Stay On Track

What on earth does this mean?

Who would be interested in this blog?

Why do we need to Stay ON Track?

What are the benefits if we do Stay on Track?

What happens to us if we don’t Stay on Track?

Dear World

Most of us are finding things a bit tough now and staying on track is not easy.

Some of us don’t even know what it means to Stay on Track.

Others are not interested as we just like our wayward life – thank you very much.

Some of us would like to learn more about how to Stay on Track consistently.

Some of us are only on board if we know what we could get out of it for ourselves.

Some of us dream of staying on track so things just move in the Flow.

The author of this blog and this website is ready to share some wisdom about the importance of these 3 words STAY ON TRACK.


Focus on the task in hand and Finish the Job.

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To really STAY ON TRACK, we need to stop some of our ill behaviours.
That means any move we make that is taking us “off track”.

The following are not instructional but they work because it is what your granny would say and other elders in the community would agree. It is what they call “good old fashion common sense”.

STOP making wild promises and that means no point opening that mouth and coming out with stuff that is way off and whacky when we know we are not going to deliver.

STOP making idle declarations that you plan to do something and then never move your butt and take the steps needed.

STOP indulging in fantasies and fairyland as that will never allow any moments of proper pukka Stay on Track times.

STOP day dreaming and that means get a Real-life Reality Check, wake up and end the floating away, time wasting illusion that takes you nowhere.

STOP dilly dallying around and avoiding everyday life tasks that need your attention.

STOP the ‘escape from life’ list of things you do to avoid taking Responsibility for stuff that needs your attention in everyday life.

STOP deviating and digressing from life’s responsibilities and take Action when something important needs to be done.

STOP putting things off and winging it because you are just Fooling yourself and it moves us even further away from being and staying on track.

STOP Blaming the world and its brothers and making a big deal out of a No Big Deal, just because you are seeking attention.

STOP playing those silly mind games with others and using strategies, manipulation and everything else that is an utter waste and has no purpose.

STOP bothering others with silly nonsense when you already know the answers to your Questions.

STOP the silly chitta chat circulating the same stuff over and over again, hoping to get a different response the next time.

STOP trying to make others ‘see it your way’ when you could be spending that time doing something of real value and benefit for yourself and/or others.

STOP doing stupid things that have no meaning, no purpose and are simply just a total waste in every way.

STOP wishing that life could be different by reminiscing on the old stuff when you know we can’t ever Change that.

STOP hanging out with ‘negative nellies’ as that vibration serves none of us – ever.

STOP the Regret now as it is deeply harmful and your body cops that vibe. It is one thing that will ensure you do not Stay on Track.

STOP the comparison and jealousy as that sure ain’t gonna support anyone to Stay on Track.

STOP Listening to Other People when you know they are just talking twaddle.

STOP jumping on the bandwagon of something you read on Social Media and championing it, when you know it is just not the right thing to be doing.

STOP reading nonsense and then telling others as if that is going to help when all it does is keep you and them absolutely off track.

STOP repeating what others say when it is senseless and serves no purpose whatsoever as that will not help you Stay on Track.

STOP trying to impress anyone or seek their attention or approval as it is not needed and only gets you further “off track”.

STOP creating un-necessary Complications for yourself and others, when it is far easier to stay on the Simple1 ‘Stay on Track’ road.

STOP the fake and phoney voice if you have that going on, as this will most certainly keep you in the ‘off track’ lane for a long time. 

STOP the Late Nights and take this one very seriously because to STAY ON TRACK we need to understand and adhere to our natural Sleep wake cycle.

STOP surfing the Net or scrolling on Social Media with no real reason or purpose.

STOP living life in the Crazy Fast Lane as you will never be able to Stay on Track.

STOP leading a Double Life and thinking you are Getting Away with It because it guarantees you remain well away from the Stay on Track road.

STOP your silly Vices that feed your empty vessel to continue staying off track when it is super easy and Simple2 to just go back and Stay on Track.

STOP waiting around for others to make it or show you the way, when you have all the answers to just Stay on Track. If in doubt, refer to this website.

Dear World 

Stay on Track means we have to change our movements and that means our behaviour.

Stay on Track means we never have to look outside of ourselves again to seek recognition from the world.

Stay on Track means we no longer need to look sidewards – just face the sun and Get on With It.

Whatever it is that we need to evolve, will be given to us and all we have to do is Plug in and Connect, so we stay close to our body and everything else will unfold in its natural order.

We could view the list above as Ticking the Boxes or we could consider it as a presentation with some usefull Questions, which means an opportunity to be open to Another Way of living human life on earth.






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