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January 2018


Oregon state athletes’ suicide – new mental health initiative launched to help students with depression (1)

Salt Lake City Utah

Teen suicides – 140% increase (2)


Newfoundland Burin Peninsula – dramatic spike in suicide
Louise Bradley – CEO of the Mental Health Commission of Canada says
Suicide kills more Canadians than the opioid crisis (3)


Teachers – 54% reported poor mental health

81% said poor mental health had a negative impact on the quality of their relationships with pupils (4)

February 2018


Ground Breaking News
Earthquake   Taiwan (5)


Suicide rates highest in decades – worst in rural America
Montana Alaska Wyoming
Firearms account for half of all suicide deaths (6)


Ground Breaking News
Mexico           Earthquake (7)

March 2018


The average Briton’s mobile phone buzzes 93 times each day (8)


New study published in JAMA Psychiatry
Incidence of first episode psychosis higher in men aged 18 – 24 than women in same age group (9)


Helsinki – Suicide Prevention Centre Opens (10)


4 year study
400,000 adults

1 in 4 adults have multiple health problems

High blood pressure most common
Diabetes person has 3 or 4 conditions (11)


Norway – high sugar tax

Sweden – no sugar tax

Border sweet shopping taken off

Huge supermarkets full of sweets chocolates (12)


Obesity is the new smoking says NHS chief
Overweight – 2nd biggest cause of cancer
Major cause of type 2 diabetes
9% annual NHA budget (13)


Coffee needs to come with cancer warning California Judge rules (14)

April 2018


Orthosomnia – new type of sleeping disorder (15)


Tobacco products to carry new pictorial warnings (16)


Early intervention cuts suicide rate by 50%
12 year study (17)


141 children teeth extracted in hospital some age 1

60,000 missed days off school

$3.4 million cost to NHS a year (18)

Universities students suicide higher than general population

56% rise in 10 years

Female students rise in suicide – double in 5 years (19)


Sitting at desk all day = possible brain damage and dementia (20)


Gambling physically alters our brain (21)


Bed late
Struggle to wake up – increased risk of early death
Likely have mental and physical illness
Study of 433,000 people (22)


Globally – 1.5 million cardiovascular disease related deaths each year attributed to excess salt intake study highlights (23)


Happiness – 80 year study (24)


Multi morbidity enormous threat to global health
Professor Stephen Mac Mahon – Chair of the Academy of Medical Science’s
Multimorbidity working group

Adolescents – Type 2 diabetes unheard of 20 years ago

Now they are on lifelong medication (25)

May 2018


World Asthma Day

Indian 20 million with Asthma

1 in 10 globally with Asthma is Indian (26)


Vaping daily linked significantly higher risk of heart attack (27)


Babies dying due to lifestyle of mothers
Poor maternal health during pregnancy (28)


20,000 survey
18 – 22 age group – loneliness prevalent
Stress from loneliness leads to chronic inflammation
Damaged tissue blood vessels
Increased risk – heart disease arthritis diabetes (29)


Codeine cough syrup addiction in Nigeria
Addicts chained up to stop harming self and others (30)

Codeine is same chemical family as heroin


Ground breaking news today

Islamabad     Earthquake (31)


California – 5 earthquakes (32)

Hawaii volcano erupts

Fissures have opened up in the middle of the subdivision miles away from the Volcan Kilauea summit (33)


21,000 women every year develop gynaecological cancer

1/5th unable to speak to GP
Research hugely underfunded (34)


Children inhaling second-hand smoke as more parents smoking cannabis

46% exposed to both tobacco and pot smoke (35)

More children thinking or attempting suicide
Anxiety increasing in young adults

Climbing rates depression loneliness
Prevalence of social media (36)

Hawaii Kilauea erupts

Volcano erupts on the Big Island

Business as usual on Big Island (37)


Almost every mental illness associated with poor sleep

Daytime we build up toxic proteins in brain

Sleep – fluid washes away these proteins (38)


Physicians highest rate of suicide of any profession (39)


Whale dies because of plastic waste (40)


Obesity linked to 12 types of cancer (41)


Children fruit juice for breakfast = 50% likely overweight

Drinking water = 40% obesity risk fall (42)


Teachers in primary schools
Million hours lost teaching kids how to use toilet

£11 million funding wasted on basic training that parents should have provided prior to school (43)

