Dear World

End of another year and another decade.

Check out these news stories which gives us a snapshot, of what has been going on in our world this year.




EU Nationals – Suicidal and Depressed because No Deal Brexit Likely

Heavy climate of uncertainty and insecurity – sense of isolation
Leading to severe deterioration in mental health (1)



Cocaine & Marijuana – Widespread Use England Footballers

Football Association does not take drug testing seriously (2)



Educators and Students face Stress as result of dysfunctional education system

52.2% Teachers showing symptoms of depression

Suicide rates amongst students risen over the years (3)



School Children age 7 – 16 years sleep lessons after rise in disorders

Hidden public health disaster of sleeplessness among young people

Obesity and excessive use of Social Media before bedtime increase sleep problems (4)



Losing Money – Increase risk of Heart Disease including Young People
Common source of Anxiety 

4,000 people age 23 to 35
New Study over 15 years

Strong link between stress and adverse effects on the heart

Early death even in young people (5)


Lack of sleep – strong association with coronary heart disease – New Study

Poor sleep link to build up dangerous plaques throughout body

Chronic lack of sleep link to Anxiety Depression (6)



New Study

Overworked GPs prescribing opioid painkillers as too busy to help patients manage pain

Government announced multi-million project to tackle over-prescribing

£2.4 million awarded university to investigate ways to curb long-term use of opioids (7)



Hookah Smoking trendy – another form of Tobacco use

New epidemic brewing – among young adults
One of the main tobacco products used by young Americans

2.6 million smoked Hookah in 2017

Hookah tobacco sold with candy flavours – appeal to Youth (8)



Smoking Cannabis just once, changes found in Teenagers’ Brain
Most frequently used drug in Europe

This alteration to structure of brain could have serious implications (9)



Schools to teach pupils about reducing sugar intake

Government offering teaching resources core subjects

10 year olds consuming 52g sugar a day (10)


Pharmacists struggling to obtain common medicines – Painkillers Antidepressants

£37 million – extra cost paid by pharmacists then reimbursed by NHS (11)



FDA warning – E-cigarettes could be banned

“If youth e-cigarette use continues to rise and we see a significant increase in 2019, the entire category will face an existential threat.”
Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner (12)



War veterans with PTSD wait 4 years before seeking help

30% suffering mental health impact of war sought no help (13)


National freephone helpline for stressed out families

Aimed at people struggling with money worries, family rows, new parenthood and relationship difficulties.

Pilot showed people wanted practical advice and emotional support

Charity produced video launching idea of “family monsters” which shows teenage son emptying half-bottle spirit down the sink while parent sleeps off the effects on sofa. (14)


Liver transplants for Adults drinking just 3 or 4 pints after work (15)



Alcohol Related Disease – Number 1 Reason for Liver Transplants
New research 22 January 2019 (16)


Cost insulin has doubled in 5 years
Increase costs led some patients to put own health at risk

Cost prescription drugs USA – highest in the world (17)


Public health crisis of poor sleep deserves as much attention as obesity epidemic
Brain researchers warn

Lack of sleep link to poor memory, depression and increased risk of Alzheimer’s

World’s largest sleep study shows too much sleep can be bad for brain as too little (18)



Experts warning dangers of sleep deficit

Chronic shortage of rest – wreaking havoc on brain body

Japan staying up late – Adults and Children same tendency

24/7 lifestyle puts us at risk – obesity, cancer, dementia, short lifespan
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (19)



Fried chicken one portion daily, increase risk early death

Linked to Diabetes Obesity and Heart Disease (20)



New Study
40% more stressed – Mothers working full-time

Chronic Stress higher in women with 2 children

Work and Family conflict – psychological strain  
High Stress levels and Low levels of Well-being (21)



75% rise in vaping among Teens since 2017

Increase use e-cigarettes among youth threatens 5 decades of public health gains
American Academy of Pediatrics

3.6 million youth affected by epidemic – gateway to traditional cigarette use
Dr. Tara Narula (22)


Depression and Anxiety dangerous as Obesity and Smoking – New Study

Depression and Anxiety strongly linked to predicted Heart condition, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Stroke, Arthritis. (23)



Generation of Internet Addicts – new Ofcom Study

70% Children take their phone to bed

8 -12 age group use Social Media despite under 13 ban

Under 5s screen time – 4 hours on gaming TV (24)



Earthquake – magnitude 5.7 (25)



Common Cold medications increase Blood Pressure and affect Heart
American Heart Association

Cold or flu strains affect cardiovascular system
Fighting illness raises heart rate – causes inflammation (26)


Negative experiences on Social Media – link Loneliness

Positive interactions not making youth feel more connected

More use Social Media associated increased feelings Loneliness (27)


Loneliness is common – New Study

People deemed wiser were less lonely

Loneliness poses greater intractable public health crisis than Tobacco use or Obesity
Former U.S Surgeon General Vivek Murthy (28)


Sleep loss causes pain – New study University of California

Brain that is sleep deprived can intensify and prolong agony of sickness injury (29)  




1 February 2019 – National Wear Red Day

10 million affected Scleroderma and Raynaud’s

After 156 years – there is still no cure (30)



1 February 2019 – National Wear Red Day 
American Heart Association

Attention on problem Heart Disease in women (31)



Fizz Free February

70% rise in Teenage Diabetes – Adds to Obesity crisis

Sugar fizzy drinks popular with children – good as poisoning them
Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of Labour Party, Shadow Culture Secretary (32)


Safer Internet Day 2019
5 February 2019

52% young people shared photo video online without asking permission
44% received screenshot of a private conversation (33)


Youth Unhappiness Double in 10 years

18% young people think life is not worth living  

Pressure of Social Media – 60% compare their life to others (34)



 4th largest nation by population – 270 million people

16 million adults are estimated with Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes epidemic – half remain undiagnosed, especially among young people

Compounding problem – prevalence of sugary snacks and lack of dietary diversity
Sugar is less expensive than in the years past

20% rise in insulin consumption over the next decade – recent study (35)



