Preparing for Sleep

Dear World

How are we preparing for life in general?

How do we behave when it comes to preparing?

How important is planning and preparing for us?

How do we actually prepare for our Sleep at night?

How are we winding down at the end of the day?

If your granny hasn’t already told you then let Simple Living Global be the first to say that SLEEP is super important and needs to be a Priority every single day.

Common Sense and Simple Living Global have nailed it when it comes to Sleep and those that are ready – listen up. If you are not bothered, not serious and not interested in Real Change, then there is no point reading any further.

For those that are not aware, we currently have an off the scale global Sleep epidemic and the majority of us have some kind of Sleep issue.

Our world is suffering so much with illness and disease on the rise and if we are to be Honest, no amount of Solutions and research studies are actually getting those statistics to go down.

Do we all know that we have a multi-billion dollar industry(1) just for sleeping aids?

Yes, Re-read that again – billions and billions are being spent by us, the masses wanting to get our Sleep fixed and we want it now.

This means we are seeking Solutions to find ways to help us Sleep and nothing seems to be working. If it was, we would possibly see a decline in sleep issues and sleep disorders and the sleeping aids industry would be going out of business and would have to find other products to sell.

Not once do we stop long enough to consider that we need to Change our Lifestyle Choices or apply some very Basic 101 Simple1 and practical steps that would not require the next, the next and the next thing to help us with our Sleep problems.

We have become comfortable with clicking and ordering Online the next thing we want, as we seek it and this next thing may just do the trick and sort our Sleep out.

There are others that conk out on the sofa and don’t even make it to bed and are convinced they Sleep well, but never Question the quality of their sleep or why they rely on Caffeine to kick start them in the morning and why they Eat copious amounts of foods with sugar.

Why have we not yet worked out that our Sleep may be a primary factor in why we suffer with up and down moods and our go to medicines of Chocolate, Alcohol and Caffeine are not the answer?

Why are we so addicted to Screen Time last thing at night and have to check in constantly before bed and then find it difficult to fall asleep?

Why are so many of us relying on medication to make us Sleep and that includes children too?

Why have we not noticed that no amount of fancy bedding and fresh clean sheets will not sort our Sleep problems out?

Who are we actually Fooling if we have made no real steps to take care of our Sleep every day and not just at the Weekends or now and then?

What is the point of having a Day Off and not using it wisely to rest our body and prepare for the coming week ahead?

Why do we feel entitled to not plan and prepare for the coming week when we know it would support us with our work and enhance our Sleep quality?

Why are we just thinking of escaping when we are working, as we feel like we just need to Sleep?

Why are some of us nodding off at work as we can’t seem to keep our eyes open on the job we are paid to do?

Why do we need sleeping pods in the city for workers to have a Nap as lack of Sleep is now our new normal?

Why are more and more commuters sleeping on the train than ever before?

Why are some of us not working and sleeping during the day and up all night and then complaining that life and the world are to Blame?

Why are so many complaining about their Late Nights but not joining the dots that this may be contributing to their poor Sleep?

Why are we convinced that our body can be abused in whatever way we want, with little regard to the internal clock that enhances our vitality levels?

Why is school not educating our kids about the circadian rhythm and how fundamental it is in living human life?

Why do so many of us find Sleep a gross inconvenience and wish it did not exist as it interferes with our irresponsible Lifestyle Choices?

The truth is we are way way off when it comes to our Sleep and there does not seem to be a Basic 101 guide that could support us and cover all the different areas in life associated with Sleep.

Well there is one now – Simple Living Global has a whole category about Sleep and all things related to Sleep on this website. This article is taken from their forthcoming book – THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT SLEEP

Next –

What if we started to take our Sleep seriously and read every article on this website under the Sleep category?

The articles present on the natural Sleep wake cycle and adhering to our circadian rhythm is super important and needed for our true health and well- being. It is never too late to give it a go and use it as a medicine for daily life.

The following topics are taken from chapters of our SLEEP book:

Some of the articles written are well worth reading over and over again and answering the questions presented, as they offer a deeper insight into getting this Sleep thing sorted, once and for all.

We all deserve quality sleep and in truth we are not getting this because our world is not supporting us in this area. There is no one out there we can Blame as the suppliers of all our distractions first comes from us. YES we make a demand and they supply.

For example, we want Late Night eating and so diners and restaurants open late for us. We want clubs, theatres and concerts with music blasting in our ears way past bedtime, then the supplier comes in and gives us what we want.

So let’s start with stopping the Blame game.
If we no longer want to subscribe to Late Nights and party party, then we have to make the moves, step by step. While we do this, worth taking note of the narrative we run in our heads like the following Real Life examples –

Yeh, I will do it in the week but get lost, never on a Weekend. 

Great idea but can’t do Fridays and Saturdays as that’s my only late nights.

Give it a go now and then but with Birthdays coming up, the lads are off and boozing has to come first. Recover at work the next week.

I got a strong immune system, I work out at the gym so I am fit and I can carry on with my Coffee and take aways. My sleep is ok and I don’t want to Change.

I am a teenager, so I got plenty of energy and I go to bed very late and wake up late so that must be good, right?

My daughter is 5 so we let her choose her bedtime sleep on Friday and Saturday and school holidays.

Work is really busy and we are so short staffed, got to do the overtime, sod the Sleep routine, I will catch up one day.

I do shift work as a nurse and I didn’t know that Caffeine energy drinks are bad for you. Without them I would never get to work.

I am always working late and I eat crap food and drink lots of Caffeine, get back late late and on most days, am just too Tired to prepare anything.  