June 2018


Biggest seller cocaine on dark web
2nd largest seller of on-line –
Cannabis ecstasy opioids globally

Dark web crypto currencies enable online markets (44)

Syphilis – highest since 1949

148% increase since 2008 – Public Health England

44,676 gonorrhoea diagnosis since 2017
Dating apps to blame for rise
America also blames social media (45)


Sleep – worldwide public health problem
1 in 3 adults affected – new study (46)


Broccoli Coffee

Average person is not eating daily intake of vegetables (47)


Guatemala Volcano
4,000 in shelters
110 people dead
200 missing (48)


Loneliness more common today than ever before

3 times more likely anxiety depression

Double the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease
New research (49)


Video games social media effect on children’s brains as drugs and alcohol addicts – MRI scans reveals

9 year old admitted to rehab after addiction to video game (50)


Increase in use men using steroids for perfect body
Time bomb for the NHS

Anabolic steroids – illegal class c drug to sell/manufacture
But personal use is legal (51)


Quebec Canada
Recycling crisis (52)


Gaming Disorder – qualifies as official mental health
World Health Organization

Similar to gambling
Experts warn tearing families apart (53)


Australia – ground breaking news
Earthquake hits remote western region (54)


Greece earthquake (55)


NHS has funded first internet addiction centre
Starting with Gaming Disorder

Gaming Disorder has now been added to the International Classification of Diseases – 11th edition (56)

Half British elite sports people have tooth decay

77% gum disease
32% affect performance
34% eating
15% sleep
17% confidence

Some are vomiting before every race (57)

Mortuaries – extra large fridges on the rise

Manufacturer forced to introduce new “bariatric” trolley
Capable of withstanding 65 stone load

Heavy dead bodies taking toll on staff (58)

July 2018


Afghanistan – million suffer depressive disorders – World Health Organization

Female suicide prevalent

80% suicide attempts are women
87% are victims of violence

Real figures unknown as many do not report (59)


Tobacco kills 200 people every day
27% smoke daily (60)


Binge drinking – one night can ruin sleep for the rest of our life
New study

Findings shed light how sleep problems lead to alcoholism (61)


Revenge porn – new guidelines for sentencing from 1 October
“Victim says “I felt like I had been raped” (62)

Obesity epidemic could fuel loneliness

First study shows causal link between loneliness and obesity (63)


Sex addiction recognised as mental health condition by World Health Organization (64)


Mozambique – heroin 2nd biggest export $600-800 million
Trade boosted by encryption message apps

Drivers given piles of money to pay bribes at checkpoints (65)


Millennials are living more dangerous
Creating new generations addicted smokers and e-cigarette users

“Young adults starting to act like adolescents” lead author study (66)

USA – 25% increase in suicide rates

More than half diagnosed with a mental health condition

“These findings are disturbing” Dr. Anne Schuchat (67)


400,000 children under 19s – mental health problems

Rise anxiety depression eating disorders

Underestimate true scale – Young Minds (68)

150,000 teenagers – spending 8 hours online

Age 3 to 4 – three hours a day at weekends (69)


Saudi Arabia bans popular video games after children’s deaths (70)


Mental health education to be made compulsory in schools

Children will learn healthy lifestyle habits (71)

Women Period Poverty likely suffer anxiety and depression

1.25 billion women – no access to a toilet during periods (72)


8,000 patients – new study

Cardiac arrest patients treated with adrenaline significantly likely to have severe brain damage and be disabled

Adrenaline only slightly increases chances of survival (73)


Greece wildfires
Devastating news (74)


Online pharmacies supplying powerful opioid painkillers to people with addiction (75)

Class A drugs cocaine ecstasy use levels not seen in 10 years

875,000 people used cocaine particularly young adults
550,000 ecstasy or mdma – increase number of deaths (76)

August 2018


Suicide teenager top athlete
History mental health issues + pressure elite performance (77)


Women – lung cancer deaths to increase worldwide

New study from World Health Organization mortality database from 52 countries (78)


Toxic rows between surgeons at hospital cardiac unit contributed to higher mortality rate

Team was consumed by a dark force (79) 


Earthquake Indonesia  

Death toll rises to 347 (80)


Populas state of New South Wales entirely in drought
Half Queensland also in drought

