Dear World

What is it about us that gets into Distractions?

What do we get from our endless Distractions?

Why does one Distraction always lead to the next?

WHY do we Avoid getting on with the task in hand and entertain ourselves with Distractions?

WHY do we use non-stop Distractions and then complain about how stressed we get with life?

Why do we find Distractions more easy than just getting on with life’s admin?
Life’s admin is getting household jobs done and keeping them moving.

Our list of distractions could fill a book as we all have plenty of them and we just keep adding…

Here are a few that come from Real life and that means we could possibly relate to them –

Having a chat in the afternoon, that was supposed to be

10 minutes but it’s gone a bit over and now its 9pm.

Calling our friend to talk about nonsense and we Forget the work deadline we had.

Going off to have some beauty treatments when we know the kids will create havoc while we are away.

Fixing our motorbike while the kids are screaming inside and playing up.

Leaving the house to distract away from our teens who do nothing other than play Video Games all day.

Meeting an old friend that will take up the whole Weekend, so we can simply Avoid the house admin jobs.

Spending Weekends complaining about work and eating out with friends while the Laundry just sits there.

Arranging to meet a work colleague as we don’t like being on our own and getting on with it and that means Preparing for our busy work week ahead.

Going fishing to not find fish but get away and distract ourselves from the pressing stuff at home.

Choosing to go to a football match just so we can distract away from the pain of that last Relationship.

Fantasising about a guy at work who is married and we talk about wanting a Relationship.

Eating copious amounts of Chocolate bars while having romantic movies playing on the loop and its 6pm.

Finding ourselves ordering our second delivery same day and we are still in our pyjamas and not done a thing.

Having a Sleep over and doing girlie things when we have a big list of outstanding jobs at home to attend to.

Going Shopping everyday as it stimulates us and keeps us nice and busy when we got real work to attend to.

Online Shopping as we just got paid and it helps distract us from the basic 101 house jobs.

Checking out the next Holiday Online and we haven’t yet got back from the one we are on.

Book a Weekend away and we only just got back yesterday but it’s Monday and we hate work.

Booking Family events with our Lemonade budget feeling that shudder inside as Credit cards get the hit.

Ignoring the Debt building up from over-spending and we use the next Distraction to forget about it.

Pushing the finances with the ‘Dream Holiday’ and conveniently forgetting we had 2 already that year.

Using the school Holidays to avoid all responsibility and max up the Family distractions.

Wanting to beat the last Birthday bash and making sure this one is even more full of distractions for our guests.

Ordering another delivery of Fast Foods as that is easy because we are in the middle of watching our box sets.

Going to the local café for Breakfast as we can’t face another day hanging out in our messy home.

Avoiding all aspects of Cleaning by distracting ourselves with even more fantasy filled Social Media.

Starting a new hobby and we Ignore that we are needed at home to do the important things we call ‘Boring’.

Going on the pub crawl that will distract us from Preparing the Revenue Tax Papers that need to be done this month.

Getting prepped up for the big game and travelling afar as that is going to take up more time and give us the Excuse we need to avoid our responsibilities at home.

Demanding ‘me time’ with our plethora of Distractions but real reason is we want to avoid the Relationship we are living with.

Finding Online chat rooms to entertain and stimulate us and pretend to the Family we are just busy working with our computer in the closed ‘don’t ever come in’ office.

Doing porn at work too as it’s not enough just seeking it in the comfort of our closed door at home.

Dreaming about the next Job and spending our current working days seeking what we know is not possible.

Working from home (WFH) and doing our side hustle business that takes up more time than the paid job but “Hey ho, they don’t know”.

Hanging our Laundry, doing the ironing, washing up and gardening, while that teams meeting continues to run into over 3 hours that we are Paid to attend.

Having a few odd glasses of Alcohol in our WFH lunch breaks before the next zoom meeting starts online.

Consistently going to the fridge and cupboards for Snacks as we are entitled to eat as much as we want with this new WFH way of life.

Having chillax weekends with our Pot smoking and any other dodgy Drugs others bring and give us to try out.

Having the TV on a roll and that means keep switching channels and keep going with all the Snacks we can munch and order takeaways and not move couch.

Flicking through endless books and lifestyle magazines but never applying any Practical Changes that could make a real impact.

Spending every Weekend this year designing our next home plans, but we have not even looked at getting a proper Job that would pay for it.

Are we…

Juggling our endless need for Distractions and not getting why we may be Sick?

Feeling out of sorts because our daily Distractions are seriously putting our Life out of Balance.

Using Distractions of all kinds just because we do not want to feel that Empty feeling inside.

Rushing around to fill our time with even more Distractions and wonder why we just missed our train?

Dear World 

Have we stopped long enough to consider that HOW WE LIVE may be contributing to all the things we complain and get stressed about in life?

What are we really avoiding by making Distractions a regular behaviour when operating in daily life?

The following 2 presentations on this website offers an opportunity to bring us back to Another Way. Worth reading and applying if anything makes sense.








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