Dear World

What are we doing to prepare in daily life?

What is our approach when we prepare?

How are we preparing in any area of our life?

How do we feel about preparing?

How important is Preparing for us?

How do we prepare for Work?
How do we prepare for Study?
How do we prepare for Exercise?
How do we prepare for Shopping?
How do we prepare for an Appointment?
How do we prepare for a Job Interview?
How do we prepare the kids for School?

How do we prepare for Surgery – big or small?

How do we prepare for Travel – Business or Holiday?

How do we prepare for our Hospital appointment?

How do we prepare to clean the kitchen floor?
How do we prepare to clean the Toilet?
How do we prepare to clean the bathroom?
How do we prepare when it comes to Laundry?
How do we prepare when it comes to ironing?

How do we prepare our bedroom for Sleep?  
How do we prepare for our shower?

Are we waiting for a manual on how to Prepare?

Are we insistent that preparing is a waste of time?

Are we simply not interested in preparing?

Are we not concerned how things turn out because preparing for anything is not our style?

Are we always clock watching, so our preparing is a bit hit ‘n’ miss?

Are we too busy with our distractions to even consider preparing for work the next day?

Are we more interested in Social Media and other Screen Time to spend a nano second preparing for the next day?

How do we prepare when it comes to the kids and their Daily Routine?

How do we prepare dinner everyday and is it different if we have guests coming?

How do we prepare for an event that requires some planning?

How do we prepare for our Annual Tax return or paying uncle Sam?

How do we prepare financially for a potential job loss and perhaps short term unemployment?

How do we prepare for Emails that do not require a reaction from us?

Dear World

This mini presentation offers us some sensible Questions to consider when it comes to preparing as many of us are not aware of the consequences when we do not prepare.

An example –

We are diagnosed and the medics have advised us that our symptoms are serious and we will need to have surgery.

Firstly, how prepared were we to hear that news or was it like a shrug it off-too busy-it has to wait-got-a-holiday booked-soon-may-as-well-live-as-I-want-damn-the-body-for-stopping-me-living-my-wayward-life?


Are we taking it on and PREPARING for surgery by getting our body into a fitter state than it currently is, so we can maximise our chances of healing faster and without the Complications that seem to come post-surgery?

Are we refusing to even admit that our body is not in its true natural state and therefore some correction is being offered by way of illness and disease that needs surgery? Then let’s not be surprised what that refutation will bring.

What if our body is simply communicating and we need to listen and correspond accordingly – not Ignore it any longer?

Of course, things happen when we don’t want it because it’s the wrong timing for us – like we got that expensive Holiday booked or we got a big wedding or Birthday celebration and we are the celebrity guests there.

For others, it could be the devastation of knowing that we are not prepared financially to have any time off work and the medical insurance payments are in itself a bigger issue than the actual surgery.

For some, we dread the thought of the school routine being disturbed or the kids not being sure what is happening to us and why we are going into hospital for surgery.

We could be in so much reaction at hearing our diagnosis and treatment that we simply cannot settle and so our body is in a state of Stress and that internal shudder that we call Anxiety.

We maybe the type that likes to circulate our private news with our drama llama chitta (chit chat) and we forget that if we spent that time zipping up and preparing – the outcome could be different?

What if ALL the above would Change if we made some different movements?

In other words, we take note that no matter how big or small our diagnosis is, our body has the ability to heal if we ensure we take deep care of it from the moment we know what is coming – in this case surgery.

Our movements mean – our behaviour needs to Change.

That is the first and foremost lesson in preparing and this can be applied to absolutely anything that has been presented earlier in this article.

If we like to indulge in nonsense, purpose-less activities and not take any care of our body and carry on as we have been living up until the point of the diagnosis, then we can be assured our body will not be in a PREPARED state when it goes into hospital.

What would be a sensible approach is to immediately take the steps to Change our Lifestyle.

Early bed every single day and stay Consistent.
Read our 9 o’clock Hoover – click the hyperlink.

Prepare for Bed and if some practical tips are needed we have it on this website – click the hyperlink.

If we are addicted to our Caffeine and sugar and Alcohol and over-eating and Fast Foods or fine dining or over-working – then time we made some sensible adjustments now.

Delay today means we will continue on the “ill” trajectory as there has been no Real and True Change.

We could look at how physically active we are. This is not the time to hit the gym or sign up for classes and have a rapid weight loss or anything stupid like that.

This is about going for a walk daily and breathing your own breath – some time out, walking with just your body and reflecting on how you have got to this point.

If the symptoms mean there is little movement possible, then stay physically active by making Gentle movements in the home environment. Housework and general house jobs are movements that have purpose and this will support the body.

The above is taken from our booklet – Preparing for Surgery©

We will publish in the coming years along with more from our Preparing© series.

Until that time – there is absolutely heaps of Articles on this website to make sensible lifestyle adjustments that are needed if we are ready to live Another Way.





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