Building Connections

Dear World

What on earth is this all about –
Building Connections?

Are we aware that Building Connections is about Relationships?

Are we aware that Building Connections which are true are well worth it?

Are we aware that there can be absolutely no Hidden Agenda when Building Connections?

How many of us would rather say ‘no thank you’ and move on because this Building Connections is linked to Relationships and we simply do not want to go there?

How many of us avoid Building Connections as we have that narrative running that we will get Hurt so no point?

How many of us are not fully delivering our All to the table when we get the opportunity to Build a Real and meaning-full Connection, which is literally available every day?

In other words, we are not bringing our part in full and are doing that Holding Back thing or playing Nice and safe or Fake and Phony, because we have clocked something in them and think we need to be cautious or whatever other nonsense thought we are fed in our head.

How many of us do not want to admit that all Relationships are in some form a Connection?

Relationships and personal connections play a key role in supporting our well-being, especially when going through difficult periods in our lives. Speaking and spending time with others can help us feel less stressed, isolated or lonely.
British Red Cross (1)

Building Connections is about engaging with another and building a Relationship that does not have to be full on, demanding or laced with a Hidden Agenda.

Building Connections is about genuinely Talking to another and not just a Fake and Phony Relationship that has zero substance in the delivery.

In other words, Express Truth-fully – the best we can without trying to be Perfect or be something we are not.

We can literally Build Connections with anyone anywhere in the world.

From the postman, Supermarket checkout assistant, to the overseas contact we had to talk to on Zoom regarding a work matter. The possibilities are countless and endless.

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Note from the author:

I have been building connections for a very long time.

The first thing is – never ever have an agenda ‘cos it will backfire one day.

Want nothing but treat them as a true brother, regardless of their gender, colour, culture, nationality, political preference or religion.

All brothers are All human and that means we are just One Family.

Discern – not everyone wants to build a connection and that is to be respected. No invasion and no imposing on another. 

With years and years of experience in Building Connections that are true, because there is nothing I want or need from them – the magic happens, over and over again.

It could be immediate or years down the road or ad hoc. Matters not. These people never ever forget you even if they live far away and you may not meet them in person. It just works as we are all inter-connected. 

When we treat another like a brother – they sure feel it.
It touches them so deeply even if nothing is verbally said.
We equally feel that depth of connection and we can express it.

Building Connections brings value and a quality that is missing in most of our lives today.

Building Connections is Building Society – a True Way of Living for ALL of Us.

With busy lifestyles, remote working, Social Media and fake virtual friends we have lost the good old fashion face to face Talking that is worth pure gold.




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