Band Aid Approach

Dear World

Where do we go for the Band Aid Approach…?

What do we find with our Band Aid Approach?

Have we become comfortable with our Band Aid Approach to life?

Why is it that our Band Aid Approach never gets to the root of the matter?

WHY does our Band Aid Approach take us further away from getting to the Real Truth about whatever it is that we need to deal with?

Can we relate to any of the following with our Band Aid Approach?

  • Finding ways to deal with the problems

  • Using Solution after Solution to fix the issue

  • Looking for a quick remedy that is Fast

  • Coming up with new words and falling for them

  • Joining the bandwagon of the masses and following trends

  • Wanting the next app to somehow give us the new life we seek

  • Relying on Social Media to answer the Questions for us

  • Accepting any Band Aid Approach to get us out of a mess

  • Going along with our Band Aids to deal with daily life

  • Seeking More and more Band Aids for more and more Stress

  • Employing specialists and experts to give us bigger Band Aids

  • Relying on the big people to deal with it on our behalf

  • Waiting for the policymakers out there to Change things for us

Band Aid to a bullet wound = never works

What if this saying were true because our Band Aid Approach is like a Band Aid to a bullet wound?

We have this picture that it will go away, settle down, not come up again as we plaster it up with our Band Aid, forgetting it is actually a bullet wound, so it will never work.

We seem to have created a world that relies heavily on Band Aids. We all react when something happens and expect to fix it or deal with it using Band Aids of various sizes depending on the size of the problem.

We like the fact that there are suppliers out there working hard on selling us the next Band Aid and we are happy to subscribe in the hope it will deal with the bullet wound (call that the issue or problem) but never Question it or consider if there is Another Way1

Some classic Band Aid Approach examples:

  • Posters and billboards giving us medicine for Chronic Fatigue but we never ever ask HOW we got the fatigue that never got addressed and is that WHY it is now in the chronic stage.

  • Wanting Sleep medication for our kids but never asking what on earth is going on that our children are not able to sleep.

  • Eating copious amounts of sugar throughout the day, exhausted and making ill lifestyle choices, then wondering WHY we have been diagnosed with Diabetes and using doctor google as our Band Aid Approach.

  • Going on Vacation, need the body to shed the weight and morph us into an instant photo friendly look, so we go for any Band Aid Approach as long as the job is done. Never do we ever want to know about how we got our body to that point.

Dear World

It is official – our Band Aid Approach has never worked.

Take a look at any of our industry worldwide and the failures are everywhere. We have created millions of Band Aid Approach suppliers and services that leave us short of dealing with the heart of the matter. In other words, we rely on those that were never going to give us the answers and that means the bullet wound remains buried and so we never go to the root cause.

We as a world are not equipped and we know that.

Despite the billions on endless research studies telling us so much, we have yet to have a cure for WHY anyone has Diabetes or takes illicit Drugs.

In other words, we have this super Intelligent1 so-called world but this Intelligence2 cannot assist in how to deal with the root cause of any ill or dis-ease that we have created in our human frame.

Today in our modern 21st century world, we have rising levels of ANXIETY and SUICIDE to name a few.

One of our new epidemics worldwide is BURNOUT.

Many among us are now multi-symptomatic.
In other words, we have people displaying symptoms of more than one illness or disease.

Enough said.
Our Band Aid Approach is clearly not working.

We need to find Another Way2 and websites like this are leading the way…

Simple Living Global is a library for anyone, anywhere in the world to ACCESS Another Way2 to live human life that has no band aid in sight.

If we want Real True Change then we need to replace our Band Aid Approach with the word RESPONSIBILITY in all our choices going forward and that means in ALL areas of life, not just a few.





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  1. This comment (see link below) is on our Feet and Footwear blog and it is about how we use a band-aid approach to dealing with our ills in life. Our ills are anything and everything that does not bring about true evolution and that means absolutely everything that stops us being who and what we truly are.

    We seem to have adverts appearing everywhere to give us a quick solution – which we do know is a BAND-AID in the hope we will buy the product or service and bingo, it goes away until something more happens to the same ill or we create some other ill.

    Back to the comment, it is hilarious but the point is made and that is we are seeking remedies to our irresponsible lifestyle choices and this is how we keep suppliers producing more and more of what we demand.

    What if we simply stop our band-aid approach and replaced it with a line of questioning and keep saying WHY are we going down this road that leads to even more disappointment as we all do know – band aids do not work and a short term fix it job is not the answer.

    For example, our late nights are getting worse and our daytime is now seriously affected with the lack of sleep and everything else that goes with the disregard to our natural circadian rhythm. We wake up and find (seek) these messages on billboards at every bus and train station telling us ways to buy the next BAND AID which will resolve the issue we have, but deep down we do know it ain’t gonna work, but nevertheless we go ahead and press or click to purchase the service or goods to fix us up, in the hope it will all just disappear but it doesn’t and it never will until we get to the root cause of the ill and deal with it.

    Enjoy reading this hilarious comment. It sure is worthy of repeating on this blog

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