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Dear World

We may have heard a lot about Public Health Education recently as our attention is being brought to the fact that we – the public, the people, need Health Education.

This article is about People Health Education as this website is about the people, for the people and on behalf of the people and that means ALL OF US.

Note – this article is NOT in any way referring to the current Public Health educators who focus on helping groups of people, from family units to large urban communities by developing educational campaigns and programs to promote healthy habits and environments.

Their duties are more research-orientated and administrative.

Public Health educators do not usually work face to face with populations to collect information and provide counselling. Instead, they analyse data about key demographics and work to create or improve health programs. (1)

Simple Living Global are not here to campaign or go on the path of trying to collate data and analyse it.

That would be way too Complicated and off track for us, as our organisation is all about SIMPLE LIVING.

What we are presenting is Health Education for the people as that holds meaning and purpose in our current times.

In other words, our world is not on track as the majority of us are not healthy.

WHY? – because our bodies are telling us so.

If we need the proof or the evidence or the facts or the stats, then look no further – check out the following


Our current model of life has failed us. 

Our need for these Drugs to alter our natural state is a great indication and confirmation –


Our Solutions and scientific advancements are nowhere near stopping the rates of illness and disease.

Our  Intelligence1 is not getting to the root cause of WHY we have created these ills and dis-eases in the first place.


As human beings, Citizens of our countries and members of society, it would be a wise move to wake up, take a dose of medicine called  Honesty and consider if HOW we are living is actually supporting us, because the majority are clearly not Healthy.

Let’s see what Google and the dictionaries are saying about these 3 words –






human beings in general or considered collectively

the members of a particular nation, community or ethnic group (2)


Cambridge Dictionary

men, women and children

used to refer to everyone or informally to the group that you are speaking to

all the men, women and children who live in a particular country or who have the same culture or language.

a society (3)

“the people” – refers to the large number of ordinary men and women who do not have positions of power in society. (3)



 late 13 century
humans, persons in general

from Old French peupel “people, population, crowd; mankind, humanity
from Anglo French meaning “common people, masses”
from Latin populous “a people, nation; body of citizens; a multitude” (4)




the state of being free from illness or injury

a person’s mental or physical condition (5)


Collins Dictionary

the state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease (6)


World Health Organization

health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (1948) (7)



Old English “wholeness, a being whole, sound or well”
Old English “to heal” (8)




the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university

an enlightening experience (9)


Macmillan Dictionary

the activity of educating people in schools, colleges and universities and all the policies and arrangements concerning this. (10)


Oxford English Dictionary (now called Lexico)

the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university

the theory and practice of teaching

a body of knowledge acquired while being educated

information about or training in a particular field (11)

the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgement and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.

the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills as for a profession

a degree, level or kind of schooling: a university education 

the result produced by instruction, training or study

the science or art of teaching; pedagogics (12)  



1530s “child-rearing” also “the training of animals”

from Middle French education (14th century) and directly from Latin educationem
“a rearing, training” noun of action from past-principle stem of educare

from 1610 “systematic schooling and training for work” (13)

This is interesting for us to read and discuss here –

People of course means human beings – ALL of us

The origin of this word talks about humanity and the masses which are common people.

“the people” according to the Cambridge dictionary refers to the large number of ordinary men and women who do not have positions of power in society.

So what is the name given to those who do hold positions of power in society – are they no longer people?

Is this WHY we give them the fancy titles and names because they are not longer associated with the majority of us who are just the average jo on the street, or a law abiding citizen who is not holding a powerful position?

Who defines that word Power and have we really got it right when we dis-empower ourselves, look up and outside of ourselves to another human being thinking they somehow have more, because of the position society has given them?

What if Power is something we all innately have and it has something to do with who we are and not what we do?

And that it is about a certain quality that one holds and we recognise in ourselves that we have this quotient.

Example – the author of this article and website holds a quality, a vibration so to speak, that has nothing to do with a job title.

It cannot be negated that this website is powerful and yet any academic or those who hold positions of power in society would readily dismiss it, simply because the decorations are not there. Referring to no accolade, no bigwig qualifications that society and the current form of intelligence subscribes to with no letters before of after the name etc.

So here we have an ordinary person who does not hold a position of power in society, but yet they claim they are power-full.

