Dear World

Could any of the following possibly ring true or can we identify our self somewhere in between the words…?

FOR THE RECORD – we are currently not going great as individuals or a collective.

FOR THE RECORD – we have all been told there is a global pandemic and we need to adhere to the rules.

FOR THE RECORD – England suicides hit a record high in 2019 and 74% of deaths were among males. (1)

FOR THE RECORD – researchers are already out there with new studies telling us how social isolation is having a significant impact on our Mental Health1 and wellbeing. (2)

FOR THE RECORD – Anxiety is now leading the way in terms of ill Mental Health2 because of lockdown rules.

FOR THE RECORD – we have been warned by the experts that we are going to have a tsunami of mental illness as we come out of lockdown. (3)

FOR THE RECORD – many people are struggling with their Breathing because wearing a face mask comes under rules and regulations of government.

FOR THE RECORD Breathing difficulties will now be needing our attention, because our new look includes having to wear face masks for long periods in our job.

FOR THE RECORD – designer face masks are already available to buy.

FOR THE RECORD – hiding behind the sunglasses and face mask is our new normal.

FOR THE RECORD – we have face masks for our pets. (4)

FOR THE RECORD – face masks and hand sanitisers will be the next multi-billion dollar industry.

FOR THE RECORD – the movie makers are getting us the new films on our TV screens as they know that we cannot go out to the cinema due to rules and regulations.

FOR THE RECORD – we are finding ways to stay awake or in front of a Screen when we could be Sleeping.

FOR THE RECORD Social Media is coming up with even more Crazy ways to function and keep going in life.

FOR THE RECORD – flashing screen advertising has gone to a new level, where it is almost impossible to read the content you want on the page.

FOR THE RECORD – live streaming is now all day and everyday around the clock – this is the new normal.

FOR THE RECORD – normal is when the majority, the masses are all doing it. Nothing to do with whether it is right, wrong or true.

FOR THE RECORD – not talking to anyone we meet is now very normal and acceptable in society.

FOR THE RECORD – ignoring people we see on our streets is the new way of social distancing.

FOR THE RECORD – crossing the road if we are getting close to someone approaching is classed as following the rules and regulations.


FOR THE RECORD – keeping kids at home with all the entertainment and food they want is still not doing the job.

FOR THE RECORD – children age 8 showing signs of Diabetes. (5)

FOR THE RECORD – celebrity chefs are working hard with even more stay at home cooking Recipes.

FOR THE RECORD – our favourite restaurant and cafes may not survive the new distancing rules.

FOR THE RECORD – ordering via an app and getting a takeaway delivery to our door is on the rise.

FOR THE RECORD – Snacks are our new in-between eat as much as you like ‘stay at home Lifestyle’ choice.

FOR THE RECORD – hair and nail salons are not all going to make it once they reopen, as many customers may just continue with the no care policy they have developed during lockdown days.

FOR THE RECORD – some of us have gone under the radar and against the laws of our country, as our hair and beauty need attention.

FOR THE RECORD – lining up in a queue for the supermarket is the new way of shopping.

FOR THE RECORD – most food in UK supermarkets in not from the UK and that includes potatoes.

FOR THE RECORD – there are plenty of toilet rolls so we do not need to panic buy anymore.

FOR THE RECORD – the price of hand sanitisers is now at an all-time high.

FOR THE RECORD – sales of pyjamas, slippers and other stay at home gear is on the rise. (6)

FOR THE RECORD – active wear is sold out in the superstore supermarkets.

FOR THE RECORD – bicycles are sold out as we all want to get outdoors now and ride a bike.

FOR THE RECORD – we are over indulging in our Online Shopping as that seems to be our daily Focus and Priority.

FOR THE RECORD – we are putting on the weight fast and doctoring with photoshop is not making us Happy.

FOR THE RECORD – our wild behaviour is not the usual standard but it seems that staying at home for months has somehow precipitated this side of us.

FOR THE RECORD – pet theft has become an enormous horrific organised crime in lockdown. (7)

FOR THE RECORD – some of us are doing dodgy Business that once upon a time would never have crossed our mind, but now it just seems like a bit of fun.

