Dear World

Who on earth right now would be interested in this word?

Do we know what it means to just STOP and PAUSE ?

Before we go any further…
Read our JUST STOP blog for starters and get practicing that first.

We could say PAUSE is the Part 2.
It is not possible to pause unless we do Part 1 – JUST STOP

What does the dictionary have to say about this word PAUSE?

  • Interrupt action or speech briefly

  • Temporarily interrupt the operation of a process or device

  • A temporary stop in action or speech

  • Cause someone to think carefully or hesitate before doing something


  • Late middle English: from Old French, from Latin pausa, from Greek pausis ‘to stop’ (1)

Hello Hello

Can we join the dots here and look at what we are being told this word means before we all just move on?

Pause means we interrupt our speaking or when we are taking action.
The key word in this is the word interrupt.

Most of us grew up being told never to interrupt another when they are speaking, so of course it would be ‘normal’ to never pause, as the dictionary tells us pause relates to the word interrupt.

We also learnt from a young age to not interrupt, when another is in action – that means they are doing something.

Next –

If we are doing something and it is important – what chances are there of us taking a break, a moment to just pause, if we view this as interruption of the task in hand, because the dictionary definition tells us that word pause means to interrupt our action?

Do we think we will be lost for words, if we just stop and pause?

Do we think a brief moment to pause is going to change everything?

Do we feel an interruption is the last thing we want, so we don’t pause?

Do we think it’s a good or bad thing to stop and pause but never explore what is true for us in any given moment?

The next bit that is worth pondering on is that pause can also mean we need to think carefully.

How can we do this if all our thinking is off track, we know it and we are not in a great place in life to even know what our thoughts are feeding us to do or not do, let alone take a moment off from it all and just pause?

In other words, we cannot even trust our thoughts in that moment.

Next –

Let us consider the origin of this word Pause.
To keep it Simple – it means to stop. 

So how on earth have we – Yes we, the most Intelligent species on this planet, got the word, meaning to stop to where it is today, telling us all that it means interrupt action or speech?

Are we getting it and is this making sense?

We seem to have lost the essence – the very meaning of the actual word and what that is. In other words, the truth of the word is no longer there for us as we could say – it has been distorted, changed, amended or simply altered and we, the masses go with it, without any questioning.

Next –

A reminder worth noting from Part 1 repeated so we get it…

Why are most of us simply not interested when it comes to considering that a STOP moment may be exactly what we need?

The world is spinning fast around us or so it seems that way to us.

We have heaps to get on with and just not enough hours in the day.

We feel anxious at the very thought of having to face another day.

We tell ourselves we have no time to Just Stop and take a pause.

We get fed all these ugly thoughts that we are not good enough, so we keep going with our Pushing to do More, More, More (another blog worth reading) and things seem to be getting worse.

We use our mind to escape as we feel overwhelmed with the non-stop go, go, go behaviour we have become used to.

Pun intended ‘non-stop’ – yes we just keep on with no stop button in sight to say “it’s ok to stop now”.

We want to move our life from the fast track, which is Crazy Days every day and we keep saying we are going to change, but not yet realised that first we have to Stop and take a PAUSE moment.

How else can we reflect on what has happened and what would support us in life to do or not do if we just keep going without any PAUSE ?

What if there are benefits to taking time out, by just pressing the pause button – not to escape, fantasise, indulge or be irresponsible but to simply put life on hold for one moment, so we can review what is really going on?

What if STOP and PAUSE go one after the other and should be part of our self-medication? In other words, we use them as if they are our daily medicine and that means we are choosing to take Care.

What if we lock into our Foundation, regular pause moments throughout our day and see what comes up for us?

What if we remind ourselves that it is important to just PAUSE in between tasks every day and get into the habit of doing so?

What if we used our PAUSE moments to see what we have created that is clearly not working and what is working that is flowing in our life?

What if we used the PAUSE as a regular way of checking in with ourselves and see what we feel about what just happened?

What if we use the PAUSE time wisely and that means no Social Media or any Screen Time or chit chat and see how that may benefit us?

What if the very act of making the effort to PAUSE will change things because we are giving ourselves some space – not to act or re-act but just be still and Connect to what we are sensing in that moment.

As it was said in the sister blog – Just Stop

What would our world be like with a real PAUSE?

Is this word needed right now more than ever before so that we can all EVOLVE?

Could it be that Simple?



(1) (n.d). Lexico. Retrieved June, 19, 2021 from




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