Setting Standards

Dear World

What on earth is setting standards about and who would be interested?

Where are we as a world when it comes to setting standards?

When did we drop the ball and stop setting proper standards for others to see and feel?

Who would be inspired in our world if we made the Commitment1 to uphold a set of Real standards?

How are we living as individuals and what standards do we have that set the tone for living human life?

Have we totally forgotten the value and importance of setting standards as a Foundation for life?

Are we part of the ‘let’s not bother brigade’ so setting standards is nowhere on the radar in our lives?

Are we the ones who hate what others do but dismiss the fact we do not maintain even basic standards?

Are we winging it in the setting standards department because we are currently in this ‘global pandemic’?

Are we leaving the bathroom in a mess as we get up later and later and have no time to take some action?

Are we known for not having any set standards when it comes to Toilet Cleaning?

Are we living in chaos as we never seem to Tidy Up and keep up decent standards at home?

Are we the ones who never make our Bed as that standard is not something we subscribe to?

Do we set standards at work and expect staff to obey but in our home life – no real standards at all?

Do we have this habit of wanting our kids to have standards but forget we need to set and live them?

In other words, we need to be Consistent and maintain our basic standards and by reflection they can see and feel this is Real, possible and doable.

However, if we are all over the place and choose not to Commit2 to basic standards, then we can expect chaos, Complications and a lack of Focus from our kids.

The following are some Basic standards that we could uphold in a Simple and practical way.

First we need to set the tone and that means get Real and Commit2 to change.

No point thinking about it and delaying it.
If we want real change then Real Action is needed.

We can apply this by being sensible and taking Responsibility from this moment on for the choices we are making, be it the small stuff or the big decisions.

Being irresponsible in any way is not setting a True standard for this world.

Next – reflect with a dose of Honesty on how we are choosing to live that may be avoiding Responsibility.

Some examples that we can relate to are –

Staying up late which then affects our Sleep and we are not productive the next day at work.

Going out drinking Alcohol because it’s the weekend and making no preparations for the coming week.

Racing out of the front door leaving things unfinished because we are in a rush to get out and not be late.

Living in a way where we cannot find things and getting stressed because we are in a mess.

Making out we got no time to take care of the housework when we are out partying.

Giving the kids their ‘treats’ and keeping them out beyond bedtime and not sticking to their routine.

Having an argument and letting that fight continue throughout the day like an internal dialogue.

Some of us may relate to these Real life examples and others may have their own list.

The point is our world is not currently operating with Real standards and where we do have some, they are not upheld Consistently and so they fall by the wayside.  This then gives others permission to do the same.

What if we stick to our standards and not shout from the rooftops or advertise or any other form of championing, but simply make the effort and commitment to follow them through day in and day out?

We need to set standards that inspire others to be the same.

A brilliant example of that is the Simple Living Global website.

This website sets the standard for the world wide web as it presents Real life topics and is not asking for anything in return.

  • Not asking for subscription payments to read
  • Not wanting any followers or marketing tactics
  • Not looking to be high in the Google rankings
  • Not bad mouthing or naming and shaming anyone
  • Not seeking recognition or identification from others

We are setting the standard that it is possible to publish blogs Consistently and not deviate from our original aim – to bring awareness to the people.

Nothing more and nothing less.




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  1. Most of us tend to have bad experiences when it comes to the agents of the estate world. This could be real estate or rentals – those who sell, let or manage properties.

    I can say from my own life and from other friends and colleagues, that there seems to be an undercurrent that is felt when it comes to the pushy sales, be it buying or selling or renting. The undertone is always about profit and the property market is known for this.

    Very rare would we find someone who is there to support us through the process, knows their stuff and has no force coming through to sell anything to you.

    Well I met a guy today called Khilan who was super genuine and very transparent. What I mean is he said it how it was and told us what he can do and with his wealth of experience in this area, we were signposted and given much needed advice. No sales pitch and no extra talking trying to delude us in anyway.

