Christmas Day

Dear World

What are we doing this Christmas Day?

What is on our agenda for this big day?

What do we really feel about this day?

Are we putting pressure on ourselves and others as we want the Perfect Christmas Day, but real life has kicked in again and it ain’t that great so far?

Are we in the hospitality industry which means serving others on this day and big bucks are made, as this is one day we can charge what we want?

Are we making sure we work long hours as we can charge double on Christmas Day in our taxi business?

Are we going to be the good Samaritan as we want people to see our benevolent side in helping others?

Are we making this Christmas Day all about gift giving and sharing with others who are not so fortunate, as that is what good people do at this time?

Are we going to invite Lonely people to join us this Christmas Day as that is what we should be doing?

Are we going to impress all those we have invited to dinner with our culinary skills as it’s Christmas Day?

Are we fed up of having to cook again, as no one else has offered to give us a break from all the work involved in making this Christmas Day a success?

Are we super excited this Christmas Day as we have our pets joining the dinner table, now that we have dog mince pies and pawsecco drink for cats?

Are we going to bang on about climate change to all our guests on Christmas Day, but forget that we have just announced the 4 Holidays we booked for 2020?

Are we dreading the yearly trek to the in-laws as it’s the same old faces with no change, other than more showing off about this and that but nothing is true?

Are we going to pretend and have a fake smile on for the rellies, as that’s what we do on Christmas Day?

Are we dreading this Christmas Day as it means acting false to please and be nice and Happy, as that’s what we do on Christmas Day?

Are we going to hold it all together for the Family as it usually ends in fighting on Christmas Day?

Are we going to pretend and play Happy families when in truth we are really struggling to even talk Honestly?

Are we all into the fairy lights and Santa La La fantasy world, as it takes us away from the daily stuff that we need to be Getting On with?

Are we going to give the kids the lie once again about Santa Claus, as we like this false way of connecting?

Are we wishing our kids were a bit older, as we are bored with all the high-pitched voices with excitement on Christmas Day morning?

Are we going to make this Christmas Day all about uploading Perfect pictures, so the world can see how great our life is?

Are we going to post on Social Media things that make us look and sound amazing, but in truth it is nothing like that at all?

Are we not keen on having photos taken on Christmas Day as we tend to get so drunk the night before and it shows on our face?

Are we going to change our old ways of pleasing others this Christmas Day or will it be same, same with resentment inside?

Are we going to hide from Christmas Day as we find the whole thing a bit too over the top and feel unsettled with the festive fake fun that is around?

Are we up to no good this Christmas Day as we know most people are Happy and merry and won’t notice?

Are we going to be super silly and stupid this Christmas Day, as we can Get Away with It?

Are we Lying to mum again when we show up on Christmas Day saying we have been to midnight mass, when we all know where we go on Christmas Eve?

Are we planning on intoxicating ourselves once again this Christmas Day as everyone else around us will be doing the same?

Are we going to continue living our Double Life with secret texting as no one will notice, because they are all acting weird with their excess Alcohol behaviour?

Are we going to spend most of Christmas Day in bed as we have overdone the booze yet again?

Are we swanning off to the pub, as that is the tradition before we tuck into Christmas Day lunch?

Are we going to use this day as a licence to drink Alcohol like we have never done before and if it’s not enough, we have some new party Drugs to try out?

Are we going to mix up some serious cocktails and serve our guests and watch them immediately change their behaviour?

Are we planning on drinking, eating, snoozing and watching TV without moving much this Christmas Day, as we have got family members running around?

Are we going to indulge in our Chocolate eating, as that’s what we can do as it’s Christmas Day and anything goes?

Are we making the most of this Christmas Day by eating way in excess of what our body would want?

Are we going to do all the traditional things that are expected of us on this Christmas Day as that is how we uphold it, even if it is not working?

Are we going to listen to the Queen’s speech as that is the patriotic thing on Christmas Day, as we live abroad to avoid paying taxes in our home country?

Are we going to message others who we never contact all year round, just to wish them a merry Christmas Day blah blah blah?

Are we going to take stock and count the Christmas cards we have received this year, as it indicates to us that we are liked and popular?

Are we going to scream if we get another pair of socks or cheap cologne this Christmas Day?