Is this worth considering and pondering on, that the definitions of our words confirm a division – a separation so to speak, that the masses are people and those in positions of power are not people?

How can this make any sense when in fact the Truth is we are from one species and we are in essence ALL the same, regardless of what position we hold in society.


Next – Health

Over 70 years ago the World Health Organization said that the word Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

On that note, how many of us can Honestly say we are Healthy?

The origin of this word was and is speaking volumes.
It refers to “wholeness” – a being that is whole and sound.

If we examine the above, what is clear is that we cannot go around banging on about health in one area of life – we need to look at the whole and that means everything.

Example – no point banging on about the fact that we are fit because we push it on the exercise front but wing it when it comes to eating foods that actually nurture and nourish us.

Or we think we are healthy because we only drink Alcohol at the weekends and forget that we eat Fast Foods all week, as we are way too busy to cook up meals.


Next – Education   

Firstly – looks like Google have done a cut n paste job as their words are exactly the same as the Oxford English Dictionary now called Lexico.

the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.

To keep it Simple the definitions tell us it is about giving us knowledge.

What we could say is interesting, the origin of this word talks about child rearing and yet today there is very little in terms of imparting knowledge in a way that worked back then when it comes to raising our children.

Imagine if those who have raised children could reflect in their older years what worked and what clearly did not work and then ‘impart’ that wisdom which comes from lived experience, so generations to come would ALL benefit.

What would the state of our Children’s Mental Health be?

What if good old fashioned love is what is really missing today?

What if we valued and felt the importance of child rearing as Real education instead of where it is at today?

How come ALL our education systems are not addressing the Basic stuff we all need to know and learn about human life?

WHY are our education systems failing us and WHY are we allowing this?

Next –

Simple Living Global are saying that there is Another Way.

This website is dedicated to that other way that goes against the trends and the current subscribed form of Intelligence2 that many of us think is the only way.

We have committed to writing blogs/articles that the general everyday members of humanity can relate to.

What we have done is not hold back on what we know and can feel is the Truth. There is no watering down, diluting, mincing of words or playing any kind of mind games.

It is straight talk – take it or leave it with no hidden agenda on our part.

Back to the title – PEOPLE HEALTH EDUCATION.

We could say something is missing.

We seem to be victims of ill health and we really have no idea when we get diagnosed, where it came from, why it has happened and all the other Questions we are left with.

We have nowhere to go, so we start seeking answers and our Internet is now the modern day platform to find anything we want – even if it is not the Truth we actually need to help us.

We seem to get desperate and just want to get better, without truly questioning HOW we got to this point and WHY this has happened.

How many of us just wished we had the answers, the understanding and the education, so that we would not be left so void and empty at a time when our body is not well?

How many of us get sucked into what we read on the Internet only to find conflicting and contradictory stuff, which makes the whole thing even more Complicated?

How many of us have gone to others just to get support and end up even more bombarded with thoughts that are confusing and make no sense at a time of ill health?

How many of us make up stuff, as our kids are looking up to us for the answers and we have absolutely nothing to declare as we are just as lost?

Dear World

Have we considered what life would be like if we had Real Health Education that was designed for the people and that means ALL OF US?

In other words, it would not be there to champion, identify or advance any single body or organisation or leave anyone feeling less than or behind another person.

This means there would be facts delivered with an understanding, so that all learners can get it, regardless of background, educational standard and all that stuff that we are told equates to our current so called Intelligence.

Could it be possible to receive and access this form of Health Education that is relatable to human life, so that it supports ALL OF US?

Could it be possible that there is one requirement and that is once we learn and live that – we need to share it with others, no matter what or who they are?

In other words, we cannot ever hold back what we know and live is the Truth because this is how we ALL evolve.

What if this monumental website is presenting HEALTH EDUCATION in the form of a library – a go to, when we need to understand more about what is going on for us?

What if Simple Living Global are on the front foot as they KNOW humanity one day soon will need a strong and solid footprint on the world wide web that is reliable, not biased in any way and simply there to support those who are ready to ask – IS THERE ANOTHER WAY?

What if PEOPLE HEALTH EDUCATION is now being called for and this is WHY Simple Living Global are responding to that call by way of writing this article?