6 February 2019 – International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM
Female Genital Mutilation (36)



High Blood Pressure in Young Adults – top risk factor stroke
New Study American Heart Association (37)


Obesity related Cancers rising among millennials
Colorectal, endometrial, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas and multiple myeloma

USA are in the midst of an Obesity epidemic

$149 billion annual cost in directly related health care spending
$66 billion annual cost in lowered economic productivity (38)



Chemicals in e-cigarette flavours seriously damage lung cells

E-cigarette users are heating and inhaling chemicals that were never tested for inhalation safety – study author said (39)



1 in 7 Children and Teenagers have mental health problems
50% go without treatment

46.6 million children age 6 – 18 data analysed

7.7 million – one or more mental health condition – Depression Anxiety ADHD (40)



44,000 Adults – Study over 7 years
Processed food linked to early death

Packaged foods, Ready meals, Cakes
High Salt and Sugar and Saturated Fats

Junk Food diet bad for health (41)



No smoking is safe – New Study

Cigarettes Vaping and Heated Tobacco – All cause serious lung damage (42)


40% risk of Depression as Adults for teenagers Smoking Cannabis
3 times the Risk of Suicide

Landmark Study 
23,000 people – 11 major studies examined

Big public health and mental health problem
Professor Andrea Cipriani – University of Oxford (43)



Hong Kong officials near total ban on e-cigarettes

Bill covers anyone who –
Imports, makes, sells, distributes or promotes alternative smoking products

New law – still legal to use (44)



2 or more Diet Drinks – link High Risk Stroke and Heart Attack
New 11 year study – 81,000 women

Artificially sweetened beverages are harmfull

See video link – Dr. Sanjay Gupta – Neurosurgeon (45)



1.8 million complaints about Waste not collected from homes
4,500 Waste complaints daily to local councils

Cuts to budgets have stretched local services (46)



Sunbed dangerous as smoking – World Health Organization

100,000 diagnosed with skin cancer every year in UK

20% higher risk melanoma using sunbed once in any stage of life (47)



Hospital admissions for Eating Disorders rise to highest in 8 years

Growing crisis of young people experiencing anorexia and bulimia

Problems experienced – exam and societal pressure exacerbated by Social Media (48)



Screen time more than doubled for children under age 2
New study (49)


Heart attacks rising among young women – New Study

85% of all Cardiovascular disease-related deaths due to Heart Attacks and Strokes worldwide
World Health Organization (50)



Students doing homework using mobile app ban to preserve eye sight

80% high school students have myopia

Soaring rates of near sightedness blamed on screen time (51)



Diabetes despite medical advances remains dangerous
American Heart Association

960,000 people data researched – New Study (52)


Depression and Anxiety seen as major problems among teenagers – New Study

90% Teenagers cited bullying as an issue for their age group

Senior medical advisors recommend ban phones at dinner table and at night (53)


Screen time – delay in child development
Affecting – Language, communication, motor skills and problem solving

Children age 2 – 3 excess time TV laptop smartphone (54)



Asthma death rates higher at age 10 – 24 – New Study

Obesity age 15 – 19 highest rates among European nations

1 in 5 young people long standing health condition like Diabetes (55)


1 in 3 forget to brush Teeth – low on priority

80% suffer Oral Health problems

43% do not know how to maintain healthy mouth (56)


1 in 3 affected by PTSD by age 18
Third experienced trauma childhood (57)


1 in 10 over age 40 has Diabetes amid doubling in numbers with condition

4.7 million total and 1 million more people are undiagnosed

12.3 million are currently at risk of developing the condition

90% Type 2 Diabetes is driven by Obesity

Fattest nation in Western Europe – rates obesity rising faster that USA (58)


NHS staff well-being – alarming downturn

39.8% staff sick from work related stress – highest in 5 years

Survey based on 497,000 employees provides most in-depth insight (59)



Rise in Methamphetamine use linked to record high Syphilis
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Meth abuse associated with multiple sex partners  
Inconsistent condom use – sex for drugs or money (60)



60,000 Depression cases could be caused by teenage marijuana use

Research study published American Medical Association (61)


TV time – linked to deteriorating memory  

3,500 adults over age 50 – New Study over 6 years (62)

Television in the main is being used to distract, delude, amuse and insulate us.
Edward Morrow – 1958



Using weekends to recover lost sleep linked to weight gain

Sleep deprivation leads to over eating (63)



Dangers of female genital mutilation, forced marriage, grooming and domestic abuse
to be taught in secondary schools from 2020

137,000 women and girls affected by FGM (64)


Teenagers more depressed, self harm, sleeping less
New study suggests (65)



70% adults unaware Obesity is a clinical disease

44% did not know it can lead to Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer (66)



70% American teenagers say mental health is a big issue among their age

Depression and Anxiety are major issues (67)



US alcohol, drugs and suicide deaths hit highest level since records began
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (68)



95% rape cases are family, friends and neighbours

90% rape cases unreported

Rise in rape with underage girls linked to rise in men watching porn

Violence against women major issue

Woman killed every hour for not providing dowry (69)



67% pregnant women age 16 – 24 have mental health problems

Shockingly high prevalence of mental disorders
Including anxiety, depression and PTSD (70)



Growing evidence hookah smoking affects heart rate and blood pressure
American Heart Association

Use of hookah and shisha pipes to smoke tobacco is on the rise in youth (71)


10 – 16 March 2019 – World Glaucoma Week

3rd Leading Cause of Blindness – International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB)
Many not diagnosed until they become blind

80 million will be living with a form of Glaucoma by 2020 (72)



20 million births analysed by researchers

Findings –
smoking 1 cigarette a day in pregnancy doubled chance of sudden unexpected death in infants

Nicotine in vaping devices – same message (73)



Struggling to deal with Obesity problem

70% think it is not a disease

50% considered obese and overweight age 15 – 84

Guidelines salt sugar consumption – Government strategy (74)



Bedroom TV for 4 year olds – New Study

Develop higher body mass index, lower levels sociability, higher levels emotional distress depressive symptoms and physical aggression (75)



