Dear World

World News has been dominated by a virus this year.

The following is other news about our world in 2020.



Gun Violence – killings hit record high

2019 more mass killings than any other year dating back to the 1970s

New Year’s Eve more shootings (1)



Indonesia Jakarta floods large areas under water

Authorities turning to cloud seeding
Planes sent to inject chemicals into clouds (2)



Opioids Overdose Deaths
85% higher in areas with auto plant closures | New Study

6 fold rise in deaths between 1999 and 2017 

Economic cost of growing Opioid epidemic over $1 trillion (3)


US Obesity rate in 10 years | New Study

50% will be obese
25% severely obese

Notoriously difficult to treat obesity once established (4)



Poorest countries facing high levels of obesity and malnutrition

2.3 billion children and adults overweight

150 million children stunted growth

Food systems failing | need high quality diet (5)



Marijuana prevalence in Homicide victims doubled

Over two-thirds were adolescents aged 15 – 20 years

More males tested positive for alcohol and marijuana (6)


2,602 people hospitalised for lung injury linked to vaping

Texas – 15 year old death youngest in USA

Severe lung damage death can occur with short-term use of these products (7)


Diet and Zero calorie fizzy drinks do more harm

Linked to increase in weight gain

US | 7 year study | 5,158 adults (8)



China ends forced labour punishment for sex workers and clients

Those currently held will be released

Prostitution remains illegal (9)



Teenagers sleep deprivation epidemic

Increased rates of anxiety and depression
Suicidal thoughts

More likely to be involved in car crashes

Clear bedtime that parents consistently enforce yields solid results (10)



Dry January 2020

Every hour someone dies as a result of alcohol (11)



Smokers who switch to e-cigarettes have a greater risk of stroke
New Study

Smoking and vaping = 3 times more likely to have a cerebrovascular event (12)



UK anti-doping warning young men not to use image performance enhancing drugs

Bombarded imagery of the ideal sculpted body

Increasing availability on social media (13)


Westerners who valued happiness extremely high tend to show greater signs of depression (14)



Quitters Day – Sunday 19 January

The day most likely to quit our New Year’s Resolutions (15)



Criminal exploitation of children at highest level in modern times

Gangs capitalise to groom children

Majority British Nationals subjected to modern slavery and human trafficking (16)



Malaysia return 42 UK containers of plastic waste

3,737 metric tonnes of unwanted waste sent back

218 illegal factories receiving waste shut down by authorities (17)



Balearic Islands Spain – booze tourism

Law to ban alcohol fuelled holidays

New measures would fight excesses and force real change in tourism model (18)



Expanding waists growing sign of Obesity crisis in Britain

Increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes (19)



Opioid addiction and methamphetamine are difficult to quit
New research 

Methamphetamine – greatest threat in the West Coast (20)



British Colombia, Canadian Province

Highest number of illicit drug toxicity deaths – Result of opioid crisis
New research

More people knowingly use fentanyl (21)



Prostate Cancer set to become the most common form of disease

Research shows deaths from the disease have reached a record high (22)



Oklahoma – tobacco helpline saving $18 million in direct medical costs each year

7,500 die each year (23)



International Study | Data analysed
220,000 adolescents from 83 countries

Bullying driving young people to have suicidal behaviours

800,000 worldwide die by suicide (24)



Vaping lung injury – symptoms reported online for 7 years

Research suggests more e-cigarette users have serious symptoms –
Headache, coughing, itching, pain in throat and malaise (25)



57% children have phone beside bed

44% children feel uncomfortable without signal

42% never switch off phone

70% connected to the internet (26)



Gambling industry dependence on problem gamblers – new report

Betting firms reward gamblers who habitually lose large sums of money with perks

VIP status keeps them coming back (27)


1,800 prison officers took time off in 2019
for mental health – stress anxiety depression (28)


Children’s Mental Health Week – Place to Be
3 – 9 February 2020 (29)



633,000 children under age 5 taking psychiatric drugs (30)



25 hours screen time age 3 (31)



World Cancer Day – 4 February 2020

Critical health human issue (32)


International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation –
6 February 2020 United Nations (33)



Time to Talk Day – 6 February 2020
Talk about Mental Health (34)



National Go Red Day for Women
7 February 2020

Heart disease is the number 1 killer of women
Killing more women than all forms of cancer combined (35)



Raynaud’s Awareness Month – Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK

Cold hands and cold feet – you could be living with this condition


150 years later –
Little is known about the condition, cause or cure (36)



Heart Failure Awareness Week

9 – 15 February 2020 (37)


National Children’s Dental Health Month
American Dental Association (38)

Babies and toddlers have rotten teeth

60 – 90% children globally have tooth decay (39)



Safer Internet Day – 11 February 2020

Theme – Together for a Better Internet (40)



FEBRUARY – American Heart Month
NIH – National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (41)


Parents technoference = negative consequences

Study 6,000 children

33% felt unimportant when parents used phone during meal conversations

Excessive screen time linked to obesity and poor mental health (42)


Pills and powders claiming to boost weight loss, energy and sexual performance face little government oversight.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

The use of diet pills increases risk of eating disorders in young women (43)



Police investigate children aged 6 for sexting

Met police say true numbers of boys and girls involved in sending and receiving sexual images much higher.