Is it time to bring PEOPLE HEALTH EDUCATION which is what this whole website is about, to everyone starting with pre-school and going across the school agenda worldwide?

Then we get the colleges and all those in further education if they are ready and if not, we let them be with no Push, drive or force to make them change.

We go to all adults regardless of their age and status they hold in society and that should cover the rest of humanity with no one left out or excluded.


Those presenting Real Health Education can only do so if they LIVE what they are expressing –

In other words, WALK THE TALK.

ADD to that these educators have to be the Real deal and live a transparent life.

In other words, no Double Standards, no Vices and Secrets going on behind closed doors, no Double Life – one for the world and work and another for private.

Example – if a proper Real PEOPLE HEALTH EDUCATION presenter was writing or talking about Drugs or Alcohol then they need to be free of that poison from their body for at least 10 years.

We also need to check their vitality levels and discern that they are the real deal and not just go by their credentials.

The key message here is that we need to see and feel a body of Consistency where there is a genuine and steady vibration that cannot be negated, because they deliver in a way that we register in our body.

In other words, what they Express does something to us so we take note, we seem to know it makes sense on some level and we settle with that knowing because it does not leave us disturbed in any way.

Most of us have been subjected to the ra ra world and quick fix Solutions when it comes to health, be it popping Vitamin pills or pushing on the exercise front to get results.

Yet even those who excel in Sports or look healthy seem to have illness and dis-ease happening, or they rely on copious amounts of Caffeine or sugar to get through the day ahead.

This is WHY we all need to learn how to discern when we come across the real deal or a fake and phoney teacher, academic, expert in their field or Social Media influencer.

Without discernment we may end up even worse off than what we started out with.

A point to note that most of us already know even if we do not want to admit it – what we seek, we will find.

That means for example – if we really do not want to stop Smoking or stop drinking Alcohol, then we will find exactly what we need, the research, the people and everything that confirms and endorses it really is ok and not that bad, so just carry on – business as usual.

However, if we are making the call for true change and really want to find Another Way then of course we will come across the response in whichever form that may be.

In other words, the exact support we need to take those first steps will be there and we did not have to plan it.

It could even be this stupendous website.




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Comments 6

  1. Manchester Evening News – 22 January 2020

    Parents are being told to stop toddlers from drinking milk throughout the night because it is causing damage to their teeth.

    The advice has come after a survey highlighted that parents failed to recognise the harm milk can cause.

    Lactose found in cow’s milk, breast milk and many baby formulas is a type of sugar that puts children at a risk of developing tooth decay.

    This risk is increased during the night as when we sleep, we produce less saliva to protect us against cavities.

    A good alternative suggested instead of drinking milk during sleepless nights is water.

    In 2017, a dentist in Salford urged parents to ditch the baby bottles before children reach the age of one to help prevent tooth decay.

    Children age 3 need extractions and fillings because of holes in their teeth.

    Continued use of baby bottles for milk after the age of one is the main factor in causing tooth decay, in particular if they are being allowed to fall asleep with them at night.

    Juices and sugary drinks should not be given in a baby bottle.

    Parents also believe that dried fruits are a healthy snack for children’s teeth, when in fact they are very concentrated in fruit sugar and the stickiness allows them to cling to the teeth for longer.

    This link has a video and some facts and myths that we have around babies and children’s teeth.

    One fact worth noting is the dummy and experts advise to ditch it by the age of 2, as it can lead to orthodontic problems as 82% of the survey participants pointed out.

    One myth worth noting is a quarter of parents perceive bleeding gums during brushing as completely normal when it is not.

    If we join the dots and keep it simple this really is a no brainer.

    Sugar is damaging our teeth. Full stop. The End.

    WHY? Because at night the saliva that supports us during the day slows down.

    Milk has its own sugar in it called lactose.

    HELLO – how come we don’t know this?

    WHAT IF this was the real People Health Education?

    Given in a simple way that makes it relatable and easy to understand.

    An example is this article on Oral Health by Simple Living Global –

    If the people – that means ALL of us are educated about health like this, chances are we may even listen and cut down on the sugar or take note.

    What we do need to do is question WHY we don’t bother to find out or educate ourselves on basic stuff like oral health that could in the long term save us endless pain and money?