Toxins higher in hookah than cigarette smoke  
American Heart Association

55% hookah smokers are aged 18 – 24

American Heart Association strongly recommends avoiding use of Tobacco in any form (76)


Children with no regular bedtimes more behaviour difficulties

10,000 children study 2013 resurfaced

Regular bedtime routine “statistically significant” increase in behaviour regardless of age (77)



Canada | Ontario classrooms to ban cell phones

Students need to be able to focus on their learning – not their cell phones
Education Minister – Lisa Thompson MPP (78)



Kelly Caitlin Suicide age 23 – Elite level cyclist

January first attempted Suicide after 2 serious crashes

Caitlin was open how difficult it was to balance elite level with post graduate study (79)



73 cities in 20 European countries with 46 million population – 2018
Study finds drug in sewage wastewater

Analysis conclusion
Methamphetamine and Cocaine use sharp rise at weekends in most cities (80)



FDA guidelines released for flavoured e-cigarettes

Proposal seeks to prevent minors from buying bubble gum and cotton candy flavour products in convenience stores and online

E-cigarettes most commonly used form of tobacco among youth (81)


Americans going Bankrupt from getting Sick

Medical debit is a uniquely American phenomenon
60% of personal-bankruptcy filings – Doctors’ bills

2016 study found third cancer patients gone into debt from medical expenses (82)



Concussions continues to be a major issue for rugby players

Captain saying normal and funny to laugh openly at a player suffering effects of a head knock (83)



Study 40,000 households 2016 – 2017

29% children living with a parent suffering from emotional distress

This can lead to anxiety and depression – Public Health England (84)


Smoking potent cannabis increases risk serious mental illness

Daily use of cannabis makes psychosis more likely

94% of the drug sold in London is skunk-like cannabis (85)



Crime gangs making millions off fake olive oil
New tech could prevent food and drug fraud

Research paves the way for law enforcement agencies to discern real and counterfeit goods (86)



22 March 2019 – World Water Day

Leaving No One Behind
2019 Theme (87)



1 in 5 children Obese or Overweight – New Study

Booming economy – easier for children to eat junk foods
Spare time in front of computers or TV (88)



Nap reduces blood pressure study suggests (89)



Teenagers screen time linked to Loneliness and Depression

95% teens now have smartphones
8 – 10 hours a day spent on social media (90)



Dead rats used for smuggling contraband in prisons
Mobile phones, cannabis, spice

Synthetic drug Spice – most severe public health issue (91)


Study published by Home Office and Public Health England

Crack use up after “aggressive marketing” by drug dealers
Targeted text messages and free samples reasons for rise crack cocaine use

Commonly used by students, clubbers and professionals

Encouraging greater dependency on crack was more lucrative for dealers (92)


70,000 deaths a year linked to sitting down for 6 hours a day
New Study

£900 million cost to NHS says Public Health England

More desk time, sedentary lifestyles leading to increase in major health issues
Heart Disease, Diabetes, Colon and Lung Cancers (93)


50% likely to be Obese – Shoppers who buy discounted foods

16,000 British households shopping habits – New Study

50% of all chocolate, crisps, popcorn and savoury snacks bought on promotion

Promotional items offer tempting and unhealthy food and drink choices

Government proposed 9pm ban on junk food ads to fight childhood obesity

1 in 4 children are Obese or Overweight at the start of primary school (94)


Childhood Anxiety linked to alcohol disorder as adult
New Study (95)



Edible marijuana rise in emergency room visits – Colorado
New study

Risks high – edible marijuana bypass the lungs entirely

Drug in cookies, brownies, gummies, granola, popcorn (96)



70.9 million Antidepressant prescriptions in England – 2018 (97)


3,400 under age 19 hospital admissions mental behavioural disorders due to cannabis 2018

Age 9 severe disorders caused by cannabis

Teenagers say cannabis is more accessible on social media sites (98)



Rise in amputations – condition is preventable

5 million with Type 2 Diabetes by 2035 – NHS
Fuelled by soaring obesity rates

66% adults overweight or obese  
33% children by age 11 (99)



Daily diet bigger killer than smoking

Poor quality diets causing cancer and heart disease

3 million deaths from too much salt in diet (100)



500,000 people 10 years large genetic study

One drink a day increases risk of stroke and high blood pressure

Findings relevant to all populations  
Best evidence yet on direct effects of alcohol (101)



7 April 2019 – World Health Day
World Health Organization (102)



Ban e-cigarettes and new tobacco products
Marketing misleading on packaged smoking cessation methods

76% parents – complete ban will deter teenagers smoking (103)



Stress Awareness Month 2019

Millions experiencing high levels of stress

74% adults so stressed last year – felt unable to cope overwhelmed (104)



57% children today will be obese by age 35

Evidence warning may start younger than age 2



Dietary guidelines – first time pregnant women babies toddlers
First time this type of federal based recommendation (105)



Calcium supplements double risk of death from cancer
New study

Unnecessary consumption of vitamin D can increase risk of death from any cause (106)



Children and Teenagers going ER with suicidal thoughts, attempts double

Rise in social media and increasing rates of Cyberbullying

59% high school students report being bullied online in past year (107)



1.6 million adults new research study

Diagnosed Stress Related Disorder –
Higher risk of suffering Heart Attack or other Cardiovascular problems in next year (108)



New divorce law

Parliament to update 50 year old divorce law shown to exacerbate conflict

No more blame game

Evidence shows parental conflict is damaging to children’s well-being (109)



Billions of birds die each year colliding with buildings
USA study

Glass superstructures illuminated skyscrapers at night

Birds attracted to light – danger for birds flying at night (110)


Forced to smile at work linked to increase in drinking after work

More control over negative emotions – less able to control alcohol intake after work (111)



Diners daily use at home and in restaurants

65 million tissues | 30 million paper towels | 10 million wet wipes

66% lack awareness and think paper towels can be recycled (112)


Largest ever Mental Health survey
Age 6 – 24

Depression – serious issue
1 in 10 primary pupils – severe depression

Increase young people seeking treatment (113)



