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New results from the largest UK community science study of its kind shows that 14-hour fasting improves hunger, mood and Sleep.

The results from the trial were presented this month by researchers at King’s College, London at the European Nutrition Conference.

“This is the largest study outside of a tightly controlled clinic to show that intermittent fasting can improve your health in a real world setting. The findings show that you do not have to be very restrictive to see positive results.
A 10-hour eating window, which was manageable for most people and improved mood, energy levels and hunger.
We found for the first time that those who practised time-restricted eating but were Not consistent day to day, did not have the same positive health effects as those who were dedicated every day.”
Dr. Sarah Berry – School of Life Course & Population Sciences (1)

“This study adds to the growing body of evidence showing the importance of how you eat. The health impact of food is not just what you eat but the time at which you consume your meals. An eating window is an important dietary behaviour that can be beneficial for health. Findings show that we do not need to be eating all the time.
Many people will feel satiated and even lose weight if they restrict their food to a 10 hour window.”
Kate Bermingham PhD – King’s College London (1)


This is the first time I am publicly sharing about ‘fasting’.

I am a living science as we all are.

I am the author of this website for humanity and I take this job very seriously.

I do not live in a laboratory and I do not need to be tested under controlled conditions of any kind.

I am the walking, talking and LIVING evidence of what is possible when we fast.

I DO NOT ever follow any social media trend, research study or anything I have read online or anything in a newspaper, journal or magazine.

I have been fasting for decades and it has been reviewed and refined to the point now where it is my absolute normal.

The way it happened was changing my focus to what I know and can sense holds purpose-full activity. This means not doing anything that does not truly serve to support others or bring about real change. 

Example – late night eating is simply not on my radar and never will be.

I do not allow myself to be in a situation where I need to eat at crazy late hours. My sensible approach to life brings results that are sustainable and my consistent vitality levels confirm this every day.

How else could I be the author of this incredible website that is rich in content with health and well-being topics that bring awareness to humanity and this is a very ‘part-time’ project? This is what I call Purpose-Full activity.

 It took a while to build the ‘muscle’ to fast and today I fast for longer periods, which work with my busy, active schedule.

To give details and the times I fast would and could create re-interpretation, mis-interpretation or retaliation from those that claim to know more, the experts and the so-called leaders in this field of fasting.

Instead, I invite any reader to simply consider how on earth does a woman during her 50s study 10 diplomas and how on earth do they write 300 articles and work on volumes of books that will be published over the coming years? Add to that how does this author have the time and space to report on world news every day on X and this has been going for over 6 years. Go figure…

Fasting has enormous benefits for my body – I am without a doubt, super sharp, alert and alive. There are no mood disorders whatsoever in my sphere.

There is simply no fog, delay in responding to what is needed next or any sleep issue on my radar.

The benefits that I actually feel inside my body are the only confirmation I need that it is working and the key is CONSISTENCY.

We wait for a study to tell us what so many have already been saying about fasting and then most of us will wait for more studies to confirm the same thing again and then even more research again.

What I have realised is we throw around words, get on social media platforms, shout from the rooftops as we have discovered fasting, but forget we simply do not maintain this CONSISTENTLY.

I am the living proof that it works and if we just look at my “part-time work” output on this website and my daily reporting of World News on X, there is no doubt there is something very significant about fasting consistently.

What most of us need to know is that not honouring our body by shoving food that we fancy and crave, when we want, how we want and at any time that we want is going to have serious consequences.

YES – you read correctly SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES.

For the record – I have no signs of ageing at the age of 61 and I am fitter than I was in my 20s.  FACT.

I have no disease or illness currently and the last time that happened was 2008, where I needed hospital treatment. I know beyond doubt it was linked to my irresponsible daily living and stupid lifestyle choices over decades.

Change is simple but only when we apply some key words:


These 2 words if lived every day can lead to others being inspired, as we are the living evidence – a reflection that they can sense is the real deal.

We have a growing body of evidence with findings that show “we do not need to be eating all the time”.

On that note – do we really need scientific research studies to tell us something that is basic 101 and absolutely common sense?

We are an animal and supposedly the most intelligent species residing on this planet. Yet we do not seem to be intelligent when it comes to eating. There are no other animals that behave in the way that we do when it comes to eating.

We are simply not designed to eat all the time so why have we made the Demand (yes demand comes from us, the masses and the researches then supply) to have study after study telling us elementary information that our granny would say is simple common sense?

Granny would also say go to bed early and the cravings will simply not be there.

She would also say a lot more about what we eat and why we eat and knock the whole thing out with common sense.

Granny would not be in agreement with aisles of Chocolates and sugar-filled cereals, cakes and everything that has no nutritional value whatsoever in our Supermarkets.

Modern day living and the 24/7 appetite for Eating what we want, when we want, having it delivered at any cost (Because We Can) has not produced any results other than kids now adding to the Statistics of dis-ordered eating types, Diabetes, Obesity and all other illnesses and diseases that are coming because of our eating behaviours.

An example of this is the

The trillion dollar question we need to be asking is WHY do we crave snacks when in truth we are not hungry?

Why are we not sending researchers worldwide to work together and work that one out instead of creating studies which always say ‘more studies needed’?

When it comes to evolution as a species – we fall far short on anything that unites us all, makes sense and is worth giving a go, as humanity is suffering, our systems are failing us and the medics are overwhelmed with the rise in even more illness and disease worldwide.

Is it time now to pay attention, as this is a large study and the first of its kind informing us about fasting and that it works?

What we are being told is the word CONSISTENCY is needed.
In other words, we stick with it and that means day in and day out – every single day and we will feel the positive health benefits.

On that note – read the article on this website called CONSISTENCY – Same Same.

For most of us this would be “No way or No Thanks” because we do not like to be consistent as it reminds us of “Boring”.
The thing is – our non-boring life without consistency is not bringing the results we want and we end up seeking Solutions.

Consistently doing the Basic 101 of life keeps us connected to our body and that is where we need to place our Focus if we want to stay well, eat well and change our lifestyle choices that clearly are not supporting our body.

There is a whole category on Back to Basics and Lifestyle Choices on this website.

Where else in the world is there a FREE Library with so much content that is Simple and easy to apply about how to live human life where we are connecting to and taking care of our body CONSISTENTLY.


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