Depressing for farmers now

Suicide rates – 40% higher in rural regions – SANE Australia (81)


Shopping addiction needs to be recognised as mental illness

Compulsive buying rise in America Europe

Increase urge to spend to deal with negative emotions

Making a purchase to ease anxiety (82)


Gangsters use vulnerable people with history of drug addiction poverty alcoholism and mental health issues to have limbs broken then fake car accident

Insurance scam (83)


Women addicted to opioids during pregnancy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

333% increase from 1999 – 2014

Data available based on only 30 states in USA
Report is one group within many caught in opioid epidemic (84)

Work emails non-work time detrimental to health wellbeing

Expectations increases strain for employees and families
New study (85)

E-cigarettes addicting the masses

Technology was purported help adults quit smoking
Instead feeding nicotine addiction frenzy among youth

Rapid than any consumer product in recent history

Sales up 900% (86)


Jakarta Indonesia – city sinking fast

Poor coastal communities
Substantial wealthy population

Sea wall with 17 artificial islands to rescue sinking city
$40 billion cost (87)


Sweden Youth
80 cars set on fire in night

Police say often happens week before school start (88)


Monkey Dust – synthetic drug rising in popularity

950 calls police related to drug in 3 months
Drug dealers selling for £2 bag (89)

Self harm – girls admitted to hospital nearly double
Social media significant part to play (90)

Rise in Type 2 Diabetes – young people
75% obese NHS England (91)

Cocaine deaths rise for 6th year running

Cause – heart attacks strokes heart failure
Risk increase when used with alcohol and other drugs (92)


Alcohol – no safe level of consumption

Point re-inforced by major global study

Largest collected evidence based to date
195 countries
26 years
Alcohol is scientific proven poison (93)


British women amongst heaviest drinkers in the world

Research involved 592 studies
28 million participants
3 million deaths globally linked to alcohol

Study confirms – there is no safe level alcohol consumption (94)


Sleep deprivation or excessive hours in bed
Both affect our heart health

One million adults data used
More research is now needed (95)


100,000 children aged 14 – self-harming

1 in 4 girls deliberately hurt themselves

Started doing it as it ‘felt good’

Root – coping mechanism like having glass of wine or smoking cigarettes (96)

Construction workers 3 times more likely to suicide

Long hours
Panic attacks
Male environment
Lonely (97)

September 2018


Hoarding disorder recognised mental health condition (98)


Scroll Free September

As important as smoking and alcohol campaigns – Royal Society for Public Health (99)


ADHD more common in children over past 20 years

Diagnostic criteria now changed

New study –
186,000 children
4 – 17 age group

Recent evidence suggests link with digital media (100)


Nauru mental health absolute crisis
Refugee children have given up on life

Self harm

Suicidal behaviour age 8 – 10 (101)


Surgery waiting lists at 10 year high NHS

4.3 million patients waiting

Cancer targets have been missed
A&E departments – 2nd busiest month on record (102)

Female doctors

4 times more likely suicide than other professions

Risk factors include stigma associated with medics receiving professional help
Male centric leadership with NHS (103)

11,000 children survey

22% girls age 14 – self harm

School pressure
Emotional abuse
Body image issues

Relationship problems family and friends (104)


2,000 employees – European survey
23 days of meetings a year

60% admit making excuses avoid meetings

56% claim meetings unproductive
30% switch off during meetings

25% witnessed someone falling asleep (105)

471,495 adults – new study
10 European countries

Eating junk food increases risk of heart disease and cancer (106)


New Federal data – rise in young people dying because of

Suicide (107)


Global e-sports revenues to grow to billion dollar industry (108)


More teenagers vaping marijuana

2.1 million students reported using cannabis in vaping devices
According to research (109)


World Health Organization warning

Alcohol – root cause of 1 in 20 deaths worldwide
3 million die each year

Deaths result from suicide fights traffic accidents (110)


FDA considering banning online e-cigarette sales

Youth use e-cigarettes “epidemic” – historic crackdown
Addicting entire new generation to nicotine as vaping rise with teens
Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner (111)

October 2018


Indonesia earthquake Indonesia tsunami
Warnings system failed

21 tsunami buoys donated a decade ago – none working
Replacement system delayed due to lack of funds (112)


