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The following is a snapshot from our forthcoming book –

A simple guide for all aspects of Laundry and the basic 101 steps for our everyday Laundry.

We live in a modern day world with everyday basic living tasks that require our attention.

The demand to get our laundry done for us has become a reality for those whose lifestyle choices mean there is no time or space for anything that is classed as menial, boring or un-necessary. We may label ourselves as highly stressed, in a demanding job or just in need of support as we are constantly tired, drained, exhausted or overwhelmed.

How many of us would welcome or even value reading about WHY our laundry is a 101 basic task to support everyday living?

WHY have we become a ‘throwaway’ society where we don’t give a hoot what the fabric is or how it will wash, as long as we can wear it for the ‘occasion’ and discard it thereafter?

WHY is our laundry not receiving the utmost care and attention, but instead left for others to do or another day that never seems to come?

WHY do we think we are so important and above what we call a mundane task, which is our everyday laundry?


How many of us subscribe to this ‘wear it once and don’t care where it ends up after that’?

How many of us have never ever been shown properly how to carry out the laundry task with attention to detail?

How many of us would welcome the opportunity to receive a presentation that is super simple and easy to follow?

How many of us want nice fancy clothes but never read the washing instructions and get pissed off when it gets ruined, as we stuck it in the washer without checking the temperature?

How many of us find the whole laundry thing an absolute chore and with kids and the sports extra washing, we would like a day off from laundry duties?

How many of us still rely on good old mum or the aunty that willingly does our laundry, even though we are in our 40s or 50s?

How many of us go to the community launderette and pay high costs that are not in our budget, but we do it because we don’t want to deal with our laundry?

How many of us have added up the cost of the ironing facility or other laundry services that we use?

How many of us hate the sight of having laundry hanging around to dry or iron in our home?

How many of us like to dress up and look smart for others, but at home we leave a big mess of unwashed clothing and a pile of ironing that never seems to get done?

How many of us avoid doing our laundry until we have literally nothing to wear the next day and are forced to address it?

How many of us do not commit to washing our bedding regularly as it takes up way too much time and we can’t be bothered?

How many of us skip the laundry we planned to do at the weekend for yet another one of our usual distractions?

How many of us are never prepared for laundry tasks as it never makes it on our priority list?

How many of us would never even consider attending to our laundry in a different way that would support us in daily living?

The Simple Living approach to Laundry is easy and there is more that we can all do, even if we class ourselves as experts in the field.

The author of this website has mastered Laundry and supported many in washing and ironing/pressing.

A note from the author

I started doing laundry back in the days where washing machines were not in every household. A large plastic bowl, sink or the bath tub was what was available and nothing was ever seen as boring or a chore.

Hand washing continued with the support of a spin dryer and then a top loading washing machine that agitated clothes.

Valuable tips were passed on from those that ran households in the 1950s and 1960s and they still work today. Good old fashion common sense is what is required and having a sensible approach.

Having taken deep care for all my clothes over the past 50 years, I have a sense of what fabrics require when it comes to laundry and how to maximise the longevity of each garment. Nothing is seen as more or less and all things receive the utmost love and care they deserve.

We have become a very non-caring and waste-full modern world when it comes to our clothes washing and lost the joy of what it is to Love your Laundry.

The book to be released in 2024 will be the full guide to all things Laundry – written by a Master in the field of basic everyday laundry.

Bina Pattel





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