Are we going to act like we are delighted with our awful presents that others impose on us in the name of Christmas Day?

Are we going to be thinking in our heads how to return some of these gifts, as we would rather have the cash than another Christmas themed jumper?

Are we going to be waiting for the morning to be over this Christmas Day, as we heard Online Shopping is the way to go and spend spend spend for no reason?

Are we hoping for the gifts we want from others, as we have once again lived in debt for the whole year?

Are we planning ahead and getting our food and tents ready, as we are off to queue overnight for the Boxing Day sales?

Are we going to be Bored this Christmas Day as so far that is how our year has been, so no change just because we have people around who we rarely see?

Are we suffering in silence as we have lost a dear loved one and all those around us, trying to make us feel better, is not working this Christmas Day?

Are we going down the cemetery as that is the thing we always do on Christmas Day as no one else in the Family seems interested?

Are we dreaming this Christmas Day wishing it would all go away, as this stuff really is not our cup of tea?

Are we tense and nervous about this whole Christmas Day thing as it comes with such a hype?

Are we going to admit that we are practicing another religion but it’s handy to have Christmas Day as it suits our lifestyle?

Are we away somewhere exotic this Christmas Day as we really cannot do another one of those back home where we live?

Are we going to spend this last Christmas Day of this decade, talking about the past 10 years?


Hello World

We could sit and laugh at what has just been presented or we could admit that this stuff does go on in the name of Christmas Day.

What if we simply consider the following Questions? 

How do we really feel this Christmas Day, if we are to be super Honest?

Are we aware of our reactions and our responses on Christmas Day, which may not be the same on other days of the year?

Do we see this whole Christmas Day and the week after, leading up to New Year as permission to stay in Party Mode, regardless of how we really feel AND

Was it worth it?





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  1. Thank you for this marvellous blog.

    Every year, I buy Christmas presents for certain family members, relatives and friends. I have been giving presents to the same individuals every Christmas for years.

    One day last week, I sat down to wrap all the presents I am giving this Christmas. At one point during this session, after I had wrapped the umpteenth gift, I found myself asking myself a question: “Why am I doing all this when Christmas Day should be treated like any other day?”

    It came to me quickly that the cringe-inducing reason why I continue my practice of giving Christmas gifts every year, with all the time and expense it entails, is that I do it for the recognition I receive from the recipients of my gifts.

    Now, doing something for the recognition of others does not feel to me like a true reason to do something. So, I asked myself, “Can I stop my practice of giving Christmas presents to family members, relatives and friends?” Not right now – I am afraid of losing the recognition I receive from all those people.

  2. Thanks again for this brilliant blog.

    A few days before Christmas, I spoke to a friend who had spent the morning wrapping Christmas presents for 42 people. She said to me that, as she had been working through this task, she had been asking herself what the point was.

    She also mentioned that she had spent hours baking pies and cakes and preparing dishes for Christmas. She said that she had been wondering if all that time and effort was worth it, just so her family can feast for one or two days.

    During the conversation, I had asked my friend how she was. Her reply had been that she was exhausted because she hadn’t slept much over the preceding few days as she had been staying up through the night to shop on the internet for all the gifts she had been wrapping that morning.

    It seems to me that my friend has been feeling a pressure to deliver a perfect Christmas and that pressure has taken a toll on her.

    My family is smaller than my friends and we do not have the same Christmas traditions as hers does, but we do go to some lengths to have our traditional Christmas lunch, send Christmas cards out to friends and family and, of course, give Christmas presents to friends and family.

    My family celebrate Christmas in the way we do because there is an expectation that Christmas will be very much like it has always been and there will be disappointment and disapproval, both said and unsaid, from others if we do not do what we normally do for Christmas.

    I am not sure why my friend feels the pressure she does to deliver a perfect Christmas for her family and others. I wonder, if like me and members of my family, she fears disappointing people and not receiving their approval if she were to refrain from doing what she is expected to at Christmas.

    But, I have to ask, regardless of it being Christmas or not, is all the time, effort, money (and sleepless nights, in my friend’s case) spent in preparation for one day in the year worth it, just because people will be disappointed if Christmas is not celebrated in the way that they have grown to expect?

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