Dear World

WHY are we always rushing in daily life?

What happens to us when we are rushing?

What gets done or not done in our rushing?

Are we known to others for always rushing?

How does our body feel with all this rushing?

How are we moving our body when we rush?

Do we feel Tired or drained because of rushing?

Where does rushing around actually get us in life?

Have we missed our buses, trains, planes and ships at the port, because our rushing around made us late to arrive where we needed to be?

Why do we Wake Up with our list of things to do and the rushing begins with our very first steps?

Why do we always say we will stop this rushing, as we know we are like a Car crash waiting for something to happen?

Why are we driving our vehicles in that rushing state that is harmful to others on the road?

Why does the clock seem to go faster when we are in a rush and need to be out of the door for work?

Why are we feeling so much tension and pressure because of our rushing movements?

Why is our head pounding with every heavy footstep when we are rushing all over the place?

Why are we getting aggressive towards the kids and Blaming them for our rushing lifestyle?

Why are we always late for anything and everything, because the last minute rushing around ensures that happens?

Why are we adding to our already Stressed out life with constant rushing here, there and everywhere?

What is running the show that makes us continuously stay on the rushing road that literally goes around and around with no Changes and that means no evolution? We seem to not make any real progress to evolve out of our situation.

What is it about us that is hooked into this Lifestyle that leads to wanting More, Doing more, having more AND the more, more, more gets us in the action of rushing and we can’t seem to Stop?

What is it that our so-called Intelligent mind has yet to work out about rushing and the consequences to our physiology?

In other words, how is that constant rushing affecting our Heart, Lungs, other organs and our Blood Pressure?


What if it is possible, very possible to get more done and feel settled inside our body, if we simply Stop this momentum of rushing?

What if our rushing around is accelerated by the Caffeine and copious amounts of sugar we consume in the day?

What if the rushing behaviour we have adopted as normal is not supposed to be normal just because everyone we know is the same?

What if the rushing movements lead to un-necessary errors that have a knock on effect?

What if we go into a rushing mode at work as we are fed these crazy thoughts that we need to deliver and get results and only going faster in haste will do the job?

What if rushing not only harms our body but affects others around us and our environment?

What if others around us feel imposed upon because our movements are jarring as we emanate vibes that are coming from our rushing actions?

What if the chances of something going wrong, or an incident or accident or injury happening are higher when we are in our rushing around state of being?

What if rushing means we react to absolutely everything and this means no real response to what is truly needed in that given moment?

What if rushing makes us Talk Fast to others with a tone that we know is not how we want to be?

What if rushing makes us snap and bark at the shop assistant or our Family members because we have had enough but do bugger all to Stop and Change?

What if we feel like the victim, as we do most of the jobs to keep our home running and the only way to stay on top of it is to spend every day rushing?

What if rushing does nothing for our Health but sets us up by the very design of what it is to make us super Stressed?

What if rushing is the road we keep saying we want to get off but it pushes us further and we know we are Exhausted?

What if our body is communicating loudly that rushing around is making it work against our natural rhythm and it cannot go into a deep state of rest and Sleep because of that?

What if rushing stops us from allowing things to unfold in some kind of natural order and flow?

What if we are not designed to live life in a rush and therefore our natural state is altered by living and moving in this way, day in and day out?

What if this website, with hundreds of articles about living human life can offer an opportunity to consider Another Way that is free from rushing?

As a world, we subscribe to rushing in daily life that brings harm and yet we continue.

Common sense would tell us – rushing simply takes us nowhere, other than down the road of some kind of disaster to stop us.






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