    Finally, how come we are not up in arms to share this type of information and get it out there through our social media platforms, billboards and on every news front page headlines?

    Kids with rotting teeth does not have to be our new normal.

    Adults with no teeth and a mouth full of false perfect white teeth with a Hollywood smile is NOT the answer and we all know that.


    This is old news for most of us and this blog was not even born when this story came out, back in October 2018.

    However, as people of the world we ought to be aware of what this is about.

    This is such big news that it was mentioned on our year end news for 2018.

    A comment has also been placed on our Obesity blog in January 2019.

    Some of us may never read all the comments on every blog and so it serves to mention this simply because the figure is staggering and we need to wake up as this is about Real People Health Education.

    We could agree that if we were taught something that we could relate to and then see what it means, chances are we are more likely to pay attention and have an interest.

    On that note – the impact of Obesity and being overweight on the U.S. economy has eclipsed to $1.7 trillion.
    Does this number signify anything to us – $1,700,000,000,000

    Before we go any further, we must take note this is one country – only one nation.

    What if we got some real figures and could ADD the rest of the world to this number?

    How serious is this and what are we all doing about it?

    Very easy to sit and just take it all in and leave it at that.
    Even more simple would be to just ignore the whole thing.

    We could pretend it’s just news out there and who cares as it’s 2020 now and this was said in 2018, so why would it matter or be important?

    We may be young right now or in the best years of our life and eating what we want and doing what we want seems to not have much of an effect on our body as we have not noticed it.

    We may have the attitude of the masses which is “you only live once” so we are on the bandwagon of just making the most of life and facing the music, so to speak when we get there.

    In other words, do whatever we want and let the body show us in years to come and let the healthcare systems take care of it then. Until the suffering, pain, misery and agony starts, why do anything now when we are having such a great time.

    But we are being warned as this startling news story is telling us – excess weight contributes to 23 chronic diseases including Diabetes, Kidney Disease and Osteoarthritis.

    Would it help if we actually had real life people suffering with these debilitating dis-eases in the body, come to the classroom and talk from their daily living experience how it is and what it is like and then get them to present what they would do differently if they could rewind and go back to the age of the classroom children?

    How about we get people like Tim Bowyer – he is mentioned in our Diet blog on this website. This morbidly obese man has turned his life around and reduced his weight by epic proportions with NO DIET just common sense taking responsibility for the choices he was making.

    So out goes the late nights and alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants. Then he tried the gluten and dairy free road and it worked and with the consistent early bedtime routine, he was able to knock out the excess sugary foods within no time at all.

    The thing with this is it comes across as a bit too simple and too good to be true.

    We want the books, the apps, the influencers on social media and the latest pill, powder, exercise regime and all the razmatazz to complicate our minds and make out it is hard, arduous and a big struggle, but in fact it is not.

    Small steps daily, using common sense and trying it out and if it works then locking it in to our daily living foundation.

    This website is FULL of this type of common sense stuff but incase anyone has not noticed, it sure is not popular.

    It delivers answers to the health and well-being questions we all seem to have that pop up in our minds and yet we have very few really and truly interested.

    WHY is that and WHY have we not got the author of this website presenting at schools and colleges worldwide?

    AND WHY have we not got Tim Bowyer talking at every opportunity – from GP surgeries to patients and all schools, where we have our children silently suffering in the knowing that they are not living their real and true potential because of their excess weight?

    People Health Education is for ALL of us, but it will take ALL of us to see and feel the turning of the tides needed, if we are ever going to see a reduction in the trillion dollar number above.

  3. Australia Day Council of South Australia – 4 June 2020

    These links are articles from Dr. James Muecke titled –
    ‘Excessive Sugar Consumption Causes Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes’

    A spiraling epidemic that in some regions of Australia is impacting over 1 in 10 people.
    It is also the fastest growing cause of vision loss in Aboriginal people and 6th biggest killer in the country.

    80% of world blindness is avoidable.
    90% of world blindness is in low income countries.

    In children and teenagers, type 2 Diabetes can develop within 2 years. The diagnosis is often made years after the onset of the disease and it is common for people to have type 2 Diabetes for 5 – 7 years before diagnosis.

