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Dear World

This website was launched on 31 January 2016 and it has been a very productive 6 years. There are no signs of us stopping, giving up, slowing down or taking a vacation.

What you have in front of you is a website for the people and it is about the people – ALL of us.

We are dedicated and committed to deliver much needed topics on Health and Wellbeing to bring awareness – nothing more and nothing less.

This is not a website to go to in times of struggle or need, but a “go to” website that is now a living library of presentations to our age old problems. It is there to be used as a medicine for daily life. Most of it is like common sense stuff and it is written in a very Simple way, so we all get it.

The author of this website Walks the Talk and holds nothing back. The delivery is non-stop presenting the facts and stating the stats where needed and straight into a style of questioning that asks the reader to consider and not ignore what is on offer – an opportunity “Hey, there is Another Way”

Simple Living Global are reporting on what is going on across the world and daily comments are posted on articles that expand the topic by way of news or research studies. We have over 6,500 comments published which is why we can say this a very active and alive website.

There are 250 articles or call them the old fashion term – Tablets of Truth. Each one offering an opportunity to consider Another Way of living human life.

We are one of 1.88(1) billion websites in the world and yet we have never been interested in search engine optimisation (whatever that is?) or any form of marketing to get our rankings up or attract more customers. This is not how we operate and never will.

Our take is if we can be of support to others in our world, then why not commit to developing a website that is not a fun thing, or to influence others or a place to be anonymous or abuse others.

Simple Living is really that. How to live Simple and knock out the un-necessary Complications that we create, as they are not needed to live a natural way of life and be who we truly are. The Global after the words Simple Living are because we are a platform for the whole world and we know this website has a far-reaching effect for those that are ready and open to consider Another Way of living.

Time to get Real and Honest. Our world is in a mess and nothing out there seems to be working. We have violence, crime at epic levels, domestic abuse that is largely un-reported, corruption under our very nose and we say NOTHING, the abhorrent effects of illicit Drugs, an Opioid crisis that most of us are not up to date about and all the illness and diseases…to name a few, of WHY we can state and confirm – our world is in a mess. In fact, it is a 911.

On that note, read our Tablet of Truth (modern name blog) – 911 EMERGENCY and for those that have no time to click a link, here we have some highlights. Note this article was published in 2018 so the stats are not up to date, but nevertheless we all know things have got worse, so the numbers will be higher not lower.

There is no safe level of drinking alcohol – Worldwide Study (2)

Amphetamines – 2nd most commonly used drug in the world (3) 

Asthma – major global health problem (4) 

Caffeine – most used drug in the world (5)

$84.8 BILLION – Energy Drinks market by 2025
Market growth driven by hectic lifestyle and need for instant energy (6)

$1.16 TRILLION – annual economic cost of Cancer – 2010 (7)

  • Tobacco and Alcohol use
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Low intake of vegetable/fruit (7)

20 MILLION people worldwide have Chronic Fatigue (8) 

$48,000,000,000 – retail value of U.S. coffee market (9)

2.25 BILLION cups of coffee consumed everyday worldwide (10)

Depression – leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide (11)

108% increase in NHS anti-depressant prescriptions in 10 years (12)

Diabetes – 1 person dies every 8 seconds from Diabetes (13) 

700 MILLION adults globally will have Diabetes by 2025 (14) 

$3,000,000,000 Diet pills and meal replacement market (15)
84% cannot keep weight off (16)

Cannabis/Marijuana – most common drug in the world (17)

Physicians murdered for not prescribing Opioids (18)

298.5 tonnes Morphine equivalent Opioids distributed per year (19)

Spice – 100 times more potent than cannabis (20) 

70% rise in men admitted to hospital for Eating Disorders (21)

900% increase in E-Cigarette use among high school students (22)

$570 BILLION revenue generated from Fast Foods
Bigger than the economic value of most countries (23)

$1.79 Trillion food service and retailing food supplied in 2019 (24)

200 MILLION girls experience Female Genital Mutilation in over 30 countries (25)

Cardiovascular Disease – leading cause of death and disability in the world (26)

Stroke – 2nd leading cause of death worldwide (27)

$1,044,000,000,000 cost of Cardiovascular Disease by 2030 (27)

$470,000,000,000 – Global Jet Lag therapy market (28)

Chronic Kidney Disease treatment – cost per year

Depression and Anxiety cost to global economy per year

generated by global Human Trafficking

$80,800,000,000 – Global Sleep Aids market (32)

300% increase in sexual assaults related to social media (33)

Domestic violence increases after football matches (34)

800,000 people suicide every year (35) 


6,000,000,000,000 cigarettes smoked every year (37)

$91,000,000,000 – Global Gaming Industry (38)

$905.6 million – Global Esports Economy 2018 (39)

 11 year old children taking Xanax (40)

This is a very small report card – a few highlights on the current state of our world, so let us not be Fooled into thinking that we are evolving as a species.

Next –

Bina Pattel – the founder of this website is very much a “people’s person”.  She makes the time and has devoted her life to bringing awareness about what is going on in this world and how our Health and Wellbeing does matter and needs to be our top Priority.

She is in with the public, the everyday people on the streets, in the Neighbourhood, Community, town and across the city, while travelling on public transport. This woman has her finger on the PULSE of Humanity and this is why she can write and report in such great detail about relatable aspects of human life, that many of us are experiencing.

We can pretend ‘it’s not so bad’ or give our opinion but if we want to really know – here is a snapshot – some report cards showing us what we have created just in the past few years:

2018 NEWS

2019 NEWS



Over 1,000 statistics verified confirming this cannot be human life. There is nothing human about living in this way.