Stop smoking in October (113)


12,000 people | 30 year study

Half of women will suffer Dementia | Parkinsons | Stroke

Findings – importance of healthy lifestyle choices (114)


Earthquake Haiti – northwest region of island (115)


Children sleep disorders – sharp rise in hospital admissions

Children need a consistent routine from early on
Dr. Michael Farquhar – consultant in sleep medicine (116)


World Mental Health Day

50% of all mental illness begins by age 14
Suicide – 2nd leading cause death age 15 – 29
World Health Organization (117)

World Obesity Day

2.8 million dying each year – obese | overweight

1.9 billion adults overweight

41 million pre-school children overweight

340 million age 5 – 19 obese | overweight (118)

World Sight Day
Theme – total eye care everywhere

1 billion people with near vision impairment

75% of all blindness & MSVI is avoidable (119)


Raynaud’s Awareness Month USA

90% sufferers do not seek treatment
20% adults worldwide affected

156 years – little known about condition | cause | cure (120)


Growing epidemic of image performance enhancing drug use

Buff teenagers/men | image conscious lifestyle | gym | high protein diets | using ipeds

Advanced cardiovascular disease | high blood pressure (121)


Science – why difficult to quit smoking – American Heart Association

1988 – Surgeon General report

Nicotine is addictive as cocaine or heroin

1.1 billion people smoke worldwide (122)

800 dietary supplements containing unapproved drugs

97% not declared on labels – US Food and Drug Administration

50% adults use dietary supplements

$35 billion dollar industry (123)


25% rise children referred mental health services

55,800 children denied access to mental health due to cuts

Some conditions deemed not serious yet children who self harmed | experienced abuse among those denied (124)

Ministry of defence | study science rates among veterans

40 service men women taken their lives | 2018

Armed forces personnel & veterans seeking mental health doubled in past decade (125)

40% new qualified teachers experience mental health issue

75% all teachers behavioural | psychological | physical symptoms due to work

1 in 4 depression | anxiety

Wellbeing training to be made statutory (126)


41 million people trapped in slavery worldwide

71% female
Labour | sexual exploitation most common

UK inconsistent
Government 13,000 victims | data 136,000 (127)


Rise in young people committing suicide

Likely many more unreported – fear stigma | being judged

Rise in cutters among youth – used to relieve stress (128)


University student died | cardiac arrest | brain injury | excess alcohol | initiation style bar crawl | triple vodkas

Coroner said students should be formally trained of the risks (129)


Alcohol hijacks brain processes that allow us to remember things for a long time
Professor Peter Giese, Kings College, London

Alcoholics liable for relapse after decades of abstinence

Single drink can affect memory formation (130)

$1.7 trillion cost to the economy – America Obesity Crisis

Linked to
73% kidney disease
64% type 2 diabetes (131)

November 2018


Rise in number of babies | pre-school children admitted to hospital

For sleep disorders

Insomnia nightmare sleep walking

87% under 16s sleep apnoea hospital admissions (132)


Substances in tattoo inks pose cancer risk

4,000 chemicals currently in use
Dyes used remain in body permanently

1 in 4 age 18 – 35 have tattoo (133)


Marijuana detected in breast milk 6 days after smoking pot |

Eating edible – study Journal Pediatrics

Possible that low levels in breast milk may affect child’s neurodevelopment (134)


International Stress Awareness Day

Theme for 2018 – Does Hi-Tech Cause Hi-Stress

Social media | TV | Internet | Video gaming | Smart phones (135)


25% youth texted about suicidal thoughts – pilot study

Mental health support | free bilingual texting service | trained crisis volunteers across country (136)


Early risers – risk of breast cancer reduced by 48%

New study | data 400,000 women | link between disease | sleep (137)

Biggest trial ever – 26,000 people | supplements “waste of time”

Do nothing to reduce cancer | stroke | heart attacks (138)


Anti-depressants – severe withdrawal symptoms
Nausea | insomnia | headaches | dizziness | tiredness

Existing guidance that symptoms minimal leads to harmful long term prescribing (139)


Self-Care Week 2018

Personal responsibility for our own health care | Wellbeing
Health Minister, Steve Brine MP (140)


Krokodil cheap substitute for heroin
Skin scaly | rotten from chemicals like paint thinner
Phosphorus matches

Person becomes zombie with body rotting
Drug killed thousands of addicts in Russia | Europe (141)

Child gambling epidemic

450,000 children bet regularly

55,000 problem gamblers
70,000 ‘at risk’

Million exposed through ‘loot boxes’ in computer games | apps
TV adverts (142)


Ireland – 2nd highest cancer rate EU

Obesity | unhealthy lifestyles | ageing population

Ireland | Finland | France | Netherlands
Highest rates of mental health disorders (143)


406 million worldwide have Type 2 Diabetes

Over half from China | India | U.S.