    Fatty infiltration of the pancreas impairs insulin production and eventually leads to an increase in the blood glucose level. Then comes the early symptoms – excessive thirst and urination and drives continued insulin production.
    The vicious cycle of metabolic dysfunction progresses and the high level of insulin in the blood is responsible for many severe and life threatening complications of Type 2 Diabetes.

    Over time, there is damage to the fine blood vessels throughout the body, resulting in numbness and pain of the extremities, impotence, kidney failure, blindness and dementia.

    Hyperinsulinemia (high level of insulin in the blood) leads to the development of atheroma (fatty plaques) which can block the major blood vessels, leading to gangrene of the feet and amputation of the lower limbs, (peripheral vascular disease), heart attack, stroke and death.

    It also plays a role in the causation of other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension and cancer. Type 2 Diabetes truly ravages the entire body.

    Can we take a total STOP moment and reflect on how serious this really is.

    What if this type of information and what Simple Living Global have presented on their Diabetes blog on this website was made available to all as part of People Health Education?

    Our world is at breaking point when it comes to human health.

    Nothing thus far is working and having the masses relying on bad diets and ad hoc advice when it comes to something as serious as Type 2 Diabetes is not the solution.

    Is it time to bring in real education and present the stats and the facts and above all bring understanding that continuing our current lifestyle choices will ensure things will get worse.

    Taking FULL Responsibility for our own health and well-being is in our hands.
    We do have a choice and it may seem difficult, arduous, challenging or boring but what if it is our mind telling us so and we forgot to check in with our body and ask what it wants.

    Common sense would tell us not to harm our body in any way. It is a vehicle that we have to look after until our very last breath. How we make that journey is up to us but what we do need to admit is we are not doing a grand job because the statistics are telling us.

    Diabetes is now at the point where it can and will bankrupt our health systems.
    We have run out of time and straight talking and saying it as it is needs to be the new way.

    If we educate those who are Pre-Diabetes, those who already suffer with it and those who live a very unhealthy lifestyle, we could say that is probably the majority, then chances are we will turn the tides.

    Imagine informing our children from day dot about the dangers of eating sugar, which really is a toxic poison.

    How about we do research studies on young children who have parents that keep them off sugar and carbs that turn into sugar? Then track them growing up and observe their lives and how they choose to live. Now that would be an inspiring educational study for us all to take note of.

    People Health Education is now needed.

    Nothing is working and our time is up, so we need to make changes now.

  4. Mail Online – 19 October 2021

    The NHS is wasting up to £568 million a year on pills that patients do not necessarily need and which could leave them with dangerous addictions. Many suffer withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit, such as abdominal cramps, blurred vision and loss of appetite.

    £288 million goes on highly addictive painkilling opioid medicines.

    3 out of 4 prescriptions were found to be completely un-necessary, according to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Prescribed Drug Dependence.

    The estimated amount of wasted money is said to be the income for 10,000 GPs or 20,000 nurses.

    In 2019, Public Health England admitted ‘hundreds of thousands’ of patients had become dependent on medicines and pledged to tackle the problem. However, the pandemic obstructed those plans.

    Psychiatry professor Joanna Moncrieff stated ‘we (the NHS) are prescribing lots of drugs that are harmful…and we are doing that on a vast scale’.

    So WHY are doctors in England dishing out habit forming drugs such as Opioids, antidepressants, benzodiazepines and sleeping pills to hundreds of thousands of people, that should not be taking them?

    It is easy to blame and it is easy to become a victim, as we rely on those that are educated, more intelligent than us and know what is best for us and are also qualified to prescribe the medication we need – right?

    But what if we the consumers, the patients, the ones that go to seek relief from our pain are the ones that make the call? In other words we are requesting, demanding and asking what we want and they simply supply. Those that reside in the UK know how the NHS operate and how under pressure and overstretched our GPs are and playing nice and doing what the patient demands and not challenging them is the norm. It’s time we got real as that is what happens. The abuse that some of our doctors put up with is well known and cannot be negated or dismissed because it suits us.

    Why do we act like we don’t know or is it that we do not want to know that the very thing we are seeking to get better is going to get us addicted? This means we will need more of the same to get that pain out of the way, so we can go on living and doing what we want, when we want and how we want. We do not want to consider or even look at how we got ill in the first place and whether our lifestyle choices were a contributory factor. Instead we conveniently take the easy comfortable road, get the meds and expect things to change as that is what we demand. Nothing more and nothing less.