Injured veterans use of medical marijuana skyrocketed
2018 – 10,000 veterans used

New data Veterans Affairs Canada

$65 million cost in prescription pay outs (114)



83% School staff see rise in student mental health problems

9 year olds talking about Suicide

More Anxiety and Self Harming

Exam factory culture of over-testing damaging young people (115)



Screen time associated with greater risk of ADHD by age 5

More than 2 hours a day – 7 times more likely to develop ADHD

3,500 children age 3

Study found screen time had significant impact at age 5 (116)


Diabetes epidemic – biggest health crisis
£14 billion a year – cost to NHS

1 in 4 hospital beds taken by Diabetes patients

90% Type 2 Diabetes linked to Obesity (117)



Britain unhealthy diet – 1 in 7 deaths a year
Lancet study

Fuelling conditions – Cancer Diabetes Heart Disease (118)



Second major earthquake 6.3 magnitude

Authorities put in place – state of calamity
Automatic price controls on necessities (119)



Mental health crisis doctors medical students – British Medical Association

1 in 4 NHS doctors suffering from mental health issues

Rise in medical professionals at high risk of psychological burnout (120)


4,900 Teachers
89% subjected to verbal abuse physical attack past year

1 in 4 suffer physical attack every week
Kicking | punching | head butting | shoved | barged | spat at

86% sworn at
42% verbal threats (121)


Prisoners die after taking bad batch of spice

Spice and illegal drugs widely available inside prison

A4 paper impregnated with Spice cost £1000 a sheet (122)



Teenagers vaping unaware ingesting nicotine. Perceive it is safer than cigarettes
New study

3.6 million school students are e-cigarette users | 2018
More than double in 2017 – US Food and Drug Administration (123)


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Stanford scientists accurately identified this condition exists 

New Study (124)



Stress eating comfort food leads to more weight gain
New study

Chronic stress + high calorie diet = insulin levels 10 x higher (125)



Stop Food Waste Day | 24 April 2019

Food loss food waste every year

33% all food produced globally

45% root crops fruit vegetables

53 million tons of meat (126)



25 April 2019 – National Bunion Day 

14 million have bunions
75% sufferers embarrassed by their own feet (127)


300 Suicides – NHS nurses overworked

2014 – more than one nurse committing Suicide every week

Calls now for a government enquiry (128)


Botox fillers cosmetic clinics assess patients’ mental health problems

Bombardment idealised images quick fix procedures fuel mental health anxiety epidemic
Professor Stephen Powis – NHS England Medical Director (129)



World Health Organization (WHO)
Face to face interactions essential for small children development

Under age 3 – No TV or games on tablet
Age 3 – 4 screen time 1 hour

WHO Guidelines disputed | poor evidence (130)


Biggest man-made ocean litter each year

Some smokers feel tossing filters to ground and extinguishing with tip of shoes is part of rebellious attitude of being a smoker.

70% seabirds have fragments of cigarette filters

Cigarette butts
Major contaminant, plastic waste and no health benefits
Marketing tool to make it easier for people to smoke (131)


More people around the world with Anger Worry Sadness than ever before

Negative experiences on the rise – highest level since records began

151,000 adults across 140 countries interviewed

Global happiness concepts rooted in behavioural economics
How people reflect on life and how they live their life (132)



Work, Stress, poor sleep linked to 3 times higher risk of Cardiovascular Death for employees with High Blood Pressure
New Study (133)



Obesity linked to increased risk of Depression and Anxiety in children and adolescents
New Study (134)




Post menopause women – large study

Quitting smoking associated with significantly reduced risk bladder cancer
Bladder cancer – high recurrence rate and significant mortality (135)


Amid America’s Opioid Crisis, Deaths from Stimulants Steadily Rising

New report US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2017 – 23,139 overdose deaths involving cocaine and psychostimulants –
Methamphetamine, MDMA, methylphenidate and caffeine
One third of fatal overdoses that year


Rise in death rates occurred across all demographic groups (136)



Deaths from Dementia double since 2000
World Health Organization

Somebody diagnosed every 3 seconds
5th biggest world killer

Completely untreatable (137)


7 May 2019 – World Asthma Day

Improve asthma awareness and asthma care around the world
Official website (138)



Vaping on the rise among teenagers

New scary trend – students caught vaping marijuana (139)



Overtired GPs openly making mistakes

GPs working 11 hour shifts | 41 patients average per day

New Research Study (140)



May Measurement Month

High Blood Pressure Hypertension
Number 1 contributing risk factor for global death

10 million deaths each year to raised blood pressure
Preventable (141)


Rural lifestyles – major driver of Global Obesity epidemic

112 million adults over 30 years – Large scale study

Researchers found BMI rapid rise in rural communities

80% rise in Obesity in low and middle income countries

Rural lifestyle – increased use of cars and mechanization of agricultural (142)


Meditation Retreats Bad for Mental Health
International survey

30% suffered feelings Anxiety or Fear

25% experience this with regular meditation

Long silent retreats, restricted access to outside world, sleep and diet regimens

Meditation has become trendy and an image constructed explicitly by mindfulness industry that it is a panacea but it is not.
Marco Schlosser – Lead Researcher | University College London (143)



Suicides self poisoning high rise in teenage girls
New study

Suicide 2nd leading cause of death age 10 – 24 (144)



1 in 8 adults have suicidal thoughts over Body Image concerns

34% – Anxious or Depressed

20% felt shame over the way they looked
19% reported feeling “disgusted”

Social Media and images used in advertising – significant role (145)



15 May 2019 – International Day of Families
United Nations (146)



15 May 2019 – National Numeracy Day

50% working age people have numeracy skills of primary school child

£20 billion – cost poor numeracy UK economy (147)



World Health Organization
New guidelines to reduce risk of Dementia

Rapidly growing public health problem

30 years estimate people with dementia to triple

$2 trillion – cost for Dementia caring by 2030 (148)


17 May 2019 – World Hypertension Day

High Blood Pressure – main risk factor to develop Cardiovascular Disease

Know your numbers
2019 Theme (149)



Obesity stunting life expectancy (150)



