Dear World

It is time for ALL of us to buckle up and listen up.

Our world is in a mess and the time has come to pay attention as this stuff is not going away.

The following is a tiny micro snapshot of what is going on in our world today – 2023.

Let us not pretend any longer that it is not happening or turn a blind eye, as if it is not our problem.



78% young adolescents check their mobile phone hourly

46% constantly (1)



400,000 children and adolescents under age 20 are diagnosed with Cancer every year. (2)



90% Americans exceed guidelines for Salt – risk factor for High Blood Pressure and stroke.

50% contributed by Pizza, Bread, Cheese, Burgers, Cookies, Cakes, Bacon, Sausages, Frankfurters and Chicken Nuggets. (3)



Sex attacks on teenage girls rose during pandemic lockdown (4)



255,580 reports of children under age 18 sexually abused during pandemic lockdowns in 2022.

1000% rise since 2019 (5)



NHS treating children – young as 13 for Gaming Disorders (6)

Children as young as 9 exposed to online Pornography (7)



USA – 2022
245% increase in teenage Cannabis use over 20 years (8)



190 million Women affected by endometriosis worldwide (9)



Global Cocaine production reaches record levels as new trafficking hubs emerge. (10)



£2 billion – UK Cocaine market with 976,000 users
7 fold increase in Cocaine related deaths in 10 years (11)



Social isolation and Loneliness increase the risk of hospitalization or death from Heart failure. (12)



1 in 8 Americans over age 50 show signs of Food Addiction (13)



15 million children have Obesity – tripled since 1980s (14)



100,000 nurses quit the U.S. workforce during the pandemic due to Stress, burnout and retirements. (15)



90% Cardiac arrests outside hospital are fatal (16)



Radiological Society of North America

The brains of military personnel exposed to explosions show an abnormal accumulation of amyloid-beta protein.

Abnormal amyloid accumulation was seen in 66% of study participants exposed to explosions.

Amyloid-beta protein accumulation has been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Research over the last several decades suggests a relationship between repetitive or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) and abnormal amyloid-beta accumulation.

TBI can result from indirect sources such as shockwaves from battlefield explosions. (17)



Menthol flavour E-Cigarette liquids associated with worse lung function in smokers.

Menthol vapers took shallower breaths and had poorer lung function.

Vaping products market continues to expand worldwide.
Mint and menthol remain among the top popular choice of youth.

Even nicotine-free mix contain compounds that can damage lungs. (18)



GLOBAL – 2022
Tonsil and base of tongue cancers increasing in Europe and North America, especially in youth non-smokers, due in the large part to infection with HPV. (19)

Virus (HPV) transmitted through vaginal, anal and oral sex toys (20)

Throat Cancer on the rise in young adults, which usually are a low risk group. (19)




1 in 5 teenagers have a Porn habit

1 in 10 felt addicted to Pornography (21)



Drug overdose fatalities among older U.S. adults quadrupled over 20 years.

75% un-intended deaths involved illicit drugs like Methamphetamines, Fentanyl, Heroin and Cocaine. (22)



£1 million drugs seized with guns and swords
222 arrested and 177 vulnerable people safeguarded by Police

Modern Slavery – horrendous emotional and physical abuse
Coerced through violence, blackmail and debt bondage to hold and supply drugs. (23)



Fentanyl overdose deaths quadrupled in 5 years
Death rates highest among young adults

279% rise from 2016 to 2021

Rate overdose deaths with Cocaine and Methamphetamine also increased. (24)


Dear World

This small report card tells us THIS IS SERIOUS.

We cannot ignore what is happening and if we are supposedly the most intelligent species on earth, then we better get on the front foot and address all this mess that we have created.

What if there is Another Way?




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Comments 1

  1. Brigham and Women’s Hospital – 8 August 2023

    A new study finds women who consumed Sugar sweetened beverages daily had a higher risk of developing Liver Cancer or Chronic Liver Disease.

    65% of adults in the United States consume sugar sweetened beverages daily. Chronic liver disease is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.

    This is the first study to report an association between sugar sweetened beverage intake and chronic liver disease mortality.

    This was an observational study of 98,786 post-menopausal women who were followed for more than 20 years.

    Those that consumed one or more sugar sweetened beverages daily had an 85% higher risk of liver cancer and 68% higher risk of chronic liver disease mortality compared to those who had fewer than 3 sugar sweetened beverages per month.

    Dear World

    This is super Serious and deserves our attention.

    FOR THE RECORD – the content of this comment has also been published on our Women article. We tend not to duplicate but where it is needed, we will do so and this is one such comment.

    THIS IS SERIOUS and therefore it has a place on this particular blog for that reason.

    Of course this study can be dismissed by those that want facts and numbers. We have still not reached the point where we unite and accept that if almost 100,000 women are saying something and we have them voicing what they consume daily, then we need to note this and not wait for more research that fits our agenda of delay. Yes, while we wait for more data and our researchers to analyse and hypothesise, we need to be reminded that we are nowhere near closer to finding out how on earth this is happening and what is really going on?

    Our world has relied heavily on evidence and when we receive the study, there is always more to research and it gives us something that we know is called delay in the inevitable. Time to wake up world, this is such a serious study we cannot ignore it.

    We ALL know sugar is poison to our body. Our body is communicating that sugar is causing our liver to not function in its natural state and this needs to be addressed.

    WHY are we not going there with the questions –
    WHY do we need sugary drinks everyday?
    WHY are we using sugar to prop us up and what would happen if the prop was not there?

    Are we prepared to admit that without the sugar fix, we may simply not be able to even function?

    How are women living that gives rise to relying on sugar to hit the body to keep going?

    How are women coping with life if sugar drinks are needed every single day when we know sugar alters our natural state?

    How many women are aware that their one or few drinks with sugar everyday has serious consequences?

    What is happening to women who RE post-menopausal that sugar intake everyday is the norm?

    Without asking sensible questions, we will remain the statistic of ill health when in fact we could make changes that will receive a different response from our body.

    What if these women made adjustments because they are educated or presented with the facts of what happens when we consume sugary drinks daily?

    What if these women then became real role models for the younger generations so they reflect by their everyday lived way that it is possible?

    AND finally, what if those like the author of this website and this comment are the ones that present, not because they need the recognition but because they have a body that does not have daily sugar filled drinks?

    There is something about listening and receiving common sense presentations from those that live what they say. In other words, they walk the talk and talk the walk. They are coming directly from something that they live and it holds value and most, if not all of us would feel that on some level or have already experienced that. There is no fake sale or trying to convince or preach something. It just is. Take it or leave it.

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