Cold Weather

Dear World

This is for All of us – even those with a spot of cold weather where we live.

How are we behaving when it comes to cold weather?

Are we very attentive to our body during cold weather?

What do we do or not do during the cold weather season?

Do we forget that the weather is cold outside and it’s winter?

Do we not bother with extra layers when it is cold outside?

Do we forget the cold weather as we stay in Holiday mode?

Do we keep the shorts and flip flops going when the seasons change and it really is cold weather outside?

Do we stand at the station platform in summer shorts when we have the weather app telling us it is 6 degrees outside?

Do we whinge and whine about the cold weather but never take the steps to support our body from feeling cold?

Do we have the fashionista thing going so it’s ankles on display or ripped jeans with flesh showing in cold weather?

Do we need the Social Media images to upload to give that ‘look’ even if our body is screaming that it is cold?

Do we become a bit numb and don’t realise how cold our hands and feet are everyday?

Do we go over the top with our layers of clothing but seem to forget that hat and gloves in cold weather would help?

Do we get caught in saving on heating inside but not wrap up warm as we are dis-connected from our body?

Have we had an allergy to cold weather and we brace ourselves throughout the cold season?

Are we shivering to the bone and yet it has not touched our awareness to wear an extra warm jumper?

Are we into detail but not when it comes to important things like wearing hat and gloves in cold weather?

Are we so out with the daisy fields that we have never considered wearing 2 pairs of socks?

Are we dressing for cold weather or do we just leave it as ‘normal’ that we have Cold Hands and Cold Feet?

Are we leaving the house without gloves and hats for our children, as that is not where we choose to put our Focus?

Are we drinking more Alcohol to numb our whole body from the cold weather?

Are we continuously checking the weather app on our phone as if it is going to move the temperature just for us?

Are we in a work environment that is even more difficult once the cold weather sets in for a few months?

Are we being Fooled with the new recycled material for jumpers and coats but they don’t really keep us warm?

Are we just into fashion, so we buy without checking the quality to see if it would support us in cold weather?

Are we caught up in the energy crisis so heating our home that little bit extra in cold weather will simply not happen?

Are we in the internal poverty momentum and that means money piling up in savings but no heating when we wake up?

Are we making a drama out of normal cold weather season when we know it comes without fail every year?

Are we eating more comfort foods during the cold weather spell as that is what the majority do, so we go along with that?

Are we struggling with coming off soda and cold drinks when the cold weather sets in?

Are we only going to do a hot drink in cold weather if it has Caffeine or Chocolate in it?

Are we never going to consider a hot soup that could be nourishing and supportive for our body in the cold weather?

Dear World

The above list of Questions are presented to ALL of us to consider.

We may not be aware that basic 101 taking care of our body requires us to adjust our lifestyle and that means our choices.

How we support our body in everyday life is super important and those of us that are miserable in the cold weather season ought to pay attention.

It is the Simple basic stuff that we can apply that would nurture and support our body if we remain Consistent with those caring and loving choices.

Ignoring the body and playing dumb like it doesn’t matter comes with consequences.

Take deep care of our body and that means not just clothes that keep us warm in cold weather but also what we ingest can and will benefit our body.

Our body responds well to warmth and heat because it can relax and that means it would be more settled.

So WHY would we not want that state of being instead of cold and contracted where the body seizes and starts to harden?

It makes sense to pay attention to cold weather and not ignore our body when it feels cold.





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