20% rise in insulin use expected by 2030
40 million people will not have access to insulin – study found (144)


Royal Navy warship seized 3 tonnes cannabis | hash highway
Sale would have funded terrorism

Significant drug bust in Gulf this year (145)


Rise in men reporting domestic abuse Office for National Statistics
More men finding courage go to police

23% increase in recorded domestic abuse both sexes

3,600 beds for women in safe houses
20 for men (146)

Boys eating disorders | total seeking help record high

Growing pressure from social media

Bigorexia common – obsessive muscle definition | body shape (147)

December 2018


8,700% rise google searches for sickness in 3 years

Absenteeism at work | £77 billion cost to UK economy

£1,400 average health insurance premium

1 million people a week struggle to see GP (148)


Alaska earthquake 7.0 magnitude
Aftershock – 2nd biggest 5.2

230 more earthquakes since Friday (149)


Baby boomers | age 45+

85% increase mental health hospital admissions

32% rise for poisoning | result of drug use | age 45+

45% rise alcohol deaths | age 50+ (150)


Childhood | sore throats | fevers | infections
Increase risk of mental disorder

1 million children – new study

Close link between immune system and mental disorders (151)


Relative energy deficiency in sport – Red-S

Athletes Starve | Restrict Diet | Belief constant weight loss will improve performance | Body functions start shut down (152)


Mexico | 200,000 killed since 2006 | country mass graves
Professor Carr, La Trobe University

Escalating violence | ongoing drug wars | 38,000 killed | 2017

Not enough space to bury all the bodies

30,000 official missing (153)


Worldwide | cancer rapidly growing | 18 million new cases

Research study | 185 countries | 10 million deaths | 2018 (154)


Farming communities | mental health

Factors contributing to farmers suicide
Financial pressures (155)


Opioids – new study

Majority will experience no meaningful benefit (156)

Surgeon General declares e-cigarette use among youth an epidemic in the United States

No amount of nicotine is safe for our kids

Historic increase outpaces youth use of any other substance

3.6 million children used e-cigarettes in 2018 (157)


Russia major earthquake | 7.4 magnitude (158)


Veterinarians high rate suicide

82% men accounted for suicides

Female vets 3.5 times likely suicide than general populations
Analysis | research | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (159)


Indonesia tsunami at night | 220 killed | 843 injured (160)


Risk heart attack highest 10pm Christmas Eve

Peak emotional stress | excess alcohol | caffeine | fat-rich foods (161)


1st time | shoppers spend £1 billion | Christmas Day 2018

£895 million | 2017

25% adults will shop websites

Peak spending 11am after gift vouchers opened
5pm before evening TV (162)


Mount Etna eruption followed by earthquake | 4.8 magnitude

Officials say quake one of about 1,000 tremors (163)


Smart toys spying on children

Parents warned to stop buying at Christmas

60% popular toys shared data with third parties (164)


Opioids epidemic continues to worsen and evolve

70,237 drug overdose deaths | 2017
67.8% opioids involved (165)


NHS crisis hospitals fight toughest winter crisis

30% rise A&E since 2017

Bringing GPs in | daycare for staff’s children | open old wards (166)



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Comments 4

  1. What a snap shot of our time.

    The news in recent weeks has been full of round ups of the year just passed. The focus has been on the big events, like royal weddings and Brexit and the US president and natural disasters.

    I have read nothing as raw and detailed as this blog.

    Could we see this as a stock-take on the human race? An insight into the human condition.

    I am wondering what would happen if this was printed on the front page of today’s newspapers around the world.

    Would we pause for thought?

    Would we say ‘oh, wow’.

    Would we start to see the forest for the trees?

  2. When I was told to use Twitter many years ago, I could not get going as I could see no point. It all felt purpose-less and boring to me.

