if the Fake Relationships that we have lead us to even more entrenched Fake ways of operating in life?

What if we lead a Double Life as we are Fake and Phony with some people but not everyone that we hang out with?

What if our imposter and charlatan characters are Fooling no one but ourselves and yet we continue ‘acting’ Fake and Phony?

What if all the Fake n Phony stuff on Social Media that we are addicted to gives us a tension that goes un-noticed most of the time?

What if we don’t have a dime but we like to impress and ‘Fake it until we make it’ as the saying goes and this is the Fake and Phony way we operate?

What if Fake and Phony takes effort and requires us to Focus on that and this makes us uneasy inside?

What if we are actually having a feeling of un-rest inside like we just can’t switch off because Fake and Phony conversations are not helping us in anyway?

What if we are contributing to the masses that continue on the Fake and Phony bandwagon and then we bang on about wanting the world to Change?

What if we stopped our Fake and Phony behaviour for just one day just to reflect on how and WHY we do it in the first place?

What if we could admit that Fake and Phony is the only thing we know and yet it’s not true because we do know it’s not our natural state?

What if we stopped sending Emails that are insincere because others can feel that it is just simply Fake and Phony?

What if we stopped texting others with our Fake and Phony language as it has zero purpose and offers nothing?

What if Fake and Phony retards us and that means we do not get to evolve in any way?

What if Fake and Phony has an impact on our physiology and that means how we behave does affect our body, even if we are unaware of this?

What if we know we are winging it with our Fake and Phony ways and it has become ingrained behaviour for us so no chance of changing that now?

WHY are we so afraid of another finding out who and what we truly are that we continue down the ill road of Fake and Phony?

What if we did not have the Fake hair, Fake eyelashes and Fake nails that everyone we know is having?

Do we honestly think that having a long list of Fake and Phony friends is worth more than a few genuine, sincere and Honest1 friends, that we could call “True Family”?

What if the first step to ending our Fake and Phony life is to just STOP and PAUSE?

Read the blog and then move on to the next blog called
Real2 Get Honest2 and so you can get to TRUTH.




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