Dear World

The purpose of this article is to not go down the track of finding out what each country in the world has for Breakfast.

For the record – the author has not done any Google search about Breakfast, reached for a dictionary definition or trotted to the Supermarket to check the latest ever growing breakfast aisles.

This presentation is simply posing some sensible Questions for us All to consider and some of them we may relate to as it’s going on for us or someone we know.


It is always important to Question absolutely everything and not park it to the side.

So what exactly does Breakfast mean to us personally?

What are our views and opinions on this Breakfast stuff?

What does Breakfast time consist of these days for us?

What is the noise going on at Breakfast time in our homes?

Is Breakfast the first thing on our mind when we Wake Up?

Are we going to bed with the “Can’t wait to get up for Breakfast” as we got these crazy wild ideas fed to us that we can eat this and that without our body being affected?

Are we the ones that need a box of cereal to munch through as that’s what we did as a kid?

Are we feeding our children cereal everyday as we heard that’s the best thing for them?

Are we finding the kids wanting more and more cereals that happen to contain Chocolate and excess sugar?

Are we aware that sugary so-called ‘healthy snacks’ for Breakfast are just as harmful for our children?

Are we encouraging fruit juices at Breakfast but don’t seem to understand that they also have high content of sugar?

Are we avoiding the Reality that our kids are having Teeth and gum issues because of excess sugar at Breakfast?

Are we watching our kids and teenagers with their moods changing soon after the Breakfast thing is over ‘cos they overloaded again on the sugar?

Are we the pleasers in our household and pander to the partner and the kids so they get to eat what they want for Breakfast while we grit our teeth as we know it’s all crap?

Are we the ones that suck at the ‘nice and friendly parent’ and although we want to control our kids with their Breakfast demands, it’s a no brainer who is really in the driving seat?

Are we the ones that have to rely on others to help us with our Breakfast choices as we are recovering from an illness or injury and feel unable to Express what we really want?

Are we the ones that skip Breakfast as it’s way too much solids but need the caffeine prop first thing and throughout the day?

Are we on the ‘warm croissant and latte’ on the way to work every day as that’s our Breakfast and it’s the way to go?

Are we the ones that bang on about our Planet and the harm with Waste and pollution but never given it a thought how much packaging our daily Breakfast has?

Are we on the latest Social Media trend of zero animal produce or avocado with sourdough, but dieticians tell us this is not the way to go?

Are we big into a ‘hearty healthy’ breakfast but there would be many nutritionists that would not endorse our food choices and neither would our Heart?

Are we the ‘healthy option’ brigade of a vegetable juice drink for Breakfast that comes from 6 carrots, 4 apples, a bag of spinach and a load of strawberries?

On that note, have we considered that if we had a plate of the above to eat through, we probably would not be able to do so, as our body does not need that amount in one sitting, but somehow we think it will work as drinking it is easy.

Are we the ones that pick up the latest fad as we see others at work do it for Breakfast and find we struggle as it’s just not what our body signed up to?

Are we the ones that click and click and get delivered whatever we desire for Breakfast every day, as that’s our modern way of living and it comes with no washing up?

Are we so familiar with what we eat and do at Breakfast time that the habits are just ingrained and any form of Change actually brings up Anxiety?

Are we eating Breakfast when we don’t feel to eat because we fear if we miss this so-called important meal, we are going to starve of malnutrition?

Are we the ones that fast for Breakfast but eat loads later on, which consists of anything we desire, even if it is the equivalent of a double Breakfast?

Are we the ones that pick up loads of different Breakfast options from the supermarket as we seriously suffer from the “Just Incase Syndrome”?

Are we craving the full English or American style Breakfast whammy with all the trimmings in the middle of the week and then realise we have been doing this almost every day?

Are we the ones that nod and say yes when the Doctor talks to us about our Obesity and what we are consuming for Breakfast are portions for 4 people but pay zero attention?

Are we the ones that just want everything for Breakfast that we get reminded about is not good for our Heart health?

Are we the ones that watch on the loop those food shows to pick up more and more tips of how to overeat at Breakfast?

Are we the ones that hate the bloated bread belly but we just love bread so much that giving it up at Breakfast would be the last thing we want to do, so we simply don’t?

Are we sort of aware that our bad eating habits especially at Breakfast has something to do with our tight clothes but hey ho we buy a bigger size?

Are we the ones that eat last night’s left overs and we were sure we didn’t eat much and forget we are no longer fitting into any of our clothes?

Are we the ones that Wake Up and Breakfast is not on our radar until we feel light headed and then go for it like there’s gonna be a food shortage tomorrow?

Are we the ones that don’t care what we eat for Breakfast as long as we get lots of it, as food is a big part of our life and holds the greatest Priority?

Are we fighting with our partner first thing in the morning and suddenly we are consuming copious amounts of food for Breakfast, as we want to get numb fast and not feel what just happened?

Are we waking up with a shudder and a sense of anxiousness and so we eat foods for Breakfast that help to numb us and push down those feelings?

Are we the ones that like some reward, so we opt for the late breakfast – we get some work done with just a few cups of Coffee and then let loose with what we feel entitled to eat?