130% rise in online indecent image offences
Societal norm (44)



27% children age 11 15 not having enough sleep

Prominence smartphones and social media – negative impact on well-being (45)



Video games turning children into betting addicts
NHS mental health director

55,000 children have a gambling problem

400,000 people have a serious gambling problem (46)



12,600 tons of flowers flew from Columbia Ecuador for Valentine’s Day to USA, Australia and Europe.

45% higher than in 2019

Flowers that don’t get sold end up in the garbage, are sent to landfill or given to charity (47)



48,344 people died by suicide in 2018 – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

10.6 million American adults seriously thought about suicide in 2017 (48)



1.4 million illegally using cannabis every day to treat illness

£2.6 billion a year – total black market spend (49)


Cyber flashing – unsolicited sexual images
by strangers on public transport – double in the past year

88% victims are women

Real number higher of cases unreported

Checking our phone settings – Responsibility (50)



Junk Food diet addictive

Rapidly impairs brain function, which supports memory and helps regulate appetite

New Study
Researchers say this is why we carry on eating junk food when full up (51)



Vending machine for powerful opioids
Addicts pick up supplies at their convenience

Addictions doctor says illegal drugs need treatment, not easy access to substances (52)



GPs caring for complex patients have high risk of burnout
New Research

Multimorbidity – patients having 2 or more significant long-term conditions

50% of UK GPs unable to cope with their workload (53)



569,000 staff NHS 2019 survey

44% nurses and midwives unwell due to stress

39% experience bullying, violence and harassment

Staff overwhelmed, working in overcrowded departments with high levels of abuse (54)


Diabetes – over 9,000 amputations a year

Multidisciplinary specialist foot care teams in every UK hospital needed (55)


Scientists say – our lungs have the ability to heal damage from smoking – only if we stop (56)




Rising temperatures – climate change likely to increase deaths, violence, suicides, drowning, road crashes – new research (57)



Eating Disorders Awareness Week
2 – 8 March 2020

1.25 million have an eating disorder

5 million struggling (58)



World Hearing Day – 3 March 2020

At all life stages – communication, good hearing health connects us to each other, our communities and the world.
World Health Organization (59)


World Obesity Day – 4 March 2020

Chronic complex disease | global epidemic
650 million worldwide have obesity (60)


Obesity related diseases among top 3 killers across the world
The World Bank

4 million deaths worldwide every year
Factors include processed and sugary foods

 $7 trillion cost of obesity in next 15 years (61)


National Kidney Month 2020
National Institutes of Health

Theme – Take the Pressure Off

Focus this year is link between high blood pressure and kidney disease (62)


25% all Kidney Failure caused High Blood Pressure (63)


International Women’s Day – 8 March 2020 (64)

One third of all female deaths due to cardiovascular disease and stroke
World Heart Federation (65)


National Napping Day – 9 March 2020 (66)

We have created a multi billion dollar sleeping aids industry
Our Solutions for sleep are not working


World Sleep Day – 13 March 2020

To raise awareness of sleep often compromised by modern lifestyle choices (67)


World Salt Awareness Week
9 – 15 March 2020

World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) encouraging engagement with chefs and restaurants to add less salt in food. (68)



1g salt reduction – £1.5 billion NHS savings in healthcare costs
National Institutes for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) (69)


Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – March 2020

Ovarian cancer biggest gynaecological killer of women in the UK
Survival rates among the worst in Europe (70)


Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer – most common cancer in men 

36,000 diagnosed in the UK (71)



World Oral Health Day – 20 March 2020

50% of the world population affected by oral health diseases

2.4 billion people suffer from tooth decay

60 – 90% children have tooth decay globally (72)



75% teenagers who seek insomnia treatment have underlying mental health issues
primarily ADHD and Depression. (73)



Endometriosis Awareness Month – March 2020
Endometriosis UK

1 in 10 women live with endometriosis in UK
74% men do not know what Endometriosis is (74)


Commonly used mouthwash – increased risk of tooth damage
New Study

Surprising lack of knowledge and literature behind the use of these products

$1,817.8 million – Global Mouthwash Market (75)



PTSD | Depression – 5 x higher in Firefighters

Twice as many firefighters died by suicide than died while on duty

Real numbers could be far worse as only 40% of suicides are reported (76)


Varied nightly bedtime sleep duration = Higher risk of cardiovascular diseases
New Study

Inadequate sleep can lead to severe health consequences (77)



Salty Diet – hard for body to fight infection

Too much salt can weaken our immune system
New Study 

High Salt Diet – risk High Blood Pressure | Heart Attack | Stroke (78)



45% law students believe seeking mental health treatment would prevent them from passing the bar.

