Job Title

Dear World

What does Job Title mean to us?

What have we done in the workplace with our Job Title?

WHY do we rate certain Job Titles as not worthy of much pay?

How many of us cannot imagine a life without our Job Title?

Most of us associate a Job Title with the position we hold within our work and usually it means there are those above us and below us – some kind of ranking system.

Lo and behold what would happen to some of us if we were suddenly stripped of our Job Title?

Would our world come crashing down if our workplace had to lay off staff and we had to go and start all over again with a Job Title that may not be what we were accustomed to?

What could be possible if we put less effort into our Job Title and more Focus into relating to others in our workplace?

What would happen to our work environment if we stopped Judging those with big fancy job titles?

What would life be like if for just one day we did not slag off and slate all those that we are jealous of because of their Job Title?

How many of us have made it our life’s work to keep seeking better Job Titles while we continue feeling and Ignoring that internal jitter and shudder that tells us we lack the deep settlement – bit like chasing and never catching what we want?

How many of us like the CEO position and aspire to being there one day but we have an internal shudder as we are not sure we have got what it takes to command all those under that Job Title?

How many of us are living with constant Tension because the next Job Title we are seeking is assaulting our body as it is no longer in its natural state?

How many of us listen to the constant bombardment of utter crap fed to us in our heads about moving jobs as we cannot accept our current Job Title?

How many of us suck up to those with the Job Title that tells us they are somehow more important than all others?

How many of us come with a huge dose of Entitlement with our Job Title and make sure we let others know about this, even if it means poor Relationships at work?

How many of us get furious if we are ever associated with those in less positions, as we command authority with our Job Title and make sure others know who is running the show?

How many of us abuse our Job Title by degrading and treating others as less – like a subclass and not ever as equals?

How many of us use our Job Title to push our work onto those that are a lower pay grade, because it gives us time out to do the social distractions that go with our so-called higher position?

How many of us with our top Job Title forget to greet or engage with staff that we see as less important?

How many of us cannot relate to cleaners and do our best to avoid or ignore them unless we want some mess mopped up?

How many employers advertise names like ‘Hygiene Technician’ which is the professional Job Title for cleaners?

How many of us like the sound of the word Director but yet we seem to lack the basic 101 skills of relating to those that are EQUALLY important in our organisation – like the janitor?

How many of us go around advertising and needing to tell anyone and everyone what our Job Title is as it gives us some kind of boost and recognition?

How many of us are so proud to be in a position of so-called power because of the title we were given with the job we know we are not able to fully carry out?

How many of us are trying to impress and win over others with our so-called current Job Title?

How many of us have made a career out of boasting about our next Job Title and go on a mission with great force to achieve it?

What if boasting about our next Job Title brings enormous force – pressure to the body to perform outside its natural limits?

How many of us put Emphasis on the word ‘senior’ which comes before our Job Title as we want others to know we are not to be associated with those that do not hold that position?

How many of us know of those that have been conveniently moved to another Job Title – just as senior but to cover up the gross mis-conduct that occurred?

How many of us are working from home with superior Job Titles all whilst behind a screen, not really doing a proper job as we refuse to get Real and go back into the actual workplace?

How many of us could not ever imagine a life without a Job Title as we seem to have no substance without it?
In other words, we are so identified with the job title that outside of that we feel worthless and unimportant.

How many of us are in the Job Title market for one thing and that is more money, which means more Lifestyle Choices?

How many of us want the academic Job Title as it gives us that label where others will have to take notice of who and what we are?

How many of us struggle to mention our Job Title as we see it as less important as it does not require academic qualifications?

How many of us drag ourselves to work and feel ashamed that our Job Title is not seen as EQUIVALENT when we know that the part we play is just as important as all other job titles?


The writer of this blog and this entire website holds no real Job Title in this world.

They do not fit the box because they work outside the box, so to speak and that means they work with no restrictions, constrictions or compression to fit in to what the world expects and Demands.

“My job title is simply being in service to humanity and that means Building Society.

To do this I have to do nothing.

Absolutely everything that I need and require is within me.

That means I have a specific job – I have the design to carry this out and it is enough. There is absolutely no desire and no need to compare myself with anyone else, regardless of their Job Title.”

BUILD SOCIETY is what I do best and this website, which is a FREE library – no subscription needed is a confirmation.

We are here – All of us to work together and not subscribe to the ‘dog eat dog’ world that we have created with our Job Titles in the workplace.

If we live what we are designed to live, this immediately tells us we have got it All – we have it covered and we will be more than adequately equipped to deal with whatever life presents every single day.

It is all given to us and we receive it – nothing more and nothing less to do the job and that means GET ON WITH IT.

Living our design in the workplace means everyone is EQUIVALENT from the cleaner to the Chief Executive. We do not look up or look down at another BECAUSE we need each to take their position to bring the Flow and grow the business. This means we ALL evolve.

Think about it – we want the Coffee machine and the office cleaned and our Bins cleared. This means the next business meeting will be sharp and clear as the trash, dust and dirt has been removed and the floor we stand upon is clean.

How would the meeting go with a messy, unclean office?

We get to realise all Jobs are EQUALLY important and nothing is to be seen as a menial task because it pays so much less.

Qualifications or endless searches seeking more work or a better Job Title is not on my radar.

My design tells me a few things and one of them was – 

“You asked for a typewriter at the age of 15 and were Committed to learning how to type without looking at the keyboard. At that time, you had no idea how use-full that skill would be decades later.”

On that note – study this website and the 300+ blogs and thousands of comments posted with all the volumes of content already typed for Books that will be published in the coming years…

How is it possible that I was given a skill as a teenager that was not deemed to be much – my father was greatly disappointed that I would end up as a secretary and not a Doctor, which is the Asian family top Job Title. If you were not much good then an Accountant or Pharmacist would do, as they pay well and are recognised Job Titles?

How is it possible to study 10 diplomas in my 50s – not for knowledge but so that I could be taken seriously in the subjects I studied and get that certificate at the end which tells the world – ‘not a dumb arse with no qualifications – can read, recall and regurgitate what is needed’ ?

In other words, do what is needed to get the pass mark and Tick the Box so the world will somehow accept you are not a dodgy character.

What if we had a world with no Job Titles – just the name DESIGN which is bestowed upon us ALL and simply tells us we are EQUALS?

In other words, we are claiming that we are far greater and grander than a title this world has given us that comes laced with so much pain, as it always means others are less or more. No Equal-ness.

Living our Design means there is no one to look up to or down to.
With our new job title called DESIGN it is all about PURPOSE and that means EVOLUTION for ALL.

Granny would like that as no more Lies, winging it, faking it to make it or distracting ourselves in endless shenanigans that have zero purpose.

Good old fashion working and taking care of the basic 101 of everyday living, which puts an end to wayward lifestyles.





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