Our Hurts

Dear World

We ALL seem to have some hurts stored away.

We ALL seem to deal with Our Hurts in different ways.

We ALL seem to behave differently once we get hurt.

How are we all dealing with Our Hurts that we have?

When did Our Hurts start and how have they left us?

Do we park Our Hurts and assume they go away?

Do we bury them so deep and make sure we never go there?

Do we spend days on end plotting to hurt those that hurt us?

Do we react to others and Blame them for Our Hurts as it makes it easier to live life?

Are we feeling the sting of the hurts from way back and we hold a grudge against those that we say hurt us?

Are we making sure we find ways to attack another that seemingly hurt us, as we are just the victim?

Are we feeling the rawness of being hurt today, even though it was decades ago?

Are we still banging on about who done what to us and we cannot seem to shake off those old hurts?

Are we still in ‘therapy’ because of those damn hurts that keep rearing themselves?

Are we a grown adult but could never admit Our Hurts are like an internal badge of honour – we feel entitled to Hold On to them?

Are we in the process of dealing with Our Hurts but along come some more and we don’t like being so sensitive, so we shut down?

Are we being reminded of old hurts when we take a step to open up our Heart1 and then we go spiralling back into our cave?

Are we shielding and guarding our Heart2 with this hardness that is like a thick wall, where no love could enter because of Our Hurts?

Are we hardened in our body with all the protection from those old wounds we call Our Hurts?

Are we still hurt about a marriage that ended 3 decades ago but still cannot get over it or give the new partner our full open Heart3

Are we one of those that had a partner leave us because we refused to deal with our old hurts and it just got in the way?

Are we making Our Hurts more important than the Relationship we are in because we don’t feel the value of dealing with them?

Are we ok bopping along in life with our arrangements that are not Real Relationships as it keeps Our Hurts at bay?

Are we full of fear to ever Commit to any Relationship because they may just hurt us and we want a hurt free life?

Are we afraid that we may get hurt again so we live our life socially withdrawn and feel the void and Loneliness most days?

Are we so deeply hurt that we have withdrawn from life and find it difficult to trust or engage with others in our everyday interactions?

Are we holding others to ransom for what they have done to us as we would never consider that we may be a part of what happened?

Are we numbing ourselves with foods to just simply not feel the hurts that have wounded us so much?

Are we making sure we use Alcohol and or Drugs because those hurts haunt us every day?

Are we so full of hurts that we see no point Talking about it and would never consider any form of healing?

Are we avoiding taking the steps to Stay on Track and Get on with life because we use Our Hurts as the Excuse to not move on?

Are we going to retire knowing we have hurts we buried which cannot be erased, as we refused to nominate them and move on?

Are we in denial that Our Hurts affect us more than we would ever admit because it’s way too painfull to go there?

What If…

What if we simply cannot escape Our Hurts and they interfere with our life, so a wise move would be to deal with them?

What if parking Our Hurts to one side brings even more intensity to them as we are harbouring and not dealing with them?

What if venting and Cursing others are just reactions to Our Hurts and not bringing any form of true healing?

What if not dealing with Our Hurts is what makes them seem bigger than they actually are, as our mind is feeding us the fear?

What if there is nothing in this world that can truly hurt us but we have got this all wrong and no one has shown us Another Way?

What if we simply started taking small steps every day to honour what we feel in any given moment and that means follow through and not be concerned about the consequences?

In other words, we feel something and we Express it and don’t pretend, control or hold back. It matters not what others may say or do or what happens next. The main thing is we followed what we felt was an impulse coming from our Heart3

What if following what we feel consistently could lead to not getting hurt again as the connection with our inner-most self is now leading the way and what others do or say or what the world throws at us next, does not have us reeling and reacting like before?

In other words we develop the ability to stay deeply connected without the need for recognition, acceptance or approval from anyone out there and chances are nothing can hurt us.

AND finally, how we deal with that buried truck load of hurts is by nominating them. We go there, visit that stuff and call it out. It was done, feel the pain that is so huge (because our mind tells us that) and now everything has moved on and we can too.

Dear World

Ask this author, who lives a life where they have truly moved on from their past hurts and their answer is “it’s not worth it”.

There is nothing more debilitating that living a life with Our Hurts that are undealt with.





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