Early Nights

Dear World

What does having an early night mean to us?

Have we heard of the saying “having an early night”?

What does an early night actually do for our body?

What would happen if we Consistently had early nights every day?

What if early nights became the new normal in our world right now?

What if Late Nights are not of any Real benefit to our true health and well-being?

What if fighting our natural state of being with Late Nights is what stops us having early nights?

What if deep down we really want to have more early nights as we know it would help us?

What if the very thought of an early night relaxes our body as if it is saying “thank you”?

What if our modern day world has ignored what good old fashion early nights did in the past?

What if we listen to the elders around us, who seem to value and appreciate early nights?

What if we can sense that early nights would support us to settle more and be less anxious?

What if to go home from work and have an early night, would make us more productive?

What if after a long drive, all our body wants is an early night but a part of us wants relief and reward – distraction and overeating?

What if regular early nights (when we can), would support our shift work and reduce the sugar cravings?

What if an early night would stop us munching late and feeling crap in the morning?

What if an early night would stop our Screen Time activities, which we know are quite addictive?

What if the ‘should’ and ‘could’ about early nights just keeps us away from proper Sleep time?

What if we are bothered about others Judging us, like we are silly, so that is why we avoid the early nights?

What if we just want to fit in and look cool with the crowd, so we swap early nights for nonsense?

What if the only thing that keeps us away from early nights is TV and or Alcohol?

What if our bad habits of Caffeine at night and takeaways is why we never seem to get an early night, even though we know it would be great?

What if we woke up and did not need the Caffeine fix or sugar first thing because we started having early nights?

What if choosing an early night over that FOMO stuff is well worth it for our body?

What if we simply cancel our evening plans and instead opt for an early night and see what happens tomorrow?

What if our Exhausted body is craving early nights but we just keep ignoring it?

What if our body gets even more Tired with early nights and that is because it is telling us we are really Exhausted?

What if regular early nights start to knock out the Tiredness we seem to feel during the daytime?

What if early nights gives us more clarity and Focus during the day?

What if we seem to sabotage every opportunity possible to avoid those early nights, that we just know would be of great benefit?

What if an early night is only reserved for when we are Sick or in pain and can barely move our body?

What if going to Sleep earlier than our normal time is what we call an early night and that is midnight?

What if 10pm and 11pm is not actually the best time for our Heart health as some may advocate?

What if a Consistent 9 o’clock would bring even more benefits to the body at that time of night?

What if there is more to the Science of early nights and going to bed on or before 9pm than we realise?

What if 7pm and 8pm are considered early evening hours and it would be Crazy if we ever considered going to bed that early?

What if our children need early bedtime and that is 6pm or 7pm but we don’t bother taking this seriously?

What if the whole household would benefit from the stillness of an early night?

What if dusk is the time to start our winding down because we have just had a super long working week and the Weekend agenda is looking busy?

What if sunset is a reminder to stop the ‘on the go’ movements and slow down with an early night because we have been Overdoing everything?

What if regular early nights would mean less Crazy Days and more order and flow in our daytime?

What if more things would get done the next day if we made sure we were tucked up in bed early?

What if we do know that early nights can help with weight issues and prevent chronic diseases?

What if early to bed means early to rise and that makes Simple sense?

What if those extra hours that we receive from an early night are much needed to give the body a break from the onslaught of daily life?

What if Consistent early nights support us to make better decisions for our optimum health and well-being?

What if we continue with early nights and give it a go because it seems to make sense for our body?

Dear World

Is it time to admit that our Lifestyle Choices, when it comes to Sleep, are not in line with our true health and well-being because our body is telling us? 

Before we dismiss this article, it is well worth considering every Question that has been presented as it may just lead to a different lifestyle that could support the human vehicle on its journey to evolve.






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