FOR THE RECORD – we are acting like someone else now as we are fed up with the old person who had that other life pre-lockdown.

FOR THE RECORD – some of us are not getting the checked out and numb feeling from our usual dose of Alcohol, so we are now partaking in some serious Drugs.

FOR THE RECORD – Spain has a cocaine hotline service with a call centre and guaranteed delivery in 20 minutes. (8)

FOR THE RECORD – we are seeing weird behaviour on our streets and pretending it’s not going on. Reporting it would mean taking action and that means Responsibility.

FOR THE RECORD – we have lost our sense of purpose and Commitment1 to life, hence the casual Pj look all day and every day.

FOR THE RECORD – UK has a 911 as their debt is currently bigger than the size of the whole economy. (9)

FOR THE RECORD – do we need to start with a serious dose of Honesty and admit what we have been up to in the past 3 months?

FOR THE RECORD – would it be a wise move to not take on board everything we hear and read, as it may be off track and not the true Truth.


FOR THE RECORD – Simple Living Global is Getting on With It – reporting and presenting with the same level of Commitment2 and dedication as before – in other words no change in our movements, just Business as usual.

FOR THE RECORD – Simple Living Global have increased their Focus Commitment and Dedication in the last 3 months.

FOR THE RECORD – Simple Living Global have never done a cut ‘n’ paste job. In other words, every single word on this website has been typed by the author.

FOR THE RECORD – Simple Living Global take due care and attention to detail when it comes to any references on this website.


Dear World

FOR THE RECORD – Our whole world has changed and life will never ever be the same again.

How we adjust and move in daily life will have an impact on our days ahead and this means looking at our standards and where they are at. 

Have we maintained them to a point, or have we raised the bar and upped the standards we used to hold?

Or – have we recently dropped our standards big time?

Or – have we got lower standards that are now normal?




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  1. FOR THE RECORD – Wild animals are not for humans to look at in an artificial environment, like a circus or zoo. We ALL know that. They are designed to live in the wild in the climate of the country they are from.

    This website is for humanity, so we could say why is there any need to place a comment about animals. Well it is worth a mention, so that it goes out in the field and on the grid. That means it is no longer just a small news story circulating in our national newspapers where we read it, repeat it and mis-interpret but never question why, what, how it has happened.

    A female rhinoceros in a zoo in Europe gets a new male enter her space for one purpose – to mate, which is part of the zoo’s breeding program.
    As he made his initial move, she runs off and the chase continues for approximately 15 minutes. She slipped and landed in a shallow pool and was unable to get up because she was exhausted, according to the zoo. She drowned and died.

    For the record, a rhino weighs around 2,000 kg and that is all muscle and horn.

    Dear World

    What on earth are we doing when it comes to other species residing on the same plane of life as we are?

    Why are we interfering with their natural habitats, their cycles and rhythms and their evolution when most of us don’t even know much about them?

    We must not and cannot blame the zoo’s and those that profit from this type of business. They are simply there because we, the spectators want to see a rhino have a baby rhino, which was never designed by nature to happen in a zoo in Europe. These animals are from the wild in Africa or Asian countries, like Indonesia.

    Back to us, yes us the consumer, the customer with the insatiable appetite to want to be a spectator and visit un-natural enclosures where wild animals are housed and fed and made, call it forced to mate so the cycle of our demand can continue. Let us be frank here – we demand first and then the supplier shows up and delivers what we demand.

    If one day the general public made the choice to sense and see that there is zero purpose in having an animal from the wild spend its entire life in closed and confined spaces, just for our visual entertainment and distraction, things would be very different. These zoo’s would no longer have campaigners and all their staff and businesses would have to find other work as the industry would just die. Until such time we can expect to see or hear of more types of tragic and un-necessary stories, such as this one.

    Could it be possible that this death, which most certainly could have been avoided, is a communication telling us and giving us a message if we care to listen or at least be open to the fact, that this may not be the truth? In other words, the way we are going about keeping animals in zoos may be retarding their evolution as a species on earth?


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