Hidden Agenda

Dear World

How many of us have a Hidden Agenda?

WHY does anyone have a Hidden Agenda?

How far do we go with our Hidden Agenda?

What does it mean to have a Hidden Agenda?

Do we have a list of items in our Hidden Agenda?

Do we dodge others because of our Hidden Agenda?

Can we sense the Hidden Agenda in all our systems?

Have we clocked on to those that have a Hidden Agenda?

Are we against those that have a Hidden Agenda?

Are we into calculating and strategizing because our life has been created with plenty of Hidden Agendas?

Are we aware of those that have a Hidden Agenda – both in ourselves or others, just to get ahead in the career department of life?

Do we have our own style of a Hidden Agenda, that we say is ok as we think it harms no one?

Do we need to plan things to keep our agenda hidden from those that might find out?

Do we operate in life with a Hidden Agenda and justify that it is normal and that makes it ok?

Do we mis-trust everyone and everything in this world and so a Hidden Agenda is the only way to go?

Do we sense in others an underlying vibration that tells us they are up to no good with a Hidden Agenda?

Do we hate the cunning vibration that comes with a Hidden Agenda character, when we see them spouting stuff?

Do we fall for those that are motivated by greed and have the Hidden Agenda lifestyle that goes with that?

Do we have an investment in the Hidden Agenda of others as we stand to profit from it?

Do we play games with other people’s lives because of our Hidden Agenda status?

Do we have a Hidden Agenda that we never speak about and we move in life with that buried inside us?

Do we convince ourselves that having a Hidden Agenda brings us the security we need for the insecurity that we feel every day?

Do we use a Hidden Agenda to get ahead of the game in life because we see others doing it?

Do we have a body that is constantly anxious because of our Hidden Agenda?

Do we feel a constant and consistent un-settlement inside of us because we have always had a Hidden Agenda?

Do we always live life with not disclosing our intentions as it serves us to be this way?

Do we live a Double Life with our list of Hidden Agendas and notice our Stress levels are on the rise?

What are we Hiding?
What are we concealing?
What are we avoiding?
What are we trying to protect?
What are we trying to prevent?
What are we really afraid of?
What are we putting effort into?
What are our intentions?
What are we sweeping under the carpet?

What are we Lying about to uphold our Hidden Agenda?

Dear World

Whichever way we want to look at this and examine our Hidden Agenda – we ought to ask a serious Question

WHY do we have a Hidden Agenda in the first place?

Next –

We need to get Real and get Honest about HOW we have got to this point in our life where we operate with a Hidden Agenda.

Next –

If our Hidden Agenda is keeping us away from our natural state of being (which we know it is), then it is well worth considering how long we plan to keep this false way of living.

Nothing works, nothing Flows, and Complications come in and we are left with an eternal un-rest inside our body because we are up to no good, as they say.

We have got a Hidden Agenda for a reason.
We listen to that head of ours telling us this and that, which then leads to a kind of mis-trust and before we know it we fabricate life with a host of
Lies under the banner HIDDEN AGENDA.

And finally, WHY do we want to live a Lie because that is what a life with a Hidden Agenda is?






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