Dear World

What are the things that are just left to sort out

What would happen if we simply sort things out

What does sorting things out actually mean to us

What is it about us that does not like sorting things out

What do we avoid when it comes to sorting things out

What if we start with the following questions

What is that stuff on the floor that needs sorting out

What are the piles of paper with unopened mail doing

What have I ignored on my computer that needs sorting

What relationships need attention to sort things out

What areas of my life have I got unfinished business

What if I just got Real and Honest that things are a mess because I have not bothered sorting things out.

What if I make the movements to get going with the much needed paperwork that is causing me Stress every day.

What if I change my movements from Doing Nothing to actually Doing Something and sorting things out.

What if I stop Sitting on the Fence and hoping things will get sorted, without me doing anything.

What if I made the choice to action now, instead of putting things off in the illusion it will get done later.

What if I read some of the practical blogs on this website to support me to get things sorted out.

What if I just GOWI – Get on with it instead of Hot Talk to others about how much sorting things out bugs me.

What if I get an early night every day for a week and then feel what is Priority in the sorting out department.

What if I stop relying on others when I know I am very capable of sorting things out.

What if I simply start with something easy and practical and just start sorting it out.

What if sorting out a cupboard full of stuff that has no meaning or purpose can kick start me into the right gear.

What could I do and not do to get going so this sorting things out is no longer a procrastination every day.

Where have I left things half done that now need urgent attention and sorting out.

Where can I bring Completion and close a Cycle by just sorting things out.

Dear World

Could our behaviour change when we take responsibility for what we have created and un-do it by sorting things out.

Could our movements to sort things out lead to something else getting sorted out.

Could sorting things out lead to clarity in our mind so we simply know what to do next.

Could sorting things out give us access to continue doing things that support us.

Could sorting things out have a ripple effect and we find ourselves sorting things out at home and work.

Could sorting things out feel like a lighter vibration in our space at home.

Could sorting things out bring a Harmony and Flow into our life because we have introduced a new way.

Could it be that Simple?





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