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Dear World

TODAY is World Statistics Day – 20 October 2023

What if our World takes a serious STOP moment to read our last 2 articles with these statistics?

$92 TRILLION – 2022



WHY is this not front page news headlines for the next week and coming months so we can all wake up to what is actually going on in our world?

So we simply cannot just ignore the size of our debt that we have.

Worth reading our DEBT post and consider what is being presented.

What is clear is that we consume far more food than we actually need to live and we have a trillion dollar industry just for snacks and confectionery – both totally not needed and if our body could communicate with words it would say “Keep that junk away from me as it was never designed for this body”.


The following report card are some World Statistics this year so far…

For those that want these stats checked, scroll to the end for APA referencing.

Gun Related Deaths
87% increase in children’s gun related deaths in last decade

245% increase in Teenage Cannabis use over 20 years

99% Cervical Cancer linked to infection

Human Trafficking
27.6 million adults and children worldwide

$760 BILLION annual global expenditure

Childhood Obesity
Triple since 1980s

Fast Foods
52% eat fast foods in U.S. linked to liver disease

Chronic Kidney Disease
700 million affected by Chronic Kidney Disease – no cure

Food Addiction
1 in 8 over age 50 shows signs of Food Addiction

91% former NFL players had CTE

Childhood Cancer
400,000 children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer every year

Heart Failure
6.2 million adults in U.S live with Heart Failure

90% Americans exceed guidelines for salt

190 million women worldwide affected by Endometriosis

Teenage Porn
1 in 5 teenagers has a porn habit

2 BILLION UK Cocaine Market

Child Sexual Abuse
1000% rise in children sexually abused since 2019

Oral Diseases
3.5 billion affected by oral diseases worldwide

Drug Overdose Deaths
Drug overdose deaths quadruple in 20 years among older adults

100,000 nurses quit U.S. workforce during pandemic due to stress, burnout and retirements.

€40 Billion per year Europe incontinence costs

€320 Billion by 2030 (23)

2.2 million in England have ADHD

This is a very small report card.
By the end of 2023, Simple Living Global will publish over 600 WORLD STATISTICS.


United Nations on World Statistics Day
Theme – Connecting the world with data we can trust

What are the statistics on this post spelling out to us?
How are we going to use these statistics going forward?

Our statistics give us a reality check on what is really going on in our world today and we can no longer ignore we have a 911 in all areas of human life.

On that note…

Simple Living Global have been reporting WORLD NEWS daily since 2017 on X (formerly known as Twitter) with over 3,200 posts thus far.

We collate some of these posts and present a full report card at the end of each year.

The FULL report card for this year will be published on 31 December 2023.

For our backdated report cards on the state of our world – check these links








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