    It is high time we all wake up and get our education system to start teaching from day dot, nursery schooling that ALL medicine has side effects. Yes of course we take it to get better but anything long term means we are going down the ill road in life and need to turn back. That means we need to face what we have just created in our body and we do have the answers and we will work it out if we simply stop and rest and not use medication just to function and continue down the ill road of living.

    Back to the news story – who is running the country’s national health system’s financial accounts and how can we continue to balance our ledger book if millions are going on what we can say is utter waste. Let’s not stop there as not only is it wasting public monies but the health of the nation is dropping, as we have more addicted and yet no one is bothering to get to the root of WHY and HOW this is happening.

    For example – before we dish out another sleeping pill prescription or go online to buy the latest sleeping solution gadget, product or service – WHY not read the whole Sleep category on this website. Much is being presented for the reader to become aware of, if they truly are seeking real change.

    Dear World

    We have reached a juncture now in human life that tells us the way we take care of our body is super important. Ignoring the signs and just functioning or expecting the medics to fix us, is showing us our lack of Responsibility. Yes things will happen, but we need to consider WHY on earth are we all getting ill and why we have issues like sleep and back pain that is crippling our national health system.

    WHY are we not listening to those that live true health and have a marker of wellbeing that stands out from the current norm – like the author of this comment, this blog and this website?

    This website is for the people and about the people.

    Are we ready for this kind of PEOPLE HEALTH EDUCATION so we ALL learn and become aware of our part in society?

  5. The Economist – 26 April 2023

    15% in England take 5 or more prescription drugs every day.

    20% Americans do and Canadians aged 40 – 79.

    Number of pills per person tends to rise over time.

    33% Americans age 65 or older take at least 5 medications each day.

    25% in Canada over age 65 take 10 or more prescription drugs daily.

    Even properly prescribed drugs have side effects.
    “Polypharmacy” imposes a big drag on health.

    A recent study found 1 in 5 hospital admissions in Liverpool were caused by adverse reactions to drugs.

    Getting people off drugs is unfamiliar for modern health systems, which are designed to put patients on them. That is now beginning to change. Doctors and nurses are setting up “deprescribing networks” to try to spread the word.

    Some patients end up taking several drugs that affect the same biological pathway. Several drugs, including some anti-allergy pills, anti-incontinence drugs and tricyclic antidepressants work this way. But doctors are not always aware of that, says Dr. Emily Reeve – Pharmacist at Adelaide Hospital.

    Excessive pill-popping burdens patients in several ways.
    “People feel like their entire lives revolve around their medications. The more drugs someone takes, the greater the chances are that some of them will be taken wrongly.
    Over-prescribing can become self-reinforcing. Several common drugs block reabsorption of serotonin, another neurotransmitter. Taking too many can cause tremors, insomnia and jerky movements of the arms and legs. Those symptoms are often mistaken for Parkinson’s disease.
    Drugs for Parkinson’s are added, in what is known as a ‘prescribing cascade’. These in turn can cause low blood pressure and delirium, which are, of course, treated with more drugs.
    Pharmacists cannot catch problematic combinations when different prescriptions are dispensed at different pharmacies. And anything bought over the counter is ‘completely invisible’.”
    Michael Steinman – Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

    All these effects are compounded in the elderly, whose bodies are less efficient at metabolising drugs. For example – sleeping pills would make a young person drowsy the next morning. In an elderly person, it can cause ‘brain fog’ that would make every day tasks impossible. “Getting the dose right is difficult because old people are usually excluded from clinical trials for new drugs” says Dr. Barbara Farrell – Academic and Pharmacist at the Bruyere Research Institute in Canada.

    Medical overload persists. Dr. Farrell says, in America, advertising oversells the benefits of medicines. Lack of unified personal health records is another. A cardiologist may prescribe drugs for a patient without knowing what the doctor treating his lungs may have put him on.
    The common reason could be that patients are not told when to stop taking a drug or they forget.
    1 in 5 patients given the potent painkiller, Gabapentin, after surgery are still taking it 90 days later, when the recommended maximum is 4 weeks. Often prescriptions are renewed automatically by other doctors, who see them on a patient’s notes and assume they have to be continued.