    He also shared a video of his new refurbished property and the standard was high for a rental.

    I say this because having viewed a ton of properties recently, we seem to forget that our standards are so different that we could only say it is a blindspot. How can we live a certain way but be prepared to rent out at top dollar, a property that is sub-standard and that means well below what the price tag demands?

    A friend in the housing business tells me there is a demand for rentals in the city and regardless of the actual state, there will be some people out there saying yes and so it continues – disgusting low maintenance properties up for rent and the tenants will pay.

    Until we start to raise our standards as individuals, we can expect this type of business to continue.

    Thank God there are agents like Khilan who are not making it all about profit but considering all people as equals. Our world needs more agents like this so that we can turn the tides of greed and profiting from others before human life.

    This website has a code of conduct well worth reading

    It says we put PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT and that standard will never change.

    Imagine a world where more are aligned to this way of living and running a business.

  2. Just talking to a colleague about our standards in workplaces.

    This may not seem like the obvious or something most of us may not have even questioned or considered.

    I shared my recent experiences with utility companies, telecommunications and mobile phone companies. On 2 occasions I wanted to contact the staff members’ manager to send my feedback regarding the great level of service I had received. I was told that no names or emails could be given. My question was WHY as it was not a complaint?

    My colleague said their experience when dealing with government and other systems in society, emails are sent with no name and on some just initials. This is happening a lot and not just in one off situations. They have generic inboxes and this is systemic and of course nothing is ever said so they get away with it. It being no name means no responsibility, no accountability and no consequences. If we don’t give our name to formal communication what message are we really sending out?
    WHY do businesses operate in this way and who is setting the standards?

    What was interesting is reading about utility and telecommunication companies showing off extremely low statistics for complaints. I had over 6 hours of dealing with the most appalling service from a provider of internet services and landline. Having been with them for over 40 years holds no value at all. After being told lie upon lie and fobbed off to yet another staff member who would help, we got to the end where they agreed a formal complaint should be made. However, it was dealt with in a way that now makes sense to me. They call it resolution and that means it gets dealt with and they tell you it is resolved so complaint erased, so to speak. But the truth is this is a complaint and should be added to their statistics, but of course it is not. So when I read in my national newspaper how extremely low their complaints are per 100,000 I realised the whole thing is not true but they get away with it.

    Most, if not all of us will never take it any further let alone voice it. I was the same but to go on this website and have an appropriate blog to comment on means I have expressed what I feel. It matters not if no one reads this. My job is done. I have said it as it is with no holding back.

    My take is if more of us done this we would stamp out the lies that run society and getting away with it would simply not exist. We would hold everyone accountable for their actions or lack of responsibility. Setting standards in our society in every area is important if we are to ever evolve out of the sub standards we currently live in and seem to accept with no questions.

  3. The Guardian – 30 September 2023

    Regulating invasive cosmetic procedures in the UK is “an absolute nightmare”.

    Concerns raised over qualification of practitioners and organisations that accredit them.

    A new study found many organisations in the UK were not meeting best practices for effective self-regulation.

    The president of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons urged people considering procedures to check their doctor was registered as a plastic surgeon on the General Medical Council’s specialist register, which lists those qualified to work as consultants in the UK.

    Concerns were also raised about the growing number of organisations with credible-sounding names that surgical and non-surgical practitioners can advertise themselves as members of. These do not necessarily check the credentials of applicants, making it difficult for the public to identify reputable practitioners.

    “The word ‘college’ is not a protected word.
    You could run a weekend course in liposuction and then send participants away with a certificate and that person can then advertise that they are qualified, certified practitioner, which is what is happening.”
    M. Ragbir – Consultant Plastic Surgeon | Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
    President of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

    According to the analysis, 3,000 complaints about botched procedure received by the government-approved register during the year –
    86% reported not being appropriately consented prior to treatment
    93% were unaware that serious complications could occur
    84% were ignored or blocked by their practitioner when they tried to seek help

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