TALK to someone

Dear World

This is for All of us – so listen up and read care-fully what is being presented here.

We have Loneliness at epic levels now and it makes no sense when there are 8 billion of us living on the same planet.

We have our elderly population with no visitors or someone to talk to for weeks.

We have our care homes full of residents where staff are just too busy to stop and Talk to someone.

We have hospital beds occupied where things could Change if they just had someone to talk to.

We have endless conversations Talking nonsense when we could just talk to the neighbour who is desperately Lonely.

We would rather flick through Social Media than lift our head up and see what is going on and Talk to someone.

We watch another going down a rabbit hole and yet we stand back and act like it’s not happening, instead of Talking to them.

We have children feeling isolated and alone because they say they have no one to talk to.

We have teenagers withdrawn and not Communicating and somehow, we think it is ok to not talk to them.

We have men who supposedly hide their feelings and don’t open up and they may just need to Talk to someone.

We have doctors exhausted as they have to Listen to patients that just want to Talk to someone.

We have men with Heart conditions that could have something to do with not opening their hearts to others.

We have women living in Family life in their culture but not able to truly Talk to someone.

We have men and women unable to trust people because they have lost the natural ability to just Talk to someone.

We have used our pets as someone to talk to as humans have hurt us so much.

We have locked the door and bolted it when it comes to Talking to others as we cannot get over what happened to us.

We go around moving in life like what we have to say won’t be worth saying, so we simply don’t bother.

We choose to not engage with others wherever possible as we think this will keep us on track in our own life.

We see our life like we are serving humanity but we may just need to get out of busy mode and just Talk to someone.

We conveniently have the response that suits us, which is they are not asking, so best we don’t impose, when it’s a 911 call.

We have sensed another is not in a good place and perhaps our words in that moment is all they need to shift gear.

We excel in areas of our life but are blind when it comes to a Family member that may just need our wise message.

We make Excuses to justify why we don’t want to get involved with others, when it could be the medicine another needs in that moment.

We keep our distance from others like a form of protection, which we forget stops us from Talking to someone.

We see things to suit our Agenda and forget that what we have to offer by Talking can be life changing in just one moment.

We forget that Talking to someone could lift another out of a deep dark place because of what we were impulsed to say.

We don’t want to just Say It as it is and Talk to someone as we fear they might reject us or some other nonsense.

We avoid the Straight talk even if that is exactly what someone needs when we talk to them.

We pretend the issue right under our nose is going to go away as we do not want to step forward and talk to that someone out there that is calling for us.

We want others to take the lead, do what they do but leave us alone, as we would rather not be asked to Talk to someone.

We make out it is best we say nothing when our very words when we do open our mouth would be a game changer.

We refuse to engage with others because we are so loaded with our own past Relationship stuff that is still buried.

We walk around like we are sorted and doing great, so why bother getting involved and reaching out to Talk to someone.

We claim to be close to certain people but when they want to talk, we just ain’t got the time to spare in our busy life.

We find ourselves just too busy with our own life that Talking to someone to see how they are going is way too much.

We have heard enough times now that Talking to someone could make a huge difference but surely that can’t be for us.

We can feel someone is spiralling into Depression and we hold back instead of opening our mouth and responding.

We witness silent domestic abuse happening across the street but we leave it there under the banner ‘nothing to do with me’.

We observe a Family member struggling with a relationship break up and we don’t talk and Tell ‘em Straight, which could just be the remedy they need.

We have a Family member who asks us to speak to someone because they need help, but we keep our track record of not going there as we already have a picture of what may happen.

We distant ourselves from others that we know very well, as we are too busy supposedly getting on with our life.

We say we don’t want to be involved and use that as our guard to not bring the very words another may need.

We feel relieved when we don’t have to hear or be updated about someone that we know would benefit if we just talked to them.

We say we hate the state of the world and human behaviours towards each other but are we in any way contributing with our mute mouth and not Talking to someone in need?

We have conditions on who we will talk to and support and who we will not, because in the past it has not worked.

We Give Up because we have had so many knock backs so what’s the point of offering to support and Talk to someone.

We have this notion that committing to work and nothing more is the best way as we don’t have to Talk to someone.

We innately know that we are all inter-connected as a human species even if this does not suit us to read this.

What if…

What if we do have the very thing that another needs because they just happen to be in our life?

In other words, they have been put there – call it constellation.

What if just Talking or simply asking how they are feeling could open up a line of Communication?

What if Consistently checking in with another that we can see is not doing so great is what is needed?

What if we stopped making it about I, me and myself – that individuality stuff and open up and just Talk to someone.

What if our life is going great – thank you very much and that means we don’t want to invite another into our space to talk about what they may be going through?

What if the very thing that bothers us is seeing people suffering and yet we are the enablers as we are contributing?
That means we stand by and
Do Nothing and Say Nothing.

What if we tell others how much we hate seeing others go downhill but forget we are part of the problem by never speaking up or doing our bit – Talk to someone?

What if we need to let go of our banner ‘not my stuff’ and wake up to the fact that everything we say has an impact on another?

What if less children would be prescribed Anti-Depressants if we stepped in and did our part – Talk?

What if we don’t need to be academic or have the qualifications to just Talk to someone?

What if that colleague at work was not themselves and we clocked it and weeks later they have Suicided?

What if we just engage and Talk to someone on public transport and see the difference we can make?

What if we stop making pathetic Excuses for our holding back behaviour and just Talk to someone.

What if we actually hold the very answer another needs but we say nothing instead of Expressing those words?

What if we have renounced the very issues a person has and we are equipped to talk to them but we simply don’t?

What if that person in our life is simply not able to Communicate but we can sense our words are needed?

What if we recognise in another what we were once like but again we never talk or share that?

What if the person at the checkout in the supermarket needs to Talk to someone and we just happen to know what to say?

What if we begin to practice going out in our streets and our Communities and get in the habit of just Talking to someone?

What if we are the observer of domestic violence in our Family but hey, we don’t live there so nothing we can do or say?

What if whatever it is that we have to say is valuable and important for another to hear in that moment?

What if we Consistently made a point of Talking to a few people regularly in our Neighbourhood that we know live alone?

What if it is down to every single one of us to support our fellow brothers and that means All of us?

Of course, some are not able to and so reaching out and making the move to Talk to Someone may just Change their life?

What if the next time we get caught up being absorbed in our own little life, we simply reach out and know there is ALWAYS someone to talk to?

We innately know that we are all inter-connected as a human species even if this does not suit us to read this.

Dear World

It is time to wake up and respond.

Those that can need to take note, please do so – as you guys are the ones likely to be reading this post.




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  1. The University of Kansas – 1 February 2023

    According to a new study, from The University of Kansas, just one quality conversation with a friend can boost daily well-being.

    “Quality conversation can increase daily well-being “was published in the journal Communication Research.

    “This paper was an attempt to define quality communication in the context of relationships. The types of communication we chose to study were ones shown in past research to make people feel more bonded through conversation.” said Jeffrey Hall – University of Kansas professor of communication studies and friendship expert.

    The study found that once is enough but more is better. Participants who chose to have more quality conversations had better days.

    Hall said “this means the more that you listened to your friends, the more that you showed care, the more that you took that time to value others’ opinions, the better you felt at the end of the day.”

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