28% licensed employed lawyers had depression

46 million Americans experience mental health issues (79)



Rise in children feeling intense unhappiness and wanting to suicide

Rise in violence, drug use and mental health problems among young people (80)



Water companies in UK and Australia warning
People using toilet paper alternatives

Kitchen rolls, wet wipes, newspapers creating major blockages. (81)




National Walking Day – 1 April 2020

Walking 30 – 60 minutes daily can drastically improve health and prevent ailments like
Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease (82)


1 in 5 female veterans have PTSD

These women are at high risk of heart disease
New Study – American College of Cardiology (83)


Walk to Work Day

There are major benefits to walking including heart health (84)



Stress Awareness Month

Millions experience high levels of stress

74% UK adults overwhelmed | stressed | unable to cope (85)



Oral Health Month – April 2020

Sugar – main cause of dental problems 

Sugary drinks – main source in diets of children & teenagers (86)  



Major Study shows losing hour sleep due to sunlight savings – increase in hospital admissions for people with serious heart rhythm condition (87)



Babies retain detailed events during a nap – New Study

Results confirm importance of sleep and naps (88)



£10.8 billion supermarket spend – March 2020

Excess rubbish dumped on streets amid UK stockpiling craze (89)



Marijuana withdrawal is real – New Study

47% users experience cannabis withdrawal

Symptoms like anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, tremors, fever, sweating, headaches (90)



Ground Breaking News – Earthquakes
Idaho – 6.5 magnitude (91)
Fresno – 5.3 magnitude (92)



Bowel Cancer Awareness Month – April 2020

1.8 million new cases of Colorectal Cancer

Strong evidence alcohol increases risk (93)


From 14 April 2020

Credit cards banned for Gambling online and offline

10.5 million people in the UK gamble online (94)


300% rise in fly tipping (95)


England – suicide hit record high in 2019

74% deaths were men and most common age group was 50 – 54 (96)


National Bunion Day – 23 April 2020

14 million in UK suffer from bunions

75% sufferers embarrassed by their feet (97)


Cocaine worth $23.5 million seized at UK port

Heroin 1.3 tons – street value $148 million

UK largest bust – September 2019 (98)



High blood pressure in pregnancy linked to greater risk of

having children with mental health issues – New Study (99)



Stop Food Waste – 29 April 2020

33% food produced globally wasted (100)



Sharp rise in hospital admissions
Children with sleep disorders

Strong link between anxiety and sleep deprivation (101)




National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month – May 2020

Peak season now – perfect time to educate
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

60 million Americans have asthma allergies (102)



700 dead after drinking alcohol to cure virus

5,000 people poisoned from methanol alcohol

10 fold increase in past year from alcohol poisoning (103)



Young adults vaping can spike blood pressure and heart rate
New Study

Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine (104)



Latin America rise in Domestic Abuse
3,800 Femicides

Domestic Violence another pandemic
500% rise in calls for help

130% rise Domestic Violence in Columbia

20 million women and girls suffer sexual violence every year (105)



Alcohol sales are up since the pandemic
New Study

53% rise in boxed wine sales – 7 – 14 March 2020

World Health Organization said “Alcohol is an unhelpful coping strategy”



Alcohol smuggling jumps amid virus crackdown | overwhelming increase

Illegal border crossings to beat the ban on alcohol sales

One of the top 10 beer consumers globally (107)



Childhood trauma | neglect | family dysfunction
Linked to heart attacks and strokes as adults

Childhood adversity can lead to –
Lifelong Stress | Smoking | Anxiety | Depression in adulthood (108)



Machete attack every 2 hours on streets
‘Wild West Britain’ statistics

Solutions –
20,000 more police officers
Longer prison sentences (109)



12 May – International Awareness Day
Chronic Immunological & Neurological Diseases (CIND)
This includes Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome affects 20 million people worldwide (110)



May – National Stroke Awareness Month (111)

Stroke Risk Factors –
Atrial Fibrillation | High Blood Pressure | Diabetes | Lifestyle Choices


4,000 domestic abuse arrests in London during lockdown (112)



International Day of Families – 15 May 2020
United Nations

Extended families diminishing
Single parenting increasing (113)



300% rise in domestic abuse by grandmothers, half-sisters and step-sisters

700% increase in calls to domestic abuse helpline (114)



Smoking and vaping are both harmful to our heart

Stiffening arteries | Precursor of heart disease – New Study (115)



World Hypertension Day – 17 May 2020

High Blood Pressure – Silent Killer (116)

World Public Health Crisis – World Health Organization (117)

Billions at increased risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease (118)



Serious mental illness in first time patients

Adults and children having psychotic episodes, mania and depression due to lockdown