Farmers high emotional exhaustion

  • 58% Anxiety
  • 45% High Stress
  • 35% Depression

40% uneasy seeking help for mental illness (151)



Higher Education Staff – Epidemic of Poor Mental Health   

Research shows steep increase in referrals to counselling and occupational health services

Growing awareness of crisis in student mental health in recent years
Universities characterised as “anxiety machines” and staff “at breaking point”

Struggle excessive workloads, precarious contracts and culture of workplace surveillance (152)



New Regulations

Alcohol restrictions premixed sugary drinks

Labelling attracts teenagers

No amount of alcohol is safe for human consumption (153)



Video game addiction could be made official disease by WHO (154)


National Smile Month

Largest and longest running campaign
Creating a healthier and happier world (155)


29 May 2019 – World Digestive Health Day

World Gastroenterology Organisation  
World Gastroenterology Foundation

Early diagnosis and treatment of gastro intestinal cancer
2019 Theme (156)



66% Teenagers take their phones to bed

36% Wake Up in night to check their phones

45% Parents feel addicted to their devices

52% Parents spend too much time on their devices (157)


Teen Suicide and Depression

 Cost per year

  • $195 billion mental illness
  • $80 billion opioid misuse
  • $70 billion suicide

 Not including alcohol and other drugs (158)



Obesity – the new smoking
Set to fuel double number weight-related cancers

Many people don’t yet realise that Obesity causes Cancer
Simon Stevens – Head of NHS (159)


Royal College of Psychiatrists told doctors to warn patients of risks
Severe side effects of anti-depressants

Potential harms of withdrawal are so serious (160)



31 May 2019 – World No Tobacco Day 
World Health Organization

Tobacco Lung Health
2019 Theme

Simple Living Global – The Complete Book (161)







2 June 2019 – World Eating Disorders Action Day

Eating Disorders Can’t Afford to Wait
2019 Theme

Policy Action Improving Training of Providers Support Carers (162)



Sleepless nights linked to High Blood Pressure
New Study (163)



86% people do not know how much Fruit and Veg they should Eat
New Study

2003 World Health Organization guidelines – eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day

Many are not reaching this target 16 years after launch of five-a-day campaign

Low intake nutrients damages brain function, increases risk heart and bone disease

Diets have barely improved over the past 2 decades (164)



5 June 2019 – World Environment Day

UN encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment since 1974 (165)



Two-fold increased risk of developing psychosis schizophrenia

Nicotine most likely responsible (166)



Silent epidemic STIs
New Study

1 in 25 globally carrying Sexually Transmitted Infections

376 million cases 2016

448,000 cases diagnosed 2018

Public Health England (167)


Global Wellness Day 2019

$4.2 trillion – Global Wellness Industry 2017

Wellness market growing at historic rate – twice fast as global economy (168)



Sleep Trackers are Counterproductive

Tracking Sleep via smartphone app can make people obsessive and lead to Insomnia

Patients increasingly presenting app data on their sleeping patterns

Our compulsion to track and analyse sleeping habits part of wider aim to “metricise our lives” via devices such as step counters (169)



Irregular sleep patterns linked to higher risk for 

  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Sugars
  • Metabolic Disorders (170)


Severe side effects experienced after using supplements for

  • Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Sexual Function
  • Muscle Gain

23,000 taken to hospital each year using supplements

Supplement industry is not strictly regulated
Labels do not always reflect what is in the formula (171)



12 June 2019 – World Child Labour Day
United Nations

152 million children in child labour
Since 2002 United Nations focus attention on global extent

Strong correlation between child labour & situations of conflict disaster – International Labour Organization study (172)



Teenagers double number of ER visits self harm injuries
Sharp rise age 13 – 17

78% rise in rate of visits to ER for mental health problems (173)



1 in 5 suffer from mental illness in conflict zones
United Nations World Health Organization

Analysis of 129 studies Data 39 countries
22% suffer depression anxiety PTSD (174)



Sleep disturbances associated with mental health problems among survivors of natural disasters – 2 weeks after event 

New Study

94% report experiencing insomnia symptoms after natural disaster
PTSD and Depression (175)



New York Police Department
3 officers die by suicide in 9 days

“Before we can help the people we serve, imperative we first help ourselves”
James O’Neill – NYPD Commissioner (176)


Teenagers Sexting – increase risk mental health | multiple sexual partners | depression | anxiety
New Study

Drug and alcohol abuse associated with sexting (177)



Social media contributing to poor mental health
22,423 people analysed

High levels of inequality leading to envy resentment seeing others live happy positive lives (178)



22 million plastic surgery

54% are under age 28

$71.8 Billion – Domestic Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Influencer culture – big impact on mental health

Sleek clinics found on street corners promising women face and body of teenager TV star (179)



20% entire police force off sick

Stress Anxiety Depression PTSD

96% rise – double in 5 years (180)


75% increase in Liver Cancer risk link to poor oral health
New study – 469,000 people analysed

Risk factors relate to lifestyle – alcohol, smoking, obesity (181)



San Francisco – 1st USA city ban on sales of e-cigarettes
In midst of youth vaping epidemic

Decisive step – prevent children becoming addicted to nicotine
Dennis Herrera – City Attorney, San Francisco (182)



Indigenous communities need full time mental health support
New research

Depression | Anxiety | Violence | Substance Abuse

Workers need to be trained and know aboriginal ways (183)



Dominican Republic has history of plastic surgery tourism

U.S. officials warn against medical tourism
Most likely incur complications from plastic surgery
2018 report (184)



World Drug Report 2019 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

35 million suffer drug disorders
53 million opioid users

Precise data adverse health consequences more severe and widespread than previously thought (185)




1 in 8 nurses take medication to stay awake

31% of nurses suffer Chronic Insomnia

100,000 deaths occur every year in US hospitals due to medical errors

Researchers say – exhausted staff responsible (186)



Cannabis factory found in disused police station

Demand rising – suppliers find ways to get ahead (187)