Are we moaning about our weight and plan the change in Breakfast but while we mull over it, we just scoffed some pastries and a jumbo size iced Coffee blend from our favourite high street Coffee chain?

Are we always on the Breakfast FOMO (fear of missing out) bandwagon so we spend lots of time and effort making sure we over order at the local diner or café?

Are we the ones that have regular hangovers and so Breakfast time is most people’s late lunch?

Are we part of the pancake club that only gets up and looks forward to a stack or two with heaps of syrup and other sugary additions of our choice?

Are we into the all things sweet tasting Breakfast that must contain heaps of sugar or else we will not even function?

Are we into the comfy creamy Dairy stuff or switched to the plant based style breakfast, but never seem to get why we don’t feel so alert and sharp soon after?

Are we totally sickened by the very thought of eating something savoury for Breakfast first thing in the morning?

Are we the poverty lot that scrimps and eats frugally for Breakfast and it is usually food that we really don’t like or want for our stomach first thing?

Are we willing to spend whatever we want for Breakfast as we think it is the most important meal of the day?

Are we going out for Breakfast to these cafes to do nothing more than boast and upload images on Social Media about what we are up to?

Are we those that eat Breakfast on the bus and the train as we have got no time at home to do that?

Are we eating smelly stinky food and belching on public transport and at work as that’s what we like first thing in the morning for Breakfast?

Are we the quick Vape and Cigarette smoke to miss the Breakfast option as that’s just not what we like?

Are we not into this eating first thing called Breakfast as we are generally relying on some kind of illicit Drugs to keep us going?

Are we dreaming of the Champagne Breakfast but never bothered checking if our body is in agreement with a toxic poison first thing in the name of celebration?

Are we liking the different styles of Breakfast when we go on Holiday that we come back and want the same and seem to go to great lengths to make it happen?

Are we trying to live in another country where the western traditional cereals for Breakfast are not the thing, so we get it shipped in as going without those crunchy boxes would mean the end of the world for us?

Are we noticing that we happily miss eating Breakfast and with this new WFH (work from home) we plan meetings early and look the part – sharp – but soon after get the gin or vodka out and sip away for the rest of the day?

AND Finally –

This presentation is NOT about what we eat or not eat for Breakfast or skipping Breakfast.

It is calling for us to ask WHAT is it that our body truly needs to support it with the maximum vitality levels to do whatever it is that is needed for our day ahead.

Nothing more and nothing less.





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  1. Director of Policy at the British Liver Trust – Vanessa Hebditch says “Alcohol is really ingrained in our culture now – that you can go and have prosecco for Breakfast”.

    Dear World

    Can we agree that what was once very ABNORMAL is now our everyday normal? Absolutely no one out there would question having the well known party drink for breakfast today.

    ADD to that we have chefs all over putting prosecco into their dishes and it seems we need that – conveniently forgetting that this is alcohol and drinking at our first meal of the day in the morning is not what our health experts are advising.

    What most of us no longer question has become our ‘norm’ and it seems we accept the high rise in chronic liver disease cases that are directly linked to alcohol consumption when it does not have to be this way.

    There seems to be no limitation to what we will consume for breakfast and not once do we connect with our body and consult if this is what it wants or can process on our behalf while we make these grossly irresponsible choices. Let’s get real, it is highly irresponsible to drink a scientific proven poison – alcohol at any time but for breakfast takes it to a whole new level.

  2. Before going to a morning meeting in the city, I was in a popular well known coffee retailer that are all across our world.

    In my usual ‘nosey’ lets go and see what humanity is demanding, I check out the offerings on sale as they do change.

    I discussed this with my colleague as she pointed out that people in the coffee shop were eating this early in the morning.

    The latest cakes on display were not like before. The most significant change was the extra thick topping of icing or some other kind of sugary substance. Chocolate was a thin layer and now its tripled and then there were “bite” size portions of various cakes and the cost was beyond ridiculous. It matters not, because there has to be customers and only if there is a demand can there be a supply.

    Just looking at the new range of excess thickly swirled icing on all cakes was enough to turn a healthy stomach first thing in the morning, but we have made this normal.

    The question we need to be asking is WHY?

    What is going on for anyone that they need to consume excess amounts of sugar very early in the morning for breakfast?

    Moving on I was passing a café today and saw a guy with a pile of pancakes covered in thick chocolate sauce and a few berries in a side dish which he did not eat.

    I stood outside and we were laughing and then I popped into the café and said to him “What you doing – you are killing yourself with all that sugar’ and his friend said “Tell him as he just won’t listen”. His response to me was “Yes I know”.

    What is it about us as humans that know but then do nothing?

    I can only speak from my own lived experience and I recall at a very young age eating white granulated sugar sandwiches on white bread. That was available in the late 1960s and 1970s and I moved onto jam sandwiches.

    What has changed for decades now is not never touching sugar at breakfast, is getting my sleep sorted and that means early nights, no exhaustion or tirednesss and honouring my body to rest and take naps on days off or when I have worked a lot.

    Our precious body is treated so badly and what is missing is the lack of awareness and the masses not paying attention as it suits us to continue living irresponsibly. We will have more cafes serving even more sugary treats for breakfast as that seems to be the trend now.

    We have a long way to go when it comes to honouring our body and not over eating or eating what does not support our body in a true way.

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