Digital Footprints

Dear World

Let’s talk about this topic that most of us may not be aware of.

Every single time we go online we are leaving a Digital Footprint.

In our everyday life, we walk and we move and that means we leave footprints – be it inside our home or outside.

What if our footprints do matter and they do make a Real difference?

What if the same goes for our online behaviour – we leave a Digital Footprint with what we put out there.

What are we busy uploading on Social Media in our moment of crazy behaviour that we later Regret or Blame others for?

What are we using this cyber world for and what does it give us?

Are we in it to be noticed, get rewarded, seek recognition, have attention, be different, try and fake it till we make it?

In other words what is our intent – our agenda behind what we do online?

More to the point – what is the purpose of our digital footprints that we post out there every single day, be it an email, a text message, a chat or any other form of Social Media or Internet activity that we engage in?

Example – we have a website

  • What is the purpose of having a website in the first place?
  • What is the digital footprint we put out there for the world?
  • What do others get from us having a website out there?
  • Are we just in it for advertising our stuff to make money?
  • Are we leaving a digital footprint that holds a type of quality?
  • In other words, a vibration that others can sense and feel?
  • Are we in it for I, me, myself, but we think we can hide that fact and wing it with dishonesty, like we really are about people before profit?

Simple Living Global launched this website with their first blog posted on 31 January 2016. They claim to be a “website for humanity”.

5 years have passed, so let us take a look at what Digital Footprint has been left for humanity.

Their purpose was and continues to be – Bring Awareness to Humanity.
They heard the call from the people and they responded.

People were asking Questions – many can feel Something Is Not Right – so much misery, Stress and suffering. Illness and disease rising rapidly, Drugs and Alcohol at meteoric levels and our Solutions keep coming and yet we are getting more Sick.

We have no Handbook on this earth about how to live a human life.
Our education system does not teach simple 101 practical ways to live.

The following is a library –
a go to for those that are ready to Question our current model of life because they know and can feel Something Is Not Right.

The following categories on the website home page gives a generic title of what the articles on this website are about:

Back to Basics


Children | Youth

Christmas | New Year


Drugs | Alcohol


Food | Drink

Health | Wellbeing


Life Questions

Lifestyle Choices

Mental Health

Months of the Year

News | Media


Our Planet



Screen Time

Self Care

Simple Housekeeping


The Body



World Days | National Days


Next –

We have a Real Truth series about important topics on health and wellbeing that present the stats and the facts and so much more…


The Real Truth about:

Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
Mental Health

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This is the fully whammy to date – starting with our number 1 blog

Is There Another Way?
Why Do We Get Sick?
Why is Coffee Big Business?
We Are What We Eat
Cold Hands, Cold Feet
Heartburn – Common Sense
Questions Questions
Have we Lost the Plot?
Passport to Get Real
World Health Day
Building your Foundation
Keep it Simple
Expression is Everything
World Asthma Day
Chronic Fatigue
What is Intelligence?
Gossip, Judgment & Cursing
Champagne Lifestyle, Lemonade Money
The Truth about Dairy
Lying is not Normal
International Day Against Drug Abuse
The War Inside Us
Independence Day
Gluten is a Glue
The Real Truth about Marijuana
World Day against Trafficking in Persons
Understanding Sport
The Real Truth about Amphetamines
Why do we Blame
Letting Go
Do Nothing, Do Something
The Real Truth about Alcohol
Forgot or Lost Something
Mental Health
Living a See Through Life
World Internet Day
Get Honest – Get to Truth
What is our Priority?
TV – Television
Karma Karma
More more more
Perfect Life
Are we a Careless Society?
New Year
Do Diets Work?
Recipe for Life
Common Cold
Female Genital Mutilation
Bored with Life
Getting Away with It
Flying Business Class to Heaven
World Kidney Day
The Real Truth about Sleep
International Day of Happiness
Commitment to Life
Our Earth
Be Gentle
Listening to Other People
What is Intelligence? – Part 2
High Blood Pressure
Nil by Mouth
The Real Truth about Tobacco
Eating Disorders
Global Wellness
Social Media
Tell the Truth Day
Feet and Footwear
Making Mistakes
Stop Swearing and Shouting
What if…
Youth – Part 2
Our Car
Life in the Fast Lane
Dodgy Emails
Video Gaming
Holding On
Our Heart
Just Incase Syndrome
Double Life
Vices and Secrets
The Real Truth about Spice
Hot Talk
Sitting on the Fence
Solutions, Solutions
Fast Food | Junk Food
Are we being Fooled?
Closing Cycles
Blog 100
Overdoing It
Crazy Days
Take 2
Raynaud’s Disease
Jet Lag
Plug in and Connect
The Real Truth about Caffeine
World Health
Commitment to Life – Part 2
Do Less | Be More
Get on with It
Closing our Eyes
Just Stop
Mirror Mirror
The Real Truth about Tobacco – 2
Fear of Missing Out
Real Talking
Heart Handshake
Tidy Up
Our World as a Business
Toilet Talk
Excuses Excuses
What if…Part 2
Odd Jobs
9 o’clock Hoover
Pots and Pans
Dear World
Waking Up
Cleaning our Glasses
Living in the Danger Zone
The Real Truth about Stress
Self Care
Living in the Flow Zone
Vitamins and Supplements
End of Year
Christmas Waste
Christmas Shopping
2018 News
New Year Resolutions
The Real Truth about Obesity
Children’s Mental Health
Empty the Trash
Just Talk
Salt Awareness
Alarm Clocks
Oral Health
Pending Trays
Anti Depressants
Day Off
Food Waste
Back to Basics
Are We Really Smart
Push Push Push
The Real Truth about Tobacco – 3
Our World | Our Waste
Say It as It is
The Real Truth about Opioids
Something is Not Right
Simple Living
Nothing to Declare
Drinking Water
Passing Water
What if…Part 3
Slowing Down
Can’t Wait
Sorting Things Out
Heart – Part 2
Online Shopping
World Mental Health
Toilet Cleaning
Double Standards
True Actions | Empty Words
Atrial Fibrillation
Black Friday
Christmas Party Mode
Another Year Over
Christmas Day
2019 News
Dry January
Citizen Journalism
People Health Education
Life Lessons 101
Blog 200
2020 World AGM
Making our Bed
Late Nights
Emails – Housekeeping Guide
DIY – Life Manual
Daily Routine
Walk the Talk
Another Way to Live
Boring Jobs
For the Record
Hand Care
Feet Care
Because We Can
Setting Standards
Finish the Job
Simple Lifestyle
The Real Truth about Gambling
The Real Truth about Cocaine
2020 Global News

Next – Reality Check

A grand total of 225 published by the end of year 5.
Call them blogs, articles, tablets of wisdom or gold.
They deliver Another Way to live that is very Simple.

Simple Living Global now has a strong and sound Digital Footprint on the Internet to inspire others of what is possible – nothing more and nothing less.

We have raised the marker and set the tone for a decent and respectable Standard, by taking full responsibility for what we put out there into the world.

In other words, we take our online presence seriously and have no intention of dropping our standards.

We are taking responsibility for all the material we publish online because it leaves a Digital Footprint.

We have the utmost decency and respect for the whole of humanity and have no intention of bringing harm to our fellow brothers or to the online space we occupy out there in cyber cyber world.

Is it time for us ALL to be honest and reflect on our Digital Footprint?

Have we considered that what we put online affects All of us, even if it suits us to say it does not?

AND Finally – we ought to consider that our offline behaviour is no different to our online movements and that means our footprints do matter, as they are one and the same.

Our Digital Footprint is not a licence to drop our standards.







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