Next –

It would be a true statement to say that Simple Living Global are world leaders when it comes to an online platform that is consistent in delivering topics that relate to our Health and Wellbeing.

To make our presence offline, we are expanding our business with the publishing of our Real Truth series of books that will be available worldwide.

What Simple Living Global are reflecting to the world is that there is Another Way to Live.

Next –

This website will never be popular and we know why. It requires us to take a big dose of medicine called Absolute Honesty, so we can at least get to where we need to go to end our abusive ways of living and start taking the footsteps needed to turn the tides, once and for all.

If we do get to the Honesty bit, are we willing to go to the next step – RESPONSIBILITY?

Yes that word most of us hate or avoid. It means taking Real and proper responsibility for every single choice we make, so we can end the Blame game, finger pointing and all the other nonsense we create, just to avoid taking responsibility.

We are then asked are you ready for the next step – to Commit and be Consistent?

How many of us start out with the classic New Year Resolution thing of Commitment and being Consistent and within a few days or weeks, it’s all over?

What about the rest of the year – how are our Consistency levels when it comes to responsibility in everyday life choices?            

Tall order or not something that interests us until things go wrong?

Next – for those that would like to know more about this organisation called Simple Living Global that is here to stay for the long haul – check out our Code of Conduct.

God is Our Employer

For the record – we work for God
We are the custodians of this organisation

Our company policy –

Operate the business with full Transparency

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to Truth

Deliver the QUALITY that you live in your life

Commit to serving others without recognition

Connect and meet others without hidden agenda

Decisions are to be made that serve all EQUALLY

Bring same integrity lived in your personal life

Do not accept any form of abuse that harms

Learn from mistakes made and know it is a lesson

Focus on what is needed in any given moment

Have no attachments to what people may choose

Have no expectations or demands on anyone

Ensure there is no drive or force behind the work

Develop a quality that others get to observe and feel

Be a reflection for others of what is possible at work

Live the standards you have and let others feel this

Bring order and flow into the everyday routine

Keep asking for deeper awareness and understanding

Accept where others choose to stand and do not judge

Never allow complications to come in – Keep it Simple

Trust and know that there is a timing for everything

Give space before making new choices for the business

Allow things to unfold without the need to force or push

Know that this business has a purpose and it is supported

Know that the whole universe will constellate and provide

Make the success of this business about people and evolution

Give it your ALL – have fun, enjoy and keep things light

Put People Before Profit – Always



So what happens when we Put People Before Profits?

Is this what is needed if we are to ever truly evolve as a race of beings?

How many organisations do we know out there that genuinely and consistently put people before their profits and if they truly are, then check their real success rate?

Next –

How many websites do we have in this world today that not only keep on growing but has volumes of content available and accessible?

What would happen if this website was our ‘go to’ daily Screen Time activity?

What if we swapped our excess hours on Social Media for this website that does not influence or excite us into doing anything?

What if we had Conversations about articles and comments that this website is pouring out about humanity?

What would happen if we got our kids engaging in what is going on in this world and used this platform as a way of having meaningful Conversations?

The following categories on this website are saying that there is something for everyone here and it all relates to human life.

Back to Basics


Children | Youth

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Life Questions

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Mental Health

Months of the Year

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Practical Living


Screen Time

Self Care


The Body



World Days | National Days

Next –

What if our LIFESTYLE CHOICES play a bigger part than we are willing to admit right now?

What if the LIFESTYLE CHOICES that the author now lives is WHY she makes the claim as a prolific writer of our current times and that there is Another Way and it is not how our current model of life is designed to be?

Next blog coming out soon…Lifestyle Choices.





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Comments 2

  1. Dear World

    Today is the 8th Anniversary of Simple Living Global.

    The website started with a few blogs that were more of a sharing as to ‘What if There is Another Way?’ and ‘How Do We Get Sick’. Very small presentations from an author that just loves humanity and wants to truly make a difference, but realising that first and foremost to keep the engine (the vehicle) going and keep delivering HOT topics that maybe of use to the world, they must develop a body that is fit and can withstand all weathers.

    That means, pay no attention to anyone criticising or speaking ill of any content when it is not personal, not attacking and not after anything or anyone.

    The website started with and still is on the same path of – bringing awareness to ALL of US as there are so many things that most of us do not know or we wing it and pretend we do, when we clearly do not.

    300 articles – let’s not make them cheap words and say blogs.
    These are Tablets of Truth as they were called in the old days.
    Something that has been written to serve the ALL and that means no one is left more or less. We each deserve to know how we can take deep care of our body and what all those illnesses and diseases are about, as we know so little until we go and do a search online and get smashed with so much information.

    Simple Living Global was designed to break down the so-called Intelligent language and bring it back to SIMPLE so we all get it.

    Do we realise that when something is presented to us and it’s SIMPLE, we just get it?

    Next –

    There is a lot going on in our world and Simple Living Global like to get on the front foot and deliver up to date news stories at the end of the year, highlighted in the form of a report card.

    Our delivery for 2023 was 200 pages of worldwide statistics and global news which amounted to around 700 references. We are now in year 7 of delivering these annual report cards called WORLD NEWS.

    So what do we celebrate on our anniversary?

    Nothing really to bang on or shout about and no bubbly fizz of any kind.
    Just nod, thank those that make this happen and GET ON WITH IT.

    As the author of this website says – there is work to be done so let us not waste a nano second in our nonsense.

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