I always go to bed early but find I also need to Sleep in the day and get Tired easily. I don’t have a proper job and bumble around most days. Don’t need to get serious as my partner pays for everything.

Got so much to do but I spend most of my time off faffing and flapping and not actually getting much done and so I find myself chasing my tail before bed.

Enough said – let’s move on…

The following is a Simple2 guideline to Prepare for Sleep.

If you are home all day then there is no excuse to hang around late or wait till your partner gets home. That would be stupid and we don’t do stupid things.

Make sure the dinner dishes are cleaned and actioned together with worktop surfaces and other kitchen jobs that need doing.

Unless we are on shift work, the time for wind down needs to be around 7:30pm. Before everyone shoots the author or blasts this website, read WHY as it is all there in our article on The Real Truth about Sleep.
It makes sense and that is why.

Then read all the research studies which confirm that our Sleep can help in many areas where we see lifestyle dis-eases. In other words, our Lifestyle Choices are creating the illness and disease. This is well worth noting.

If we get into a Routine and stick to it (like we do when raising a baby) it works because our body responds to everything which is of benefit that is repeated.

Get changed and into loose clothing and footwear. Nothing tight needed as we approach the evening, even if outside it is summertime and still bright.

Draw the blinds/curtains and dim the lights down in your home space.
Make a point of switching off the radio, computer, TV and smartphones.

Put the bed lamp on and heating in the bedroom if the room is cold.
Do not entertain those internal poverty thoughts about energy bills.

No munchies and make the command – NIL BY MOUTH.
That means shut up and zip up. No talking and No eating.

Stick to this and if you don’t then be Honest how your Sleep was and how you Wake Up feeling the next day. No point Lying as you are only Fooling yourself.

Set a reasonable time depending on what time you get home. Stick to it with no excuses or listening to the jibber jabber being fed into your head.

Let friends and family and work colleagues know that you are on a Sleep program and having a go to Commit to early nights.

If FOMO is driving you nuts, ask WHY the need to be somewhere when Sleep is thee most important thing right now that could support your body?

Next –

Have a drink of peppermint tea which is great for digestion if you have eaten earlier or in the evening. Or have chamomile tea as that is known to be a sleeping aid or mix the two teas and enjoy that moment just being with yourself.

Light a candle and use some incense where you Sleep – both are just a ritual confirming you are preparing your body to go to bed soon.

Turn the duvet or blanket and sheet over, so the bed is ready to enter.

This is just a loving gesture from you inviting you to your bed soon.

Have your nightwear ready and if it feels smelly then use clean ones and make sure the laundry is done in preparation for next time.

Have your medication if any ready to take or eye drops/ointment if this is needed due to dry eyes, which could be due to excess Screen Time with the job.

Next –

Tidy Up and move around without engaging or talking.

Get things completed like – folding the laundry or clearing up things left around from the days before.

This is not the time for big action and getting jobs done that can wait.

Make a list if things that need attention or unfinished jobs and this includes work and personal emails.
Add to the list to read blogs on this website called unfinished jobs and Email Housekeeping.

If you do need to read before bed as that would assist you, then start to read the whole Sleep category slowly. Print and read if you do not want Screen Time at night. Once everything is read, which should take a few weeks, go to the comments section at the end of each blog and read those comments.

Our Sleep can be affected if we are holding on to what we need to let go of.
Worth reading our Letting Go and Holding On blogs for more.

Prepare for work the next day in the morning if you already know it will be a Late Night. Don’t wait till you get home as that will delay your going to bed time.

Keep the list going and cross off as you get things done. Write a fresh list every week, even if you have to carry over some unfinished things to do.

Have a shower or a hot tub bath with some lavender oil or essence bath product. Do not rush this part of the winding down and consider it as important.

Next – our Hand and Feet Care and Nail Care blogs are well worth reading and applying before bedtime every single day. They are practical step by step guides that would bring Focus and attention to your body, during this quiet time, with no outside disturbances.

For example – while putting foot cream on, pay attention to the detail and this helps to be consciously present and that means our mind is with our body as we carry out the task. In that moment, we find ourselves not distracted, checked out or fantasising about something.

Apply a nourishing hand cream last thing at night before actually going in to bed.

The body loves the attention and all these small things listed above do add up and help us with the quality of our Sleep.

It is like a ritual – a ceremony for us in honouring our body. Let’s face it we have our body till our last breath, so why not take deep care of it from today.

Preparing for sleep is a private connection with your innermost self and there will be other things that can be added to support you further.

When we prepare for Sleep in this loving and Gentle way with deep regard and care, our body responds well and we have a chance to get quality Sleep.

It requires our Commitment and with daily practice Consistently, we have the opportunity to feel the benefits, not just initially but for the long-term.

The great thing is we do not need to invest in gadgets and all things labelled “sleeping aids”.

There is always more to support our Sleep and the following tips are for those that truly want to change their sleeping habits.

Clean the room regularly
Open windows everyday
Do not drop things and leave on the floor
Review what is in those cupboards
Do not use bedroom as a store room
Wash bedding including mattress cover
Invest in a bed lamp or low watt lighting
Use an eye pillow that can be placed on a heater*

*Feather Light Productions

Simple Living means to apply the practical tips presented above. This could put the sleeping aids industry out of business. No need to worry, they will find other products to sell and it sure won’t be the end of the world.



(1) Research and Markets. (2022, May 17).  The Worldwide Sleeping Aids Industry is Expected to Reach $118 Billion by 2030. GlobeNewswire. Retrieved October 15, 2022 from





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