Royal College of Psychiatrists are warning –
services could be overwhelmed by a tsunami of mental illness (119)



Asia’s biggest drugs bust

200 million meth tablets seized
990 gallons of methyl fentanyl

Fuelled by major criminal syndicates (120)



National Smile Month – 18 May – 18 June 2020 (121)



Oral health key indicator of overall health, well-being and quality of life
World Health Organization

50% of the world have oral diseases (122)

60 – 90% of children have tooth decay globally (123)



New study over 12 years

Middle age people who develop high blood pressure while performing even moderate exercise are at high risk of heart disease (124)



Heavy pot use linked to poor mental health even after quitting
New Study

Users who self-medicate increase existing psychiatric problems (125)



Earthquake 5.1 magnitude (126)



New research shows an epidemic of Diabetes in younger people

Diabetes kills more people than interpersonal violence (127)

Health Data for Mexico (128)



High potency pot – linked to big rise in psychiatric issues
New Research Study

Recent increase in pot amplifies the dangers

Most users start as teens (129)



World’s first empirical study Drunkorexia

83% female university students engaged in Drunkorexia behaviour

Disordered eating used to offset the negative effects of consuming alcohol (130)




Global Day of Parents – 1 June 2020

United Nations focusing attention on family issues
Enhance awareness of the problems and needs of families (131)


World Eating Disorders Day – 2 June 2020

THEME: Eating Disorders Can’t Afford to Wait


70 million people worldwide affected
Highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness (132)



Mental health effects of the pandemic are severe – expert warns

45% report mental health as a result of the pandemic

Nova Scotia
700 ask for mental health help in one day (133)



World Heart Rhythm Week – 1 – 7 June 2020

500,000 diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (134)



Drug traffickers forced to use alternative routes as normal drug routes blocked

European cannabis users buy more for lockdown (135)



World Oceans Day – 8 June 2020 (136)

Garbage patches visible on the surface in parts of the Pacific

1.9 million pieces of microplastics found on seabed covering 1 square metre (137)



Diabetes Week 2020 | 8 – 14 June 2020

£10 billion UK Diabetes budget every year (138)


Negative thinking linked to dementia
New Study – University College London

Worrying about the future and fixating on problems or emotions
Could have serious consequences on our mental health (139)



Acne Awareness Month

Milk Chocolate | Dairy Products | Fatty Foods | High Sugar Diet
Linked to Acne

Proper nutrition important in treatment
New Study (140)



Impact of Children’s Loneliness today
High rates of anxiety and depression for years to come

Clinical services need to prepare for future spike in demand – New Study (141)



Female athletes, coaches and sports specialists lack general knowledge about Nutrition

Chronic dieting
Poor time management
Drive for lower body weight
Disordered eating behaviours (142)



Men’s Health Week 2020 (143)  



Suicides hit record high – England

74% of deaths are men (144)




Police bust sophisticated “cocaine hotline” delivery service

Call centre and fleet motorbikes
2,000 customers | guaranteed delivery time 20 minutes

Home delivery – now in supermarkets during lockdown (145)



International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict 

Conflict related sexual violence –

Rape | Sexual Slavery | Forced Prostitution | Forced Pregnancy | Forced Abortion | Enforced Sterilization | Forced Marriage (146)



Europe’s dumping ground has low management fees
Suspended imports to protect own landfill capacity

Pandemic crisis led more domestic waste being generated (147)



Pet theft crime – big rise during lockdown
Enormous horrific organised crime

Prices rising everyone wants a dog (148) 


Children age 8 showing signs of Diabetes
About 50 years before it is usually diagnosed

4,000 young participants – long term study (149)


Public debt bigger than the country’s whole economy

Government borrowed £55 billion in May

Total debt is £1.95 trillion (150)


Diabetes – 4 x more likely to break a bone

Risk increases overtime for Type 2 patients (151)



280 children start smoking everyday
200 adults die from smoking everyday

Government action smoke free by 2030 (152)



International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
26 June – United Nations

Theme – better knowledge for better care

1987 goal – society free drug abuse (153)



National PTSD Awareness Day – 27 June 2020 (154) 

Firefighters PTSD – 4 x more likely risk of burnout (155)

Video Games – Veterans with PTSD (156)

Divorce Can Bring on PTSD (157)


June – PTSD Awareness Month

354 million adult war survivors suffer from PTSD and major depression (158) 

8 million people have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in USA (159)


Social Media Day 2020 – 30 June 2020

To celebrate the impact social media has on global communication (160)




$11.3 billion Australians spend on drugs

Residents in Adelaide using a tonne every year – worst ice problem

Heroin, oxycodone and cannabis use increased (161)



World’s largest drugs bust

$1.1 billion amphetamines | 14 tonnes seized

Militants in Syria taking drugs also profiting from production and trafficking of pills
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) (162)