    Many doctors presume patients are not interested in stopping their medicines.

    Studies from different countries show 80% of patients are willing to give up a drug if their doctor advises them.
    Money for de-prescribing studies is minimal. Drug firms are the main sponsors of clinical trials and are not interested for obvious reasons.
    A medical movement is beginning. In Canada, brochures have been developed to help patients wean themselves off a number of common drugs. They explain alternatives available.

    “With over a billion items dispensed each year, there is a huge prize to be gained in improving the health of millions of people, comparable to a new ‘blockbuster’ medicine, if we can only get this right.”
    Keith Ridge, England’s Chief Pharmaceutical Officer – 2021

    Dear World

    The above taken from the Economist news confirms that many of us are reliant on prescribed medication and pay little attention or take any personal responsibility.

    Whilst the majority taking medicines would consider coming off them if their physician suggested, is a strong indication that we innately know that taking substances that all have side effects is not what our body wants. However, we have become dis-empowered when it comes to all things medical. We never take the lead and expect the medics to know everything and fix our ailments, symptoms and diseases, without questioning how on earth we have whatever it is that we are diagnosed with.

    It is a great move to de-prescribing but we ought to be cautious that many will feel the withdrawal effects and are then left with the same or worse symptoms. What we need is a paradigm shift and that means consider another way of living that requires responsibility for the lifestyle choices we make every single day.

    For example – we have a sleep issue. We need to ask questions, leave no stone unturned and apply a big dose of common sense. If we have no bedtime routine or rhythm to speak of, then chances are we are not going to get a solid sleep every night. If we are busy over-working, worrying, over-eating, binge TV watching or on social media, online shopping or porn sites when we should be sleeping, then we know what common sense would have to say.

    Another example – if we are relying on our cold beer or a glass of wine or two every evening to relax then read our Alcohol articles and gain more insight into what this legal poison does to the human body and how it affects every organ in our body. Over time, the consequences of our ill choices are communicated back to us through our body and this is when we demand prescription drugs to fix us but pay zero attention to how we can make sensible changes that will shift the imbalance our body is under.

    This comment is on the People Health Education article as this is where it will serve until our Treatise on drugs is completed.

  6. The Guardian – 25 July 2023


    These include:

    Cases are expected to soar as growing numbers reach old age.

    Health leaders have called this “catastrophic”.

    In a rapidly ageing population, the number of people living with serious diseases will rise from almost 1 in 6 of the adult population in 2019 to 1 in 5 by 2040.

    2.5 million extra people will be living with major illnesses.
    37% rise compared with 2019, according to the report by Health Foundation.

    45% rise in cases of Dementia
    92% rise in Heart Failure
    31% rise in Cancer
    49% rise in Diabetes
    32% rise in Chronic Pain
    16% rise in Depression or Anxiety

    By the age of 70, people will have an average of 3 long-term conditions, rising to more that 5 by the age of 85.


    This is so serious that we can no longer sit back and just read it as a bit of news or not go there as we don’t like to be told what may happen to us in the future.

    Is it any surprise that the majority love the distractions, the escapes, the binge eating, binge TV and binge everything as we do not like the everyday living which means – taking care of this body we have and are responsible for until our last breath.

    Could it be possible that the way we are ACTUALLY living is the reason WHY we are going to face all the ills that have been projected?

    Are we bothering to read anything that is spelling out to us that our lifestlyle choices are seriously harming our health?

    We simply cannot dismiss our health and well-being and this website has been on the front foot by presenting ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE and the living evidence is the author.

    Yes Dear World – for anyone in any doubt, worth studying this website and how the author lives in daily life, which confirms there is Another Way.

    With over 300 articles published and no sign of stopping and this is not the “day job”, it would be a wise move to start reading and applying the practical aspects presented.

    Simple Living Global are dedicated to bringing awareness to humanity and that means ALL of us collectively. It matters not how educated, smart or intelligent we supposedly think we are or not – we are all here to learn.

    Our world needs PEOPLE HEALTH EDUCATION and if anyone in our world is consistently living in a way that is not harming the human body and they can offer practical lived wisdom, then we ought to be taking it seriously as that is Real PEOPLE HEALTH EDUCATION because we ALL benefit from those words of true communication.

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