Menstruating women removing their wombs

4,605 hysterectomies in Beed District in 3 years

There are villages of womb-less women – some in their 20s

Workers given unlabelled drugs instead of day off for period (188)



Household chaos linked to parental depression – worse child asthma control

Lack organisation noise no set routines difficulty relaxing (189)



Rise in junior doctors burnout

Large numbers working on-call night shifts
No access to rest facilities or catering (190)


50% rise in Type 2 Diabetes – children and under 25s
New Data

45% High Blood Pressure
Rise in Obesity

Linked to lifestyle choices (191)



53 million people experience harm from second hand drinking



Broken Heart Syndrome more common in people with Cancer
International Study American Heart Association (192)



41% women drink alcohol in pregnancy

Passive smoking – serious public hazard
Alcohol not seen as the same (193)


School children taking synthetic drug Spice in vaping (194)



Children under age 2
Junk food diet linked to stunting and under nutrition (195)



Ground Breaking News

Athens Greece Earthquake 5.1 magnitude

Felt strongly in centre of Athens (196)



Women Diabetes greater risk of Heart Failure – New Study

30 million people have Diabetes

Smoking + Diabetes for women is deadly (197)


Blood Pressure – both numbers important

Can increase risk of Heart Attack and Strokes – New Study

36 million data readings  
1.3 million adults (198)


Atlanta International
World’s busiest airport to ban smoking lounges

Millions of people will be fully protected from exposure to second hand smoke (199)


Native American hospitals
Patients given opioids – amounts exceeding federal guidelines

Overdose epidemic killed more than any other drug in US history

Hit indigenous communities hard (200)



BMI New Study

Body mass index does not describe the type of fat or location
This plays a big role in determining the risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease (201)



300 million Tobacco smokers
World’s largest smoking population

Plans to regulate e-cigarettes to stave off new gateway addiction (202)




Teenagers diagnosed with severe lung damage
All reported vaping before hospital admission

Food and Drug Administration release anti-vaping ads aimed at teens (203)


Cigarette smoking risk linked to Artery Disease persists 30 years after cessation
New study (204)



Women who completely give up alcohol link to better mental health
New Study

Those who never drink alcohol had highest level of mental well-being at start of a 5 year analysis (205)


30 July 2019 – World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
United Nations

Globally countries detecting and reporting more victims
Convicting more traffickers

Human trafficking is modern day slavery (206)



England – National Alcohol epidemic

Councils blame central government cut backs

10% admitted to hospital alcohol dependent (207)


Paying people to quit smoking – successful
New research

66% obese or overweight

NHS pay public to lose weight or we take responsibility for lifestyle choices

69% overweight by 2030 – World Health Organization (208)


City beggars earning £45,000 a year  
Nottingham City Council

Vagrants cash from revellers nights out

Warning donations could be harmful
Does not break cycle of homelessness (209) 


Problem gamblers significantly more likely to attempt Suicide 
Pioneering study

Gambling industry needs to ensure they will put the well-being of people above profits
Dr. Heather Wardle (210)


Just 50% drinkers age 11 – 19 are aware of health messages on alcohol packaging

New research (211)


E-cigarettes & Smokeless Tobacco products do not help reduce Cancer
World Health Organization

Blocking the industry’s interference was critical to cutting harm from tobacco use (212)


235 million people suffer from Asthma – World Health Organization

75% unable to work to their full potential
New research

Significant number felt embarrassment, guilt and shame using inhalers at work (213)




1 in 10 over 65 binge drinks alcohol
New study

Using cannabis – factor associated with increase in binge drinking
Important health implications (214)



12 August 2019 – International Youth Day (215)



Cannabis + Opioids = Higher Depression and Anxiety
New study

More mental health issues than those who use opioids alone (216)



Police seize methamphetamine
Street value of $36 million

Detrimental impact on people’s lives
Inspector Phil Taikato (217)



Drug deaths highest level since records began in England Wales
Office of National Statistics

Heroin Morphine – most frequent cause of death

Deaths from MDMA and Cocaine – HIGHEST RATE EVER (218)


Asthma deaths – highest this decade
Asthma UK

Increase more than 33% – Office of National Statistics (219)



Amazon forest fires burning record rate
74,000 fires in 2019

Amazonas Brazil declared state emergency

2.1 million square miles produces 20% oxygen
Known as “Lungs of the Planet” (220)



 Elite athletes poor Oral Health

  • 87% drank sports drinks
  • 70% used energy gels
  • 59% ate energy bars

All known to damage teeth (221)


Suicide Drugs Deaths – Highest in Generation X

Born 1960s 1970s – increased use of opioids for Generation X in their 20s (222)


£92 million NHS spending on private taxis ambulances

Care Quality Commission found ongoing issues with poor recruitment, training, safeguarding (223)



Milwaukee City issues warning to every resident to stop vaping immediately

193 cases of lung illness linked to vaping reported in 22 states (224)


California Law – Suicide hotline number on school ID cards

Suicide rates continue to rise USA (225)


Minnesota latest state report patients’ severe lung disease after vaping

Cases tricky to diagnose – start off looking like common infection

Leading to serious complications (226)



Hookah can be more dangerous than other forms of smoking
New Study

Many toxic harmful chemicals like nicotine which can lead to tobacco addiction

1 in 5 college students tried hookah (227)



Wife shortage – women sold into sexual slavery
Women forced to take multiple husbands
Practice known as polyandry

Treatment like slaves – living under real threat of rape

Brides shortage caused by female foeticide (228)




57% children have been bullied at school

  • 78% are anxious
  • 56% unable to sleep
  • 35% missed school

2 in every class contemplated Suicide because of bullying 
New Study (229)


Urology Awareness Month

1 in 2 will be affected with Urology condition in their lifetime (230)



10 September 2019 – World Suicide Prevention Day

1 person dies every 40 seconds from Suicide
World Health Organization (231)



Domestic violence murders highest level in 5 years
£66 billion cost

Vast majority are women (232)


Rise in vulnerable children linked to county lines drugs gangs

Children making £1000 a day (233)