Independence Day 2020 – July 4

Cancer – 2nd highest cause of death (163)

30 million have Diabetes (164)

132 Suicides per day (165)

1.2 million violent crimes –2018 (166)



Public school pupils take more drugs

Start alcohol younger, binge drink more frequently

More likely to try cannabis and other illicit drugs (167)


National Childhood Obesity Week – 6 July – 12 July 2020 (168)



World Chocolate Day 2020 – 7 July 2020

7.7 Million Tons – Total Chocolate consumption

350 Million Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars Sold
2019 (169)



Tell the Truth Day – 7 July 2020 (170)



Women – hot flushes, night sweats
Higher risk of heart attacks, angina and strokes

Cardiovascular Disease Risk
70% with post menopause symptoms

40% with vasomotor symptoms prior to menopause (171)



Police call for decriminalization of personal drug use to battle addiction abuse (172)



Modern Slavery Britain –
New ways of Trafficking in lockdown

Hidden deeper within black market economy 

Cannabis farms | nail salons | takeaways | sex work | car washes | domestic work (173)



National Simplicity Day – 12 July 2020

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler”
Henry David Thoreau (174)



2,483 children hospitalised due to malnutrition since January 2020
New Study

Malnutrition increases the risk of developing other diseases

103 hospital admissions per week (175)


Disused quarry
Thousands of tourists attracted by online pictures

Water PH can cause skin damage
Pool has rusty metal from wrecked cars

Poo lagoon – local farmers spread manure to keep lockdown visitors out (176)


Payment holidays for Mortgage | Loan | Credit Card | Overdraft

Time up – reality check needed

Consumers could be left with 40% interest on Coronavirus debts

8 million furloughed – possible redundancies (177)



Type 2 Diabetes – leading cause of blindness

Excess sugar – toxic and highly addictive
Can lead to blindness

Nearly all loss of vision and blindness due to Diabetes is preventable (178)



Soldiers suffering PTSD are using magic mushrooms to treat flashbacks and anxiety (179)



Global crash of children being born
Women having fewer children

Jaw dropping impact on society

23 nations expected to see their populations halve by 2100 (180)



3 in 10 reception class children – obese or overweight
Fifth of children aged 4 – 5 are fat   

3 in 10 adults are clinically obese (181)



Risk overdose and side effects of stimulant drugs used
Cocaine and Methamphetamine

UK – highest number of drug related deaths in Europe

Everything is in place for an expansion of methamphetamine entering the UK domestic market


Biggest most significant law enforcement operation
National Crime Agency and Europol


Top secret communications system used to trade drugs
Guns with hidden operating system

Police intercepted millions of messages (183)



50% increase in athletes seeking mental health support (184)



Dutch police discover sea containers converted into prison cells and torture chamber  

8,000 kg cocaine & 1,200 kg crystal meth seized

Officers read 20 million messages live

True Game Changer – National Criminal Investigation Service (185)



30,000 people involved in child abuse network

Child abuse more widespread online than previously thought –
under pseudonym chat groups

Using the internet to communicate undetected (186)  



Police shut down 87 county lines spreading drugs across the UK

Children and vulnerable adults used to distribute heroin and crack cocaine to small cities and towns. (187)



National Milk Chocolate Day – 28 July 2020

Global Chocolate Market
Forecast $139.94 billion by 2024
Consumers impulse buying behaviour boosting sales (188)



Alcohol – Adults consume twice daily guidelines

85% felt effects of alcohol at least once a month
66% drunk as much as they wanted

Global drug survey – 61,043 adults (189)


World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
30 July 2020

Human Trafficking
World’s Fastest Growing Crime

Sexual Exploitation
Forced Labour or Services
Removal of Organs



$3 million wholesale – street value 5 x more
76kg – largest drug bust in Manitoba’s history

$6.5 million largest meth bust | December 2019 (191)




Lifestyle changes can prevent or delay 40% of dementia cases

50 million worldwide live with dementia

Dementia is potentially preventable (192)



69 dead from tainted alcohol – sold to villagers (193)

10 men die drinking alcohol based hand sanitisers (194)




Have 20 years of targets and polices had any effect?

