Dear World


This Question can no longer be dismissed, ignored or negated.

It is high time we started to get Real and bring some Honesty into our lives about what is actually going on.

What on earth are we avoiding and WHY?

WHY do we avoid the very thing that could be what we want the most?

WHY do we convince ourselves that avoiding is ok and hoping it may just all go away and never come back?

WHY do we give ourselves such a hard time when it comes to dealing with something important by using our pointless avoiding behaviour?

WHY do we dodge and hide with our avoiding movements, when we know it does not and will never work out?

WHY do we Lie and think that it is ok, just because we want to avoid something that is to be dealt with?

Here are some classic Real life examples that summarise the everyday avoiding behaviours that we subscribe to –

We avoid going to bed early when this is what our body is asking for every single day, but we just keep fighting it.

We avoid going for a walk daily as life is way too busy and if we do get time out we want to indulge in our glass of wine or two.

We avoid getting a proper job that will support us to pay our bills and take responsibility for our Basic 101 livingness.

We avoid calling the bank and dealing with our finances which are clearly in a mess, because we dread the irresponsibility we have been living.

We avoid others as we carry hurts from our past and hang on to them like treasured trophies, instead of letting go and opening our hearts once again and letting the love in and out to flow from us.

We avoid the basic 101 life lesson of respect and decency for ourselves first and foremost before extending that to all others.

We avoid being in a relationship as we run for the hills when it comes to any form of Commitment.

We avoid anyone who may be reflecting another way to live that makes sense and is not harming the human frame intentionally.

We avoid having close friends as we don’t want to be in a position where we may have to say something they don’t want to hear.

We avoid people because we Judge them, but we forget that we have no idea why and how they are the way they are as we don’t know their background. That means we don’t know what happened to them or what is going on for them in Truth.

We avoid the neighbours like they have some disease and we go over the top with our fake and phoney chit chat with others in the neighbourhood that don’t press our buttons.

We avoid others at the school gate when we pick up the kids as we feel they are Judging us or going to Gossip about whatever we say.

We avoid working the actual hours we are paid to work with this new ‘work from home’ system, as no one bothers to check and we can Get Away with so much more.

We avoid people at work as their very presence brings up something in us and makes us feel rather uncomfortable.

We avoid talking to others on public transport and yet the very thing we crave is connection with humanity and that means all of us.

We avoid confrontations as we live in fear of what the other person may think, say or do, but we know this is holding us all back and it hardens our body in some kind of protection.

We forget that avoiding discipline when it comes to raising our children will not make them responsible adults.

We avoid coming home after work as we don’t like the tension that comes with being told there is house work to do and kids that need our attention.

We avoid telling the kids off as we want them to like us and be friends with us while their behaviour is not decent or respectfull.

We bang on at our teenagers to behave differently and yet we avoid the very thing we are asking them to be and do.

We bark orders at others and feel entitled in our conviction of being right but forget we are avoiding the raw reality of taking responsibility in every aspect and every area of our life.

We avoid GETTING ON WITH IT and that means dealing with life and responding to what is needed to live our life where we are not harming our body.

We think we are cruising in life in our comfort dot com lifestyle while we consistently avoid all the things we don’t want to deal with, because we simply can.

We avoid the basic daily household tasks that require our Consistent attention because we love our binge TV watching and movie channels.

We avoid washing up every day and we dream of having a life where we never have to do any household jobs that we call chores.

We avoid Tidying Up or cleaning up as we didn’t sign up for this job and yet we love order and a clean home space.

We avoid putting the Trash out as we just can’t be bothered and at the same time we hate the stench it leaves in our home.

We avoid finishing the Odd Jobs we know are needed to be completed and we suffer the Stress that this brings daily.

We avoid doing those unfinished small jobs that just keep piling up and then moan and groan about not simply Getting on With It.

We avoid cooking a simple nourishing meal as food cooked and delivered to the door is much more suitable for our lifestyle.

We avoid going food shopping and find it convenient to just tap and order food online that’s cooked and ready to ingest straight from the container.

We avoid certain foods and jump on the bandwagon of food trends without discerning or checking what is and what is not needed for our body.

We demand what we want and avoid what we want and then hate the fact that our body communicates back to us the Truth of this.

We avoid the doctors when we know something is not right and somehow convince ourselves we will be alright.

We avoid hospital appointments when they are clearly a sign we need to get something checked out as it could be serious.

We avoid growing up because we still want to be a kid as that comes with zero responsibility and we like that.

We avoid asking Questions because we may get answers that would bring about Change and we really don’t like change.


Dear World

Have we considered that our avoiding tactics don’t actually work and never have worked even though we continue with this ill behaviour?

Avoiding anything comes at a price and that means we have consequences and there is no getting away from this. 

We may think we are ok and it’s not a big deal but after reading this small snapshot of real life examples, it would be wise to re-consider our avoiding movements in life.






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