World’s 2nd largest consumer of Tobacco
India has over 100 million adult smokers

India bans vaping to prevent youth epidemic

Evidence – young people see vaping as style statement (234)            



Amount of sugar we eat gone up

Efforts to cut sugar by 2020 way off target – Public Health England

Obesity on the rise

Expect more Type 2 Diabetes (235)


Fatty Liver Disease – Public Health Crisis

Common in people who are overweight, obese and/or have Type 2 Diabetes
Public Health England (236)



Veterans with mental health conditions – higher risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
New Study

Data analysed from 1.6 million veterans

45% men 63% women diagnosed with a mental health disorder (237)


10 people die in 26 hours from drug overdoses Ohio State

70,000 drug overdose deaths 2017
Fentanyl deaths skyrocket

Deadly combo
Fentanyl | Cocaine | Methamphetamine (238)



Scotland to end Obesity crisis
Cut multi-buy offers on unhealthy food and drink (239)


Doctors warn taking alcohol and cocaine
Toxic combinations leading to violent and impulsive behaviour

16 times higher risk Suicide (240)



29 September 2019 – World Heart Day
World Heart Federation

Cardiovascular Disease
Leading cause of death and disability in the world

Major economic burden – $1,044 billion by 2030 (241)




Stoptober – NHS

Stop smoking 28 days in October (242)


Focus – Men’s Mental Health November

75% of all Suicides are men
1 in 3 drink alcohol to cope
2 million use illegal drugs due to Stress



Childhood Obesity rates rising fast
World Health Organization World Obesity Federation

250 million children worldwide obese by 2030
Likely to develop Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes

Relentless marketing of junk foods (244)



Kratom used worldwide as painkiller and substitute opioid

15 million users June 2019
Industry worth over a billion dollars

Mind-altering drug on par with heroin (245)


New Study

$800 billion wasted on annual healthcare

$3.5 trillion annual expenditure healthcare (246)


Less than 6 Hours Sleep – double risk of early death for Chronic Disease sufferers

Lack of sleep – higher levels of inflammation

New study
16,000 adults age 20 – 74 tracked over 20 years (247)


Tooth loss associated with higher risk of heart disease
American College of Cardiology (248)



Over 65s taking anti-depressants – Double in 2 decades
New Study

Despite increase – no change in the prevalence of later life Depression

7.3 million take anti-depressants (249)


NHS opens 1st specialist clinic to treat children and young adults addicted to computer games

World Health Organization recognise gaming disorder as medical condition (250)



National Dental Hygiene Month

Main causes gum disease
Poor oral hygiene & tobacco use

2.4 million people have tooth decay (251)



10 October 2019 – World Sight Day

1 billion people have near vision impairment

75% moderate-severe visual impairment & blindness avoidable (252)


10 October 2019 – World Mental Health Day

FOCUS – Suicide Prevention
World Health Organization

Every 40 seconds someone suicides (253)


11 October 2019 – World Obesity Day (254)



6 – 12 October 2019 – Mental Health Awareness Week
National Alliance on Mental Illness (255)



1 in 3 young adults are Lonely
New Study

More likely to experience higher rates of Depression, Social Anxiety and Paranoia (256)


Police seize 400 kilo “Ice” – worth $300 million
Hidden in chilli sauce bottles from US

Crystal meth – one of the most consumed drugs illicit drugs in Australia (257)



40% adults close to breaking point at work
20% go to alcohol

Sleep loss due to job pressures (258)


London cocaine market 
8 tonnes a year – worth £1 billion

567,445 doses of pure cocaine consumed daily
£2.75 million street value (259)


50 tonnes of cannabis, cocaine and heroin, found hidden in veg and juice trucks

Street value £38 million
UK’s biggest ever drug operation (260)



First country in the world to ban adverts of packaged drinks with high sugar

Mandatory label on front of pack to signal drinks are unhealthy 

Move is part of war on Diabetes (261)



15 October 2019 – Global Handwashing Day

Handwashing with soap is effective and has value (262)


16 October 2019 – World Food Day

820 million people suffer Hunger
Even more are Overweight and Obese



New York City – 10 police officers’ Suicide

Commissioner says mental health crisis (264)



46% population are overweight
66% feel depressed because of weight
85% describe disease as a problem

World Obesity Federation – latest survey (265)



Britain – nation of shut shops on high street

Online shopping forces closures

Rise in services or experiences
Tattoo and piercing parlours | Gambling outlets



World’s largest methamphetamine producer

Burmese fishermen find crystal meth labelled green tea
Value £20 million

United Nations Office Drugs and Crime study
$60 billion netted by crime groups in South East Asia (267)



Age 10 – 11 severe Obesity record high levels
Public Health England

26,000 children severely Obese – England (268)


Paramedics – Epidemic levels of Stress

1 in 3 ambulance workers diagnosed with a mental health problem
New survey (269)



Courts ban child marriage

Child brides stop attending school
Experience early pregnancy
Malnourishment and Domestic Violence



Wine country wildfires after 2 years in Sonoma County
California fire 26,000 acres

90,000 evacuations (271)



Dementia – New Study
52% – 74% higher risk if we eat trans fats

World Health Organization guide – remove artificial trans fats from global food chain

500,000 deaths a year – trans-fat consumption
United Nations

  • Sweet pastries
  • Margarine
  • Candy
  • Croissants
  • Ice cream (272)



29 October 2019 – World Internet Day (273)


Medicinal cannabis does not help mental health issues
Major New Study

Large body of research suggests Cannabis can increase occurrence of Depression, Anxiety and Psychotic symptoms (274)



Indonesia will report countries to the basal convention
(International Treaty on Waste Reduction) if they refuse to accept
Waste shipments sent back to them (275)



Drug problem not same across United States
Methamphetamine bigger killer than Fentanyl

Meth is most common drug overdose death
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (276)


Workplace ban on sugar drinks
Positive health benefits – new study

48% reduction in consumption
70% saw decrease in waist size

Well known pathway from soda to disease (277)


Ohio State

40 pounds Fentanyl seized
Enough to kill entire population of Ohio several times

This multi million-dollar seizure shows enormity of opioid epidemic in this area (278)




