2020 World AGM

Dear World

Another New Year and a new decade

What on earth is going on in our world?

Simple Living Global reported a 911 Emergency back in September 2018 with serious statistics to wake us up and bring awareness to what is going on.

We have recently published 2019 Global News, which clearly confirms –

Humanity is in a disaster   
Things are getting worse

Our current model of life has failed us

Are we all ready to admit that the model of life we have subscribed to, is clearly not working?

Are we ready to start with saying –


Are we ready to get Real and get Honest about the state of our own life in every single area?

Are we anywhere near ready to wake up to the fact that our irresponsible ways of living could be WHY we have a world in a state of emergency?

Simple Living Global are calling the first ever World AGM.

Listen up world – it is now 2020

We can no longer pretend that things are ok when we know that life as it is has failed us.

Everyone on this planet has an invitation to the World Annual General Meeting.

The agenda for the 2020 World AGM is –

WHY have we continued to live a life that is a lie and way off from our natural state of being?

WHY have we allowed our education systems to dominate and dictate to us what Intelligence is?

WHY have we got so much corruption going on inside the systems we have created?

WHY have we aligned and subscribed to gaining more knowledge and memory recall?

WHY do we not accept the inner knowing and wisdom that each of us has within us?

WHY have we not given all of our children real education about the importance of Sleep?

WHY have we got Loneliness going on with 7 billion of us living on this planet?

WHY have we got a global Suicide epidemic on our hands now?

WHY have we now got modern day illnesses like Gambling and Gaming disorder?

WHY have we subscribed to the masses with screen time being a normal part of life?

WHY have we allowed Tobacco ingestion in any form to continue harming the human frame?

WHY have we endorsed E-Cigarettes as less harmfull when we all know it is not?

WHY are we championing Alcohol when science has told us it is a poison?

WHY have we got Caffeine to stimulate us when in truth it alters our natural state?

WHY have we become complacent about getting High Blood Pressure or Diabetes?

WHY have we got to the point where we have lifestyle choices giving us dis-eases in our body?

WHY are we ignoring the signs our body gives us by continuing to live irresponsibly?

WHY are we choosing to dump our Waste onto other countries and not take responsibility?

WHY have we ignored good old fashioned common decency and respect for self and others?

WHY have we got an overlooked public health crisis of Pornography which is worldwide? (1)


Dear World

The above agenda is enough to start with and when we ALL unite and get some clarity and answers, we can start to take steps in our Living way and change will happen for ALL of us.

In other words, we need to be the change we want for our world and until then things will continue to escalate at the current rapid rate.

A reminder for those who are not aware of the current state our world is in – please read the following report cards:

2019 News




(1) (2019, December 24). Pornography Consumption: The Overlooked Public Health Crisis. The Hill. Retrieved February 1, 2020 from





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