    However, as someone who has been choosing to research every day and see what is going on in the world, I realised I had way too much news links and daily comments was simply not enough as a way to bring all these news stories to awareness for the world.

    Bingo, this is when I suddenly wanted to go on Twitter with no idea how the whole thing worked. Listening to social media buffs and others was just not needed anymore.

    I knew from day dot I was not interested in following others.
    The job was to get out global news stories and just keep going daily with my usual commitment and consistency.
    Even though the links were stacking up, one a day was at least making some difference.

    I then upped this to 2 a day and that has been the case for some time.
    Yes it would be great to do 5 a day because the content is there but in truth, I am not ready – WHY?
    The detail and precision to how I work is super important.
    That means the whole story is read and raw real facts extracted and put into bullet points. Then reference it to any appropriate blogs on this website.

    What this is doing is presenting another way.

    Example – a global news story about 195 countries, biggest research study ever about Alcohol telling us no amount is safe. I would then link that on Twitter to our “The Real Truth about Alcohol” blog

    Soon after I started Twitter in late August 2017, I felt I needed more characters to say what was needed. Bingo, this increase in characters was announced by Twitter and since that day I have used every single character, bringing each tweet to zero characters. I used to have fun doing this and now its just the norm for me.

    Then over time, I started finding images and learned how to take a screenshot and use for that particular news story. This was because sometimes the photo in the news link did not tell us what we were going to read. I make it very obvious with my screenshots so the image is like the title.

    There is no interest in me whatsoever who chooses to follow me or not. I am not hooked into where this all ends up. All I know is that this is different to anything I have yet seen out there – by that I mean a daily constant, a consistency that holds a quality that cannot be dismissed or negated.

    The tweets are neutral, just saying it as it is and not taking sides or reacting to what the news is about.

    With well over 1000 tweets on this twitter account, it made sense to publish a snapshot from 2018 tweets, which is how this blog got started. 166 news link references so that confirms a very small snapshot of what is going on right now in our world.

    All I know is even one tweet a day in this style of how I post will make a difference and I doubt anything will stop me, as it’s as normal as getting up and brushing my teeth.

    If no one ever reads this blog or this comment, that is ok.
    What I know beyond any doubt is scholars of the future will study this website, the author and all those who comment.

    They will know that there were those in the early 21st century living another way.

  3. The Week – Issue 1208
    29 December 2018

    What the Scientists said in 2018

    One cigarette a day is one too many. Smokers who cut that far back may think their habit is harmless, but according to a new study published in February, they still have 50% raised risk of cardiovascular disease (roughly half that of a 20 a day smoker). “No safe level of smoking exists for cardiovascular disease” warned the report in the BMI.

    What a wake up call for those of us who think that we are getting away with it.

    Is the message clear – not only is there no safe level of alcohol use but there is also no safe level of smoking cigarettes?

    There is no safe level of taking any poison into our human bodies, no matter how miniscule it might be.

    How many more research studies and reports will we need to have before we accept this as the truth?

  4. The Week – Issue 1208
    29 December 2018, p.19

    In the last issue of the year, The Week round up some of the startling statistics from 2018

    Here are a few –

    61% of 16 – 25 year olds say they regularly feel stressed.
    The average happiness of this group is at its lowest since 2009 (Prince’s Trust/Telegraph)

    and our main worries were –

    Not having enough money

    37% of people said they felt their household finances were bound to get worse over the course of the year (YouGov/Times)

    54% of the young say they are worried about their finances (Prince’s Trust/Telegraph)

    31% of British people – and 50% of those aged 18 to 24 – believe they won’t be able to clear their debts during their lifetime (Equifax/Independent)

    32% of Britain’s workers have less than £500 in savings, a further 9% less than £1,000 (Populus Guardian)

    If we just read the stats and facts in this post by Simple Living Global on 2018 News and add the statistics above to the equation, things are not going well for the human race.

    Have we started to ask why things are the way they are?

    Is there more for us to see and understand as to why many of us are struggling with life?

    Have we looked at why life has become so mundane for many with problems commonplace?

    Have we considered the possibility that there is another way?

    The blogs and articles on this website from Simple Living Global are a presentation to us all that there is another way to live.

    The question is – are we ready?

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