BBC News Reality Check Team

63% of adults – overweight or obese (195)



Australian Tourism
Bushfires and lockdown restrictions take a heavy toll

Jobs in tourism sector – largest fall in 16 years

16 million hectares burned (196)



5 people die every day due to police brutality



Death penalty Canadian citizen found guilty of drug trafficking

Manufacturing 120kg ketamine (198)



Children’s sleep problems linked to impaired academic and psychosocial functioning
New Study (199)



Ship aground – 25 July 2020  

1,000 tonnes fuel leaked into the ocean

Coral reefs | idyllic beaches | pristine lagoons that lure tourists polluted (200)



Drinking church congregation connects to God with large amounts of alcohol during services (201)



International Youth Day – 12 August 2020

Theme for 2020

Youth Engagement for Global Action (202)



71,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2019

Trend driven by fentanyl and similar synthetic opioids

Cocaine and methamphetamine deaths rising

Billions $ spent to end the opioid epidemic (203)



Cannabis use in pregnancy linked to greater risk of autism
Largest study of its kind – 500,000 women

Despite warnings –
Evidence more are using cannabis in pregnancy



3 million adults so obese they qualify for bariatric surgery

£45 billion cost to the NHS | one third health budget (205)



1 in 4 people aged 18 – 24 seriously considered suicide

Americans having trouble adjusting to the strain of our new reality

Pandemic shows nation’s mental health languishing (206)



Laxative sales restrictions to stop misuse

Stricter regulations
Over age 18 | smaller packs | warnings (207)



Surge in domestic violence incidents nearly doubled

Higher incidence and severity of (IPV) physical intimate partner violence has increased during the pandemic
New Study (208)


Microplastics in the Atlantic Ocean up to 21 million tonnes
much higher than estimated

Disposable face masks most common litter now (209)



Female Feticide – 6.8 million fewer female births

Son considered asset to Indian family (210)



Officially entered recession

National debt has hit £2.6 trillion
First time in history

Passed 100% of the country’s GDP – 1st time in 50 years


Women age 80+ without children – set to triple by 2045
Office of National Statistics

The rise creates a substantial unmet need in the social care sector
especially care homes.

‘Putting social care on a sustainable footing is one of the biggest challenges our society faces.’
Department of Health and Social Care Spokesman (212)



Smartphones tell when you are drunk – New Study

Detecting changes in the way you walk (213)



World Health Organization experts say –
It is good to talk about mental health

People are struggling with their mental health

Rising levels of loneliness anxiety and depression



3 out of 4 employees avoid saying what they really think at work
New Study

50% lie at work because their boss and colleagues do not like to hear diverse opinions.

2 out of 5 admit lying was easier to agree. (215)



62.9% young adults aged 18 – 24 have the highest level symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

25% said they had seriously considered suicide
Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (216)




Largest cocaine laboratory found
Street value €4.5 – €6 million

120 tonnes of carrier material seized – mostly clothes laced with cocaine




Overdose casualties reach historic highs

Deaths from illicit drugs eclipse homicides, suicides, car crashes and Covid combined



Poor sleep linked to high blood pressure – 1st study of its kind (219)


Solid evidence of link between e-cigarettes & oral health

43% vapers had gum disease and oral infection (220)


California Wildfires – 2 million acres torched (221)


30% increase in depression symptoms for older caregivers of newly diagnosed dementia patients

Family members deeply affect each others’ health

New study – University of Michigan (222)



World Suicide Prevention Day – 10 September 2020
International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)

More deaths from suicide than war and homicide together (223)

800,000 people die from Suicide every year

3rd leading cause of death in 15 – 19 year olds (224)



Major Study

High Blood Pressure must be controlled by middle age or it can lead to irreversible damage

High Blood Pressure before age 55 – dramatic increased risk of heart attack



National Video Games Day – 12 September 2020

$18 billion video game industry

E-Sports – viable sport and a way to make money for many games


International Chocolate Day – 13 September 2020

Global chocolate market value
USD $44.35 billion in 2019 (227)


Nightclubs and electronic dance music festivals closed

Virtual raves millions attending
Many using illegal drugs

New study published International Journal of Drug Policy (228)



Royal College of Psychiatrists warning
soaring numbers mis-using Alcohol now

8.4 million drinking at higher risk levels

Data – adults drinking more since pandemic (229)



U.S. bans imports from China due to inhumane and illicit forced labour

Apparel | Cotton | Hair Products | Computer Parts
Millions of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities detained in camps and prisons (230)



69% increased risk of depression in patients previously hospitalised for physical diseases

First study ever to examine the correlation in a whole population between all physical diseases and the prognosis after a depression diagnosis (231)



Depression can be predicted with 90% accuracy by analysing a person’s heart rate over 24 hours

New Research Study (232)



New study of siblings finds moderate cannabis use impacts Cognitive functioning

Adverse effects cannot be explained by genetic and environmental factors alone (233)


Ground Breaking Study
Multiple stressors triggered by pandemic directly linked to acute stress and depression

Connection between mental health and exposure to media coverage (234)



Giant queues today – 22 September 2020
Panic buyers want toilet rolls, rice, pasta, tinned food

UK frenzied buying same as first lockdown in March (235)


Government’s smoking reduction target for pregnant women
‘Missed by a Decade’ – Analysis Finds

60,000 women smokers give birth (236)



Cannabis use during pregnancy skyrocketed

Link evidence of psychopathology in middle childhood
New Study

Researchers know little about the potential consequences of Prenatal cannabis exposure (237)


