How We Live

Dear World

How we live is very important.

How we live affects every-one.

How we live affects every-thing.

So HOW are we Living?

This means how are we moving every single day in life, which affects everything and everyone.

Most of us are probably not aware that the small things do matter as we generally put our emphasis on the big stuff, the goals, the dreams and the future.

What if something is missing when we dismiss, negate, ignore or refute the daily, so-called Boring mundane stuff like cleaning, cooking, washing, laundry and Making Our Bed?

What if we could lock into our Foundation the above daily tasks which require us to get our butt into gear and GET ON WITH IT without any complaining, whinging, whining or backchat? Just do it and repeat it.

Anything you repeat becomes your Foundation.
Serge Benhayon – Founder of Universal Medicine

Time to do a list of all the things that we are repeating in life as that is HOW we are Living.

So, to name a few – if we do any of the following daily…

Copious amounts of sugar
Endless hours watching TV
Go to Bed at crazy hours
Video Gaming
Screen Time
Hot Talk

…then it is time to admit that is our Foundation

Most of us are probably doing one or many of the above list and there are plenty more we could add.

If any of the above – socially acceptable as ‘norms’ are going on, then it is inevitable that the daily household tasks would not be on our radar.

Example –

Who is interested in cleaning if we have a body that is exhausted and using props like Caffeine and sugar to keep going and then ‘me time’ as we are entitled?

We work hard so that equates to Smoking and/or drinking Alcohol, feet up and TV on plus Social Media scrolling for endless hours with no bedtime Routine or rhythm.

Next –

Who on earth would want to clean regularly or Consistently? We label and Judge those people as OCD and we get cleaners in or just ignore the dust, dirt and filth that we live in.

How are we Living?

When was the last time we did an inspection of every room in our home? So what if it is a tiny space or a big mansion. Size matters not. What matters is How We Live.

Our body has to live in the space we call home and whether we like it or not, that space affects us.

Next –

Check the Toilet. Yes this one we generally have an aversion to or wish it would self clean.

In our world, whatever it is that we demand, there will be suppliers out there making it happen.

Do not be surprised if there is an app or something out there that tells us how to keep that Toilet clean without doing anything. We like that – correct?

Never do we want to look back and see the mess we leave inside the toilet bowl or on the seat or both.

Never do we want to discuss or talk about this kind of dirty Talk.

Never do we want to bring ourselves to that low level and admit we want a clean Toilet but don’t want to make the movements and do anything about it.

Never do we want to even admit to ourself that what we eat has consequences for our toilet bowl.


Do we have a clean Toilet but the rest of our home is in utter disarray and we have no space to move because we have cluttered it up with our Online purchases?

We Blame that lockdown which made us so miserable and isolated that we found ways to do very little when it comes to any form of movements and then we just developed that bug called Indolence.

We can Blame anything and everyone about HOW we are Living but the thing is – we have to make the moves and then it Changes.

No point wanting what others have, going into comparison or having the jealous Judas vibe running as that will never give us anything.

Some of us have the impeccable look or portray an image we want the world to see us as, but in Truth1 we live the polar opposite in our own home and this gives rise to a distorted way of living that comes with consequences.

Some of us want others to see what we have and invite them over and it all looks clean and amazing, but that is not how we live everyday as we make effort to do that and it’s only for others, never for us.

In other words, if we have people come to our home we want them to think we live like that all the time, but it is far from the Truth1

How We Live speaks volumes and it is high time we all started looking at our home and work space. Both will give us a reflection of how we are actually living life and WHY things are the way they are in our life.

Open the closet at home, the desk drawer at work or the shop floor mess behind the scenes and be Honest.

Without getting Honest, we stand no chance of ever getting to the Truth2





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