Mouth Cancer Action Month
Oral Health Foundation

Tobacco | Alcohol | Areca Nut
Leading causes of Oral Cancer

$1,817 million – global mouthwash (279)


Yoga Teachers = serious hip problems

Repeatedly pushing body into “prescribed positions” when physiology prevents it

Hold poses a long time without modification (280)



3 – 7 November 2019 – Obesity Week 2019

Focus this year – Diabetes

International Event – world experts in Obesity share innovation in science (281)



4 – 8 November 2019 – International Stress Awareness Week

How can we keep stress, mental health and well-being high on the national agenda? (282)


7 – 13 November 2019 – Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

How can we really support safer gambling (283)



Employers company guidelines –
Women banned from wearing glasses at work

Job recruitment sites recommend switching to contact lenses

Any make-up beyond “conservative” also prohibited (284)



14 November 2019 – World Diabetes Day

International Diabetes Federation

$825 Billion – Global cost of Diabetes (285)



Suicides rise to a 16 year high
Office for National Statistics

Largely driven by an increase among men

Every Suicide is a preventable death (286)



Cancer – biggest killer among middle age in rich nations

New global research across 21 countries
160,000 people study over 11 years (287)



18 – 24 November 2019Self Care Week (288)



20 November 2019 – World Children’s Day (289)


21 November 2019 – World Television Day (290)



50% rise in 2 years – Obese Dogs

1.7 million pet owners told by vets their dogs are Overweight

Increased risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Owners show pets love with treats to eat (291)



Eye injuries among children on rise from paintball and BB guns
New Study

No federal regulation for non-powder firearm safety

Researchers say time to take these guns seriously (292)


Science underestimated dangerous effects of sleep deprivation

Largest sleep study reveals this affects us much more than prior theories suggested

Triples the number of lapses in attention (293)



Online Shopping Addiction
Experts calling for classification as mental disorder

Buying Shopping Disorder (BSD) – New Study
One third reported symptoms of active online purchasing (294)


Global epidemic childhood inactivity

80% age 11 -17 not enough exercise

Health brain development social skills damaged
World Health Organization

Electronic revolution – transformed our movement patterns
Sleep less, walk less, sit more, drive more (295)



Bags for Life creating more plastic problems

Huge rise 1.5 billion sale – 54 bags per household

70% supermarkets increased plastic footprint year on year

Our solutions for waste are not working (296)


Hospital admissions for pensioners with drug related conditions
6 fold rise – NHS

Living with addiction
Social isolation makes it worse – difficult to recover (297)

20% rise in cancer patients
Diagnosis every 90 seconds

3 million patients by 2020

1.3 million – breast and prostate cancer (298)




2 December 2019 – International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
United Nations

40 million people are victims of modern slavery today
50 million children – child labour

99% victims in sex industry are women and girls (299)



6 million US school children used tobacco products

Nicotine highly addictive
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

1 in 3 high school students are current tobacco users

6 years in a row – e-cigarettes most common (300)



UK debts rising – now £119 billion

£32 billion student debts – majority of graduates will never pay it all back

44% view borrowing as a burden (301)



Largest ever study – public health crisis

25% youth addicted to phone have mental health problems

Bigger health problem than substance abuse (302)



Forest fires
$5.2 billion economic loss – World Bank

900,000 people respiratory illness
12 national airports halted operations (303)



London homicides highest in over a decade

142 killings in 2019 (304)



European health body cannot back vaping as a safe way to quit smoking

Bad alternative for general population

No evidence alternative nicotine products safe (305)



1 in 20 trainee GPs plan to work full time due to Stress – crisis set to worsen

£500,000 to train a GP

5.8 million patients waited 2 weeks to see a GP (306)


Students caught bringing mobile phones into exams

Social Media selling fake exam materials which fuels Exam Anxiety

Technology has increased opportunity to cheat says regulator (307)


Children collapse after vaping cannabis oil with dangerous synthetic drug Spice

Experts warn about serious consequences for young people (308)


Impact of breast cancer on family and friends
67% report mental or emotional health issues
New Research

Common symptoms reported –

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic Attacks (309)


Selfie wrist treatment and surgery on the rise

Cause – repeated inward flexing wrist to capture the perfect picture

Increase in ‘iPhone thumb’ from repeated use when using mobiles (310)



14,000 die from opioid overdose

17,000 have been hospitalised

Fentanyl – largest driver of the crisis
Powerful synthetic drug mixed with heroin to amplify effects (311)



Men with alcohol and drug problems
6 times more likely abusive towards partner

Extensive new study

Increased risk of domestic violence – men with mental illness and behavioural disorders (312) 



Christmas Day – Online Shopping

2019 – £1.4 billion
2009 – £120 million

1 in 4 adults expected to spend on Christmas Day – 3 times higher than an average day (313)



First conclusive health study

Vaping contributes to lung disease

E-cigarettes gaining popularity since 2003

Many think vaping is the answer to traditional smoking (314)


Suicide rates in California prisons continue to rise
Highest level in 30 years

Experts, judges, public officials say –
Result of a system that has failed
Provide proper help for mentally ill prisoners (315)



Hospital admissions for Gambling Addiction double 6 years

400,000 addicted
Link self-harm | suicide | depression | anxiety (316)



End of punishment system for prostitution

Police can no longer hold sex workers and their clients at so-called education centres where they are forced to work up to 2 years.

Prostitution remains illegal in China (317)


Dear World

After reading this, we could say we are more aware now of what has been going on in our world this year.

Add to that the 2018 News on this website and we could all say – SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT

Add a big dose of Honesty and we could say – THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE.

On that noteSimple Living Global are calling for the first ever 2020 World  AGM.




If you are feeling suicidal, contact your GP for support or the Suicide Helplines.

In a crisis contact your emergency services.

UK – Samaritans available 24 hours
Tel: 116 123

Childline – for children and young people
Tel: 0800 1111

USA – National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Tel:  1-800-273-8255

Other Countries
Check International Association for Suicide Prevention Resources on Crisis Centers






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