Teeth grinding | jaw clenching during sleep rising

Dentists seeing increased pain – migraines and tooth problems linked to pandemic stress (238)



World Tourism Day – 27 September 2020
United Nations

Theme – Rebuild Tourism in a Safe, Equitable Climate-Friendly Way (239)


1.4 billion use tobacco worldwide

2 million die each year from tobacco induced Heart Disease
New 2020 Report – World Health Organization

E-cigarettes contain highly addictive levels of nicotine and toxic substances (240)


World Heart Day – 29 September 2020

Theme: Use Heart to Beat Cardiovascular Disease (241)



Church of England approves compensation for sexual abuse survivors
Independent enquiry (242)




National Dental Hygiene Month – October 2020

3.58 billion people affected by oral diseases (243)


Domestic Violence Awareness Month – October 2020

Rise in Domestic Violence Worldwide During Pandemic

10 Million People Abused in USA

20 People Every Minute Physically Abused by an Intimate Partner (244)


National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Month – October

SCA – life threatening emergency that occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating (245)

Intermittent fasting does not work for weight loss – no evidence
New Study

Health fad boomed in popularity endorsed by celebrities, influencers and promising studies all on mice (246)



World Sight Day – 8 October 2020

2.2 billion people have vision impairment

2.6 billion people have myopia

1 billion people have vision impairment that could have been prevented (247)


World Homeless Day – 10 October 2020

Attempted Global Survey – United Nations 2005

100 million homeless worldwide (248)

1.6 billion people lack adequate housing (249)


World Mental Health Day – 10 October 2020 (250)



Even low levels of alcohol consumption in pregnancy impact on a child’s brain development
New Research Study (251)



Latest Evidence
Stress and Anxiety of the pandemic shows rise in cracked teeth in the last 6 months

Bruxing teeth, gnashing, grinding or clenched teeth due to stress usually happens at night (252)



International E-Waste Day – 14 October 2020

Awareness encouraging us to recycle e-waste

53.6 million metric tonnes worldwide of electronic waste generated in 2019 (253)


Global Handwashing Day – 15 October 2020
Hand Hygiene for all

Day to increase awareness and understanding about the importance of washing with soap (254)


World Food Day – 16 October 2020
We need a sustainable food system because we are all one (255)

1.6 billion tonnes of food waste




World Menopause Day – 18 October 2020

Purpose is to raise awareness and support improving health and well-being (257)




Age 4 – 6 teeth extractions under general anaesthetic


Stoptober (259)

Smoking is a leading risk factor for premature death and disability

Studies show few understand specific health risks of tobacco use



4 million deaths worldwide from Cholesterol

33% of deaths from heart disease and stroke (262)



Revenge porn helpline busiest year on record

Sexually explicit images
Videos with content to harm (263)



Consumption of fructose heightens inflammatory bowel disease – New Study

Inflammatory Bowel Disease rates are increasing worldwide

3 million Americans diagnosed with IBD every year (264)


FDA warns of dangers of common painkillers during pregnancy

Over the counter headache medication poses unique dangers to pregnant patients (265)



Turkey 7.0 magnitude major earthquake

Turkey and Greece among the most earthquake prone countries in the world

17,000 killed in 1999 – 7.6 magnitude earthquake (266)




Intentional self-harm
5th leading cause of death for Indigenous Australians
New Data

Suicide leading cause of death aged 5 – 17 years

Suicide – second leading cause of death for males (267)



Triple health threat –
Diabetes | Kidney Disease | High Blood Pressure

34 million Americans have Diabetes (268)


Rise in military suicides this year

35 active duty soldiers died by suicide in July 2020

Pandemic and relentless stress of 2020 affecting troops (269)



Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse – September 2020

Child exploitation “under reported” in England and Wales

Numbers affected are much higher than official records report (270)



Stomach Cancer Awareness Month
November 2020 (271) 

Stomach Cancer can grow slowly over several years without symptoms (272)



100,000 children in state care for the first time

Greater risks of lives characterised by poverty, drugs and crime

Increased risk during lockdown of exposure
Domestic Violence | Parental Substance Misuse (273)



90% adults have tension headaches

1.9 billion people affected by tension-type headaches in 2016 (274)



Unemployed highest since the Great Depression

41 million workers unemployed in pandemic

Employed people have greater symptoms of depression and anxiety (275)



Poor diet in children – results 20cm shorter

65 million children and adolescents
Age 5 – 19 years – data analysed

2000 studies over 34 years

Global nutrition policies focus on under age 5 (276)



Alcohol Awareness Week – 16 – 22 November 2020

53% drink alcohol for mental health reasons

1 in 3 people have been drinking alcohol at increasing or high-risk levels (277)



World Pancreatic Cancer Day – 19 November 2020

Pancreatic Cancer has lowest survival rate of all major cancers

3rd leading cause of cancer-related deaths in United States (278)


World Toilet Day – 19 November 2020
United Nations

4.2 billion people living without access to safely managed sanitation (279)


World Television Day – 21 November 2020

Household TV sets rise worldwide (280)

Why have we used television to distract, delude, amuse, escape, and insulate us from the realities of the world in which we live?
Edward Morrow 1954 (281)



Heading restrictions in football training

Increased Evidence
Brain injury diseases among former professional footballers


Safer Gambling Week – 19 – 25 November 2020 (283)


$10 Trillion – our world gambles annually



Millions drinking alcohol more heavily due to pandemic

Very socially acceptable coping mechanism (285)


1 in 5 problem gamblers increase activity in national lockdown

52% increase in gambling to ‘relieve boredom’

26% have more disposable income and more time to gamble (286)  



International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – 25 November 2020
United Nations

Since pandemic – emerging data showing all types of violence against women and girls intensified, especially domestic violence (287)



20.3 million Americans in total receiving some jobless benefits

1.1 million filed for 1st time unemployment benefits

6.4 million made continued jobless claims – benefits 2 weeks in a row

4.4 million rise in pandemic emergency unemployment compensation claims (288)



Young people’s anxiety levels doubled during 1st lockdown
New Study

Anxiety levels continued to remain high even after the restrictions eased (289)



E-cigarette users’ long-term health risk

69% increase in emphysema 

57% in COPD

33% chronic bronchitis

31% asthma

New study provides longitudinal evidence (290)


Largest Study ever on Cannabis

Past 50 years –
Street cannabis substantially stronger across the world (291)




Royal College of Psychiatrists
Seriously concerned lockdown causing severe mental illnesses

55% increase in emergency interventions

Increase in the severity of their disorder (292)



International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
2 December 2020

1 in 10 children subject to Child Labour

40 million people victims of modern slavery

Forced labour
Debt bondage
Forced Marriage
Human Trafficking (293)


Plastic waste travels thousands of kilometres – New Study

80% of plastic pollution found in oceans, transport from rivers. (294)



Cocaine becomes stronger and cheaper (295)

27% rise in cocaine related deaths among women (296)

Crack cocaine – complex and varied issues
Concentrated in areas of social deprivation (295)


Drug fatalities hit record high in England and Wales (296)



New Research
32% reported binge drinking during stay at home lockdown

Longer at home – greater odds of harmful alcohol (297)



International Anti-Corruption Day – 9 December 2020

Corruption is criminal, immoral and the ultimate betrayal of public trust
UN Secretary General (298)



UK government moves to crackdown on gambling

Age limit to be raised to 18 from 16 for National Lottery (299)



Heart Disease – leading cause of death worldwide

Major cause of disability and rising health care costs

Death toll continues to rise  

China has the highest number, then India, Russia, USA.



Depression directly associated with greater suicidal ideations in physicians

Burnout directly linked with increased risk of self-reported medical errors



£19.2 million – largest ever Crystal Meth seizure 

2.12 tonnes crystal methamphetamine disguised as tea 

Country battling major drug addiction problem (302)



High Blood Pressure at any age accelerates decline in cognitive performance

New Research Study American Heart Association Alaska

Affects – memory | verbal fluency | attention | concentration (303)



Israel to legalise cannabis for recreational use – age 21 and up (304)



Teenagers’ electronic cigarette use linked with increased odds of cigarette smoking with no previous smoking intention.
New Study (305)



Heart Disease and Stroke
killing more worldwide than ever before

New data from World Health Organization (306)



Obstructive Sleep Apnoea causes higher immediate heart rate
Associated with reduced daytime alertness (307)


1 billion people worldwide affected by Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (307)



Childless women – priests walk on them in the hope they will get pregnant

Ritual brings thousands from regions every year for this event (308)



Popular fruit and candy flavours added to vaping devices are cardiotoxic and disrupt heart normal electrical activity.



Large Observational Study – 1.5 million

Children and Teenagers diagnosed with Depression
Higher risk of 66 diseases, self-harm and premature death



Young adults who increased their use of social media were significantly more likely to develop depression within 6 months. (311)

Depression – leading global cause of disability worldwide
United Nations (311)



Tonne of Cocaine worth £100 million found in banana pulp (312)



$80 million worth of cocaine found on a ghost boat 

Island Police destroy 649kg in incinerator (313)



$79 million MDMA shipment concealed in excavator from UK (314)



Killings and Shootings are increasing

60% rise in domestic violence related homicides

300 homicides | 50% rise in non-fatal shootings | 7,000 guns seized | 5,500 arrests (315)



Elderly Abuse at “unprecedented levels” 

1 in 5 older people have been abused

30% do not view beating or hitting as abuse (316)



Heart Disease remains the number 1 killer

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of Dementia now among top 10 causes of death worldwide.

70% rise in Diabetes deaths globally between 2000 and 2019

People are living longer – but with more disability
World Health Organization 



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